The Future Of Gilbert Arenas: Orlando Reportedly Still Interested In Arenas Trade

Orlando reportedly has some interest in acquiring his services, but not everyone is on board just yet.

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Report: Magic Still Interested In A Trade For Gilbert Arenas

The rumors of a Gilbert Arenas for Vince Carter trade fizzled pretty quickly, but Ken Berger says Orlando still might have some interest in acquiring Arenas:

A person with knowledge of the Magic's plans said a trade for Gilbert Arenas, the one-time superstar whose reputation took a massive hit with his gun suspension last season, remains a "definite possibility." Smith has a good relationship with Arenas, but a stumbling block could be the fact that Howard has questions about whether Arenas would fit in. If Howard gets the answers he's looking for, there could be legs to the Arenas-to-Orlando scenario.

Orlando GM Otis Smith and Gilbert Arenas have ties dating back to their time in Orlando, so Smith's interest in Arenas is understandable. That said, you can bet he will not do anything that even has a chance of upsetting the big man.

Keep in mind, Dwight Howard isn't just going off what he's read in newspapers and seen on television when it comes to Arenas. He has first-hand experience playing with him, from the 2007 All-Star Game and playing together on the U.S. National Team in 2006.

Howard hasn't shut the door on a trade completely, but it looks like it will take quite a bit of convincing, whether it be from Otis Smith, or Arenas himself, in order for this trade to come to fruition.


Is Gilbert Arenas Actually Better Off At Shooting Guard?

There has been so much made about how John Wall will fit next to a guy who also plays point guard in Gilbert Arenas that people are forgetting a very important fact; Gilbert Arenas isn’t really a point guard. As Michael Lee points out, Arenas might in fact be more comfortable sliding over to the off-guard position.

Arenas could easily switch to shooting guard and be effective playing with Wall. He was a shooting guard in his two seasons at Arizona. And, when he shared the backcourt with Larry Hughes in his first two seasons in Washington, Hughes led the team in assists both seasons. Arenas actually enjoyed not being the lone playmaker on the team. At times, the responsibility frustrated him last season under Saunders’s system.

This raises the question that confronts all combo guards at one point or another in their career; just because they dribble the ball over half court, does that make them the point guard?

Arenas is undoubtedly a better scorer than distributor, so his skill set does make more sense at the 2 guard. He may have just had the ball in his hands so much in the past because, well, who else on the Wizards was going to bring the ball up? So in theory, Arenas might not only be able to fit next to Wall, he may thrive there.


John Wall Wondering How He'll Fit With Gilbert Arenas

As we all know, John Wall and Gilbert Arenas aren't exactly the most ideal fit. That doesn't mean they can't play well together, but it'll take some adjustments in their games to make it happen.

Or, more accurately, it'll take adjustments in Arenas' game, because Wall's made it pretty clear that he feels he should be the one playing point guard. Wall was on the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio yesterday and admitted he asked the Wizards about how he'd fit in with Arenas.

"You know, we both are two good players. Gilbert Arenas is a great player, and we both need the ball in our hands to score. And I said how would I be able to do what I need to do to run the team if that's who I get picked by, if he needs the ball to score a lot? They just said they would work it out and see how it feels, and if they wanted me and they picked me, that he would move to the 2 guard spot....I want to be a point guard. I want to be the leader. I want to help an organization change and make my teammates better and win games."    

(Transcript via Dan Steinberg).

Here's hoping the Wizards' plan is more complex that "we'll work it out."


Gilbert Arenas Searching For Clean Slate With Wizards

With all the problems Gilbert Arenas has had over the past three years, and the incredible financial strain his contract puts on the team, many thought the draft lottery was a clear indication that Arenas was on his way out of town. According to Mike Jones of CSN Washington, however, the Wizards plan to keep their Arenas, and see next year as an opportunity to start fresh with a clean slate. 

Wizards president Ernie Grunfeld confirmed Monday’s meeting between Arenas and Leonsis, but wouldn't go into specifics. For the second time in as many weeks, however, Grunfeld reiterated the team's intentions of hanging onto Arenas despite outside speculation that the team and its controversial former star would part ways.

“As I've said all along, Gilbert will be a Washington Wizard next season,” said Grunfeld, who also maintained that landing the top pick (which is expected to be Wall) had no bearing on Arenas.

Many have questioned how Arenas will fit next to John Wall, the presumed number one pick and the franchise's point guard of the future. Neither Arenas nor the Organization consider this an issue.

Arenas, according to sources, has spoken with John Wall since the Wizards landed the No. 1 pick in last week's draft lottery, and is confident that the two can play together.  The drafting of Wall likely will force Arenas out of the point guard spot and over to shooting guard, which many believe is his more natural position anyway. Although Arenas was suspended, Flip Saunders late this past season added a new wrinkle to his already extensive offense, and expects to feature more of a two-guard attack rather than his typical point-guard-initiated schemes. Saunders said in April that the new look relieves some of the pressure on the point guard and also gives the team flexibility having two guards sharing ball-handling and facilitating duties.


The Future Of Gilbert Arenas: Wizards Trying To Move Troubled Point Guard

When the Wizards won the draft lottery, and the right to draft their PG of the future John Wall, the speculation about Gilbert Arenas' future in Washington began almost immediately. John Mitchell of writes that the Wizards are totally comitted to moving forward with Wall, and are looking to drop Gilbert Arenas any way they can.

According to one source with intimate knowledge of the team's plans, the Wizards front office, headed up by President Ernie Grunfeld, doesn't want Arenas - released earlier this month from a Washington DC halfway house after serving 30 days for a felony gun conviction - anywhere near Wall, whom the team has already decided it will select with the top pick in the June draft. After Arenas was convicted Grunfeld traded away four starters.

One can certainly understand why the Wizards would investigate moving Gilbert Arenas. Suspension and injury have cost Arenas the majority of the past three seasons. But Mitchell suggests that it isn't Gilbert's past that makes the organization want to move him, but rather his future, most notably his impact on John Wall.

One source tagged Arenas as "the reason why a core of players that reached the playoffs" on multiple occasions had to be broken up, "and it was entirely due to what he did. He poisoned the team. He is a cancer."

Members of the Wizards' organization have been adamant that the team will keep Arenas as soon as the questions began after the draft lottery. Mitchell reminds us to take whatever the organization says with a grain of salt.

Don't be fooled by this. Grunfeld will continue to speak highly of Arenas because as a rule no general manager speaks negatively about a player he is trying to move for fear of looking as though he is about to conduct a fire sale. Secondly, although Arenas is a three-time All Star, he has undergone three knee surgeries and appeared in just 47 games over the last three seasons.

The Gilbert Arenas speculation will likely continue through the entire summer, up until the beginning of training camp. Check this thread for any breaking news on Arenas' future.

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