Jordan Williams Drafted By New Jersey Nets With The 36th Pick Of NBA Draft

Jordan Williams as drafted with the 36th pick of the NBA Draft by the New Jersey Nets

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Jordan Williams Drafted By New Jersey Nets With The 36th Pick Of NBA Draft

Jordan Williams as drafted by the New Jersey Nets with the 36th pick of the NBA Draft.

Williams was projected to go anywhere from the late first round to the Wizards 34th pick, but ultimately was selected two slots lower at 36.

Williams was Maryland's leading scorer last season, averaging  a double double with 16.9 points per game and 11.8 rebounds per contest. Williams also tied Len Elmore's record for consecutive double doubles with 11 last season. 

His decision to leave early from Maryland was questioned initially, as he still had plenty of work left to do with his conditioning and face-up game. Since that time, he has developed both in hopes of improving his NBA draft stock.

Ultimately, the Nets took a chance on Williams developing into a solid NBA front court player. Jordan knows he still has a great deal to prove to the NBA, with so many casting doubt upon him. Now it will be up to the former Terrapin to prove his doubters wrong.


2011 NBA Mock Draft: Jordan Williams To Washington Wizards In Latest Chad Ford Mock's Chad Ford has the Wizards taking former Maryland standout Jordan Williams with their second round pick in Thursday's draft, the 34th overall selection. 

The big man left UMD after his sophomore year, during which he averaged 16.9 points and 11.8 rebounds per game as the disappointing Terps' only consistent scoring threat and presence on the glass. 

The pick would make a lot of sense for the Wizards, whose President, Ernie Grunfeld, said he'd prefer to take a big man to boost the team's front court depth. 

Williams would almost certainly do just that. At 6-10, he's big enough to match up with other NBA big men, and the rebounding skills that made him a double-double machine at Maryland will likely carry over to the Association.'s True Hoop Network lists Williams as one of their top-five value picks for Thursday's draft, citing his rebounding skills as the reason why he could contribute to an NBA roster. 


Jordan Williams' 2011 NBA Draft Preparation Proves He's Changed Since Maryland Days

Jordan Williams came back to town to work out for the Washington Wizards on Tuesday, and it was clear that he is much different in every way from when he once starred at Maryland.


2011 NBA Draft: Jordan Williams Works Out For Washington Wizards

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Jordan Williams' whirlwind workout tour to prepare for the 2011 NBA Draft stopped in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, as Williams worked out for the Washington Wizards. Williams said it was his "eighth or ninth workout," with another eight or nine to go. But Williams certainly appears ready for it, saying he's lost 18-19 pounds since his final game at Maryland in March.

"I lost about 18, 19 pounds [from the end of the year]. Just eating right, working out at the same time," he said. "In college, I didn't really eat that good. Traveling, being on the road all the time, you kind of just eat what's fastest. So I think I just took the time to eat smarter."

Williams even admitted he may have lost too much weight, but has worked in more muscle and now feels better than ever. He felt good about his workout with the Wizards, saying his "shots were falling" today. Williams has tried to show teams that he can play on the perimeter like power forwards need to do now in the NBA.

"I'm a little too small to play the five (center) position in the NBA, and everyone knows that," Williams said. "So I have to show I can play the four (power forward)."

Williams was also asked whether he consulted with recently-retired coach Gary Williams before making his decision. He told the assembled media that he "absolutely" did, and that they had "really good communication" the whole time. But later, in the same interview with the Washington Post in which he was quoted (potentially inaccurately) as saying ESPN's Scott Van Pelt influenced his decision to go pro, Jordan Williams said he hasn't spoken to Gary Williams since he made up his mind. Jordan Williams also said he left in March to start training for the draft and asked his teachers to take an "incomplete" for all his classes so he could go back and take them over the summer.

"Sometimes, the tough decision is the best decision," he said.


Jordan Williams Stays In 2011 NBA Draft, Hires Agent, According To Report

Jordan Williams will stay in the 2011 NBA Draft, as he has hired an agent, according to a report by the Washington Post. Hiring an agent means that a player foregoes his college eligibility, so if the report is true, Williams cannot going back to Maryland.

According to sources, Williams will be represented by agent Andy Miller of ASM Sports, whose clients include NBA players Kevin Garnett and Chauncey Billups.    

Williams has had one foot out the door for a while now, as he has skipped several classes and nearly didn't attend the school's award banquet. The sophomore center departs as the Terps' leading scorer and rebounder last season, averaging a double double with 16.9 points and 11.8 rebounds per game.

Williams is expected to be a borderline first-round pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, and his stock has been aided by several prominent prospects electing to stay in school. An NBA scout told the Washington Post that Williams is "without a doubt" a first-round pick. 


Jordan Williams Likely To Remain In 2011 NBA Draft, According To Report

More and more, it sounds like Maryland center Jordan Williams is indeed planning on staying in the 2011 NBA Draft. Williams has yet to hire an agent, but several reports point to him likely doing so soon as the Sunday deadline to stay in the draft draws near.

Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun is reporting that Williams has skipped many classes and almost did not attend the team banquet. Barker also spoke to Cliff Tucker, a senior guard on the Maryland basketball team last year that is staying an extra semester to play football, and Tucker said Williams seems ready to leave. ESPN's Chad Ford, meanwhile, is also reporting that Williams is going to stay in the draft.

Williams' departure would be a crushing blow to a Terps team looking to bounce back from not making the postseason in 2010/11. Gary Williams' squad welcomes back a lot of key contributors, but it won't mean as much without their star big man returning to campus.


Gary Williams Expects To Have Jordan Williams Back For His Junior Season

We mentioned yesterday that Gary Williams thinks Jordan Williams needs another year of Collegiate basketball to be ready to handle the rigors of the NBA. But that doesn't really speak to his feelings about whether or not Williams will return for his junior season; that he should, moreso than he will.

Well, now he's gone to that second step, telling Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times that he expects Jordan to be back next year. But it's not because of development or potential like you may be expecting, it's becuase of the potential of a work-stoppage.

“I fully expect Jordan to come back because of the lockout possibility,” Gary Williams said. “No one knows anything about the draft right now except the NBA. They’re the guys that are going to draft their players. With a lockout as a possibility, it’ll be interesting to see how the process of the draft takes place. I know the NFL is going ahead with their draft, but the NBA, all sources I have are saying this could be a hockey-type situation [when the NHL wiped out the 2004-05 season with a lockout]."

NBA prognosticators have been saying for months that this upcoming draft will be a particularly weak one because underclassman that might have declared under normal circumstances will shy away from this draft because of the potential lockout.

I expected Williams to be back even before I considered the lockout angle. I think that NBA scouts and executives will tell him, and rightfully so, that he needs another year in School. But once you add the lockout to that, I am fairly certain we will see Jordan Williams in College Park next year.


Gary Williams Thinks Jordan Williams Needs Another Year Of College

Maryland sophomore Jordan Williams declared for the NBA Draft yesterday, but he did not hire an agent, so he did not forfeit his collegiate eligibility and can return to school next year if he so chooses. You can count coach Gary Williams among those who think that Jordan Williams needs another year of College to help him get ready for the Pros, according to Dan Steinberg at D.C. Sports Bog.

“In Jordan’s situation, I believe he needs another year....He had a great sophomore year -- in other words the leap he made from his freshman year to his sophomore year was incredible. To make first-team all-ACC, a couple third-team all-Americans is great, and he’s got a great college game. In other words, he’s able to bull his way to the basket a lot of times, he can get to the free-throw line, he did improve his free-throw shooting as the year went on.

“But at the same time, there’s still things to do in terms of a jump shot, in terms of getting better athletically before you hit that next level. Because we all watch the NBA, and you see who’s playing out there. I mean, those guys are just some of the greatest athletes in the world.”

I think that anyone who watched Jordan Williams this year would come away with the same diagnosis of his game. He certainly made a lot of strides like Gary mentioned, but he isn't ready to play in the NBA. He needs to develop a little jump shot, work on handling double teams, learning how to establish good post position; and a little bit more work on his body wouldn't hurt. I think Williams can ultimately make it in the NBA, but like Gary, I don't think this is a good year for him to come out.


Maryland's Jordan Williams Declares For NBA Draft, Doesn't Hire Agent

It's now official: Jordan Williams has declared for the 2011 NBA Draft. Maryland just issued a press release confirming that Williams has filed the paperwork necessary to put his name in, but has not hired an agent, meaning he could withdraw prior to the May 8 deadline.

Williams averaged 16.9 points and 11.8 rebounds per game last season as a sophomore, and with 2011 being widely considered a weak draft class, many projections have him as a first-round pick. But the fact that he has yet to hire an agent should comfort Terps fans, because this allows him to go through the process, learn his strengths and weaknesses, then pull out if he is not satisfied with his draft position. Greivis Vasquez did the same thing after his junior season, and returned for his final year, only to win ACC Player of the Year and lead the Terps to the top of the conference. 

If Williams returns, he will join a team likely to be in the Top 25, with returnees Terrell Stoglin, Pe'Shon Howard, Sean Mosley and Hakur Palsson, as well as a strong recruiting class led by Baltimore star Nick Faust. 


Maryland's Jordan Williams To Put Name In 2011 NBA Draft, According To Report

As of right now, it looks like Maryland's Jordan Williams will indeed test the waters and put his name in the 2011 NBA Draft. Williams' father all but confirmed to that Williams will indeed put his name on the list and go through the pre-draft process.

Leon Williams, Jordan's father, confirmed with's Rodney Halprin on Monday that "Jordan is testing the waters... but nothing is official, he is considering it but no decision has been made on him staying in the draft."

Williams does not appear to be close to hiring an agent, which means he could pull out and return to school. The deadline to do this is on May 8. Until then, Williams can go through the pre-draft process, talk to teams and get a better idea of where he might be selected. 

Williams averaged 16.9 points and 11.8 rebounds in a breakout sophomore season, but the Terps missed the postseason. If he returns, the team would be much-improved on paper, with the emergence of Terrell Stoglin and a top recruiting class led by Baltimore guard Nick Faust coming in. Williams is considered a borderline first-round pick if he were to declare for the 2011 NBA Draft.


Maryland's Jordan Williams Yet To Decide To Declare For NBA Draft, Gary Williams Says

Earlier Friday, a report surfaced that Maryland's Jordan Williams was "strongly considering" declaring for the NBA Draft. Williams' coach, Gary Williams, has responded to the report, saying that Jordan Williams has yet to make up his mind.

Here's what Gary Williams told Liz Clarke of the Washington Post.

"It's an ongoing process. There hasn't been any decision reached at this point," Gary Williams said in a voicemail. "We're talking with Jordan and just trying to point out all the things that are out there - his opportunities that are there both in college and in the NCAA. This is kind of a different year with a potential lockout."    

Jordan Williams averaged 16.9 points and 11.8 rebounds last season, but he is still projected to be only a borderline first-round pick. The possibility of a work stoppage looms over this as well - while the NBA Draft will happen no matter what, a lockout could wipe away part or all of the ensuing season for rookies like Williams. 


Maryland's Jordan Williams 'Seriously Considering' Declaring For NBA Draft, According To Report

Maryland basketball has the potential to be much better in 2011/12 than it was in 2010/11, but much of that depends on the status of sophomore forward Jordan Williams. Williams had an excellent sophomore season, and there is a possibility that he would declare for the 2011 NBA Draft. According to a report by CSN's Chick Hernandez, Williams is considering doing just that.

Maryland sophomore Jordan Williams seriously considering the NBA, parents want him to wait to hire an agent.    

Williams averaged 16.9 points and 11.8 rebounds per game last season, and is projected to be a borderline first-round pick by many draft experts, but he faded at the end of the year and may need another year to become even stronger. That said, the promise of guaranteed money is alluring for Williams, even with the prospect of an NBA lockout.

Williams would forego his college eligibility if he put his name in and hired an agent. However, he could put his name in, go through workouts and the predraft combine, then pull his name out and return to school if he does not hire an agent. Many players have used this tactic as a way to determine what areas need improvement. Greivis Vasquez, for example, went through the process without an agent, pulled out and returned to Maryland, where he won ACC Player of the Year as a senior.

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