Maryland Football Media Day: Randy Edsall's Expectations 'Very, Very High'

Maryland football held its media day on Tuesday, and coach Randy Edsall said expectations are "very, very high."

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Maryland Media Day: Davin Meggett Expects The New Offense To Be Productive

Randy Edsall spoke during Maryland Media Day about how the offense was ahead of the defense at this point in the Fall practices. Senior running back Davin Meggett, who figures to be one of the key cogs in that offense, echoed Edsall's comments and expects the new offense put into place by coordinator Gary Crowton to be very effective, quote via the Maryland Athletic Site

"One thing I like about the new offense is that we're still going to run a lot of the same plays as we ran last year. You can't really complicate football so much, there's not a lot you can change when we're still going out here and doing what we've been doing. We're still going to move the ball, try to score, and try and keep the defense off the field. It's no different from what we did in the past to be successful."

We don't get a lot of details there, but it sounds like he is confident that the offense will be able to move the ball and be effective while doing it.


Maryland Media Day: Kenny Tate Not Challenged By Move To Linebacker

One of the more interesting notes from the Maryland Football offseason was new head coach Randy Edsall moving star safety and potential All-American Kenny Tate to linebacker. But according to Tate, the only real difference in the two positions is that he starts out closer to the line of scrimmage. After that "it's just football." Quotes via the Maryland Athletic Site

"I wouldn't say anything (about moving to linebacker) is challenging. I'm definitely moving closer to the ball and the biggest difference for me is I'm usually moving back and I'm in coverage more, but I'm definitely going to be doing the same things as last year. The easiest thing has probably been moving up closer to the ball. I have different reads and things. But that's pretty much it."

Moving Tate closer to the line of scrimmage should be great for both him and the defensive unit this year. Most of his impact plays came near the line, and giving him a head start could be a nightmare for the offenses that he goes up against. The fact that he was once considered a wider receiver, and is also powerful enough to play linebacker, is a testament to his strength and athleticism.


Maryland Media Day: Randy Edsall's Expectations 'Very, Very High'

The leaders of the Maryland Football team, as well as the assembled media, came together yesterday for the Terps' annual media day. New head coach Randy Edsall made the opening comments, and he showed right away that he will not hesitate to be honest with the media, even if it means being a little critical of some parts of his team. All quotes via The Maryland Athletic Site.

"I feel I know who we are offensively, who the people are at this time in terms of a 2-deep and those things. Defensively, I'm not as happy and as pleased or as far along in that assessment and evaluation of the people that we are going to need and who's going to be there for us. There're a lot of still unanswered questions from a defensive standpoint than offensively."

I think that is pretty much to be expected. Arguably the best player on the team, Danny O'Brien, plays the most important position on the offensive side of the ball. When you have that luxury, the rest of the team on that side of the ball can just kind of fall into place.

The defense will understandable take some more time, particularly because Edsall moved so many people to new positions after he took the reigns. It's hard for players to get used to a new defensive scheme, let alone a new position. Edsall has proven that he is capable of putting effective defensive units on the field, so I expect him to sort this all out before the Hurricanes come to town. Edsall summed up the performance of his team like this.

"The biggest thing is I have a level of expectation that is very, very high. I don't know if we'll ever get to that level, but we're going to keep shooting for it because no matter whether we get to that level of expectation is always going to go higher. That's kind of where we are after eight days, after four practices in full pads."

And that's the way it should be. No matter how much the team improves, Randy Edsall will always want them to get better. The only question that remains is if he can get to the point where he is happy with the team that he is putting on the field against Miami on the fifth of September.


Maryland Football Media Day Is Tuesday, Randy Edsall, Team Captains To Speak

The Maryland football season in nearly here, and the Terps will hold a press conference today where new coach Randy Edsall and the team captains are expected to speak.

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