Report: Slimmed-Down Albert Haynesworth To Return To Redskins In A Happier Mood

Albert Haynesworth's trainer believes that the veteran DT is doing all he can to get in shape this summer despite his issues with Redskins' management.

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Albert Haynesworth To Report To Training Camp Forty Pounds Lighter

It appears that despite being a pariah in Washington, Albert Haynesworth is doing his best to get into shape before reporting to training camp. The much maligned defensive tackle has reportedly lost forty pounds, and even has plans to call Daniel Snyder to let the owner know of his attentions. Via Chris Russell:

NFL sources estimate that Albert Haynesworth weight loss total is at or possibly over 40 lbs and he is "definitely in good shape."

Via Jason Reid:

Redskins sources: Albert Haynesworth back in town and optimistic after several good conversations with teammates. He's ready to work.

Haynesworth's plans also include discussing the upcoming season with Coach Mike Shanahan prior to the start of training camp. Despite all the snarky things said by reporters about Haynesworth this offseason, it is nice to see him take a serious approach this offseason to his weight and conditioning. It demonstrates a serious commitment to football. Unless, of course, he had ulterior motives:

Still -- ultimately based on people familiar with his thinking - Haynesworth is largely still motivated by keeping his money.



Albert Haynesworth Getting In Shape Despite Public Perception

Albert Haynesworth may be public enemy No. 1 in DC, but his personal trainer wants people to know that the much maligned DT has shed upwards of thirty two pounds since Haynesworth began working with trainer Tripp Smith in April.  Rich Campbell has the story:

Tripp Smith, Haynesworth's personal trainer, said in a phone interview yesterday that Haynesworth has lost 32 pounds since they began their workout regimen on April 5.

"I think he's going to open some eyes when he gets to camp," Smith said.

It's good new that Albert is taking offseason seriously enough that he has decided to get himself in shape to a point where he doesn't blow up every third down and lie on his back like a beached whale. But wait, it gets better:

"Albert, he's the type of person that doesn't want to disappoint anybody, but he's very business-minded. I think it has motivated him quite a bit, just seeing what his teammates are saying about him and seeing what everybody in the press is saying about him."

Right, like he hasn't spent the entire summer ticking off his teammates and fans. I think Albert is getting his PR advice from Lebron.


Andre Carter Encourages Albert Haynesworth To Stop Complaining

Redskins defensive end Andre Carter recently lent an interview to, and it wasn’t long until the topic of conversation shifted to Albert Haynesworth, Hogs Haven.

“I can’t really speak on [behalf of] Albert. We have moved on as a team. If he shows up he has to prove to us he is back for the organization and not all about him…He would have to leave the BS at the door”

Hopefully, this whole Albert Haynesworth situation can galvanize the rest of the team, so that when the Skins do get rid of Albert, the team will have strong chemistry in his absence. Carter continued, via Dan Steinberg.

All I know is I have met random fans and they are PO’d about Big Al so I wouldn’t be shocked if they took those emotions to our open practices.

If Albert does make it to training camp, the fans reaction will certainly be a sight to see. I’d expect Philadelphia-like behavior on that day.


Report: Detroit Lions Will Not Trade For Albert Haynesworth

It seems like nobody wants Albert Haynesworth. The Washington Redskins are still trying to trade the much maligned defensive tackle, but are having an awful lot of trouble finding a taker. Add the Detroit Lions to the list of teams that are no longer considering a trade for Albert, via Jason LaCanfora.

Lions no longer mulling any trade for Albert Haynesworth. Have determined he'd be a possible negative influence on Suh.

I have to be at least a little shocked that the Detroit Lions are making a smart roster move, right? This is so out of character for them.

Of course Haynesworth would be a bad influence on Suh. He would likely stunt his football growth by refusing to play a complimentary role to the rookie that the Lions are hoping will be the face of their defense. Its the right move not to trade for Haynesworth, I'm just surprised the Lions made it.


Albert Haynesworth Releases Statement, Will Attend Training Camp

Albert Haynesworth released a statement today via his agent, letting everyone know that he will be attending training camp:

Haynesworth stated, “Despite my current differences with the Redskins, I have always planned to attend training camp and honor my contract. As I have previously said, I am continuing to prepare for the season individually and will report on time, in shape and ready to play football. Any issues I have with the club I will discuss privately and therefore do not plan to make any further public comments about this matter.”

Good to know that you are going to honor that contract Albert. You know that as part of that contract, you probably can't can't show up fat and out of shape.


Redskins Fine Albert Haynesworth $10,000 For Skipping Minicamp

Unfortunately for the Redskins, the team is unable to recoup very much of Albert Haynesworth's huge contract and signing bonus. But they gave a strong indication today that they will collect as much money from him as they can. Today, the Redskins assessed Haynesworth with a $10,000 fine for skipping the team's mandatory minicamp.

Sure, it's only one one-hundredth of a percent of Haynesworth's $100,000,000 contract, but it's a start.

Jason Reid of the Washington Post has also confirmed an earlier report from that Haynesworth has potentially forfeited $9 million in guarantees associated with his 2010 and 2011 salary, but only if he fails to report to training camp next month.


Can The Redskins Recoup Albert Haynesworth's Bonus Money? Probably Not

Perhaps the worst part of the Albert Haynesworth saga is that he's doing this even after collecting a $21 million bonus check that was owed to him if he was on the team after April 1. Naturally, the Redskins have considered trying to recoup that $21 million after Haynesworth didn't show for Redskins minicamp.

But if the Redskins think they'll actually get that money back, they're in for a harsh surprise, writes Pro Football Talk.

Based on the terms of the contract itself, the Redskins have the right to recover not only the $21 million in signing bonus money paid on April 1 but also $4,285,716 of the $5 million paid to him in 2009.  But the contract ignores specific language in the 2006 CBA, which dramatically limits the forfeiture of cash money from signing bonuses to two specific circumstances.


In English, this means that skipping a mandatory minicamp places none of the signing bonus in jeopardy.  Ever.    

If Haynesworth were to skip some of training camp, this could change, but otherwise, the Redskins are probably stuck. As PFT writes:

If Haynesworth fails to show up for even one day of training camp, the Redskins then can pursue 25 percent of the 2010 allocation of the initial $5 million signing bonus, and 25 percent of the 2010 allocation of the $21 million signing bonus paid this year.  But if he shows up for training camp (and he reportedly plans to do) and for every game, he gets to keep his money.


NFL Players Association President Latest To Slam Albert Haynesworth

You figured the NFL Players Association would have Albert Haynesworth's back, considering he is one of their own. But as it turns out, that doesn't appear to be the case, at least based on NFLPA President Kevin Mawae's comments.

Here's what Mawae told Bryan McGovern and Gil Brandt of Sirius NFL Radio (via Pro Football Talk):

"I mean, if you don't want to be there don't take the $21 million contract," Kevin Mawae told Bryan McGovern and Gil Brandt of Sirius NFL Radio.  "How things turned out it's no surprise to guys that have played with him in Tennessee."    

As harsh comments go, that's about as bad as it gets. Well, except for these comments later in the interview:

"At the end of the day it's one thing to be a football player and get paid lots of money but there's a whole lot more to be said about being a man"

It's too bad the Redskins hadn't consulted with Mawae before signing Haynesworth to that record contract. Things might have turned out differently.


A Defense Of Albert Haynesworth

In every argument, there must be a devil's advocate. Patrick Hruby, writing for ESPN attempts to make a defense for Washington's most despised athlete:

Haynesworth's argument essentially goes like this:

I signed with the Redskins expecting to be a havoc-creating, quarterback-attacking playmaker in a 4-3 defense. That's the role in which I excel; that's the style of play I enjoy; that's what was promised during my free-agent courtship. Only now, the team has shifted to a new coaching staff and a new 3-4 scheme, which basically asks me to eat double-team blocks. Thanks, but no thanks. I'd like a little more excitement. A lot more glory. Please send me somewhere else.

Or as London Fletcher said, "It's a team game." But whatever.

Speaking of impotent rage: Skins supporters, team members or press box critics upset over Haynesworth's intransigence maybe ought to direct some of their ire toward the club's financial decision-makers. After all, Haynesworth wouldn't have so much leverage -- $21 million worth, which last I checked goes a long way, Antoine Walker excluded -- if Washington hadn't been stupid enough to cut such a large check.

Correction: a bonus check. Not a check for playing. A check for agreeing to play. Which Haynesworth did. And now he's a bad guy? For saying yes to a big, fat sack of cash, real-life Monopoly money?

Now this I agree with. Sooner, rather than later, Snyder's profligate ways were going to catch up with him. He finally signed a player who was happy to take his money, and not even show up for work.

Bottom line: Haynesworth doesn't deserve the flak he's receiving. And frankly, the flak is more than a little hypocritical. Fact is, he's doing exactly the same thing his use-and-discard NFL brethren would do if ownership didn't hold all the financial cards; the same thing panicking, overworked sports writers would do if the newspaper industry wasn't bleeding jobs like oil gushing into the gulf; the same thing all of us would do if we weren't running scared in a wheezing, job-poor economy.

So, in better economic times I could take my employer's money and not show up for work? How does that make sense? I should admire Haynesworth because he is demonstrating tone-deafness in a time of economic stress? I find that patently ridiculous. As an athlete, you are expected to perform certain services for the team. Whether it's community service or team events, you are expected to show up. The last time I looked, practicing and playing in football games were probably part of your contract.


Former Redskins Sound Off On Albert Haynesworth

Redskins Insider has gathered more quotes regarding Albert Haynesworth from the second day of minicamp, this time coming from former Redskins greats.

Mark Moseley, on what they Skins ought to do with their disgruntled defensive tackle:

"My two cents worth: Albert Haynesworth needs to get his ass out of town and go somewhere else," said kicker Mark Moseley, the 1982 NFL MVP. "And I think if the Redskins could do that, they would do that. I don't know the background of all of it, the money parts of it, but when you have a player like that that is that disgruntled, get him out of here. He's a cancer to these guys."

Rick Ervings, who believes fines for missing mandatory team activities need to be substantial:

"It's a team game, bro. I heard he just got his check on April 1. He's not here and this is mandatory. I can understand when you don't come to OTAs because it's not mandatory. Okay, great. But when it's mandatory, you gotta be here and he's not here? You've got to find someway to recoup some of that money, fine him when he's not here. I'm talking $100,000 when he's not here."

Art Monk, questioning Haynesworth's manhood:

"I don't want to get into all that, but he made a commitment to this team and he needs to honor his commitment," Monk said. "Whether he likes it or not he made a commitment. He should be man enough to do that."

Dan Steinberg at DC Sports Bog also spoke with several Redskins alumni.

Sam Huff, on what motivates a great player:

"This is a team game, it's not an individual game, ok?" former linebacker Sam Huff said. "He may not like to play a 3-4 defense, but how do you know? if somebody's paying you to do a job, you do the job. If you don't do your job with the Washington Post or whoever you're working for, you ain't gonna be around, either, but they're not gonna have to pay you $41 million if they get rid of you. He won't ever have to work another day in his life. I never made that kind of money in my whole life. Money doesn't motivate you, it's not the motivating factor. It's how much heart you have."

George Starke, on the definition of employment:

"I think it's a sad commentary on the year we live in that people contract to do jobs and then they don't do it," former right tackle George Starke said. "I don't care whether it's cutting grass, washing a car, or playing football. You make a deal, you get paid for the deal, do what you're getting paid for."


Joe Theismann Doesn't Think Much Of Albert Haynesworth

The great transcriber, Washington Post's Dan Steinberg, was listening when the ever quotable Joe Theismann was on Sirius Radio's "Sirius Blitz" discussing Washington Redskins' mini-camp hold-out Albert Haynesworth. As always, Theismann does not hold back when asked for his opinion. Here's a few of some of the choicest quotes from Theismann via DC Sports Bog:

"He's not a team player," Theismann said. "He doesn't give a damn about anybody but himself, which has become painfully obvious. And you know what, Albert doesn't care what anybody says. He's pocketed 21 million dollars. If anybody would look at this situation, you'd have to say it's all about the money, its not about the love of the game."


"And he's classless, ok? I mean, there's nothing else that you can say, but the man has very little respect for teammates, very little respect for anyone."


"He really offers nothing as a person, as a player, as a teammate."    

Talk about pulling no punches, eh Joe? There's a whole lot more venom where that came from in the in the full story, I urge you to give it a read. If there is one thing that Joe Theismann has always excelled in, it is in being incredibly outspoken.


Report: NFL Players Association Advised Albert Haynesworth About Holdout

It appears that Albert Haynesworth did not make his decision to hold out on his own. According to Jason Reid of the Washington Post, he talked to the NFL Players Association before making his move.

The NFL Players Association advised Albert Haynesworth about the possible disciplinary action he might face from the Redskins for skipping this week's mandatory minicamp, including the potential forfeiture of a prorated portion of his signing bonuses, two people familiar with the situation said Wednesday.    

It's unclear whether the NFLPA told him not to hold out and Haynesworth disregarded the advice.

The NFLPA also told Haynesworth that he would probably win if the Redskins attempted to go after his $21 million bonus check as long as Haynesworth reported to training camp. Therefore, Haynesworth realizes that he probably needs to go to training camp to make the best of a bad situation. 


Potential Landing Spots For Albert Haynesworth

Now that the initial shock has somewhat subsided from Albert Haynesworth'd trade request, the list of potential suitors for the defensive tackle is starting to become a little clearer. From Frank Tadych of NFL Blogs:

Throughout the offseason, the list of potential suitors for Haynesworth has centered on the Titans, Lions and Vikings. Each team runs a 4-3 defense, and could be argued has a need for a defensive tackle. As NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora noted in his weekly chat with fans Wednesday, all three of those teams have discussed the possibility internally at various points this offseason.

The Titans, Haynesworth's former team, seem to be the front runner even though they let him walk just over a year ago. They have had an Albert Haynesworth shaped hole in their defensive line ever since he left, and their defense has suffered as a result.

The Vikings have one of the strongest front fours in the NFL, but Pat Williams, one of their startin DT's, is starting to get old. In an uncapped year, it might make sense to bring Albert Haynesworth in to help with the pass rush.

The Lions, well the Lions will take anyone they can get. But I question whether Albert Haynesworth is the type of influence they want on Ndamukong Suh, especially because they share the same position and will be fighting each other for playing time. Stay tuned.


Report: Redskins May Be Able To Re-Coup Some Of Haynesworth's Signing Bonus

By not showing up for mini-camp today, Albert Haynesworth may be costing himself a substantial amount of money, according to Adam Schefter.

Now that the defensive tackle has declined to report to a mandatory minicamp and the Redskins are expected to pursue whatever money they can. The source added, "this is the type of case where a longshot may be given an extra hard look because it is so egregious."

Normally a signing bonus can not be re-couped by the team solely because of irreconcilable differences; but Schefter is reporting that because of the unique circumstances of this particular case, the incredible amount of money involved, and the language of Haynesworth's contract, the Redskins might have a chance to get some of that money back.

Schefter also looks at the Players' Association role in this dispute, and how it might affect their upcoming labor agreements with the NFL.

It also puts the NFLPA in a difficult spot, since it will have to take a stand publicly defending Haynesworth. While players such as Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson and New England Patriots guard Logan Mankins want lucrative new deals, Haynesworth became the highest paid player in history at his position -- and then chose not to honor the contract because he didn't like the way he was going to be used in the Redskins defense.

In the end, the NFLPA will have to defend Haynesworth. But that will not endear it to the public at a time when it is gearing up to battle the NFL on a new collective bargaining agreement.


More Reaction From Redskins Park

As Matt Terl reports, the Redskins are still talking about Albert Haynesworth long after practice had concluded. From Phillip Daniels,

I think I speak for every guy on this team: we all feel like he turned his back on us.

And one more from London Fletcher, who has been by far the most outspoken member of the team on the issue, at least to the media; via Joseph white.

This is not golf, tennis, things like that, where it's an all-about-you sport.


Mike Shanahan Upset Albert Haynesworth 'Decided To Take Our Check,' Then Didn't Show

Mike Shanahan, like everyone else at Redskins Park, was blindsided by Albert Haynesworth's decision to skip the minicamp. He said that the Redskins and Haynesworth had a deal, and Haynesworth didn't hold up his end of the bargain.

Via Sean Leahy of USA Today:

"He decided to take our check and we're very disappointed he wasn't here today," Shanahan said.

The coach said the team had an agreement with Haynesworth that if he took the money, he would willingly accede to the team's plans for him. Haynesworth signed a $100 million free-agent deal with the Redskins in March 2009.

Shanahan didn't rule out a trade, but said that, for it to happen, Haynesworth would have to give some of his salary back. However, he also said that the team hasn't talked trade with Haynesworth since April, according to Comcast SportsNet's Ryan O'Halloran.

Shanahan said Redskins gave Haynesworth until April 1 (and bonus payment) to find a trading partner. They haven't talked in months.    

If the Redskins do look to trade Haynesworth again, Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio speculates that they might find it easier to accomplish than it was before April 1.

With the Redskins paying defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth a $21 million bonus last week, we're told that the practical length and value of his contract is three years, $16 million, with $9 million guaranteed.

As a league source opined, "Every team in the NFL would have interest in that."    

That seems hard to believe, but it might give the Redskins a nice resolution to this mess. Assuming Haynesworth is willing to give back his money, of course.


London Fletcher Calls Albert Haynesworth's Decision To Skip Minicamp 'Selfish'

Pretty much everyone on the team expressed their displeasure with Albert Haynesworth's decision to skip minicamp today, but none were as outspoken as London Fletcher. The unofficial leader of the defense pulled no punches, calling Haynesworth's decision "selfish."

Via Rick Maese of the Washington Post.

"I agree with the assessment that Albert has made a very selfish decision. When you play a team sport, you have to look at it and think about everybody involved in the situation. This is not golf, tennis, things like that where it's an all-about-you sport. What he's decided to do is make a decision based all about him. It's no different than his attitude and his approach to last year's defense, about wanting everything to revolve around him and him making plays. And if it didn't benefit him, he wasn't really willing to do it."    

Fletcher also said that if Haynesworth doesn't want to be here, he can give the Redskins his money back. He also said that Haynesworth can't be depended on right now.

I want teammates who I can depend on, who I can count on, who in the fourth quarter of a situation, I know is going to be there to make a play or to do his job that the defense calls -- whether it's responsibilities holding up a lineman or penetrating a gap... I need guys I can depend on. We need people we can depend on. At the end of the day, right now, he's shown that he can't be depended upon."    

These are strong, but necessary words from Fletcher.


Redskins Players and Staff Not Pleased With Albert Haynesworth's Absence

The Washington Redskins first drills may have been rained out today, but that gave the both players and coaches more time time to discuss the issue of the day: Albert Haynesworth. Rick Maese, the Redskins Beat Reporter for the Washington Post was at Ashburn, and captured the tenor of the team on his twitter feed.

Donovan McNabb, was typically even keeled in his response:

McNabb on Haynesworth: We want him here. We want all the pieces of the puzzle here.

London Fletcher, however, was not pleased, and let both Haynesworth and the media know it:

Fletcher: Albert made a very selfish decision.

Fletcher: This is no different than what we saw last year... One man is not going to stop what we're going to accomplish.

Fletcher: I want teammates who I can depend on, who I can count on,,, he's shown he can't be depended on.

Now, teeing off on your fellow players is almost unheard of unless you're Terrell Owens. So one would expect Shanahan to perhaps alleviate the situation a bit. Nope. Again from Rick Maese:

Shanahan says the team gave Haynesworth's agent permission to seek trade.

Shanahan is not happy Haynesworth took the big check w/ understanding he'd do whatever was asked... And then not show up.

Shanahan says he learned of Haynesworth's intentions from media reports. Won't comment on fines.

Shanahan seems to say if Haynesworth chose to give back money, trade would make more sense.

So, not only are Albert's teammates angry at him, but he didn't even have the guts to tell the Redskins that he wasn't showing up today. Which makes him not only a huge complaining baby, but a coward as well. Thank goodness London Fletcher is willing to speak his mind on the subject.


Report: Haynesworth May Be Willing To Return Some Of His Signing Bonus

Well, the news out of Redskins Park isn't all bad this morning; 99.9%, but not totally. Chris Russell is now reporting that Albert Haynesworth may be willing to relinquish some of his enormous signing bonus if it would help facilitate a trade from the team. Man, he really just does not want to be here.


Report: Haynesworth Will Attend Training Camp To Avoid Fine

According Chris Russel of 106.7 The Fan, Albert Haynesworth will attend training camp if he is still part of the team by then, but I can't imagine this situation gets that far before its resolved. His goal is to avoid the potential fine he could be levied if he stays home.

If Albert were to miss training camp, the team may be able to re-coup some of the money from Albert's singing bonus. By attending the camp, he can't be fined, and the team will probably be unable to re-coup any portion of his enormous signing bonus. He didn't really earn all this money, but he seems intent on keeping it.


Len Pasquarelli Places The Likelihood of Albert Haynesworth Being Traded As A "Six"

The Worldwide Leader has weighed in Albert Haynesworth, and ESPN scribe  Len Pasquarelli believes that the chance that Albert Haynesworth is traded is a "six' on a 1-10 scale.

DT Albert Haynesworth, Washington: He has balked at a switch to the 3-4, stayed away from voluntary workouts and asked for a trade on Tuesday.That won't sit well with new coach Mike Shanahan. He's due guaranteed salaries of $3.6 million for 2010 and $5.4 million for 2011, but the Redskins paid him an option bonus of $21 million this spring, so the really big money is out of the way. Motivation is a question and, outside of '08, he has only two seasons with more than five sacks. Likelihood: 6.

Players mentioned by Pasquarelli who were more likely to be traded than Haynesworth: Jared Gaither, Sage Rosenfels, and Marshawn Lynch. Looking at that list, I don't believe that any of those players is significantly more valuable than Albert Haynesworth


The Financial Ramifications Of Albert Haynesworth's Holdout

Details are still murky on what steps the Washington Redskins can take in punishing Albert Haynesworth for his holdout. Some of the options as laid out by Pro Football Talk:

Some (including Haynesworth's camp) think that the Redskins may only fine him the CBA-authorized amount that falls in the range of $10,000.  Others think that a portion of the 2010 allocation from his $5 million initial signing bonus can be pursued.  Still others think that the conversion of his $21 million April 1 roster bonus into a bonus that operates like a signing bonus, with allocations spread out over multiple years, makes the payment subject to partial forfeiture.

Personally, I don't think it matters how much you hit him for, as long as you start hitting him. Maybe Snyder can use some of that money he extracted from long time season ticket holders to pay his lawyer fees.


Looking Back: Albert Haynesworth's First Press Conference With The Redskins

Matt Terl of the Redskins blog took a look back at some of Albert Haynesworth's comments from his first press conference after he signed his free agent contract last offseason. Hope you're sitting down.

On where he'll find motivation after receiving that much money:

"You're not going to remember Albert Haynesworth as a bust or the guy who had the Dallas incident or anything. You will remember him as a great player and that's what I live for.

"You know, the money's awesome. It's great. But I'm out here, when I line up in front of somebody, when I put the helmet on, it's to kick butt and it's to make sure that guy knows that I'm the best player to play against. After the game or something you can think about the money, but during that game ... I'm gonna make sure he knows that I'm the best player. Any team that faces me, they're gonna have to worry about me.

On how much responsibility is on him:

"Well, I mean with the contract it's gonna be all on me. My job is, if you don't see me being really as productive, I'm gonna probably be drawing double-teams and triple-teams and it's gonna be freeing up our other guys to make plays. So to kind of judge how I'm doing, you can just see how we're doing as a team and how we're performing as far as a defense.

"So as long as the defense is performing well ... I mean, it's kind of hard to go up from number four in the league, but it's a little bit easier to go up in the sack [totals], because other guys can get sacks too."

On his expectations of himself:

"When I go out on the field and play, I want to be the best player on the field, and my goal is to be the best player on the field, and to eventually get to that Hall of Fame status and be mentioned with Reggie White, Bruce Smith, and all the greats. That's where I want my name. So coming into this free agency, that's kind of what happened, but it's just only the first step."

That sounds like a guy who is ready to contribute to a winning football team. The comments Albert made last night, do not. Hard to believe he made such an unbelievable u-turn in just one season.


The Financial Impact Of Albert Haynesworth's Trade Demand

The Washington Post has offers a bit of clarity on just how much money the Redskins will have payed for a one year rental at DT, from Jason Reid.

The Redskins had hoped to trade Haynesworth before they paid his $21 million bonus -- believed to be the largest in NFL history -- on April 1, according to people familiar with the situation. They continued their efforts to move him during the three-day April draft, multiple league sources said, but did not receive the offers they sought in exchange for a player who already has been paid $32 million of the then-record $41 million he was guaranteed.

That money was part of the seven-year, $100-million contract Haynesworth signed in February of 2009. Haynesworth is guaranteed another $9 million in base salary over the next two seasons.


National Football Post: Albert Haynesworth Should Be Fined Until He Returns To Work

As the furor over Albert Haynesworth's holdout starts to reach a new crescendo, many pundits have already started to suggest different avenues for the Washington Redskins to pursue when dealing with the disgruntled defensive tackle. Matt Bowen of National Football Post believes that the best recourse for the Redskins to take is not to trade Haynesworth, but fine him until he returns to work:

The solution here is simple: fine him—repeatedly. Fine him for skipping this weekend (which is over $9,000 for the camp) and then fine him for every single day he skips out on training camp, which can get expensive at a rate around $16,000 per day. You want to get the attention of a player? It’s simple, go to his wallet.

Bowen goes on to point out that Haynesworth lacks the one thing that all successful holdouts have: leverage.

That (fining)  is the professional way for Shanahan to go about this, and what I expect him to do. Haynesworth is under contract. This isn’t a holdout, but more so a demand. And, the ‘Skins don’t have to settle for anything. Fine him until he shows, and when he does drag himself over to training camp, sit him—for a while. Show him that he has to earn his job.

The Redskins will most likely start fining Haynesworth after all other options have been exhausted. However, on a team that has been notoriously lax on discipline, it will be interesting to see whether a precedent is set under Shanahan's management of the team.


Hogs Haven Reacts To Haynesworth's Comments

Our Redskins blog Hogs Haven is understandably upset about the Albert Haynesworth situation. You can find their complete reaction to Albert and his agent's comments here, and you can find Albert's statement below. Here is their reaction to Haynesworth's release:

On being "assured" that he would play in a system that maximizes his potential:

Guess what? Things change. How about give it a chance. What hurts coming to camp and running through some drills with the coaches and players - THEN deciding? $100 million can't give "the most storied franchise" even that? You just stated your #1 goal is having the freedom to play to your strengths...again, stop BS'ing me that it's to help your team win. That again is another bloody lie.

On wanting to make plays for his teammates, and help the team win:

The 3-4 defensive linemen's job is solely to make plays to free your teammates. And for the 400 millionth time, this team will still use 4-3 fronts. You're lazy, and you're stalling to get your ass back in shape. As much as I hate gold diggers (like the one you knocked up), you are now the poster boy for it.

What's really frustrating about this entire situation is that this is the last minicamp before training camp. As Doc Walker mentioned yesterday, this 3 days of practice is meant for Shanahan to set the tone for players to continue to work hard with their month of July off. What a terrible way to break from camp. One of the the intrical parts to Carter and Sackpo's seasons is no longer part of the team. Shanahan originally planned to give the last day of practice off to the players for all their hard work so far. We'll have to see what happens next. Never a dull moment in Ashburn.

Finally, a picture of Albert Haynesworth contract negotiations, from Hogs Haven's perspective.



Redskins Players Unhappy With Albert Haynesworth's Decision

Predictably, many of Albert Haynesworth's teammates aren't too thrilled with his decision to skip minicamp and ask for a trade. I wouldn't be either, to be honest.

Jason Reid of the Washington Post caught up with several current and former Redskins, and while none were willing to go on the record with their displeasure, they all made it clear that they were upset.

Several of the players (they all declined to comment on the record) criticized Haynesworth, who does not want to play nose tackle or any position in a 3-4 defense, for his actions after receiving $32 million from the Redskins in the first 16 months of his contract. Not surprisingly, some of Haynesworth's teammates continued to express concern that the situation could become a season-long distraction.

One Redskins veteran starter reminded me that Haynesworth rarely seemed happy last season despite receiving $41 million guaranteed money -- then the highest total in NFL history. So if the Redskins decline to trade Haynesworth and hold firm on their plan to have him play at a position he doesn't want to play, it's doubtful his mood would improve, the player said.

Chris Russell from 106.7 The Fan also talked to several Redskin players. Here are some of their responses:

One #Redskins player who knows Albert #Haynesworth well - when asked what he thought of decision to skip, simply said "Asshole" #NFL #Skins

Another #Redskins player checks in on Haynesworth. "He loves money & not football. He is a great actor. Actors get paid a lot of money."    


Albert Haynesworth Could Be Fined $10,000 For Missing Minicamp

According to, the amount that Albert Haynesworth would get fined by the Washington Redskins could add up quickly:

For now, the Redskins can fine him roughly $10,000 for skipping the minicamp.  If he stays out when training camp rolls around, the number increases to more than $16,000 per day. They also likely will be able to pursue a portion of his signing bonus.  

So by the end of the training camp season, the amount of cash that Haynesworth stands to lose could be in the hundreds of thousands, not even including any portion of his signing bonus that he would have to return. Albert had to do this math before he pulled this move, so it must be worth it to him.


Albert Haynesworth Will Be Fined For Missing Mandatory Team Activities

According to CSN Washington, any mandatory team activities that Albert Haynesworth misses while still employed by the Washington Redskins will result in a fine:

Haynesworth will be fined for not participating in the camp and if he doesn't report for training camp, that also carries daily fines.

How long Haynesworth is fined for could depend on how long it takes for the Redskins to find a willing trade partner. While management denies having shopped him prior to the NFL draft, the present circumstances make a trade extremely likely:

Coach Mike Shanahan and general manager Bruce Allen have been adamant that they did not shop Haynesworth before the draft as a part of the Donovan McNabb trade. In late April, Shanahan said the only way the Redskins would consider moving Haynesworth if he failed to show up for a mandatory activity.


Albert Haynesworth Releases Statement

From CSN Washington:

"The Washington Redskins are a great and storied franchise with an owner in Mr. Snyder that will do anything in his power to win and a fan base that is unrivaled in the NFL. When I signed here after meeting all day with the staff and top executives, and talked about the defense that we would run and what my role would be, I was assured I would have the freedom to play to my strengths and I was excited about the future. After many years in the NFL, I know what it takes for me to perform at my highest level. My number one goal has always been to help my team win -period. It's also important at my position to help free my teammates to make plays, which I've done throughout my career when I've been allowed to play to my strengths. I will continue to work individually to prepare for training camp and the start of the 2010 season."

It's safe to assume that the team he's preparing to play for at the start of the 2010 season will not don burgundy and gold.


Albert Haynesworth Discusses Reasons For Trade Demand

Albert Haynesworth has broken his silence and made a brief statement to Comcast Sports Net tonight regarding this latest maneuver to get traded from the Washington Redskins. Via CSN's Ryan O'Halloran in two separate tweets:

Haynesworth to CSN: "[Upon signing] I was assured I would have the freedom to play to my strengths and I was excited about the future ...

... I will continue to work individually to prepare for training camp and the start of the 2010 season."    

Odd statement considering statistically, Albert has actually done well in the 3-4 scheme.  


Quick Reactions From Players On Haynesworth

Reactions are coming in from around the league on Albert Haynesworth's latest maneuver to be traded from the Washington Redskins. Here are a few quick reactions from current and former NFL players that have hit the Internet via Twitter. First from 106.7 The Fan's Chris Russell:

One #Redskins player who knows Albert #Haynesworth well - when asked what he thought of decision to skip, simply said "Asshole"

Also via Arizona Cardinals DL Darnell Dockett's twitter:

Did I just hear this correctly "Albert Haynesworth" will not be Mandatory minicamp? And he wants a trade, After signing 100millon dollar contract? o_O


That's why I tell yall I'm nothing like these dudes, for a 100millon my ass will play 4-3, 3-4 5-9, 4-8, and still whip ass!#PAYME

Finally, from former Redskin LaVar Arrington's twitter:

can u say ran out of town!! he has not only burned the bridge with the redskins but whats crazy is now he's burnt the bridge with the fans    

This seems to be the general sentiment about Haynesworth's hold-out. Public opinion is definitely not in his favor.


Haynesworth's Agent: 'He Does Not Want To Play For The Washington Redskins'

Just a day before he was scheduled to attend the Redskins mandatory minicamp, Albert Haynesworth, through his agent, has demanded a trade. Via Redskins Insider:

"The Redskins are trying to establish a new regime with new schemes at Redskins Park, and it is not an organization that Albert would have ever been attracted to just a short year ago - regardless of the money," agent Chad Speck said in a phone interview. "He has made it clear to me that he does not want to play for the Washington Redskins.

"This situation will be a distraction to the Redskins and to Albert and his teammates. I am certain [head coach] Mike [Shanahan] and [General Manager] Bruce [Allen] want to get the most out of their first year and it's probably in everyone's best interests for the Redskins to make a deal and trade Albert."

Teams that have reportedly shown interest in the 350 pound defensive tackle include the Detroit Lions, Oakland Raiders, and his former team, the Tennessee Titans, among others.

Stay tuned to this stream for updates as this story unfolds.


Albert Haynesworth To Undergo Physical Before Practicing On Wednesday

According to Adam Schefter, Albert Haynesworth will undergo a physical at Redskins Park tomorrow morning before he takes part in the team's mandatory mini-camp. Every player undergoes a physical, so that is to be expected, but any information that confirms Haynesworth will in fact be at the team's facility is welcome news to the organization and its fans.


Teammates And Coaches On Albert Haynesworth's Impending Arrival At Mini-Camp

With mini-camp less than a week away, teammates and coaches are preparing for the arrival of Albert Haynesworth. Quotes were plentiful at mini-camp today. We'll start with coach Shanahan, via CSN Washington:

“He’ll definitely have a lot of catching up to do,” Shanahan said. “There will be a lot of work for him to come in and learn the system. We have three days to try and catch him up. Hopefully he’ll be in shape.”

And how will Shanahan make an evaluation of Haynesworth’s physical condition without a full-contact practice?

“You get a good feel if he’s in shape or not,” Shanahan said. “We’ll see to that.”

So if you feel the ground in the greater Washington D.C. metro area shaking some time next week, that's just Shanahan working Albert back into shape.

Phillip Daniels, your thoughts?

“We’ll move forward,” defensive end Phillip Daniels said. “If he’s here and he’s working, he’s helping us. Until they tell us different, he’s one of us and it’ll be good to have him back.

“He needs to be here because that playbook is a lot to learn and I’ve told him that. It isn’t hard, but it’s a lot of stuff.”

It seems like his teammates would prefer that he is there this week, but that they will be ready to bring him into the field when he does show up.

Finally, what do you think, Deangelo Hall?

“He’ll be completely bought in,” Hall said. “It won’t be any half [trying] on the football field. You may not like some things going on in the front office but at the end of the day, it has nothing to do with football. It’s 11 on 11, my 53 against yours and we’re going to war. … Anybody who’s been on this field knows we’re building something special. You’re either going to get on the bandwagon or you won’t be here.”

The message here is that the Redskins seem like they won't be putting up with any of the problems that marred Albert's first year in Washington. They are no longer in awe of the $100 million man; they now expect him to just be one of the guys. We'll see if that's the case when he shows up at camp next week.


Report: Albert Haynesworth Will Attend Redskins' Mandatory Workouts

After an offseason headlined by change in the organization, consistent trade rumors, and even a multi-million dollar paternity suit, Albert Haynesworth is finally ready to play some football again. Jason La Canfora reported on NFL Network that Albert Haynesworth will be attending the teams upcoming mandatory mini camp.

This was always Haynesworth's plan, according to La Canfora; to skip all the voluntary workouts and report to the team when attendance is required, and any absences result in fines.

While fans and those in the organization would have liked Haynesworth to attend the non-mandatory workouts as a sign of good will for the upcoming season, it is well within his rite to skip the voluntary workouts if he chooses to. In fact, the league would have to fine the Redskins if they even so much as implied that his absence from those workouts affected his standing on the team in any way.

How Hayneswroth will handle his transition to nose-tackle in new defensive coordinator Jim Haslett's 3-4 defensive scheme remains to be seen. Hopefully he can pick up his new position quickly, even after getting such a late start.


Report: Albert Haynesworth 'Blindsided' By Lawsuit

It's looking more and more like Albert Haynesworth is going to fight against a claim made by a Brooklyn exotic dancer that Haynesworth impregnated and then left her despite promising to support her. TMZ Sports quotes a source close to Haynesworth who says Haynesworth was "blindsided" by the lawsuit.

We're told the Washington Redskins superstar has privately acknowledged having a few sexual encounters with the woman during Super Bowl week back in February, but he's adamant that he used protection. 

Our source also tells us Haynesworth has said he will "absolutely" take responsibility if the woman can prove the child is his. 

We're also told Albert says he never dated the woman ... even though she reportedly claims they carried on a relationship after Super Bowl week.     

Haynesworth and the Redskins have stayed quiet on this issue for the time being. 


Report: Haynesworth Involved In $10 Million Paternity Sut

And Albert Haynesworth's rocky offseason continues. According to Page Six of the New York Post, Haynesworth is being sued for $10 million by a Brooklyn exotic dancer who claims Haynesworth impregnated her, then left her on her own. 

Silvia Mena, who's nearly four months pregnant, says she met the 6-foot-6, 350-pound defensive lineman in Miami late last year. But she claims in papers to be filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court he dumped her after learning she was expecting in late February.

The papers allege that Haynesworth -- who signed a $100 million contract with the Redskins last year -- has refused to talk to her since late March or give her any money toward her medical bills.

Mena claims Haynesworth promised to "emotionally and financially support" her, but has not followed through on that promise. Haynesworth's agent declined to comment.

No matter the truth of these allegations, it's yet another headache for Haynesworth and the Redskins to deal with.  


Report: Redskins Still Trying To Trade Albert Haynesworth

I know, I know, it isn't exactly news that the Redskins are dismayed with Albert Haynesworth. He's barely attended any of the Redskins' voluntary workouts, which is problematic considering the Redskins are switching to a 3-4 defense. Haynesworth isn't thrilled with this, and he's responded with veiled shots in the press in addition to his absence from Redskins Park.

With all this going on, the Redskins are reportedly still hoping to trade Haynesworth before the start of the season, according to Jason Reid of the Washington Post.

The Redskins still would prefer to trade Haynesworth before the season, according to people with knowledge of the situation, if they receive what they want in exchange for a player who has appeared in only 12 games for them and received $32 million - including $21 million on April 1.    

Haynesworth is just one year removed from being arguably the best defensive lineman in football, so he can definitely play. But his attitude, combined with his cost, is dragging down his value on the open market. The Redskins tried and failed to trade him on draft day. I'd be surprised if anything changes now that we're heading into training camp.


Vonnie Holliday The Latest Redskin To Weigh In On Albert Haynesworth

New DE Vonnie Holliday, the ninth defensive lineman to be acquired by the Redskins this offseason, is going to fit in fine here in Washington. The 12 year veteran wasted no time during a radio interview with Mike Wise and Holden Kushner on 106.7 in touching upon everyone's favorite subject: Albert Haynesworth.

Via the DC Sports Bog:

"He's not here right now, but he can help us," Holliday said. "Hope he gets his deal worked out, but he clearly doesn't understand or see how effective he could be in this scheme....I think he's just misinformed or doesn't understand his role in this defense. It would be great if I just ever get a chance to tell him and let him know, but I know he has to be here in June, so we'll see what happens."

Ruffling a few too many feathers for a new guy? Or infusing some veteran leadership into a locker room in dire need of it? Your call.


Philip Daniels Clarifies His Comments On Albert Haynesworth

After laying into Albert Haynesworth for not showing up to the Redskins' voluntary off-season workouts, Philip Daniels clarified his comments the same way any of us would in times like these: By heading to the team's message board!

Albert is a key part of the team, and he will be ready to go. Just wanted to clear things up a little for the people who believe everything that writers put out there. Like the old saying goes: Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

The Redskins blog has more on Philip's musing on Extreme Skins.


The Forever Ongoing Albert Haynesworth Stream

Albert Haynesworth is always complaining. We'll chronicle all of his complaining here.

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