Navy To Join Big East As Football-Only Member Starting In 2015

The Naval Academy will in fact join the Big East for football starting in 2015, the conference announced.

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Navy To Big East: Ken Niumataolo Says Program 'Wanted To Be One Of The Haves'

Navy held a formal press conference to announce its decision to move to the Big East Conference as a football-only member starting in 2015. Navy coach Ken Niumataolo said that while the program may be "biting off more than we could chew," the decision had to be made given the current landscape of college football.

Via CBS Sports' Brett McMurphy:

The Midshipmen have been an independent since beginning play in the 1870s, but the allure of a BCS conference seemed too tough to pass up. The Midshipmen have been a successful program that had made eight straight bowl appearances prior to this season.

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Navy Football Joins Big East For Football Starting In 2015, Conference Confirms

The Big East Conference has announced that Navy will join as a football-only member starting in 2015, confirming reports from Monday. The news gives the conference 11 teams after the recent additions of SMU, Central Florida and Houston as full members and Boise State and San Diego State as football-only members.

The conference appears very excited with its new addition.

"When people look back, they will mark this as a truly historic day for the BIG EAST Conference," said Commissioner John Marinatto. "America’s first national football conference is adding a program with true national appeal. Navy’s decision to make the BIG EAST its first football conference home after over 100 years of independence demonstrates the value of our new expansion model and the long-term viability of our football product. The BIG EAST is truly proud to be associated with one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the country and one of the most storied programs in college football."

The Midshipmen are coming off one of their worst seasons in some time, missing a bowl game for the first time since 2003. They have been an independent for their entire existence.

Keep up with the latest news and notes on the conference expansion whirlwind, with SB Nation's comprehensive conference realignment coverage. And for more fan perspective on the Big East, head to our blog Big East Coast Bias.


Big East Expansion: Navy Will Join Big East As Football-Only Member In 2015, According To Report

Navy Athletic Director Chet Gladchuck announced last month that the Midshipmen had made the decision to join the Big East as a football-only member, but that the Academy had yet to decide when they would make the jump to conference affiliation. On Monday night, reports indicated that the Midshipmen are set to join in 2015. Brett McMurphy reported that the announcement will come down on Tuesday.

Via @McMurphyCBS:

Navy will join Boise State and San Diego State as football-only members, with the Broncos and Aztecs set to join in 2013. Central Florida, Houston, and SMU will join in all sports that same year. Navy will be the eleventh football school in the conference when it joins in 2015.

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Big East Expansion: Navy Athletic Director Confirms Move To Big East

Rumors emerged a few weeks ago that the Navy Midshipmen would abandon their independent status as a football team and join the Big East Conference this Winter, and now we have confirmation according to Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports.

The Midshipmen are preparing to join the Big East as a football-only member, but likely won't do so in 2013, Navy athletic director Chet Gladchuk told Gladchuk said ultimately Navy's Superintendent, Vice Admiral Michael Miller, will make the decision on whether Navy joins the Big East. However, Gladchuk admitted "everyone in Navy's chain of command is comfortable [with the Big East] and the direction it's going."

The only issues is that Navy will not be able to join the Big East as quickly as some might want them to.

How quickly Navy joins the Big East will depend mainly on how long it takes the Midshipmen to restructure their future schedules, bowl and television contracts. Navy has games scheduled through 2018, bowl contracts through 2017 and television contracts with CBS College Sports and CBS Sports (Army-Navy game) through 2018, Gladchuk said.

That means it could be almost five years until we see the Midshipmen in Conference, that is unless they are able to break some of the bowl contracts they already have in place. But the bottom line is the Midshipmen are moving to the Big East for football.


Big East Expansion: Conference Adds Five, Navy Expected To Join Next Week, According To Report

It looks like the long-rumored Big East Expansion is finally happening. Boise State, Houston, Central Florida, San Diego State and SMU will be announced on Wednesday, and Navy is expected to follow them next week, according to Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports. Boise State and Houston are football-only members, while the other three are for both sports. Navy is also going to be a football-only member.

The Midshipmen are currently an independent, but have been wooed by the conference for a while now. The conference hopes to also add fellow service academy Air Force as a football-only member to get to 12 teams, but the Falcons remain undecided, McMurphy reports.

Navy is currently 4-7 on the season heading into the 2011 Army-Navy Game. This is the first year since 2003 that the Midshipmen will not be playing in a bowl game.

Keep up with the latest news and notes on the conference expansion whirlwind, with SB Nation's comprehensive conference realignment coverage. And for more fan perspective on the Big East, head to our blog Big East Coast Bias.


Big East Expansion: Conference Votes To Add Six, Navy Expected To Be Invited For Football Only

The latest round of conference realignment sounds a lot like what we've already heard. The Big East voted unanimously to extend invitations to football-only and all-sport members on Tuesday, and according to an Associated Press report, Navy is one of the football-only schools that will be invited.

The conference declined to specify the six schools publicly, but according to the report, the other five schools are Boise State and Air Force for football and Central Florida, SMU and Central Florida for all sports. All six schools have been rumored to be heading to the Big East for quite some time, so the news isn't earth-shattering. Nevertheless, the conference confirming that invitations were sent out is a sign that this could be resolved soon.

Navy has been an independent, but the Big East hopes the presence of Air Force will convince Navy to make the move. Army has already rejected an invitation from the conference.


NCAA Conference Realignment: Big East Confirms West Virginia To Big 12

The West Virginia Mountaineers are on the move to the Big 12. We've heard reports this morning that said as much, but now we have confirmation that makes this as official as it can get.

Big East confirms West Virginia is joining the Big 12.
Oct 28 via CoTweetFavoriteRetweetReply

I would have liked to be on that phone call to hear how sad the Big East sounded when they confirmed those reports. This is a sad day for the Conference as their is no longer a headliner in their football Conference. But it's great news for West Virginia who gets to move on to a Conference where they are likely to have a brighter future.


NCAA Conference Realignment: Big 12 Will Reportedly Extend Invitation To West Virginia

According to a report by Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports, West Virginia has been invited to join the Big 12 Conference after all, and it is all but a certainty that they will accept that invitation and join the Big East.

West Virginia has been invited to join the Big 12 Conference, college football industry sources told Friday. The Mountaineers will accept the invitation, sources said. The Big 12 is expected to officially announce the invitation later today.

Earlier this week we thought West Virginia was all but gone to the Big 12, but then a new report emerged that claimed the Conference was considering Louisville to fill that spot. That would have left West Virginia in the failing Big East. But now it appears certain that they will be able to leave that Conference and join the Big 12, which has a much brighter football future. As for Louisville and the rest of the teams in the Big East, they just suffered another enormous blow.


NCAA Conference Realignment: West Virginia Move To Big 12 Reportedly 'Hits Snag'

For a while there it looked like West Virginia was going to be able to move seamlessly into the Big 12. But nothing is ever easy with all this conference realignment stuff, is it? Now we are getting reports that West Virginia to the Big 12 isn't a done-deal yet like we thought it was yesterday. According to the staff of the West Virginia Metro News, there has been a snag in the proceedings, and it might be an attempt by Louisville to be the team that replaces Missouri in the Big 12.

The Dominion Post's Drew Rubenstein reports that there was a "late push" by the University of Louisville to be considered instead of WVU. "Sources used terms like ‘volatile' and ‘internal battle' to describe the conference realignment with the Big 12," Rubenstein reported. Last night, WVU called off preliminary plans for a press conference today. 

So now that the Big East is officially sinking, and everyone is trying their darnedest to be the last rat off the ship before it goes down. Louisville might be a more attractive candidate because of academic issues, so we'll have to see if the Big 12 likes them better.


Conference Realignment: Big East Approached By Mountain West, Conference USA About Possible Merger

The Big East Conference is in dire straights right now. Three of their biggest football schools have left the Conference (or are about to) and the future of the football playing entity of the Big East is starting to look increasingly grim. According to Mark Anderson of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, that future could come as part of a giant super-conference with the Mountain West and Conference USA.

Commissioners from the Mountain West Conference and Conference USA are scheduled to meet with the head of the Big East Conference today to discuss the formation of one 28- to 32-football team super conference in an effort to gain automatic Bowl Championship Series status. The Mountain West and Conference USA already have agreed to merge by either next year or in 2013.

The logistics of trying to schedule games in a 28-30 team super-conference would be insane, let alone the travel to get the teams from one place to another. It would take a few years to play every team in the Conference if you played all new teams every year. This isn't a conference, it's a collection of survivors that band together in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. It feels very desperate to me, but that's where we are in this current post-apocalyptic NCAA landscape.


Conference Realignment: West Virginia Leaves Big East For Big 12, Could Memphis Replace Them?

The big news in the world of conference realignment on Tuesday involved West Virginia's likely imminent departure from the Big East to the Big 12, replacing a departed Missouri team which is reportedly headed to the SEC. The Big East, which just doubled its exit fee for its members in a unanimous vote last week, is still scrambling to fill the holes left by Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and now likely West Virginia.

A new candidate for Big East Expansion, however, potentially emerged late Tuesday night. According to Pete Thamel, that candidate is the Memphis Tigers.

Via Pete Thamel of The New York Times:

I am hearing Memphis is gaining traction in Big East, thanks to BE hoops concerns, to replace WVU. In convo with Temple.

It's interesting that the Big East could now be pivoting from football concerns to addressing the attrition on the basketball side of the conference, which has always been its bread and butter. In football, Memphis may be the least competitive team currently playing in the NCAA's FBS. Thamel later indicated that they are simply being discussed because of basketball, and that at this point, it's still premature to think that talks with the Tigers are too far down the road.


NCAA Conference Realignment: West Virginia Will Reportedly Join Big 12 If Missouri Departs

The rumors have been swirling for a little while now and now they seem to have come to fruition, West Virginia appears set to join the Big 12 after all. According to Lenn Robbins of the New York Post, West Virginia will join the Big 12 if and when Missouri leaves the Conference to join the SEC. That would leave the Conference with just four FBS football teams, and West Virginia might be the most important departure.

"Of all the schools the league has lost, from a football standpoint losing West Virginia would be the most damaging," a source told The Post. "Despite what anyone says, that's the program the league has hung its hat on."

It must be noted that Missouri leaving for the SEC is not a certainty at this point. It seems like they want to leave the Big 12 for the football power conference at this point, but the Conference met recently and Missouri decided to stick around for at least another year. So that means that West Virginia won't be leaving as soon as next year, but if Missouri still wants to join the SEC after the next year, than West Virginia will likely be the team that replaces them.

Conference Realignment: Air Force AD Says 'No Real Impetus' To Join Big East

Rumors of Big East expansion centered around the conference inviting Navy, Boise State, Air Force and Central Florida to join the conference, with the first three for football only. However, it appears that Air Force is in no rush to sign up to join the conference, even after the Big East raised its exit fee to $10 million earlier Tuesday. In an interview with Pete Thamel of the New York Times, Air Force athletic director Hans Mueh said the program isn't making any rushed decisions.

Air Force in no rush. AD Hans Mueh just told me, "There’s not real impetus to do anything but sit back and watch."
It will be interesting to see if this has any affect on Navy's decision-making when it comes to joining the conference. On Monday, Navy athletic director Chet Gladchuk told Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports that the possible addition of Boise State will be a factor in determining their own fate. However, it's been widely believes that Navy and Air Force are a package deal as fellow service academies.

Big East Expansion: Conference Unanimously Votes To Double Exit Fee In Aim To Attract Navy, Air Force

On Monday night, the Big East members’ chancellors and presidents voted unanimously, 14-0, to increase the conference’s exit fee to $10 million. It’s a double down by the current members, pushing the fee from $5 to $10 million to convey a commitment in the hopes of attracting new football-playing members.

According to reports, those members are the service academies, Navy and Air Force. The fee increase is contingent upon those two academies joining the conference as football-only members. Navy’s Athletic Director, Chet Gladchuck, addressed the developments with CBSSports’ Brett McMurphy.

"That’s the most important factor, the stability of the core membership," Navy athletic director Chet Gladchuk told Monday night.

Gladchuk said that the possibility of adding Boise State was significant in Navy’s decision making process. "Absolutely," Gladchuk said. "Anything that helps stabilize the Big East’s automatic BCS berth."

As for Boise State, McMurphy also reported that conference officials were confident about their chances of adding the Broncos.

As of Saturday, the Big East "felt confident about their discussions with Boise State," a college football industry source told

The news Monday that Missouri’s move to the SEC was imminent forced SEC hopefuls West Virginia and Louisville to react, committing to the increase to give a show of commitment in the hopes of swelling the Big East’s football ranks. It continues to look like Navy will be one of those schools to oblige the conference’s advances.

For more, head over to our Big East Coast Bias blog and follow this StoryStream.


Big East Expansion: Navy To Be Invited With Boise State, Air Force, UCF, According To Report

Big East expansion may soon be happening, and the chances of Navy joining the conference for football have grown stronger. The Midshipmen will be invited to join the conference, along with football power Boise State, fellow service academy Air Force and Central Florida, according to a report by Ralph Drusso of the Associated Press.

An official in the Big East tells The Associated Press that the conference plans to double its exit fee to $10 million dollars, then invite Boise State, Navy and Air Force as football-only members, and Central Florida as a member in all sports.

It remains to be seen if Navy accepts the invitation. The Big East has been aggressive after losing Pittsburgh and Syracuse to the ACC and TCU to the Big 12, and adding Boise State in particular would help increase its profile. Of course, adding those schools would mean that the name "Big East" may no longer be apt.

For more on conference realignment, stay with this StoryStream.


Conference Realignment: Army Unlikely To Join Big East Expansion Plans, Navy Still Uncertain

On Tuesday night, the plans to place all three service academies under the banner of the Big East Conference appeared to fall apart. Army’s athletic director Boo Corrigan articulated the Black Knights’ position that they intended to remain independent.

(Via The Washington Post/Liz Clarke)

"Clearly we’re following everything right now, but we are very comfortable where we are as an independent, and we are comfortable with the Patriot League," Corrigan said in a telephone interview. "We have great respect for the Big East and John Marinatto. But as we look at things today, we are comfortable where we are."

It’s still unclear whether Navy prefers to maintain its independence or join a conference that is clearly in a state of major upheaval on the football side. On Tuesday, Big East officials discussed expansion scenarios that involved as many as six teams, including Houston, Central Florida, Temple, and SMU, in addition to Air Force and Navy.

Air Force maintains its interest in joining the Big East, but the scenario of all three service academies united in one conference was what the Falcons found most appealing. The possibility of that appears over, with Army’s announcement to remain independent in football.


Conference Realignment: Big East To Invite Navy, Will 'Move Quickly,' According To Report

The Big East is expected to make a big effort to expand, and "very quickly," according to a source Kelly Whiteside of USA Today cites. Indeed, Whiteside reports the Navy Midshipmen are among the teams the Big East may invite to join its ranks; the Air Force Falcons and Army Black Knights could also come aboard.

Further, the Big East formally announced Monday it has received approval from member schools to begin having "formal discussions with additional institutions" with an aim to expanding the conference. The biggest news is that the Big East could soon have as many as 12 football-playing programs. East Coast Bias, SB Nation's Big East blog, has more on the story:

The move would obviously be aimed at creating a conference championship game and bulking up on football inventory ahead of next year's renegotiation of its television deal with either ESPN or perhaps other network suitors like Comcast.

Navy is not currently a member of any conference, so moving to the Big East would clearly be a significant change.


Navy Still Deciding If They Will Remain Independent For Football

For the last week or so we've heard reports that Navy was going to join the Big East as a football-only member, that they were reconsidering things after Pit and Syracuse left, then that they might join the Conference as early as today. But now it seems like Navy has sort of taken a step back and is now just contemplating their next move, according to Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times.

“We’ve looked at this in a very calculated way,” (Navy athletic director Chet) Gladchuk said. “We put our program in position to succeed like it is today, and our driving force is not panic but forethought and vision to figure out what’s best for us down the road. We feel like we’re in a safe harbor today.”

So it sounds like the Midshipmen are comfortable remaining as an independent if a Conference scenario isn't right for them. But it also sounds like they wouldn't have a problem considering a new conference either.


Navy Could Join Big East For Football By End Of Week, According To Rick Pitino

It seems we can't even go a week without a team moving into a new conference. We told you earlier that Navy was reportedly close to joining the Big East for football before Pitt and Syracuse left. Now that the dust has somewhat settled on that bomb, the Midshipmen seem ready to make that move to the Big East after all.

Louisville basketball head coach Rick Pitino tells ESPN that the Big East plans to name Navy and Air Force football only members, possibly even before the end of the week. Seeing as it is Thursday morning, this story would have to develop rather quickly if it were to come out before the end of the week. As SB Nation points out, this could be troublesome for some of Navy's other programs.

Navy's football team has been unaffiliated with a conference for decades, though its other sports play in the Patriot League. Air Force plays in the Mountain West, but would need to see if it can stay in the conference for its other sports. The WAC or the West Coast Conference could be landing spots for the Falcons' other programs if the Mountain West wouldn't keep them following a football departure to the Big East.

This is an interesting move for the service academies. It seems Navy wants the constant attention that being in a good conference provides, as opposed to the handful of good games that comes from an Independent schedule (unless you're Notre Dame).


Conference Realignment: Navy Nearly Joined Big East Before Pittsburgh, Syracuse Left, According To Report

Was Navy close to joining the Big East? A report indicates the school was considering joining as a football-only institution before Syracuse and Pittsburgh left for the ACC.

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