Greivis Vasquez And The 2010 Draft: Report Suggests Vasquez Won't Slip Further than 32nd Pick

The chances of Greivis Vasquez going in the first round of the 2010 NBA Draft are getting stronger.

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Gary Williams On Greivis Vasquez, Who Reportedly Won't Get Past Miami At No. 32

The person who probably know the most about Greivis Vasquez and his NBA potential is Gary Williams. Williams was Vasquez's biggest fan at Maryland, but also his harshest critic. His thoughts on Vasquez before Thursday's NBA Draft, via D1scourse:

"I think he'd be great for any NBA team just because of the things he can do," Williams said. "He's 6-6, he's up to 205 now. No player on a team will work harder than he does. There's a lot of guys that work hard and they can work as hard as Greivis, but no player will work harder. He's gotten better as an athlete this year. He's improved his jumping and his quickness. Anything you want to measure."

Those are big words from the man who was as hard on Vasquez as he was on any player on the team. If Williams thinks your hard worker, you are definitely not lacking hustle. But we knew that about Greivis. His comments on his athleticism, might be more important to teams who don't think he has the quicks to stay with guards on defense.


Adrian Wojarnaski is now reporting that if Vasquez slips into the second round, he won't have to wait very long to be picked. Miami at No. 32, the pick they just acquired from the Thunder, will take Vasquez if he is still on the board.


Greivis Vasquez Expects To Be Taken In The First Round; Jay Bilas Weighs In

If there is one thing you can say about Greivis Vasquez it's that he never lacks confidence. The latest display? His thoughts on where he might go in Thursday's NBA Draft, via The Baltimore Sun:

"A lot of people are going to be shocked," he said recently, in between workouts for several NBA clubs.

According to the article at the Sun, Vasquez is expecting to be taken in the first round. The Memphis Grizzlies have expressed interest in taking Vasquez at No. 28. ESPN analyst Jay Bilas backs him up:

"I'd rather have a guy like him who shows some emotion than somebody you have to beg to play," Bilas said. "You don't have to wind that guy up. I think it's easier to calm a guy's emotions down than to jack him up. His stuff is all good."

Hear that world? His stuff is all good:

"It's kind of the old style, the way it used to be. A kid developed in college. You didn't think he was that good as a freshman or sophomore, he matured as a junior and then as a senior he became a really good player," Bilas said. "Those days are gone now. Now we tend to look with a little jaundiced eye at things; a kid sticks around he's got more flaws."


Orlando Magic Show Interest in Greivis Vasquez

The Orlando Magic have only hosted one group workout in preparation of Thursday's NBA draft. It was on Monday, and it included Grevis Vasquez. The Magic are looking for help on the perimeter, and Vasquez's versatility would be a welcome addition to their back court. Ryan Blake, the NBA's scouting director, had a hall-of-fame worthy backhanded compliment for the Maryland point guard,via Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel:

"A big point guard, a guy who's got probably the biggest heart," Blake said of Vasquez. "You really can't look into a guy's heart, but the guy plays with passion. He's a leader. He can really see the offense. He can't defend quicker guards right now and he can't shoot. But he's a guy that competes on both ends, and I think he may have a chance to come off the bench and compete in the league."

I wouldn't call that a ringing endorsement, but he does seem to like Vasquez's attitude. The Magic blogosphere has caught wind of the team's interest in Vasquez and is starting to take a closer look at him as well. Orlando Magic Daily has a long scouting report on Vazquez, and how he would fit into the Magic rotation, here's their verdict:

I think Vasquez could be a good fit with Orlando. He is a scorer who can create off the dribble and push the pace. He is a guy who has proven he can step onto the big stage and produce for his team. Is he the right fit at 29 though? Maybe not.

The Magic have had a checkered history with big point guards. Everyone is trying to forget the failed Jeryl Sasser and Reece Gaines experiments. It would seem to make sense he would play sort of a Hedo Turkoglu roll as a primary ball handler but not the point guard. His fit is probably at shooting guard and third point guard on this team.

Nobody knows what the Magic are thinking, and we likely won't until sometime around 10 pm Thursday evening, but its safe to assume that if they only hosted one workout it would only be with guys they were strongly considering for their pick at 29th overall.

This could disappoint Vasquez, and the Wizards fans who were hoping the local product would be available at #30. There certainly seems to be a lot of smoke, so don't be surprised if Vazquez is off the board when the Wizards make the last pick of the first round.


Greivis Vasquez Invited To Attend NBA Draft

If Greivis Vasquez was hoping to go in the first round of the NBA draft, this might be good news. According to Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun, the NBA has invited Vasquez to attend the NBA Draft in person in New York City.

Former Maryland guard Greivis Vasquez has been invited to attend the NBA draft at Madison Square Garden in New York.

His agent, Herb Rudoy, said today that Vasquez won't be sitting with John Wall, Evan Turner and the other projected lottery picks. Those guys are draft royalty. They sit at tables in the equivalent of an orchestra pit before the stands begin.

Unless he changes his mind about attending, Vasquez will sit with the second wave of players in the first few rows of stands.

Obviously, this invitation doesn't really mean anything tangible, but it certainly would be embarrassing for the NBA to invite someone who won't be drafted. From a karma standpoint, this can only been a good thing. 


Greivis Vasquez Wants To Shock The World On Draft Day

Baltimore Sun sportswriter Jeff Barker had the good fortune of running into Greivis Vasquez at the Washington Nationals game tonight. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Vasquez obliged Barker with a few comments on his recent workouts with NBA teams, and his optimistic feelings about the upcoming draft.

Former Maryland guard Greivis Vasquez says his workouts for NBA clubs are going so well that “a lot of people are going to be shocked” on draft day later this month.

Vasquez says he’s getting lots of attention from clubs that could draft him in the first round. He didn’t specifically predict he’d go that early, but his comments about people being “shocked” suggests where his thinking lies.

Vasquez recently completed a workout with the Minnesota Timberwolves, and is set to join the Miami Heat for a workout next week. Both teams have picks in the middle of the first round (Minnesota at 16 and 23, Miami at 18). Could Vasquez possibly be drafted that high?

This could spell bad news for the Washington Wizards, who spent extensive time with Vasquez earlier this week, and could be looking to select him with their 30th or 35th overall selection.


Vasquez Hoping Wizards Will Consider Him With One Of Their Two Late Picks

The Washington Wizards, in addition to having the No. 1 pick, also have two later picks (30 and 35). They’re looking at different players for those picks, including Maryland’s Greivis Vasquez. Vasquez worked out with the Wizards on Monday and indicated he’s hoping the Wizards give him a lot of consideration with one of those two picks.

“They’re obviously looking at me. Anything can happen. We’ll see if I’m going to be up to that pick [referring to the Nos. 30 and 35 picks the Wizards possess in addition to the No. 1 overall choice] or not. They’re trying to rebuild the team, and obviously he told me I did a good job. It was a great meeting."

But Vasquez also said he’s not really concerned with where he gets picked, pointing to players such as San Antonio’s DeJuan Blair or Utah’s Wes Matthews as guys who outperformed their draft position.

“I’m not really afraid of the draft. I think going through the whole process last year and seeing the guys who got drafted second round or guys that got undrafted. Wesley Matthews got undrafted. DaJuan Blair was a second rounder. It’s not about whether I go fifth in the draft or (No.) 20 or (No.) 35 or second round or undrafted. It’s just the right fit. Maryland was the right fit for me for four years. I want to be with the right team in the right situation. I want to develop my game into a level where I become a big-time pro, and it’s going to take a little while. You know, a lot of people get caught up with whether I go middle first or late first or high second. I just want to be with the right team in the right situation.”


Greivis Vasquez Working Out For Wizards On Monday

The Washington Wizards have a long history of drafting local NBA prospects, so it's only fitting that they would be one of the first teams to give Greivis Vasquez a workout. 

The Wizards announced Friday that Vasquez would be one of six players to work out for the team on Monday. Vasquez joins Mississippi State's Jarvis Varnado, New Mexico's Darington Hobson, UTEP's Derrick Caracter, Gonzaga's Matt Bouldin and Michigan State's Raymar Morgan for the workout. Morgan, of course, was a member of the Michigan State team that knocked the Terps out of the NCAA Tournament.

The Wizards are crowded at point guard right now, with Gilbert Arenas under contract, Shaun Livingston a free agent and John Wall likely to be the No. 1 pick, so they might not be the best fit for Vasquez. Then again, with Vasquez's versatility, he could probably fit in anywhere. 


Greivis Vasquez Attempts To Get Drafted In 2010 NBA Draft

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's safe to say Greivis Vasquez is the most beloved Maryland player since their 2002 NCAA Championship team members. He played all four years at Maryland, getting better every season. Last year, he led a surprise Maryland team to the top of the ACC, doing so with bravado and confidence. He rightfully won ACC Player of the Year, completely outplaying Duke's Jon Scheyer in a key late-season win to secure the crown.

So in college, Vasquez was great. His NBA prospects, however, are a bit dimmer. If Vasquez is to be drafted, it'll likely be as a second-round pick, but because this year's draft class is so deep, it's also possible he gets passed over entirely. While he was one of the most productive players in the draft according to at least one metric, he also lacks elite athleticism and speed, which both matter more on the next level.

We'll chronicle Vasquez attempt to make it on the next level in this stream. As a Terps fan myself, here's hoping he finds an NBA home.   

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