Maryland Offensive Coordinator James Franklin Becomes Vanderbilt's Head Coach

Maryland offensive coordinator James Franklin accepted Vanderbilt's offer to become its head coach and was introduced today. He will not coach the Terps in the Military Bowl.

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New Vanderbilt Coach: James Franklin Will Not Coach Maryland In The Military Bowl

Somehow, we are still waiting on official word from either the University, or James Franklin himself, that he has been hired to be the new head coach at Vanderbilt. It feels like he has been there for a month already, but he isn't even officially a Commodore. But we are getting closer, according to Chick Hernandez.

Not signed but sealed and delivered, James Franklin is the new head coach at Vanderbilt. Intros tomorrow, he will not coach in the Military Bowl for the Terps.

Who would seal the envelope and deliver the contract without signing it? That seems reckless and irresponsible. Now you're gonna have to steam it open to get to the contract without Franklin noticing you've been tampering with it. Probably should have just done it the other way around. Alright, moving on. Enough with the shtick.

We've been waiting for the other shoe to drop on this deal for a little while now, so I'm hoping that this little bit of news is the beginning of the end of this saga. Franklin missing out on the Military Bowl is obviously bad in terms of continuity for the Maryland offense, but that hopefully won't be a problem against ECU. Maybe that's the silver lining of only getting invited to the Military Bowl? Any better of an opponent and the Terps would have probably lost without their offensive coordinator. So there's that. We'll let you know when the Franklin deal is official.


Vanderbilt Head Coach Will Soon Officially Be James Franklin

It's been a couple days since the latest report that Maryland offensive coordinator James Franklin was in line to become Vanderbilt's next head coach, which was curious, to say the least. At last, though, it looks like this deal is close to official. A member of Vanderbilt's search committee told Jeff Lockridge of The Tennessean that Franklin's hiring is imminent.

Maryland offensive coordinator James Franklin is about to be named Vanderbilt's next football coach, Vanderbilt Board of Trust and search committee member John Ingram said Thursday afternoon.

"We're about to have this all wrapped up," Ingram said.   

SB Nation's Vanderbilt blog Anchor of Gold, as well as, both reported via Twitter that Franklin has accepted the job and will be announced soon. 

Franklin comes hoping to bring stability to a program that hasn't had it in a long time. Franklin is Vanderbilt's third head coach in six months. Longtime coach Bobby Johnson retired abruptly in July, and interim coach Robbie Caldwell stepped down in late November after just one season on the job. 

Franklin had been Maryland's head coach in-waiting, an arrangement negotiated by former athletic director Debbie Yow. Current athletic director Kevin Anderson didn't subscribe to that arrangement, and current coach Ralph Friedgen covets an extension. This move by Franklin clears up that awkwardness.


Vanderbilt's Head Football Coach Will Be Maryland OC James Franklin, According To Report

It looks like it's only a matter of time until Maryland offensive coordinator James Franklin is officially named as Vanderbilt's head coach. Earlier Tuesday, two sources told Eric Prisbell of the Washington Post that the deal would get done barring an unforseen snag. Now, according to CSN's Chick Hernandez, the deal is being finalized and the Maryland players have been informed.

Maryland's OC James Franklin's contract, final details being worked on right now to be next head coach at Vanderbilt. MD Players have been told its imminent.     

Franklin had been the favorite for the job from the start, but Vanderbilt wanted to make a longshot offer to Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn first. Malzahn appeared to accept the job, but as it turned out, he hadn't, instead deciding to stay at Auburn. Vanderbilt then moved quickly to secure a commitment from Franklin and appear to have that.

Franklin has done a nice job since taking over as Maryland's offensive coordinator in 2008, and deserves a lot of credit for Danny O'Brien's development. However, assuming the deal doesn't fall through, this eliminates a little bit of awkwardness in the program's coaching hierarchy. Old athletic director Debbie Yow made Franklin a "head coach in waiting," guaranteeing him a $1 million roster bonus if he is not name the head coach by 2012. New athletic director Kevin Anderson never committed to such an arrangement, and current head coach Ralph Friedgen covets a long-term extension. If Franklin goes to Vanderbilt, it reaffirms Friedgen's role atop the coaching tree.

For more on the story, visit SB Nation's Maryland blog Testudo Times and Vanderbilt blog Anchor of Gold.


Report: James Franklin Expected To Become Vanderbilt's Head Coach

With Gus Malzahn's last-minute decision to stay as Auburn's offensive coordinator, the Vanderbilt head coaching job is now open again. Maryland offensive coordinator James Franklin had been the favorite earlier, and now, he's reportedly set to accept the job, according to Eric Prisbell of the Washington Post:

James Franklin, Maryland's offensive coordinator and head coach-in-waiting, is expected to become the next head football coach at Vanderbilt, according to two sources close to Franklin with knowledge of the negotiations. 

Prisbell reports that "barring an unforseen road block," Franklin will be introduced today or tomorrow. It sounds as definite as definite can be, but keep in mind that Prisbell also reported that Malzahn took the job when it turns out he hadn't. 

There's a chance that Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson makes a last-ditch effort to convince Franklin to stay, like Auburn did with Malzahn. However, having Franklin go to Vanderbilt would also provide some clarity to Ralph Friedgen's future. The coach is seeking a long-term contract, and Franklin is ensured a $1 million roster bonus if he is not the Terps' head coach by 2012. This would eliminate that possibility.

Franklin has been Maryland's offensive coordinator since 2008. 


Gus Malzahn Reportedly Turns Down Vanderbilt, Making James Franklin The Favorite Again

On second thought, Gus Malzahn will not be going to coach Vanderbilt. At least that's the report from ESPN's Chris Low, who writes that the Auburn offensive coordinator has turned down Vanderbilt's lucrative offer.

Vanderbilt made an aggressive push for Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn, but Malzahn has decided to stay at Auburn, a source told

Malzahn, in his second season at Auburn, had emerged as Vanderbilt's top target and was offered a lucrative financial package. After mulling it over for the last two days, Malzahn decided it was best he stay put.

Eric Prisbell of the Washington Post had previously reported that Malzahn had accepted the job on Sunday. 

As's Holly Anderson writes, there are a lot of reasons Malzahn would turn Vanderbilt down, many of which have nothing to do with him preferring to stay at Auburn. However, for our purposes, the significance of this news is that Maryland offensive coordinator James Franklin is likely the favorite to take the position again. Franklin had emerged as Vanderbilt's backup plan, a fact that Low confirmed in his report. 

If Franklin does take the job, it would be a loss for a Maryland program that had a solid season this year. However, it would also provide potential clarity to Ralph Friedgen's future. Franklin is due a $1 million roster bonus if he is not named the head coach by 2012, but Friedgen also desires a long-term extension.


Vanderbilt Hires Gus Malzahn As Head Coach, James Franklin To Stay At Maryland

After a banner 8-4 season, the Maryland Terrapins will not have to replace their offensive coordinator. James Franklin was reportedly a finalist for the Vanderbilt head coaching job, but the school has hired Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn instead, according to Eric Prisbell of the Washington Post.

Malzahn was reportedly a longshot to take the job, but it seems he changed his mind. Perhaps the Commodores threw Malzahn a lot of money, because it seems unclear why he would take the job otherwise. Nevertheless, Malzahn will be the new coach of the team. 

Franklin seemed to emerge as Vanderbilt's second choice after Malzahn. The offensive coordinator has been with Maryland since 2008. If he is not the team's head coach by 2012, he will receive a $1 million roster bonus. However, coach Ralph Friedgen will be back next season and is also seeking a long-term extension himself.


James Franklin Reportedly Could Be Offered Vanderbilt Head Coach Job

It's looking more and more like Maryland offensive coordinator James Franklin is a serious candidate to be named the next Vanderbilt head coach. We learned yesterday that he is a finalist for the job, and now, there's a chance he could have vaulted even further up the list of candidates.

Eric Prisbell of the Washington Post is reporting that Franklin is potentially second in line to receive the job, behind Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn, who is a "longshot" to take the position. 

If Vanderbilt's long-shot hope of landing Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn falls through, James Franklin could be next in line to receive a head coaching job offer as early as today, multiple sources familiar with the search said very late Thursday night.    

Vanderbilt reportedly gave Malzahn a $3 million offer, but if that falls through, Franklin appears to be the best alternative, along with Stanford offensive coordinator Greg Roman. Prisbell reports that Franklin has already had two interviews with Vanderbilt this week, and vice chancellor for athletics David Williams said he likes Franklin. Vanderbilt has said there will be no announcement on their head coaching job today, according to Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun, but that does not necessarily mean this is close to being over. 

Franklin has been with the Terps since 2008. If he does not become Maryland's head coach by 2012, he is entitled to a $1 million roster bonus. If he were to jump to Vanderbilt, obviously he would not receive that bonus.


Maryland Offensive Coordinator James Franklin Reportedly A Finalist For Vanderbilt Head Coaching Job

The University of Maryland's decision to bring coach Ralph Friedgen back for next season was awkward news for offensive coordinator James Franklin, because Franklin has a clause in his contract that guarantees him a $1 million bonus if he is not the head coach by 2012. In response, it appears Franklin may potentially be elsewhere next season. He's reportedly one of two finalists for the head coaching job at Vanderbilt, according to Eric Prisbell of the Washington Post.

James Franklin, Maryland's offensive coordinator and head coach in waiting, has emerged as one of two finalists for the head coaching job at Vanderbilt, a source familiar with the details of the search said Wednesday.

Stanford offensive coordinator Greg Roman is believed to be the other finalist.

Vanderbilt's job is open because Robbie Caldwell resigned after a 2-10 season in his first year on the job. They are not historically a strong program, but it is SEC football and it is a head coaching job.

Franklin still has one more year left before that bonus would kick in, but Friedgen has said several times that he would like a long-term extension with the team. This means Franklin would ultimately be an expensive offensive coordinator, which is significant for a program like Maryland's that doesn't have the deep pockets of most schools.

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