PHILADELPHIA - OCTOBER 03: Donovan McNabb #5 of the Washington Redskins celebrates after throwing a first quater touchdown pass against the Philadelphia Eagles on October 3 2010 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Washington Redskins, Donovan McNabb Agree On Five-Year Contract Extension

The Redskins have reportedly agreed on a five-year, $78 million extension with Donovan McNabb, with $40 million guaranteed. However, the Redskins would only owe $3.75 million if they cut him after the season.

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Mike Shanahan Remains Non-Committal About Donovan McNabb's Future With The Washington Redskins

As we've mentioned before, Donovan McNabb's new contract with the Washington Redskins contains an out clause that allows the Redskins to release him after this season and only pay him $3.75 million in guaranteed money. It does not appear like the Redskins will use that clause, not after surrendering multiple draft picks to acquire McNAbb.

However, it's worth noting that coach Mike Shanahan did not seem like he was committing to McNabb long-term. As CSN Washington's Rich Tandler notes, Shanahan's statements this week don't inspire much confidence. 

Here's what Shanahan said at first:

"Hopefully very confident and hopefully we get better as an offense. We did some good things today. We had big plays. We have got to sustain drives. We had 200 yards, I believe, in the first half and four first downs. We got to get more consistent. We show signs of getting better, but we were 0-for-10 in third downs today, 1-for-1 in fourth downs. You can't win football games when you are 0-10 in third downs."    

And then here's what Shanahan said in his press conference on Wednesday:

"Take a look at my contract, I got a five year contract and I am sure hoping that I am here in five years. I think anytime you sign a contract you are always hoping that you fulfill that contract. You don't sign contracts thinking that the person won't be here."    

Now, we may be looking too much into this. Shanahan is notorious for saying nothing meaningful either way in his press conference. But it's interesting to see that Shanahan is "hoping" that McNabb sticks around beyond this season. That may be one way for Shanahan to affirm to McNabb that he is on notice. 


Donovan McNabb Contract Extension Details: Redskins Only Owe Him $3.75 Million If They Cut Him After This Season

When it was first learned that the Redskins were giving Donovan McNabb a five-year contract extension with $40 million guaranteed, it was natural to freak out about that guaranteed contract figure. As we noted, it puts McNabb in elite company, when he's probably not an elite quarterback.

However, new details have emerged about that guaranteed money that make it seem a lot more palatable. In fact, they almost make the contract look like a steal. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Redskins will only have to pay McNabb $3.75 million if they decide to cut him or trade him after the season.

One of the contract's most significant points is a payment due this offseason, when the Redskins must decide whether or not to pay McNabb a $10 million option bonus. If they do, it would trigger the rest of the contract and make Washington liable for McNabb's $2.5 million base salary in 2011.

So in essence, the Redskins paid McNabb $3.75 million in 2010 for the right to pay him $12.5 million in 2011 and control his rights. If the Redskins cut him after this season or trade him, they are only on the hook for the $3.75 million.

If the Redskins want to keep McNabb after the season, he will have a $2.5 million base salary in 2011, a $12.75 million base salary in 2012, a $13 million base salary in 2013, a $13.75 million base salary in 2014 and a $13.55 million base salary in 2014. In other words, it enables the Redskins to essentially delay their decision over whether McNabb is the right man to lead this team in the future to the offseason. If so, he'll be given a big contract. If not, they can get rid of him with little financial repercussions. 


Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen Confirms Donovan McNabb Contract Extension Was In The Works For A While

The Washington Redskins have confirmed Donovan McNabb's contract extension in a press release. The team declined to disclose the terms of the contract, as per their policy. However, Redskins general manager Bruce Allen did confirm that the team has been discussing a new contract with McNabb for quite some time.

In an interview with ESPN 980, Allen said the team had targeted the bye week as an ideal time to get a new deal done with McNabb since the beginning of the season.

"As we've said for months now, we had ongoing talks and once the regular season started, we really were aiming toward the bye week and it came together."    

Allen said that he didn't expect McNabb's contract to be a distraction tonight for that very reason.

"Donovan is happy but really our focus is on the Eagles. This is not any form of distraction because it has really been something that we've known we were going to do for some time."    

Finally, when asked when McNabb would be a Redskin long-term, Allen responded by simply saying "that's why we signed him to a contract."

Allen did not speak to the media beyond this interview with ESPN 980.

(HT to for the transcript).


Report: 'Parameters' Of Donovan McNabb's Contract Extension With Redskins Were Agreed To In October

Because of the events of last October 31, many have the idea that Donovan McNabb's new five-year contract with the Washington Redskins was agreed to quickly because the Redskins wanted to right the wrong Mike Shanahan committed by pulling him. There's even a sense that the Redskins did this quickly to change the media conversation leading up to gameday, a particularly cynical point of view that would be crazy if this were any other team.

But as it turns out, this deal had been in the works for a long time. The Redskins have always been trying to give McNabb an extension since trading for him in April, and this is just the culmination of that process. In fact, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, this deal was on the table in October.

Parameters of Donovan McNabb's deal were agreed to in OCTOBER. He took same deal on table since then. No negotiations today. None.    

That's an interesting admission. Clearly, the Redskins weren't phased by McNabb's benching back on October 31, and clearly, there was much less to discuss than originally anticipated. It begs the question of why so many media members and talking heads (us included) were so sure McNabb would leave after the end of the season.


Report: Donovan McNabb Agrees To Contract Extension With Redskins For Five Years, $78 Million

The last time we saw Donovan McNabb in a football game, he had a frown on his face as his backup, Rex Grossman, was asked to lead the Redskins' comeback attempt in the final two minutes. The next time we'll see Donovan McNabb, he will be playing with a shiny new contract.

ESPN's Michael Smith is reporting that McNabb and the Redskins have agreed on a new five-year contract, just before Monday's showdown with the Eagles. The contract will guarantee McNabb $40 million over the next five years and is for $78 million total. If McNabb reaches certain incentives, the value could be pushed up to $88 million. 

The Redskins seemingly moved quickly after Mike Shanahan's ill-fated decision to bench McNabb in the final two minutes of an October 31 loss to the Detroit Lions. McNabb's agent, Fletcher Walters, reportedly flew down to Washington D.C. to take in the Monday Night game, and took care of the new contract before it started. Despite public opinion suggesting McNabb would certainly leave the team after this season, the Redskins remained committed in him and found a way to get something done.

We will have much more on McNabb's new contract in this StoryStream.


Report: Redskins, Donovan McNabb 'Discussing Parameters' Of A Four-Year Contract Extension

A contract extension for Donovan McNabb with the Washington Redskins may not be "imminent," but it looks like there is more progress being made than originally anticipated. It appears the Redskins may be willing to move forward long-term with McNabb despite benching him in the final two minutes in their 37-25 loss to the Detroit Lions on October 31.

ESPN's Adam Schefteris reporting that McNabb's agent, Fletcher Smith, will be in Washington on Monday night to meet with the Redskins' brass about a contract extension for McNabb. According to Schefter, the new contract would be for four years.

Redskins and Donovan McNabb have been discussing the parameters of a four-year extension, the same length of Tom Brady's deal in NE.    

While the relationship between McNabb and Mike Shanahan may be murky, McNabb has received a lot of support from management during the season. On Friday, ESPN 980's Chris Russell reported that while an extension is not "imminent," the talks were "fluid" on both sides. It looks like the Redskins would like to keep McNabb, and it also looks like McNabb wants to stay in D.C. 


Report: Donovan McNabb Contract Extension Not 'Imminent,' As Report Seemed To Indicate

In light of all the drama with Donovan McNabb recently, it seems improbable that he would be getting closer to signing a contract extension with the Redskins. However, a report by Josina Anderson, a Denver reporter, indicated otherwise. Here's what she posted on her Twitter account on Friday.

Breaking: Sources familiar with contract extension talks betweeen the Washington Redskins and Donovan McNabb indicate that negotiations are now on a faster track than previously reported. "The Redskins are anxious to get a deal done." However sources also indicate that the recent controversy surrounding both parties angered McNabb's camp and still could derail the completion of this contract from McNabb's standpoint. Ultimately, at this specific time, the tone now is that McNabb's contract extension could get done sooner rather than later from what was  previously expected.

If you're wondering why a Denver reporter would get this information, join the club. But as it turns out, the report doesn't seem to be true. CSN Washington's Ryan O'Halloran talks to a couple sources who said the report isn't true.

Two league sources refuted a Denver television station's report Friday that a contract extension for Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb was on "the fast track."

"I've heard ‘fast track' before, haven't you?" a source said. "It's not imminent."    

Another source also said that neither side is concerned by the pace of the negotiations.


Donovan McNabb: Contract Negotiations Are 'On Track'

Another day, another bit of news about the state of Donovan McNabb's contract extension that doesn't really make anything more clear. Last week McNabb said he was confident an extension would be reached, and then a few days later Adam Schefter told us that the two parties weren't really all that close. Those two updates canceled each other out, so we still don't really know where we stand.

During his media availability today Donovan McNabb was obviously asked about his contract status and this is what he had to say.

McNabb on contract: "Things are on track." Not focusing on it, said he doesnt know that reports of not til end of season are true.less than a minute ago via txt

So again we have a quote from McNabb that doesn't really tell us anything about the status of the negotiations one way or another. If we've learned anything from our brief time with McNabb it's that he isn't going to stir things up. He didn't do it when the Skins were heading into Philly, and I can't imagine he would say that the negotiations weren't going well even if that was the case. He's one of the best at maintaining the company line. We'll have more "updates" when they become available.


Report: Redskins, Donovan McNabb Are "Content" To Finish Season Without A Contract Extension

What a tangled web we weave.

A report from ESPN's Adam Schefter published earlier said that a contract extension between the Washington Redskins and starting quarterback Donovan McNabb isn't expected anytime soon. In a new wrinkle, ESPN 980's Chris Russell tweeted today that talks of an extension might not happen until the season is over.

For those that didn't see Sunday PM, source close to situation says McNabb & Redskins have made no real progress on extension.    

Also that both sides are content w/ playing out season, waiting for new CBA/rules and letting McNabb become a free agent.

Hopefully, contract negotiations don't become a distraction for McNabb and the Redskins, who could claim possession of first place in the NFC East with a Cowboys win over the Giants in this week's Monday Night Football matchup. 


Report: Donovan McNabb and Redskins Not Close To Contract Extension

It's hard to know just how close Donovan McNabb and the Redskins are to a contract extension because the answer seems to be different depending on who you ask. If you ask Donovan, he'll say that he's confident that he and the team will be able to reach a deal sooner rather than later. But if you ask ESPN's Adam Schefter, the outcome doesn't seem as definite.

That link is to an ESPN Insider article, but the little bit it allows you to preview is the important part to the Redskins.

As much as the two sides would like to work out a deal, don't look for McNabb and the Washington Redskins to reach a long-term contract extension anytime soon. While New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has a deal on the books now, McNabb's deal is far from done. His negotiations are moving at a slower pace due to a variety of factors that include the uncertain financial climate and the lack of a new collective bargaining agreement. At this time, McNabb isn't rushing to get a deal done and it may take some time for the two sides to finalize one. It's on track, but not a fast track.

It's kind of a bummer, but it's important to note that he doesn't say anything about the contract being unlikely, just that it won't come at anytime soon. Everything we've heard from sources within the organization is that the team wants to bring Donvan McNabb back long term. My guess is that the uncertainty of the CBA that Schefter alludes to is a bigger obstacle in these negotiations than those of us not in the know understand.

I'm still expecting a deal to get done before McNabb is eligible to become a free agent. I'm just not sure how far in advance of that time it will be completed.


Donovan McNabb 'Confident' He Will Sign Extension With The Redskins

Without an extension in place for Donovan McNabb the possibility exists that he could just walk away after this season. As a result it continues to be one of the biggest issues surrounding the team and it just won't go away until either an extension is reached, or we learn for sure that one won't be happening. As of now it seems like the former is more likely.

Donovan McNabb says he's confident he'll get a contract extension signed in Wasington. Didn't speculate on when.less than a minute ago via txt

To be fair however, this is the exact same thing we've been hearing all year long. Everybody involved is totally sure that an extension will be reached, but we don't have any idea how far along discussions are or when a deal might be reached. Not saying it won't happen, because I believe it will, but just take this most recent "development" with a grain of salt.

Jason Reid of the Washington Post's Redskins Insider believes that the Skins have to bring McNabb back.

The Redskins became stronger at quarterback the moment they acquired McNabb from the Philadelphia Eagles on Easter Sunday. McNabb is representing the franchise well on and off the field, and he wants to be part of what Shanahan is attempting to build.

And I agree. I think McNabb has been a nice calming influence on the franchise, but more importantly I think he is way better than the alternative. And you can't trade a high second round pick for a one year rental. The Redskins need to bring McNabb back and this is probably the best place for him. I'm not sure when an extension will be agreed on, but I am fairly certain that it will.


Donovan McNabb Isn't Sweating Contract Extension, Wants To Stay In Washington

One of the major story lines entering Redskins camp is how close the Redskins are to signing newly Aqcuired Donovan McNabb to a contract extension that will keep him in D.C. past this season. According to Jason Reid, there doesn't seem to be much progress, but that Donovan doesn't plan on going anywhere else.

The Redskins are apparently nowhere near a contract extension, but Donovan McNabb made this much clear today: He intends to be a Redskin for several years.

Both McNabb and Mike Shanahan commented on the negotiations, and neither seemed overly concerned.

"I don't focus on that, but I do expect to be here," McNabb said, "and that's the way that I've been preparing myself. I'm going to prepare myself to be here for years to come. Whatever may happen after that, that's nothing that we're communication right now. I'm glad just the situation is over, now I can just prepare myself being a Redskin."

Asked about the possibility, Coach Mike Shanahan said: "I really don't worry about that because that's part of the process. My main emphasis is him wanting to be here, him starting today in the offseason conditioning program, all those other things take care of itself."

It won't be easy for Redskins fans to see the words "nowhere near a contract extension" and have the same level of confidence as McNabb and Shanahan appear to. But as Shanahan said, it's all part of the process. If a player really wants to be somewhere, and the team wants to keep him, more often than not a deal will get done.


Bruce Allen: No Timetable On Donovan McNabb's Contract Extension

Redskins general manager Bruce Allen talked about Donovan McNabb's lingering contract extension issues today and reaffirmed that the team hopes to give him a long-term contract. However, Allen added that he is not sure when that will happen because of the unsigned status of Carlos Rogers and first-round pick Trent Williams.

Via Rich Campbell of the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star.

"Donovan is a priority to us," Allen said. "He has been everything we wanted when we traded for him-and then some. But I don't know how to put a date on it. The first thing is to make sure that everyone who is unsigned gets signed this year."    

McNabb is currently in the final year of his contract, so he could go to another team if he is not able to work anything out with the Redskins.


Report: Redskins, Donovan McNabb Not Making Progress On Extension

When the Washington Redskins acquired Donovan McNabb in the spring, two things seemed imminent: the end of the Jason Campbell era and a contract extension for McNabb, who is in the final year of a deal he signed with Philadelphia in 2002.

Chris Russell reports, however, that talks between the Redskins and McNabb have stalled:

For those wondering about contract extension talks for McNabb and the #Redskins; told that nothing is going on at this time. Not good news

If the two sides are going to agree on a deal, it would be beneficial to both parties to get something done before training camp to avoid distraction.

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