College Football Rankings: Maryland Ranked 23rd In Final AP Top 25 Poll

The final AP Top 25 poll came out, and Maryland, on the strength of their win in the Military Bowl, has jumped all the way up to 23rd.

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College Football Rankings: Maryland Ranked 23rd In Final AP Top 25 Poll

It's now official: the Maryland Terrapins were a top 25 school in Ralph Friedgen's final year as the team's football coach. The final AP Top 25 rankings have come out after Monday night's BCS Championship Game, and the Terps are ranked 23rd. They are one of four teams not ranked the previous week to jump into the final poll, joining Central Florida (21st), Tulsa (24th) and North Carolina State (25th).

The Terps finished the season with a 9-4 record, including a 51-20 win over East Carolina in the Military Bowl. They are one of four ACC teams in the final Top 25 poll, joining Virginia Tech (16), Florida State (17) and N.C. State (25).

Here are the complete rankings. 

  1. Auburn (56 first-place votes)
  2. TCU (3 votes)
  3. Oregon
  4. Stanord
  5. Ohio State
  6. Oklahoma
  7. Wisconsin
  8. LSU
  9. Boise State
  10. Alabama
  11. Nevada
  12. Arkansas
  13. Oklahoma State
  14. Michigan State
  15. Mississippi State
  16. Virginia Tech
  17. Florida State
  18. Missouri
  19. Texas A&M
  20. Nebraska
  21. UCF
  22. South Carolina
  23. Maryland
  24. Tulsa
  25. North Carolina State
Connecticut, coached by new Maryland coach Randy Edsall, was not in the top 25 and received just eight votes. 

Maryland Ranked 27th In Associated Press Poll

The Maryland Terrapins are still getting respect from BCS voters, even though the team still falls well short of the necessary votes required to break into the Top 25. Following a come from behind 38-31 victory over N.C. State, Maryland received 29 votes from media members throughout the country, all ranking the Terrapins anywhere from 23rd to 25th in the poll. This upsurge in voting demonstrates how a victory over a perceived "good" team can be lift to an aspirant's fortunes, though the Terrapins will likely be kicking themselves over its loss to Florida State for weeks to come.

The focus now shifts to the Bowl invite where the situation still remains cloudy. Maryland still remains one of the front runners for the Champs Sports Bowl or the Sun Bowl as the victory over N.C. State has heightened the team's standing within the ACC. Were the Terrapins to receive an invite to one of these higher profile Bowl games and win convincingly (especially if it were over a team with a nationwide following such as Notre Dame) and crazy things were to happen in the other Bowl games, Maryland might still have a shot to break into the Top 25 when all is said and done. A man can dream.


College Football Rankings: Maryland Still Receiving Votes In The USA Today Poll

God bless those people at USA Today who still have some faith in your Maryland Terrapins. Even though they lost a crushing game to the Florida St. Seminoles on Saturday, The Terps are still receiving three votes in the latest version of the poll; which is just about how many they were receiving last weekend.

Maybe the voters saw that interception that clearly wasn't, and wanted to take some pity on the Terps by refusing to drop them out of the conversation all together. They haven't beaten a "good" team all season long, so I find it hard to believe that the Terps earned those three votes on merit.

Like it was in the AP Poll, the ACC has three teams ranked in the Top 25 of the USA Today. Virginia Tech is in the lead at 14th, right on the cusp of being eligible to be an at-large bid to a BCS game. Of Course if they don't win the ACC Championship and the automatic BCS bid that comes with it, the loss will probably drop them out of at-large consideration, so the whole thing is moot. Florida St. and North Carolina St. are the other two schools, ranked at 21st and 23rd respectively.


College Football Rankings: Maryland Drops Out Of The Ap Poll Picture

Whatever hopes the Maryland Terrapins had of appearing in the AP top 25 Poll at some point this season were likely dashed with their loss to the Florida St. Seminoles on Saturday.

The Terps had been receiving a few votes, but were still on the outside looking in; and that when they still had an outside shot at making the ACC Championship game. Now that that isn't a possibility, the Terps have likely dropped out of the top 25 picture for good.

As for those Seminoles, they are one of three teams from the ACC to appear in the latest version of the AP Poll. Virginia Tech is the class of the Conference, coming in at 13th after clinching their spot in the ACC Title game this weekend. The two teams that still have a shot at the other bid, North Carolina St. and Florida St., are ranked back to back at 21st and 22nd respectively.


College Football Rankings: Maryland In The Computer Polls That Make Up The BCS

The six BCS computer polls get a lot of negative attention. They all take a slightly different approach to measuring the best teams in the Country, which means that depending on your view point, five of them are doing it the wrong way. That's just science. But looking at the various computer polls is a good way to see how a non-biased evaluation ranks your favorite team. So let's take a look at them one by one. Take a deep breath.

First, the poll compiled by Jeff Sagarin at USA Today. Maryland ranks 46th in this poll, which is a lot higher than they were even before they lost to Miami. They benefited form playing a better schedule over their last few weeks and a convincing win over a Virginia team which is a team that has also played some good football at times this year.

The Massey Ratings have Maryland as the 39th best team in the Nation, one spot better than a .500 Notre Dame team. Hooray for small victories!

The Colley Matrix has Maryland ranked 32nd. Which sounds like a lot, but it is nice to be ranked within two spots of Florida, who was at one point a top ten team this season. Boy how things can change over the course of a year.

Maryland is the 43rd best team according to the Billingsley Report, rising eight spots since their win over Virginia.

The Anderson and Hester Poll has the Terps at 40th, one spot behind the Navy team that the Terps saw on opening day and has the same record. I will not stand for this injustice.

Finally, the Powerpoint looking rankings of Dr. Peter Wolfe. Maryland comes in at 39th. I know the Terps are 7-3, but I was a little surprised to see that they have outscored their opponents by 107 points. That Wake Forest win really helps the cause in that category.

So there you have it. Maryland has actually risen up these polls since we last looked at the two weeks ago. And if you rememebr, at that time they were receiving more votes in the human polls than they are now. Funny how this thing works, isn't it?


College Football Rankings: Maryland Receves A Vote In The AP Poll

A few weeks ago we were all very happy to see that Maryland was receiving votes in both the polls, because it meant that they ad kind of arrived as a team to be taken seriously. Then they went out and lost to Miami and gave back all the votes they had gotten. But they beat Virginia in convincing fashion this weekend, and started the long road back to being ranked.

The Good News: In the most recent AP Poll, Maryland receives one vote, which means people are still considering them a good team.

The Bad News: Delaware received the same number of votes. Maryland's one vote is only half as many as Tulsa and Syracuse received. It's better than it was last weekend, but it's still not great.It's also 37 votes fewer than North Carolina St. got, and the Wolf Pack stand in the Terps' way to the ACC Title Game.

The important thing to remember about getting one vote in the AP Poll and being ranked right around the 35th best team in the area does not mean that is the beleif held by everyone who contributes to that poll. They only got one vote, which means that only one person considered them worth their time. Everyone else didn't even mention them.

Better than last year and better than the alternative it certainly is, but it still isn't particularly good.


BCS Rankings, Week 12: Virginia Tech, Miami And Florida St. Represent The ACC In BCS Top 25

The ACC typically doesn't get a lot of respect as a football powerhouse, but this year they are playing some quality football. There are three teams that represent the ACC in these the most recent BCS rankings.

Virginia Tech at 16th is the unquestioned class of the conference. After a pretty miserable in the first two weeks of the season, Virginia Tech has rebounded pretty well and it playing some excellent football. They are the best team playing in the ACC right now and are the favorites to make the Orange Bowl.

We are all pretty familiar with Miami, who comes in at 24. The fact that they have managed to hang around in the BCS rankings even without their quarterback and arguably best player in Jacory Harris is commendable.

We'll get to know 25th ranked Florida St. a lot more in the coming week. If they don't appear in these rankings that means that Maryland has probably done its job and beat them this weekend. If they stay where they are or even rise a little bit that means the Terps' shot at the ACC Title Game is probably done.

Any way it turns out, it is pretty good for the ACC to have three teams ranked in the top 25, even if they all appear after 16th.


College Football Rankings: Maryland Now Getting Votes In The SB Nation Blog Poll

The guys over at SB put together a weekly blogpoll ranking that is open to all of our college football individual team blogs. Not surprisingly, Maryland sits just outside the Top 25, pretty similar to where they stand in the AP and USA Today polls.

According to the incredibly in depth research the poll allows you to do, we can find out exactly who voted for the Terps and where they voted them in. Maryland received one vote for the 24th spot on the ballot cast by NittanyWhiteOut, the network's Penn State blog. I would have thought it would come our very own Testudo Times, but it's nice to see Penn State has love for the Terps. Especially after they've stolen so many of our local recruits recently.

There were three blogs (Over The Pylon: Ball State, BC Draft: Boston College and In The Bleachers) ranked Maryland as the 25th best team in the nation. Four votes in the top 25 isn't really that close to being included in the final poll, but it's a pretty good start. And it's definitely better then I thought the Terps would be doing after there 2-10 campaign last year.


College Football Rankings: How Maryland Stacks Up In The Various Computer Rankings That Make Up The BCS

The BCS uses six different computer ranking systems to create the Harris poll, that they then combine with a couple human polls to determine a team's final ranking. I know it's confusing, but for better or for worse the computer polls are a huge part of the ranking process. Here are the carious computer polls, and how Maryland stacks up in them. Some of these polls reveal the factors that go into their formula as part of their rankings while others just give you the final result.

When we look at these polls keep in mind that Maryland is coming in just around 30th in the human polls.

First, we'll look at the ratings compiled by Jeff Sagarin at USA Today. Maryland only ranks 59th in this rating system, and the reason why reveals one of Maryand's biggest obstacles in getting the respect it might seem they deserve from a 6-2 record. According to Sagarin Maryland's schedule ranks as the 102nd most difficult in the nation, which isn't very good for a BCS conference team. Most of their victories this year have come against pretty poor opposition, and while humans might give credit for winning those games, they don't really mean a lot to the computers.

Next, the Anderson and Hester poll of They also rank Maryland's schedule as the 102nd most difficult in the nation, but they have Maryland as the 43rd best team.

The Billingsley report has the Terps at 47th overall in the nation.

The Colley Matrix, which is housed on a website I feel like I could have created in Microsoft Word, has the Terps as the 41st best team in the nation. They list their best game as the opening day win against Navy, whom they have ranked at 47th.

The Massey ratings have the Terps as the 51st best team in the nation. They also don't value the schedule the Terps have played so far this season, but they show that it does have the opportunity to get better. According to them all of the games Maryland has played so far gives them the 83rd most difficult schedule in the nation, but if you include the games remaining on their schedule they have the 62nd. Still not very good, but it means the Terps have a chance to impress these polls with remaining games against more difficult opposition.

Finally, the ratings compiled by Dr. Peter Wolfe have the Terps as the 52nd best team in the nation. What I don't understand though, is that Maryland appears to have dropped eight spots in the rankings, even though they won their game this weekend by about a million points. If I created a formula that allowed something like that to happen, I would take it back to the drawing board. But what do I know, I only watched the team and saw them dominate an opponent ...

The BCS brings all those rankings together, drops the highest and lowest scores, and creates the final computer rating. which means they would drop the 59th ranking given to them by Sagarin and the 41st by the Colley Matrix. If you average out the rest of the rankings, the Terps come in as the 48th best team in the nation, give or take a quarter of a point. This is sooooo much easier then just choosing the bowl match-ups based on the human polls. Luckily the computers can't detect my sarcasm, so they won't think that is an insult.

We'll try to update this stream with the various computer rankings each week until all this monotony and tedium forces me to quit my job.


College Football Rankings: Maryland Mentioned In USA Today NCAA Football Poll

As hard as it is to believe after the season Maryland had last year, the Terps are getting closer and closer to being ranked in most of the major polls. We already discussed how they were receiving votes in the AP Poll, and it appears they are getting the same respect in the USA Today version of the rankings.

In terms of actual points, the Terps are still pretty far away from being included in the top 25. They only have 9 points, while the 25th ranked North Carolina State scored 96. But even though it seems like they are pretty far away from inclusion, just being mentioned on the list is a tremendous accomplishment for this club.

They received the fifth most points of the teams included in the "others receiving votes" category, which means that in the eyes of the voters they are the 30th best team in the country. I know that is not technically how the rankings work, but that is basically what that means. Coming off a 2-10 season, getting any votes at all is awfully impressive.

If they can continue to win, they have a pretty good chance to be named one of the top 25 teams in the country at some point during the season.


College Football Rankings: Maryland Receives Votes In AP Top 25 Poll

With a 6-2 record, the Maryland Terrapins are finally beginning to receive some national respect in the college football polls. After yesterday's 62-14 shellacking of Wake Forest, the Terps are among the highest teams in the "others receiving votes" category of the AP Poll. 

The Terps are currently ranked 29th in the poll, with 11 points. One voter had Maryland at 23, two had them at 24 and four had them at 25. Maryland is ahead of traditional powerhouses Florida, Miami and USC, and only three ACC teams -- Florida State, North Carolina State and Virginia Tech - are ahead of them in the poll. If you predicted that before the season starts, you're lying.

The Terps have had an easy schedule, to be fair, but given the way so many ACC teams are struggling, is it really out of the question that Maryland can win the league? If so, they were certainly be in the national picture and will certainly be ranked higher in the AP Poll in the future.

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