Fantasy Football Tips: Maurice Jones-Drew Is Out, So Start Rashad Jennings

Maurice Jones-Drew has been one of the most consistent fantasy running backs this season, but he is listed as doubtful for Sunday's game against the Redskins.

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Fantasy Football Tips: With Maurice Jones-Drew Out, Rashad Jennings May Be Worth Starting

Maurice Jones-Drew has been one of the best and most consistent running backs all season for fantasy owners. And now, with your fantasy football league Championship on the line, all signs are pointing to him being unavailable on Sunday. Time to start looking for backups.

Reports from Jay Glazer earlier this week have indicated that Jones-Drew will not be suited up for the Jaguars on Sunday, and he is listed as doubtful on the official team injury report. Furthermore, Jones-Drew did not practice on Friday, and, according to Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union, no Jaguars player who missed a Friday practice has played on Sunday all season.

There's still a chance that the star running back will play, but its best to avoid the risk. The Jaguars will turn to Rashad Jennings, and you might want to consider doing the same for your fantasy team.

Jennings has been very quietly productive, scoring 74.90 fantasy points over the course of the season, and has scored over 11 points three of the past four weeks. The second-year player will be making the first start of his NFL career and will get plenty of looks against the weak Redskins rushing defense that has been giving up touchdowns on the ground every week, and will be missing several key players.

Jennings might not put up Jones-Drew numbers. But he's worth a start in a pinch.


Fantasy Football Tips: Start Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw

If you watched the Washington Redskins lose to the Minnesota Vikings last weekend, you probably noticed that Washington had a hard time stopping the Vikings' rushing attack. Well you can bet that the Giants watched that game too, and they probably noticed the same thing.

Whether it was Adrian Peterson or Toby Gerhard carrying the ball, Minnesota was constantly finding success on the ground. Peterson picked up 13.00 fantasy points while playing just a half, and Gerhard earned 14.10 fantasy points, easily his highest total of the season.

Many fantasy owners rushed to pick up Gerhard this week due to Peterson's "game-time decision" status. I wouldn't. I would pick up Brandon Jacobs or Ahmad Bradshaw instead.

Trust that Minnesota's running success was a factor of the Redskins' defensive struggles. The Giants will try to duplicate that today.

New York could run a similar gameplan, using Bradshaw in situations where Peterson found success, and Bradshaw in Gerhard-like bruising fashion.

Either Giants running back should be a good fantasy option for you this week.


Fantasy Football Tips: How The Redskins Players Performed Against The Vikings

I'm not really a fantasy football expert, but I masquerade as one on SB Nation. Let's be honest, nobody is really a fantasy football expert. Everybody is just kind of guessing out here. Having said that, you don't have to call yourself an "expert" to know that the Redskins players probably didn't get you a ton of points this weekend. Let's run it down, scoring via Yahoo.

  • Donovan McNabb, 211 yards 1 TD 1 INT: 10.73 pts. Quarterback might not be the position where you get the greatest number of points, but it needs to be your most consistent. You need the guy under center to be getting you 15 points each week. Anything more is gravy, but you can't really live with less. McNabb had a pretty invisible game, and 10 points isn't helping anybody. 
  • Keiland Williams, 5 yards rushing 21 yards receiving: 5.6 pts. In a word, notsogood. Moving on. 
  • Santana Moss, 5 receptions 40 receiving yards: 7.75 pts. Did anybody on this Redskins team have a good individual performance? I'm just looking for one guy to have more points than he was projected to have, is that asking too much?
  • Chris Cooley, 5 receptions 49 yards: 8.65 pts. Apparently that was too much to ask. There wasn't a player on the Redskins who would have stood out as a difference maker in a fantasy football win this week. Each player had an average to below average day, and they looked pretty bad in doing so.

Well there you have it. The Skins couldn't get a win on the field, and if you had any of them on your personal fantasy team, they didn't help you very much there either.


Fantasy Football Tips: How The Redskins Skill Players Performed Against The Titans

The Redskins got a win this weekend, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they contributed to a win for you. Let's recap how all the Redskins' major offensive threats performed for you this week. Point totals from Yahoo with standard scoring.

  • Donovan McNabb, 376 yards 1 TD: 18.44 pts. McNabb played pretty well against a defense that has proven to be pretty stout so far this season. 18.44 is not the best score in the world for a quarterback, but it wouldn't lose you a game. And if you were counting on McNabb to win the game for your team this week, you were already in trouble.
  • Keiland Williams, 68 rush yards 27 receiving yards: 9.5 pts. Williams put up a pretty good amount of all purpose yards, but you need your running back to get into the end zone for your team to be successful. That's just the way it is. Williams got more points than I thought he would get this week, but his lack of a touchdown really hurt the owners that had to start him this week.
  • Santana Moss, 106 yards 1 touchdown: 16.60 pts. You can see the difference between getting a touchdown and not getting one. Moss only put up about ten more yards then Williams did, but he got into the end zone. That separates a day that could hurt your lineup, from a player helping your team get a win. If you started Moss and saw that he put up 16.60 pts, you wouldn't regret playing him.
  • Chris Cooley, 91 yards: 9.1 pts. Like he has done all season long, Cooley got a pretty decent amount of yards, but failed to get into the end zone. His line is similar to Williams' in impact on your fantasy team, but it comes from a far less important position to have production. You can afford to have your TE put up only 9.1 points. Not the best week we've ever seen from him, but it won't kill you. 

Even though the offense struggled at times, the major contributors on offense still managed to put up acceptable numbers.


Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: Add Running Back Keiland Williams

With Ryan Torain all but already ruled out for next week and Clinton Portis due for an MRI after reinjuring his groin in yesterday’s game, Keiland Williams is almost assured to get his second start of the year for the Redskins on Sunday.

An undrafted rookie out of LSU, Williams got his first career start two weeks ago against the Philadelphia Eagles, who he burned for 89 rushing yards, 50 receiving yards, three total touchdowns, and a grand total of 31.90 fantasy points to lead all running backs in Week 10. Yesterday against the Titans, Williams added a very respectable 68 rushing yards and 27 receiving yards in relief of the injured Portis.

Williams won’t have an easy matchup on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, who rank seventh in the league against the run, but he’ll undoubtedly see plenty of carries as the Redskins attempt to control the clock at home. Williams is also a solid receiving threat out of the backfield. And yet he is only owned in 37% of fantasy leagues.

For what it’s worth, Christopher Harris of deserves some credit for identifying Williams as a "deeper sleeper" in early September, back when the Redskins’ backfield was crowded with names like Willie Parker and Larry Johnson. Williams wasn't a great option then, but he sure is now. Sign him, and start him.


Fantasy Football Tips: Clinton Portis Will Start For Redskins, Shouldn't Start For You

If you've been following along with our Redskins Vs. Titans story stream, you know that Clinton Portis is expected to play this Sunday, and Ryan Torain is not. So does that mean that you should sign Portis off waivers in your fantasy football league and insert him into your lineup in place of Torain?

Not so fast, bro.

We expect Portis to start for the Redskins, but we also expect him to split time with Keiland Williams.

Don't count on Mike Shanahan moving Williams back into a reserve role after his 31.90 fantasy point performance on Monday night. If I had to bet, I would probably say that Williams will get more carries than Portis, and will also be utilized as a pass catching back out of the backfield, but the rookie will step aside for the veteran in goalline situations.

So is either one of them a good fantasy option this week? Probably not. Not against Tennessee' 11th ranked rushing defense that has only given up four rushing touchdowns this season.


Fantasy Football Tips: Start Ryan Torain, Michael Vick

We told you earlier this week that it wasn't quite safe yet to start Ryan Torain or Clinton Portis on your fantasy squad. Well we're now changing our collective mind. At least on one of them.

The biggest news for fantasy owners out of the special Saturday practice yesterday was that Torain is likely to start against the Eagles on Monday night, according to Jason Reid of the Washington Post. While it can sometimes be risky to start a fantasy player who is playing Monday night because you won't have any other options if he faces a setback, Torain might be worth the minimal risk. The running back earned 13.00 fantasy points when the Redskins visited Philadelphia with 70 rushing yards a touchdown. The Redskins focused on the running game that night, and they probably will on Monday too.

As for the Eagles, if you're looking for one player to start, look no further than Michael Vick. His 26.12 point fantasy performance with 218 passing yards, 74 rushing yards and two touchdowns last week earned Vick NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors. He's been excellent since returning from injury, and should be in for some big fantasy numbers once again, as long as he can avoid getting squashed between two Redskins defensive players while diving for the goal line.


Fantasy Football News: Don't Start Donovan McNabb

Make no mistake, Donovan McNabb is the Redskins starting quarterback. They aren't dumb enough to trot Rex Grossman out on the field against the Eagles, they know the city of Washington (and this website) would explode into a million frustrated pieces.

But making McNabb the starting quarterback for your fantasy team would be just as stupid as the Skins sitting him. He simply isn't fit to start in your league unless you play in a league that's deeper then 15 teams.

Even when Shanahan has trusted McNabb enough to put him on the field unimpeded, he hasn't been a very good fantasy football quarterback. He has made the Redskins a better team then they were last year, but he won't help your team to the playoffs.

But again, it all comes down to the other players on your roster. If you don't have anyone else on your roster capable of throwing a pass, then you should start McNabb. But if that is the case, then you clearly haven't been paying attention to your team all year and don't deserve to make the playoffs. Harsh, but true.

There are players who are probably still available on the waiver wire (Josh Freeman, Ryan Fitzpatrick, David Garrard) who I would feel better about playing then McNabb; who has to go up against an Eagles defense that just made Peyton Manning look like an actual factual human being.

McNabb will be on the field when the Skins host the Eagles, but he shouldn't be in your lineup if you want to win this week.


Fantasy Football News: When Will It Be Safe To Play Ryan Torain And Clinton Portis?

As we move along in the Fantasy Football season, I'm sure injuries are ravaging your lineup as they are mine. Good running backs are always at a premium and having a healthy one could mean the difference between making the postseason, and being forced to endure a long offseason of ridicule from your friends and family. It isn't life and death, but it sure feels like it sometimes.

The most important thing for a running back is touches. You just want the guy you put in your lineup to get the opportunity to succeed. You can't put up good numbers if you don't get the ball. The Redskins have an extremely thin backfield right now because of injury, so whichever running back emerges as the most healthy will most likely get the lion's share of the touches. The key then, is to figure out who is going to be healthy.

Of all the backs in the stable, there are only two that are worth playing, even with a clean bill of health; Ryan Torain and Clinton Portis. Unfortunately for the Redskins, and their fantasy owners, neither of those backs is totally healthy at this time. They are getting closer to a return to the field, but is it safe to put them back in your lineup?

Clinton Portis is still recovering from a very serious injury to his groin, which is not the kind of thing you want to mess with. He is back on the practice field and participating, but there is no word yet on if he is going to play on Sunday. Mike Shanahan has said that he felt Portis would need a week of practice to get back into shape. It sounds like he won't be getting back onto the field this week, and if he does, he won't be in a position to put big fantasy points on the board.

As for Torain, the bye week seemed to give him a good amount of time to recover from the hammy he suffered the last time out. He might not be completely healthy but I think he has the better chance of the two of getting serious carries this week.

Here's my advice: Don't play Portis at all. He wasn't that good of a fantasy player when he was healthy, and he might not even play this week. This is an easy decision. As for Torain, it really comes down to the rest of your roster. If you have guys that you feel comfortable playing at running back ahead of him, do it. You won't spend the time leading up to the game worrying about his condition, and you'll feel better knowing that you played someone who has better chance to get a significant amount of carries. If it's down to him and Maurice Clarett, I guess you can pull the trigger. But I wouldn't do it.

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