Chad Dukes


I have worked in radio for many years, and I've been a huge DC sports fan for longer than that. I am no expert; I'm a loud guy with a microphone and sack full of opinions. As a big fan and supporter of mixed martial arts, I am very avid in my motivation to get the sport into the mainstream. Join me on a wonderful journey filled with screaming and profanity. I currently do a radio show with LaVar Arrington on 1067 The Fan and a TV show called "Sports Week" on DC50. And I have lots of other projects I'm guessing you aren't interested in. Follow me on Twitter!


John Beck May Be Washington Redskins' Starting QB, But He's Not Taking Them To Playoffs


Redskins fans are crazy for John Beck, but why is he really going to be the Redskins' quarterback next year?

2011 NFL Draft: Washington Redskins Begin Rebuild, So Why Is Everyone Criticizing Them?


In the 2011 draft, the Redskins added pics, drafted substance over flash and addressed needs. So why is the national media skeptical and critical?

Reluctantly Defending The 'Philly Invasion' Of Nationals Park


A large group of Phillies fans packed Nationals Park again last Thursday with Philadelphia closed out their series at Washington. Maybe those fans have the right idea.

ESPN's Deal With Texas, Redskins' Deal With WTEM Raise Ethical Questions


Can a media outlet be directly involved with the team they cover and still give unbiased coverage to their consumers? We use the Redskins and WTEM, along with Texas' new deal with ESPN, as possible...

Redskins Receiver Terrence Austin Loves MMA, Sees Similarities To Football


UFC Fight Night 24 gives us a good excuse to talk some MMA with Washington Redskins wide receiver Terrence Austin. Read about why Austin loves the sport and what similarities he sees between it and...

Capitals Star Eric Fehr Loves MMA, But He's Not Ready To Drop The Gloves For Good


Washington Capitals right wing Eric Fehr has always enjoyed talking about fighting. Now, as we all get ready to watch UFC 128 on Saturday, we get to find out why he likes MMA and what drew him to it.

Albert Haynesworth Continues To Overshadow Everything The Redskins Do, But It May Not Be His Fault


In a week where the Redskins let go of some long-time players, Albert Haynesworth's name still is in the news. This time, though, it's not his fault. If the Redskins would just release him, he'd no...

The Redskins Should Cut Albert Haynesworth Right Now


The Redskins need to get over themselves and cut Albert Haynesworth before he can do any more damage to the image of their organization.

2011 NFL Draft: Good NFL Teams Select Linemen Early In The Draft; The Redskins Don't


Winning teams invest in their offensive and defensive lines. The Redskins don't agree with that philosophy.

Super Bowl XLV Is Latest Example That Redskins Need A Franchise Quarterback To Win


Redskins fans seem to undervalue the quarterback position. Recent history, i.e. this year's Super Bowl matchup, would show that they are mistaken.

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