WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 22: Pitcher Drew Storen #22 of the Washington Nationals works the ninth inning against the Seattle Mariners at Nationals Park on June 22, 2011 in Washington, DC. The Washington Nationals won, 2-1. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

MLB Trade Rumors: Drew Storen Stays With Nationals As Trade Deadline Passes

Nationals closer Drew Storen was involved in trade rumors with the Minnesota Twins for center fielder Denard Span, but he remains in D.C. as the trade deadline passed.

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MLB Trade Deadline: Nationals GM Mike Rizzo Discusses Not Trading Drew Storen

Just like there is every year, there were a lot of rumors swirling around Major League Baseball in advance of the trade deadline on Sunday. But this was one of the more quiet deadlines in recent memory, and after making a couple moves earlier in the weekend, the Nats were one of many teams to have a quiet Sunday. All of the names that had been rumored as being discussed in potential deals (Drew Storen, Tyler Clippard and Ian Desmond among others) all stayed in Washington. But according to Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post, the Nats' inactivity wasn't a result of a lack of trying on GM Mike Rizzo's part.

“I wouldn’t describe it as disappointed,” Rizzo said. “We did a lot of work on it. We worked extremely hard to do the right thing, get the right player for the right return. It just didn’t match up. It’s frustrating at times, but you can’t make a deal just to make a deal. The players that we were going to have to give up in our minds, it didn’t fulfill what we were trying to do for the long-term.”

While I'm sure some people got very excited about the possibility of new players coming to D.C., there was a pretty significant sigh of relief when Drew Storen could still be seen warming up in the bullpen as the trade deadline passed. When he entered the game for the save (which he blew, ironically enough) he received a big ovation from the home crowd, who recognized what is appearance in this game meant. After the game, Storen tweeted this.

Thanks to everyone for the twitter love and ovation today Means a lot. Real pumped to still be here in DC.less than a minute ago via Twittelator Favorite Retweet Reply

Storen is still very young, and we don't know if he will be playing for the Nationals for very long after this because it is clear that he is a pretty good prospect and has some value, but he's still here now. So let's everybody take a break from these rumors for a little while, and just get back to playing some baseball.


Washington Nationals Might Have Lost More Than They Realize At MLB Trade Deadline

The Washington Nationals kept Drew Storen after the MLB trade deadline, much to the delight of many in the fan base. But with the non-trade, the Nationals lost an element the organization and fans have yet to commit to: change.


MLB Trade Rumors: Drew Storen Stays With Nationals As Trade Deadline Passes

The MLB trade deadline has passed, and Drew Storen is still with the Washington Nationals. Despite a flood of MLB trade rumors suggesting he may be on the move in a deal for Minnesota Twins center fielder Denard Span, Storen will stay with the Nationals. No Minnesota Twins trades will be announced after the deadline passed at 4 p.m., according to Joe Christensen of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Earlier in the day, it appeared the two teams were closing in on a deal, with Span and Storen as the headliners. However, according to CSN Washington's Mark Zuckerman, talks broke down when Minnesota Twins general manager Bill Smith asked for more players.

The sticking point, according to sources familiar with the discussions: Twins GM Bill Smith wanted more players in addition to Storen included in the trade, while Rizzo was willing to deal the 23-year-old closer only if he got more than Span in return.

The Nationals will conclude a busy trade deadline with a non-trade, one day after dealing Jason Marquis to the Arizona Diamondbacks and Jerry Hairston to the Milwaukee Brewers.


MLB Trade Rumors: Drew Storen For Denard Span Deal Starts To Cool

Just when it looked like the Washington Nationals would include closer Drew Storen in a deal for Minnesota Twins center fielder Denard Span, things have taken a turn. According to multiple reports, the Nationals have cooled on the idea of including Storen in the deal, which would kill the proposed trade just hours before the 4 p.m. deadline.

First, Yahoo! Sports' Tim Brown reported that the Twins were pessimistic that a trade could get done. Then, CBS Sports' Scott Miller reported that the Nationals never were willing to deal Storen, and the Twins wouldn't trade Span unless Storen was in the deal.

Based on those reports, it appears the trade has hit a snag for now. The many twists and turns in this saga shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Both players are highly valued by their fanbases, and both are under team control for a long time. It's a tough sell to deal them for both sides, which is why they appear to be treading carefully.

For more Washington Nationals trade rumors, visit Federal Baseball.


MLB Trade Rumors: Nationals Closing In On Trading Drew Storen For Denard Span, According To Report

After flirting with the idea of including reliever Drew Storen in a potential trade with the Minnesota Twins for Denard Span, it appears the Nationals have decided to go for it. FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal is the latest to report that a Storen-for-Span trade is getting close, with the only holdup being the other players included in the deal. At this time, it appears that the Nationals would have to include other pieces to make the deal happen.

Span is a 26-year old center fielder who has a career .366 on-base percentage. He is also under team control through 2015, unlike many of the other center fielders the Nationals have been pursuing. Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post explains why the Nationals want him. The major issue with Span is that he is recovering from a concussion as of right now.

Storen saved his 26th game on Saturday, is turning 24 is August and is under team control through 2016. Including him in the deal is difficult for the Nationals because they value him heavily, but to get something, you have to give up something.

For more on MLB trade rumors, visit Federal Baseball.


Jason Marquis Traded To Arizona Diamondbacks, According To Report

Jason Marquis has been traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks, according to a report. For the latest on Marquis, visit this StoryStream.


MLB Trade Rumors: Jason Marquis 'Close' To Being Dealt To Diamondbacks, According To Report

Washington Nationals pitcher Jason Marquis has been involved in a number of MLB trade rumors recently, but the latest ones sound very serious. Marquis is "close" to being traded, not to the Detroit Tigers as previously rumored, but rather to the Arizona Diamondbacks. FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal first reported the news, and fellow FOX Sports scribe Jon Morosi reports that the deal is "close."

The Diamondbacks are 57-49 on the season, four games behind the San Francisco Giants in the NL West and four and a half games behind the Atlanta Braves for the wild card. It's not immediately clear what Marquis would fetch in a trade, but if this deal goes through, he would help the Diamondbacks' rotation. Marquis is 8-5 with a 3.95 ERA on the year for the Nationals, one season after bombing in his first year after signing a new contract.

For the latest Washington Nationals trade rumors, visit Federal Baseball.


MLB Trade Rumors: Jason Marquis Involved In Rumors With Detroit Tigers

Jason Marquis has been one of the best pitchers for the Washington Nationals this season, but there is a school of though that suggests the Nationals should sell high on him and look to deal him at the MLB trade deadline. The latest MLB trade rumors suggest the Nationals are indeed doing that. They have discussed trading Marquis to the Detroit Tigers, according to multiple reports.

Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post reported that the Nationals and Tigers were close to a deal on Friday night, but that door may have closed when the Tigers acquired Seattle Mariners starter Doug Fister. However, it appears discussions may be back on again. Bill Ladson of MLB.com reported that the two teams are talking again, and Kilgore reports that Yunesky Maya is on his way to D.C. to be "on call" to be called up in case anything happens with Marquis.

Marquis is 8-5 with a 3.95 ERA for the Nationals this season after having a dreadful year in 2010 in his first year with the club.


MLB Trade Rumors: Nationals Deal Jerry Hairston To Brewers

The Washington Nationals have made another trade, sending utility man Jerry Hairston Jr. to the Milwaukee Brewers for 23-year old prospect Erik Komatsu. The trade was first reported by ESPN baseball analyst Chris Singleton and has been confirmed by many other reports. It has not been made official, but it likely will soon.

The timing of the trade is interesting because the Nationals just sent down Roger Bernadina to the minor leagues. They had seemingly been planning to go with a center field platoon of Hairston and Rick Ankiel, but not anymore. Will the Nationals really hand the everyday job to Ankiel, or is there a bigger trade on the horizon before Monday's trade deadline?

Hairston had been hitting .268 with four home runs and 24 RBIs in 75 games this season. Komatsu is currently hitting .294 with six home runs and 40 RBIs in Double-A.

For more on MLB trade rumors, visit Federal Baseball.


MLB Trade Rumors: Drew Storen For Denard Span Trade 'Not Happening,' According To Report

Early Saturday morning the Washington Post's Adam Kilgore reports that a possible trade of reliever Drew Storen of the Washington Nationals for Minnesota Twins outfielder Denard Span "isn't happening, at least for now."

A source who's talked with the Nats got the sense the Storen-Span deal isn't happening, at least for now.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


It is unclear which side is cool to the idea (most likely the Twins) but there are some reports that Minnesota is not happy with the potential package the Nationals are trying to sell them. This is somewhat understandable since it was the Nationals that tended to get the upper hand the last time the two teams met in the middle for a transaction that sent Nats reliever Matt Capps to the Twins for catcher Wilson Ramos. A lot of analysts still cannot exactly understand why the Twins gave up Ramos for a reliever.

It seems to be the same here. Why would the Twins give up an everyday centerfielder for a mere reliever? Is there more to this package than is being told?

For now it seems this idea has gone cold.


MLB Trade Rumors: Nationals Negotiations With Twins Reportedly At 'Critical Point'

In their search for a center fielder who can lead off and get on base consistently, the Nationals have seemed to focus in on Denard Span of the Twins. But there are still three days for the two sides to negotiate, so the progress that has been made on a deal to this point is still unknown. But Ken Rosenthal reports that for a couple reasons, the talks are at a "critical point."

Source: Span-Storen talks at critical point. #Twins unhappy with #Nationals offer. Nats worried about Span's concussion. #tradedeadline #MLBless than a minute ago via Twitter for Mac Favorite Retweet Reply

Now, we have also heard report that the Nationals are unwilling to trade Storen in a package for Span, so I'm not sure I buy this. But either way, with so much time left until the trade deadline, this could very well just be posturing on both sides. The Nats express concern about the concussion in an effort to lower the asking price, while the Twins attempt to do the same on their end. Just the kind of fun we have around the league this time of year.


MLB Trade Rumors: Washington Nationals Reportedly Balk At Trading Drew Storen For Denard Span

According to a report by Bill Ladson on the Washington Nationals team website, the Washington Nationals are unwilling to trade reliever Drew Storen to the Minnesota Twins for center fielder Denard Span. This shoots down a previous MLB trade rumor that suggested there were discussions between the two teams which could have sent Storen to Minnesota.

With 25 saves and a 2.68 ERA, Storen is drawing plenty of interest on the trade market, and Span would fill a need for the Nats at center field if he were to be acquired. According to this report, though, he's not the only center fielder drawing interest from Nats general manager Mike Rizzo: 

"Span is one of four center fielders -- along with B.J. Upton, Peter Bourjos and Michael Bourn -- the Nationals are scouting in the days leading up to Sunday's non-waiver Trade Deadline."

Upton is another intriguing possibility at the position, given that his team, the Tampa Bay Rays, are looking to upgrade at shortstop. The Nationals have seen shortstop Ian Desmond involved in many trade rumors.

For more Washington Nationals trade rumors, visit Federal Baseball.


MLB Trade Rumors: Nationals, Twins Discuss Denard Span For Drew Storen Trade, According To Report

The latest MLB trade rumor is a fairly juicy one for Washington Nationals fans. In their ongoing search for a center fielder, they have continued to be linked to Denard Span of the Minnesota Twins. FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal is now reporting that those talks have intensified, and closer Drew Storen is among those being discussed in the trade.

Storen for Span is an interesting wrinkle in these talks. The Nationals clearly value Storen, but an everyday player like Span is probably worth more in general than a reliever. Span is 27 and has a career .366 on-base percentage, though he has only played in 59 games this season due to a concussion. He would certainly be a solid option at the top of the Nationals' lineup. Then again, Storen is younger and also a very good reliever.

While this is merely a trade rumor, Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post does suggest that the Nationals value Span over B.J. Upton, to whom they also have been linked.

For more Washington Nationals trade rumors, visit Federal Baseball.


MLB Trade Rumors: Rays Had Scouts Watching Nationals AAA Affiliate

These B.J. Upton rumors just won't seem to go away. It's been a few months now that we've been hearing that the Nationals are after the Rays centerfielder, and those rumors are heating up as the deadline approaches. Adding fuel to the fire is that the Rays have been allegedly scouting some of the Nationals minor league affiliates, according to a tweet from Joel Sherman.

had scout watching Triple-A team yest, more fuel that Wash is pushing for BJ Upton

There is no word on who the Rays could have been scouting, but the Nationals do have some talent at the AAA level that is potentially pretty close to the major leagues. If the Rays are going to accept anyone in exchange for Upton, it will probably be someone that is close to ready for major league action. We still have four more days until the trade deadline, we'll have to wait and see what happens.


Nationals Acquire Jonny Gomes From Reds For Two Minor Leaguers

The Washington Nationals have acquired outfielder Jonny Gomes from the Cincinnati Reds for minor leaguers Bill Rhinehart and Chris Manno. For more on the Gomes deal, visit this StoryStream.


MLB Trade Rumors: Peter Bourjos Becomes Latest To Be Linked To Washington Nationals

There have been many players linked to the Washington Nationals in the latest MLB trade rumors, but here's a new one: Peter Bourjos. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim center fielder is apparently on the Nationals' radar, according to MLB.com's Bill Ladson.

The #Nats continue to look for for a center fielder. They have expressed interest in #Angels outfielder Peter Bourjos. #MLB

Ladson reports that the Nationals have added Bourjos to a list that includes Denard Span of the Twins, Colby Rasmus of the Cardinals, B.J. Upton of the Rays and Michael Bourn of the Astros. Bourjos is a 24-year old outfielder in his first full season with the team. He's hitting .265 with three home runs, 17 RBIs, 11 stolen bases and a .315 on-base percentage.

For what it's worth, Nationals manager Davey Johnson told reporters that he doesn't anticipate any major trades.

For more Washington Nationals trade rumors, visit Federal Baseball.


MLB Trade Rumors: Why The Nationals Shouldn't Trade Ian Desmond

We've been hearing a lot of rumors coming out of Nationals camp about the team's interest in Twins outfielder Denard Span, and that it would likely take Ian Desmond to make the deal happen. The team seems like they are willing to move Desmond because they would prefer to play Danny Espinosa at shortstop, and have a second baseman, Stephen Lombardozzi, waiting in the wings in the minors. But Desmond is still a young peice who could eventually contribute to a major league contender.

So should the Nationals trade a young player at shortstop for a young player at center field? Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post says no.

Trading Desmond now would be the epitome of selling low. It would be difficult to argue against Desmond as having, so far, one of worst offensive season of any everyday player in the National League. His .584 OPS is the worst in the league (although his 63 OPS+ is better than Casey McGehee) and his .273 on-base percentage is 146th out of 152 qualifying players in the majors.

To be fair to Kilgore, "because he stinks" isn't a great reason not to trade somebody. If the Twins (or anyone else) were interested in Desmond, it would be for his potential, not his production. So if they can sell the interested team on that, the Nats probably wouldn't be taking too much of a bath on him. As long as they can get decent return for him, I don't think trading Desmond is a bad idea. But of course, that means there needs to be decent return.


MLB Trade Rumors: Nationals, Twins Discuss Trading Denard Span, Ian Desmond, According To Report

While the Washington Nationals continue to be linked to Tampa Bay Rays outfielder B.J. Upton, the latest MLB trade rumor has the Nationals talking to the Minnesota Twins about trading for center fielder Denard Span. FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal reports the Nationals and Twins are talking, with shortstop Ian Desmond and another reliever potentially heading to Minnesota.

The Nats also have talked to the Twins about a trade for Denard Span, according to major-league sources. The Twins possibly could address two needs in such a deal - acquiring a shortstop, Ian Desmond, and a late-inning reliever. The Nats are unwilling to trade closer Drew Storen and reluctant to trade All-Star setup man Tyler Clippard, sources say. However, the Twins likely would want better than a right-hander such as Todd Coffey or Henry Rodriguez in a package for Span.

Span, 27, is a career .289 hitter with a .366 on-base percentage, and averages 26 stolen bases per season. But he is currently suffering from a concussion and is on a rehab assignment.


MLB Trade Rumors: B.J. Upton To Washington Nationals Rumors Continue To Swirl

The MLB trade rumor mill is swirling, and the name getting the most attention right now is Tampa Bay Rays outfielder B.J. Upton. There are rumors galore linking Upton with the Washington Nationals, and one report, however reliable it may be, has already gone out on a limp and suggested Upton will be traded to Washington.

According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Nationals are one of several teams making calls to try to acquire Upton. The full list is as follows.

#Phillies some interest in Upton, but heard most calls to #Rays are #Nationals #Braves #Pirates,#Reds #Cardinals (if trade Rasmus for P)

Sherman also notes that the Kansas City Royals are a darkhorse in the Upton sweepstakes. That would be out of left field.

One report suggests Upton is absolutely heading to D.C. Jen Royle, a Baltimore-area reporter who recently worked for MASN, cited an MLB source saying Upton is heading to the Nationals. Her timeline is filled with defending her information, and she later revealed it was a general manager who said so. It's probably premature to call Upton to the Nationals at this point, but there appears to be a lot of smoke.

The Nationals covet Upton because they see him as a long-term option in center field and at the top of their order. He's struggled a bit recently, but the hope is a change of scenery would suit him well. For more on Upton, check out this analysis by Grant Brisbee of Baseball Nation.


MLB Trade Rumors: Ryan Zimmerman Discusses Nationals' Target B.J. Upton

The Washington Nationals are among many teams interested in Tampa Bay Rays center fielder B.J. Upton, according to the latest MLB trade rumors. They have sent scouts to watch Upton play, and general manager Mike Rizzo has some loose connections with Upton from his time with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Prior to the Nationals' game against the Dodgers, Ryan Zimmerman, who grew up playing against Upton, discussed the possibility of the Nationals acquiring him and addressed some of the knocks against him. Via Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post:

"I think, Mike's never come up to me and asked me like, ‘Hey, should we trade for this guy?' " Zimmerman said. "But he dealt with Justin. He knows their family and he knows what they're all about. Justin is a little more outgoing. B.J. is more quiet, and I think he gets kind of a little misunderstood. People think he's a little standoffish, maybe a little bit cocky. But he's a quiet guy.

"I think that's the biggest question people ask about him, is about his character. It's not unfair, because he is what he is. I think a lot of people get the wrong idea. He's a great guy. He works hard. He wants to win. He's competitive. A lot of thing's he's done in the past on the field have been in kind of the heat of the moment. He wants to win."

Upton is not in the Rays' lineup on Sunday, which could indicate a move is coming.


MLB Trade Rumors: Washington Nationals May Be Shopping Ian Desmond

Washington Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond has seen his name come up in a number of MLB trade rumors. At this point, though, there are conflicting reports over whether the Nationals actually want to trade him.

Yahoo! Sports' lead baseball writer Jeff Passan is reporting that the Nationals are heavily shopping Desmond around, with a few teams interested.

The Nationals are actively shopping SS Ian Desmond, with San Francisco and Boston among the teams showing interest. Good fit for TB, too.

However, Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post reports the exact opposite. Prior to the Nationals' game against the Dodgers, Kilgore wrote this:

The Nationals have received several inquiries about shortstop Ian Desmond, but they are hesitant to trade the 25-year-old. Desmond is hitting .228/.276/.314 this season. Rizzo considers Desmond part of the Nationals' future core group, and "we've made it pretty clear we're not moving core pieces," Rizzo said.

If the Nationals do move Desmond, it would be because they like Steve Lombardozzi, an infielder in AAA. Lombardozzi would play second base and Danny Espinosa would move to shortstop.


MLB Trade Rumors: Tampa Bay Rays Among Teams Interested In Ian Desmond, According To Report

Washington Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond's name has surfaced in some MLB trade rumors involving the Tampa Bay Rays. With minor league prospect Steve Lombardozzi chomping at the bit for a spot on the Nats' roster, there is rampant speculation that Washington will get rid of one of their young middle infielders, Desmond or second baseman Danny Espinosa. 

Between the two, the Nats would likely much rather get rid of Desmond, who has not performed at nearly as high of a level as Espinosa this season. Enter the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays are among several teams interested in Desmond, according to MLB.com's Bill Ladson. This would make them an interesting trading partner for the Nats, who always seem to be one outfielder short of a full lineup and have been linked in the past to the Rays' perpetually rumored-to-be-traded centerfielder B.J. Upton. 

This would be an interesting move by the Nationals because it would indicate that, for the first time since their move to DC, they are buyers on the trade market.


MLB Trade Rumors: Don't Expect The Nationals To Trade Tyler Clippard Or Drew Storen

We've been hearing some rumors that just about everyone on the Nationals roster is tradeable, and that includes the two most effective, and relatively young members of their bullpen Tyler Clippard and Drew Stroren. But just because the GM Mike Rizzo has said that everyone is available, doesn't mean that we should expect them to moved, according to Ben Goessling of MASN.

First, he looks at how the Nats traded Matt Capps for Wilson Ramos last year. A tremendous deal for them. His asking price for a reliever on a one year deal was tremendously high, and we could expect the price for Clippard or Storen to be even higher considering their age.

Clippard and Storen are different, though; they're young (Clippard is 26, and Storen is 23), cheap (neither player has hit arbitration yet) and have the potential to form a stellar back end of the bullpen for the next few years as the Nationals push toward contention. The team is closer to competing now than it has been in several years, so the need to keep productive major leaguers is higher.

So, I guess Clippard and Storen are technically available, but I can't imagine that anyone will give Mike Rizzo what he sees as a reasonable price.


MLB Trade Rumors: Nationals Reportedly Taking More Calls Than They Are Making

As we head towards the trade deadline, Nationals GM Mike Rizzo is being typically tight-lipped about what the team intends to do. In fact, he is almost bordering on the cryptic and vague. According to Amanda Comak of the Washington Times, the Nationals and Rizzo are taking more calls than they are making, and that as always, they will be both buyers and sellers at the deadline.

"I don’t know any other way to be," Rizzo said. "If you can make a trade to better yourself long-term (we will.) ... If we’re buyers, it’ll be a long-term asset that will help us this year and down the road. We could also be sellers, too."

Obviously Rizzo isn't going to show his hand before the deadline. But he really isn't giving us anything, other than to say that teams have learned to stop calling about Danny Espinosa. That's pretty much all we know. But at the same time, I do admire this approach because Rizzo isn't painting himself into a corner by calling himself either a buyer or a seller. The Nationals are trying to get better, and will consider any trade that enables them to do that. That's where they are at this deadline, apparently.


2011 MLB Trade Rumors: Washington Nationals May Be Willing To Deal Drew Storen, Tyler Clippard

The Washington Nationals have popped up in the latest MLB trade rumors as we get closer to the MLB trade deadline. The Nationals sit around the .500 mark and may end up being sellers at the trade deadline just like last year. According to a report by FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal, the Nationals may be willing to deal All-Star reliever Tyler Clippard or closer Drew Storen.

Numerous teams are calling on the Nationals' two top relievers, closer Drew Storen and setup man Tyler Clippard, as well as a lesser right-hander, Todd Coffey, major-league sources say.

The Nats are listening on Storen and Clippard, but will trade one of them only if they can improve long-term by filling a specific need, according to one source with knowledge of the club's thinking.

The Nationals aren't going to give them away for mere prospects, though, according to Rosenthal. Instead, they are looking for a long-term center fielder, someone like B.J. Upton, Michael Bourn, Colby Rasmus or Denard Span.

Rosenthal also reports that the Nationals may consider dealing shortstop Ian Desmond and moving Danny Espinosa to second base.


MLB Trade Rumor: Nationals Willing To Part With Tyler Clippard, Showing Interest In Michael Bourn

The 2011 MLB Trade Deadline is just about two weeks away, and rumors are starting to pour in from around the Major Leagues. One of the Nationals with the most value is also one that the team appears willing to part with. Fresh off his first career All-Star appearance, the Nationals are willing to move Tyler Clippard and have been looking at Astros center fielder Michael Bourn in return; according to Peter Gammons at MLB.com.

Washington isn't selling, except for Tyler Clippard; instead, they keep asking for Michael Bourn -- thus far without success -- and had been one of several teams interested in Julio Borbon until his recent injury.

Now Gammons uses a lot of punctuation here and some convoluted language, so it isn't totally clear if the Nationals want to trade Clippard for Bourn, or if they would look to acquire him in a separate trade that doesn't involve the All-Star.But Bourn is a typical speedster who could slot in at the top of the Nationals lineup, but if the price is too high for him, I think the team would probably be satisfied keeping Roger Bernadina in the leadoff spot.


MLB Trade Rumors: Washington Nationals Could Be Sellers At The Deadline

As I write, the Washington Nationals are just six and a half games behind the Atlanta Braves for the National League Wildcard spot. So they have to ask themselves a a question they haven't had to ask in a few years; will they be buyers or sellers at the MLB Trade Deadline?

I think that even though they are technically in "contention" the Nationals will choose to be sellers at the Deadline, if they make any moves at all. The organization has always been looking at 2012, or even later, as when they can be legitimate contenders to make the playoffs, and potentially go a little bit deeper. That's when Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper will be here, and when the Nats will make their push. So if they make any moves this year, it could be getting rid of some excess, like Pudge Rodriguez or some of their relievers.

But the Trade Deadline is still a month away, and we'll certainly know more as it approaches. We'll be following any rumors, and the Deadline in itself, in this stream.

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