Homer McFanboy


Brian Murphy is an award-winning journalist who loves D.C. sports and sometimes goes by the name Homer McFanboy. And yet, he still doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.


Vince Young Shows Why Washington Redskins Should Be Thankful For Donovan McNabb


After watching Vince Young's epic meltdown this past weekend, the Washington Redskins should be grateful to have Donovan McNabb in town.

The Media Got The Donovan McNabb Contract Situation All Wrong


Remember when all those media members said Donovan McNabb would never re-sign in D.C.? Where's the accountability now that he has a new contract?

Washington Redskins' 10 Defining Moments of 2010


Just because a bingo caller didn't come out of retirement to take over the playcalling duties doesn't mean there wasn't plenty to talk about in the first half of the season for the Washington...

Washington Redskins' Offense Is Still Missing In Action


Even though the Washington Redskins have won three of their last four games, there is plenty of work that must be done to fix the team's offense. Otherwise, the team will not continue to have...

The Washington Redskins Are Bringing The Pain On Special Teams


The Redskins' offense and defense have both been inconsistent, so what's been the most enjoyable aspect of the Washington Redskins' 2010 season? Watching the special teams unit lay people out.

Washington Capitals Take On A New Personality


If we've learned nothing else over the first week of the NHL season, it's that these aren't the same old Washington Capitals.

Six Players To Watch On The 2010 Washington Capitals


Unlike the Washington Redskins and Wizards, the Capitals actually value the draft. Because they put time, energy and resources into the evaluation process and actually attempt to acquire additional...

Is Albert Haynesworth The Voice Of Reason On The Redskins Defense?


The usually stout Redskins defense has been unable to stop anyone this season. Is the switch from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4 scheme to blame or is something bigger going on here?

Donovan McNabb Is Already A Steal For The Redskins


While fellow quarterbacks Jason Campbell and Kevin Kolb have struggled this season, Donovan McNabb has had no trouble transitioning to Washington and helping a once-dormant offense finally show...

Season On The Line For Redskins This Weekend


The Redskins were a joke one year ago. This weekend's game against the Dallas Cowboys will go a long way towards proving just how much better things are this season.

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