Report: Maryland, Texas To Begin Home And Home Series In 2017

According to a report, Texas and Maryland will soon announce they will begin a home-and-home series starting in Austin in 2017.

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Report: Texas Finalizes Home-And-Home Series With Maryland Starting In 2017

It's now about as close to official as it gets without being officially official. According to's Chip Brown, Texas has finalizes it's agremeent with Maryland to begin a home-and-home football series starting in 2017.

The 2017 game will be held in Austin, while the 2018 game will be held at Fedex Field, according to Brown.


Report: Maryland, Texas Will Begin Home And Home Series Starting In 2017

It looks like Maryland and Texas will end up playing each other in a home and home series at some point. It will just happen later than initially reported.

Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-American Statesman is reporting that the series will begin in 2017, not 2014, as initially speculated.

Texas has not yet officially announced the deal but will play Maryland in 2017 at Austin and in 2018 at FedEx Field in Landover, Md.    

For more, visit Testudo Times.


Report: Maryland, Texas Talking, But Haven't Yet Agreed To Play Each Other In 2014

Previous reports indicated that Maryland and Texas had already agreed on a home-and-home series starting in 2014, but according to the Washington Post's Steve Yanda, that agreement has not yet been finalized.

Yanda writes that the two programs are talking, but they have not agreed on anything and would not play each other in 2014 or 2015.

Multiple reports are claiming that Maryland and Texas have agreed to play each other, first at FedEx Field in 2014 and then in either Austin or Dallas in 2015. The Texas source denied that such a deal is in place and said that the discussions between the two schools about a potential future matchup do not involve either of those two seasons. 

The Longhorns are reportedly talking to several teams, with Maryland among them, according to the source.


Maryland Football Agrees To Home And Home With Texas

If the Maryland football team isn't going to be very good, then they can at least schedule some games against good teams so that we the fans can see what quality football looks like, right? Well luckily for us, that appears to be the strategy. The University has agreed to face the Texas Longhorns in a home and home series that will start in 2014.

The first game will be held at FedEx Field, the second at Texas' home stadium in Austin the following year. According to DCist, money was a factor.

This is a win-win for both programs, as it gives each team national television exposure, plenty of available tickets given at FedEx Field's 91,665-seat capacity, and a generous payout. As reported on ESPN1300 AM, each team would immediately receive $3.5 million from the deal, not to mention the money each school would earn via their respective conference television contracts.

The Maryland Terrapins have made a habit of scheduling out of conference games against teams that are kind of out of their league, and this is no excpetion. Remember last year's 52-13 blowout in Berkley? This is going to be a lot like that, except the blurs running past our defenders will be burnt orange instead of navy blue, and the differential might be even higher.

2014 is still a long way off, and I am hoping that the Terps will be able to improve themselves substantially over the next couple seasons before they have to take on the powerful Longhorns. Otherwise, it might get ugly.

But no matter what the score is, this is a good thing for the program. Any time you can face a marquee program on national television, you have to take that opportunity. You know the saying "There's no such thing as bad publicity?" Even if the nation is watching us get steamrolled by Texas, at least they're watching.

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