Ken Meringolo


Ken Meringolo is a die-hard fan of all his hometown Washington teams, no matter how mediocre the season. His son's first words were, "At least we don't live in Cleveland." He is also the senior editor over at, SB Nation's Redskins blog.


D.C. Rank and File: Top Five Recent Former Washington D.C. Stars


Which players that once represented our beloved DC teams continue to remain favorites of ours?

D.C. Rank and File: Top 5 Player Dance/Celebrations


What are the most memorable celebrations by DC sports figures over the years?

D.C. Rank and File -- Top Five Places to Watch Your Favorite Team Play


Where do you like to watch your favorite team play? Sports bars, basements, and even casinos rank as the best places to catch a game.

D.C. Rank and File - The Top Five Games Between Now and Thanksgiving


The home debut of John Wall is one of the Top 5 games between now and Thanksgiving for Washington fans. Which games rank higher?

D.C. Rank and File: The Top Five Most Irreplaceable Washington Redskins


In the short term, which players on the Washington Redskins should be considered the most "Irreplaceable"?

D.C. Rank And File: Top Five Least Favorite Dallas Cowboys


It's Dallas week, and it got us thinking: who are some of the all-time least favorite Dallas Cowboys players?

D.C. Rank and File: Who Is The Best Announcing Crew In Town


As ardent supporters we are of our favorite teams, we are equally passionate about our favorite announcers. In the DC area, these are the best we have to watch and listen to today.

D.C. Rank and File: D.C. Sports Rivalries That Are, Were or Should Be


Starting with the Ravens and Redskins, we look at potential rivalries for DC sports teams that are either ignored or lying dormant...for now.

D.C. Rank and File: The Local Sports Interviews We Want ASAP


Now that Dan Snyder has sat down for an interview with Hogs Haven, what other interviews from DC sports figures do we want to see take place?

D.C. Rank And File: Five Surprising Facts From The NFLPA


The NFLPA and the NFL will go head-to-head over the course of the next year. Here are just a few of the points made by the NFLPA in a recent sitdown with Ken Meringolo.

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