KANSAS CITY, MO - MARCH 10: Head coach Mark Turgeon of the Texas A&M Aggies looks on during their quarterfinal game against the Missouri Tigers in the 2011 Phillips 66 Big 12 Men's Basketball Tournament at Sprint Center on March 10, 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Nick Faust Officially Recommits To Maryland Basketball

Nick Faust has recommitted to Maryland, according to a report. Also, Dalonte Hill, the highest-paid assistant coach in the country, has reportedly accepted an offer to leave Kansas State and become Mark Turgeon's lead assistant.

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Nick Faust Officially Recommits To Maryland After Asking Out OF LOI Last Week

Tuesday was a pretty good day for the Maryland Terrapins. First the news that they had hired Dalonte Hill as Mark Turgeon's newest assistant coach and recruiting mercenary, and then the reports that Nick Faust had decided to recommit to the University after he and his family had the opportunity to meet with the new head coach. Faust's recommitment is now official, after the University released a press release, according to Matt Bonesteel of the Washington Post.

"I’m excited to welcome Nick and his family back to the Maryland Basketball family," Turgeon said in a news release issued by the school. "Nick represents the kind of student-athlete we want to recruit. He is a high-character kid, has tremendous God-given talent and he has worked hard to achieve success in his basketball career."

Of all the things that Turgeon needed to do to keep continuity to the last regime, this was among the most important. Faust was the biggest recruit Maryland had landed in at least five years, and he is the type of outside shooter that the team desperately needed this year. I never expect a freshman to be able to come in and make an immediate contribution, but the Terps are going to need strong guard play next year with their lack of an inside presence, and Faust could be one of their most exciting talents. Just check this out:

Faust is also important because he is the best recruit from Baltimore this year, and it shows that assistant coach Bino Ranson is still holding that region down.


Nick Faust Recommits To Maryland Basketball, According To Report

It's been quite a day for Maryland basketball. First, the Terps lured ace D.C.-area recruiter Dalonte Hill away from Kansas State to be their lead assistant. Now, it looks like they have retained Nick Faust, the gem of the 2011 recruiting class who committed to Gary Williams, then got a release when Williams retired and Mark Turgeon took over.

According to Evan Daniels of Scout, Faust decided to recommit after a meeting with Turgeon.

Now after meeting with Mark Turgeon and his new staff, Faust, a 6-foot-4 four-star guard, has decided to recommit to Maryland.

A source close to the situation confirmed the news.

Faust is a top-75 recruit from Baltimore that could push Sean Mosley and Pe'Shon Howard for a starting spot next year. His recruitment was a big deal because it reestablished a Baltimore pipeline that had gone away in recent years. 

For more on the Terps, visit Testudo Times.


Dalonte Hill Accepts Position As Lead Maryland Basketball Assistant Coach, According To Report

It's been a while since Mark Turgeon was introduced as the Head Coach of Maryland. He has spent that time landing his first recruit (Seth Allen) making some phone calls, and attempting to solidify the rest of his staff. We have heard reports that Bino Ranson will be retained, but nothing official has been said on that front. Today, Turgeon reportedly filled out another spot with Kansas St. assistant Dalonte Hill.

BREAKING: Kansas State assistant Dalonte Hill has accepted an offer to join #Terps coach Mark Turgeon's staff.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

I think we all learned during the search for a head coach that we can't take these reports at face value, but we have heard that Maryland was showing some serious interest in Hill, and that he was interested in moving closer to home. So this report does have some merit.

Hill would be a huge get for Turgeon. He has very close ties to D.C. Assault, one of the best AAU teams and producers of talent in the area, and had opened up a mini pipeline to Manhattan, Kansas that included the likes of Michael Beasley. He hadn't been quite as effective recently, but one has to assume that College Park is a little bit of an easier sell, considering it's proximity to the region he will be targeting.

Hill would help Turgeon lock down the D.C. area, which has seen a lot of talent go places other than Maryland during Gary Williams' tenure. With Bino Ranson recruiting Baltimore, Hill would go a long way in solidifying Maryland's recruiting in the region.

Hill was the highest paid assistant coach in the Nation at Kansas St., but he will reportedly take a pay cut to head back East, and join Turgeon's staff at Maryland. This likely means that current assistant and fan favorite Rob Ehsan is out of a job, but he won't be unemployed for too long one would imagine. It now appears that Turgeon's staff will be made up of Ranson, Hill and Scot Spinelli, who coached with Turgeon at Texas A&M, but we are expecting a formal announcement on that front later this week.


New Maryland Basketball Coach Mark Turgeon's Staff Reportedly Includes Bino Ranson, But Not Robert Ehsan

New Maryland basketball coach Mark Turgeon has spent the last week trying to hold onto recruits and finalize his coaching staff. The first task did not work out well for him, as all three of Maryland's incoming recruits asked and received releases from their commitments. The second task is winding down, and it has been a mixed bag.

CSN's Chick Hernandez is reporting that Bino Ranson, a key assistant to Gary Williams that helped land top recruit Nick Faust before Williams' retirement, is staying aboard as part of Turgeon's staff. However, Robert Ehsan, the young assistant that has excellent ties to the D.C. area, probably will not.

Sources close to Terps hoops program tell me Mark Turgeon will keep Bino Ranson as an assistant. Rob Eshan is out. Eshan expected to chat with Virginia Tech shortly.    

Two days ago, the Washington Post reported that Ehsan was being pursued by Hokies coach Seth Greenberg. His loss may make Turgeon's goal of keeping homegrown talent in the state more difficult. However, the return of Ranson could help the Terps keep Faust. Faust said earlier that while he has asked to reopen his recruitment, Maryland remains an option for him.


Nick Faust, Sterling Gibbs Reopen Recruitments After Maryland Basketball Coaching Change

It's now officially confirmed that the two biggest names of the Maryland basketball incoming recruiting class have both received a release on their commitment and can reopen their recruitment in light of the team's coaching switch from Gary Williams to Mark Turgeon. Nick Faust and Sterling Gibbs both personally confirmed this fact to Matt Bracken of the Baltimore Sun.

Both players said they are still considering Maryland, but would like to consider all their options as well in the meantime. Faust declined to specify which teams are interested in him, while Gibbs is reportedly getting consideration from Louisville, Notre Dame, Texas, Seton Hall, Providence and Dayton, according to SNY's Adam Zagoria. Both players said they liked Turgeon, but were still a bit skittish about committing to a program when so much of their decision rested on Williams.

"It was definitely a rough decision because when I signed my letter of intent, I signed with Gary Williams," Gibbs said. "When I heard he retired, it was definitely tough to try to develop a relationship with someone who I don't know and someone who hardly knows me within a couple days."    

A third recruit, German center Martin Breunig, has also requested a release of his commitment, but has not received it yet, according to InsideMdSports.com.


Nick Faust Receives Release From Commitment To Maryland Basketball, According To Report

New Maryland basketball coach Mark Turgeon pledged his desire to keep all of Maryland's 2011 recruits in his introductory press conference. Thus far, it looks like he has not succeeded on that goal. Nick Faust, the gem of the Maryland class, has received his release from his commitment, according to Paul Biancardi of ESPN recruiting.

Just spoke w/Nick Faust. Has his release from Maryland.Said "I am going to look at other options ,but I am still going to consider Maryland"    

The fact that he is still considering Maryland is a good sign, but if he leaves, it will rob Maryland of one of their top recruits in a long time. The Baltimore swingman was seen as a major coup for outgoing coach Gary Williams when he elected to come to Maryland. 

Faust is one of three Maryland recruits that have reportedly received releases from their commitment. Sterling Gibbs and Martin Breung have also reportedly asked to reopen their recruiting, though there are conflicting reports for both.


Sterling Gibbs To Ask For Release From Maryland Basketball, AAU Coach Confirms

In his introductory press conference, new Maryland basketball coach Mark Turgeon said his goal was to keep all of outgoing coach Gary Williams' recruits. It appears that goal is not going to happen. Sterling Gibbs, a point guard from New Jersey, is expected to ask for a release from his letter of intent, according to his AAU coach.

Via Adam Zagoria:

Gary Charles confirms Sterling Gibbs has asked for his release from Maryland    

Previously, Gibbs had said he was leaving, then clarified to say he wasn't sure what he was doing. Now, it appears he might indeed be leaving.

Gibbs' loss would not be incredibly significant because the Terps already have Terrell Stoglin and Pe'Shon Howard playing the point guard position, but it is still a bit of a setback if he were to leave Maryland. The major recruit is still Baltimore's Nick Fault, and it's not clear what he will do in light of the coaching change.


Mark Turgeon Press Conference: New Maryland Basketball Coach Calls This A 'Special Job'

Mark Turgeon was formally introduced as Maryland basketball's new head coach in a press conference in College Park on Wednesday. Turgeon called Maryland a "special job" and said that he has the blessing of outgoing coach Gary Williams.

"It was going to take a great job for me to move," Turgeon said. "I've turned down a lot of jobs. It was going to take a special one to move my family, and that's why I'm here."

Turgeon said he had a conversation with Gary Williams prior to this press conference, and while he would not reveal the details of the conversation, he said he left knowing Williams supported him and has his back.

"Gary's been a big ally for me," Turgeon said. "He'll help me tremendously."

Turgeon said it's "been a crazy 48 hours" for him, and it all started Sunday morning. He said he had first heard about the Maryland job opening on Thursday, but had a camping trip planned over the weekend. He got cell phone service back on Sunday, and an hour and a half later, athletic director Kevin Anderson called to try to schedule a meeting. They met in Pittsburgh, where Turgeon was on vacation, and he met in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Anderson offered him the job, and he made his decision the next day.

"What helped me make my decision that he was the guy is he looked me in the eye and said, 'Kevin, I hate to lose,'" Anderson said. "He'll be able to look down at that sidelines at their opponent and say, 'I'm going to kick their ass.'

Turgeon said he feels comfortable with his recruiting ties in the area, and his goal is to keep all three incoming recruits, as well as build up the confidence of the current players. He said that he will finalize his staff in the coming days, hinting at the possibility of some of his old Texas A&M coaches coming with him. 

"I do think Gary and I are really similar. We wear our emotions on our sleeves, though he wore them a little more. But I don't want to watch a lot of film from last year and judge them on how they're playing. I want to judge them on how I'd coach them," he said.


New Maryland Coach Mark Turgeon On His Decision To Leave Texas A&M

New Maryland coach Mark Turgeon was in College Station last night meeting with his players to tell them that he was moving on to accept a coaching job at the University of Maryland. Shortly after that he met with the media, and explained his decision to move on, among other things. You can find video of that, sort of impromptu press conference here, but if you're at work and you can't turn the audio up, here is what coach Turgeon had to say:

I accepted the Maryland job earlier tonight, and, um, it as just too good of an offer for me to pass on. The thing that made it most difficult was the players. The guys have done everything I've asked for four years. We've had a great ride, and Bill Byrne has been really good to me too. So those have been the hardest parts of the whole thing. It's been a tough day, back and forth many times, and I just feel like Maryland is a great opportunity for me and my family.

On what separates Maryland from Texas A&M.

You know Maryland has got a great basketball tradition. They're real similar. Both programs are great. I'm very fortunate, I'm a blessed person to have a choice that I had to make today. They're both great programs. The one thing I feel good about is that i inherited a good team, and I think I'm leaving my best team behind. That made the decision really hard, but I feel good about what I'm leaving behind for the next guy to continue on what Billy and I started.

On the timeline of his decision, and how hard it was for him to make.

It started yesterday afternoon. It overwhelms you. It's really not... these coaching searches aren't fair to coaches, not fair to players, not fair to families. But the way you have to make a decision. Luckily I had been to their campus before, many times. I hadn't seen the new arena, but knew enough about everything there. I told the players it was the hardest decision I've ever had to make. Marriage was easy I knew I was in love. Goint to KU was easy, that's where I always wanted to play College Basketball. Going to Wichita St. was easy. Going to A&M was an easy choice. Today was one of the hardest choices I've had to make, because of the young men in that room.

On if the sizes of the crowd at Texas A&M affected his decision.

Not really, it really doesn't. We had some great crowds in my four years. We set some records here, with crowds. I'll never forget the KU night, one because we lost, but two because the crowd was just phenominal. The students have accepted me from day one. I must have had, I don't know how many facebooks from students today just asking me to stay, meant a lot to me. I tried to build a relationship with them. I thought this year the locals did an unbelievable job of supporting us. This has nothing to do with whether we had 5,000 or 13,000, or Bill was going to pay me this much or Maryland was going to... it wasn't about money either. It was just a gut decision for me to try something.

On what made Maryland such an appealing place.

One is where it is located. I think it's a fantastic place. Just the area, alone. They have great tradition, won a National Championship seven years ago, I believe seven years ago. They've had a lot of great players, they've had first-round draft picks, and First pick in the draft in John Lucas. Because of what we've done heere the last few years we've developed a lot of relationships in that area. So I feel comfortable going in there, that we can be successful in recruiting because of our relationships we've built there. I think we talk all the time hotbeds for High School basketball. We talk about the Northeast a lot, Florida and Texas and California are right there too, but that's an area that's produced a lot of really good players and good teams.

On what he is going to miss most about Texas A&M.

I'm going to miss, this is just an unbelievable campus. What it represents, the core values, and everything that it represents. It's really a classy University, tremendous University. I'm going to miss the respect that this University has. I was really blown away from Day 1 with that part of it. So I'm going to miss that. No. 1 thing I'm going to miss the players, I mean without question. Right now they're still mad at me, and you can't blame them. But hopefully in time they'll get over it and know that I won't be their coach next year, but I'll always be their coach, and I'll always be there to help them.


Mark Turgeon's Maryland Basketball Introductory Press Conference Is Wednesday At Noon

The University of Maryland announced that they have hired Mark Turgeon as their new head basketball coach. But the first chance for the fans and the media to get to know Turgeon will be on Wednesday, when Maryland will host their introductory press conference at noon. We're not sure if it will be open to the public like the Gary Williams retirement presser was, but we will get that information on to you as soon as it is available.

Turgeon will have a very buys 27 or so hours before the press conference. He will reportedly fly back to Maryland this morning after meeting with his Texas A&M team last night. He will most likely meet with the Maryland team sometime this morning or early afternoon. He will also meet with the assistant coaches sometime today and try to solidify the coaching staff that will be joining him on the Maryland sideline this season and beyond. When we have any information about how those meetings go or the results of them, we will pass it along to you.


Maryland Basketball Coach Mark Turgeon Does Have Local Recruiting Ties

One of the biggest questions facing new Maryland coach Mark Turgeon is how he will fare in the local recruiting scene. He played his college ball at Kansas, and hasn't really left the Mid-West since then. His recruiting results have been good if not spectacular, but most of his prospects have come from an area of the Country that he might not be recuriting quite as heavily now that he is in College Park.

But he does have at least one local connection, and it is a pretty good one to have. Two years ago he landed DeMatha guard Naji Hibbert, who was a four-star recruit at the time. In fact, DeMatha head coach Mike Jones was one of the first people to say how good of a hire this was on Twitter last night. So he might not have the most local recruiting ties of anyone Maryland could have hired, but he does have one of the most important ones.

But the biggest question at this point in terms of his recruiting is who will be joining him on his staff. If he retains Bino Ranson and Rob Ehsan, Maryland's two biggest recruiters under Gary Williams, some of the questions about his local ties and experience will be mitigated. I'm sure he has his own guys, but he should really consider keeping them on board. Check out Testudo Times for more on this particular aspect of the coaching situation.


Mark Turgeon Has Big Shoes To Fill As Maryland Basketball Coach

Mark Turgeon has earned the Maryland head coaching job, but now the real work begins. Now he has to figure out how to go about replacing a legend.


Mark Turgeon Says Maryland Basketball Coaching Opportunity Was 'Too Good' To Pass On

Mark Turgeon has confirmed that he will be the new Maryland basketball head coach, telling Brent Zwerneman of the San Antonio Express-News of his decision after meeting with his Texas A&M players. Turgeon said that as much as he loved Texas A&M, the chance to go to Maryland was "too good" to pass on.

Turgeon added that Maryland has a great basketball tradition and that leaving Texas A&M was a very difficult decision.

"I told the players this is the hardest decision I've ever had to make," Turgeon said after he met with his team.

Turgeon said his outgoing players were very upset at him, which he can't blame. It remains unclear just how much Turgeon would make at Maryland. The only report of his salary comes from Billy Liucci of TexAgs.com, who reports that Turgeon will make up to $2.5 million a year. Gary Williams was in the $2 million a year range when he was head coach.


New Maryland Basketball Coach Mark Turgeon Prefers A Slow Pace

Now that Mark Turgeon has been hired as Maryland basketball's new head coach, it's time to figure out exactly what Terps fans should expect. We know that Turgeon is a successful coach, having led Texas A&M to four straight NCAA Tournament berths. We know he did a nice job building the Wichita State program.

But those are peripheral facts. The most important characteristic of Turgeon may be in his team's style. As Testudo Times notes, Turgeon is a huge contrast from outgoing coach Gary Williams in one key way: pace. Whereas Williams liked to press and force a fast tempo, Turgeon is known as a slow-paced coach. Here are his teams' pace rankings (possessions per game, adjusted for level of competition) at Texas A&M, via KenPom.com.


  • 2010/11: 326th in the nation (62.2 possessions per game)
  • 2009/10: 246th (65.6)
  • 2008/09: 231st (65)
  • 2007/08: 296th (69.2)
  • 2010/11: 17th (71.6)
  • 2009/10: 46th (70.3)
  • 2008/09: 128th (67.3)
  • 2007/08: 33rd (71.2)
That's a major change. We don't yet know whether Turgeon will successful as Maryland's next coach, but the team will certainly play differently.

Mark Turgeon Accepts Maryland Basketball Coaching Job, According To Report

Mark Turgeon will be the next Maryland basketball head coach, according to a report by Jeff Goodman of FOX Sports. Turgeon, who has spent the last four years at Texas A&M, will replace Gary Williams, who retired on Thursday after 22 years on the job. Turgeon accepts the job after Sean Miller, Jay Wright, Mike Brey and Brad Stevens all turned it down.

Turgeon was reportedly offered the job earlier Monday, and he was already leaning towards accepting it. He left things in limbo, though, until he told his staff and his Texas A&M players of his decision on Monday night. He leaves Texas A&M after taking it to the NCAA Tournament in each of the last four years, a nice accomplishment for a football-dominated school. However, he had not reached the Sweet 16 in any of those four years. Prior to that, he was the Wichita State basketball coach, where he did take the Shockers to the Sweet 16 in 2006. 

Turgeon takes the job after Williams retired on Thursday, formally announcing his decision in a Friday press conference. Maryland is potentially one of the top open jobs in the country, but a lot of it depends on how much the coach tries to cultivate recruiting relationships locally. The area has a lot of high-school talent, but Williams, despite his tremendous success, didn't always use it, letting several high-profile recruits go elsewhere.

For more on this, check out Testudo Times.


Mark Turgeon Still Hasn't Taken Maryland Basketball Job, No Team Meeting Scheduled

Will Mark Turgeon take the Maryland basketball coaching job? As of right now, it is still up in the air. Earlier Monday, several reports indicated the Texas A&M basketball coach was on Maryland's campus, and other reports indicated he had a meeting scheduled with his team Monday night. But as it turns out, he is not on Maryland's campus, and no meeting has been scheduled. 

Billy Liucci of TexAgs.com reports that, as of this point, there is no team meeting scheduled. NBC's Dan Hellie backed that account up

No team meeting A&M scheduled yet. Means Turgeon hasn't made up his mind. If Anderson whiffs on this one Terps in trouble.    

Turgeon has spent the last four years at Texas A&M, where he reached the NCAA Tournament all four times. He would replace legend Gary Williams, who retired on Thursday after 22 years on the job. 

For more on this, check out Testudo Times.


Mark Turgeon 'Leaning Towards' Accepting Maryland Basketball Coaching Job Monday, According To Report

The Maryland basketball coaching search may finally reach its conclusion on Monday. Mark Turgeon, currently the coach at Texas A&M, will make his decision later Monday, according to a report by FOX Sports' Jeff Goodman. As of right now, Goodman reports that he is leaning towards accepting it.

Sources told FOXSports.com Mark Turgeon is leaning towards accepting Maryland job - although it looked that way with Sean Miller as well.    

Turgeon has spent the last four years in College Station, compiling a 249-158 record and leading his team to the NCAA Tournament all four times. However, he has lost in the first or second round in each of those four seasons. Prior to that, Turgeon spent seven seasons at Wichita State, going 128-90 and reaching the Sweet 16 of the 2006 NCAA Tournament.

Turgeon, if he accepts, would replace Gary Williams. Sean Miller, Mike Brey, Jay Wright and Brad Stevens have all reportedly turned down the job.

For more on the search, check out Testudo Times.


Former Maryland Star John Lucas Reportedly Interested In Head Coaching Job

After being spurned by pretty much every coach on their reported wish-list, the Maryland Athletic Director Kevin Anderson has started to scrape the bottom of the barrel of coaching candidates. We've heard reports this morning about the University's interest in Texas A&M coach Mark Turgeon, now a far more interesting, if unexpected, candidate has thrown his hat into the ring.

John Lucas, the former Maryland star and three-time NBA coach, has expressed interest in Terps job. Uncertain if he'll get interview.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

John Lucas is a Maryland great, let me just get that out of the way before I trash his candidacy for this job. He has been an NBA coach, while not a very successful one, and has no experience being a College head coach. I can't even say how much of a step down Lucas would be from some of the names that have been discussed. But to be fair, I don't think the Maryland side of this situation will actually consider him to be a candidate. This might just be Lucas trying to get his name into a conversation that won't have him. But at this point in this ludicrous search for a coach, I wouldn't be surprised by anything, frankly.


Mark Turgeon Latest Target For Maryland Basketball Coaching Job, According To Report

After striking out on Sean Miller, Jay Wright, Jaime Dixon, Brad Stevens and Mike Brey (reportedly) Maryland has turned their attention to a slightly smaller name in their search for a new head basketball coach, according to Brent Zerneman of the Houston Chronicle. Turgeon wouldn't be quite as big of a hire as some of the other coaches that were discussed, but he is an up and comer, and is still relatively young.

Turgeon, 46, came to A&M from Wichita State four years ago. He’s at times expressed frustration with occasional lackluster crowds at Reed Arena – he pounded his fist on an interview table after the Aggies defeated Iowa State before 7,041 fans this season – but overall has said that he’s extremely happy at A&M.

Maryland would provide an opportunity for Turgeon to coach at a Basketball first school, where he would never have to worry about the size of his crowds. Turgeon has proven to be an above average recruiter and a very good coach during his time at Texas A&M. One would think that his recruiting would get even better once he starts recruiting to College Park as opposed to College Station.


Mike Brey Does Not Meet With Maryland Officials, No Longer Candidate In Coaching Search

The Washington Post's Terrapins Insider is confirming that Notre Dame coach Mike Brey is no longer a candidate for the men's basketball coaching job at the University of Maryland. Brey apparently chose to not even have a meeting with Maryland officials before making his decision.

Mike Brey won’t be Maryland’s next basketball coach, a source close to the process of finding Gary Williams’s successor said Sunday.

Brey was crossed off the list of potential candidates before having a formal conversation with Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson because he’s committed to remaining at Notre Dame following the Irish’s 27-7 season, which earned him Big East Coach of the Year honors, the source said.

After a weekend that saw Sean Miller, Brad Stevens and now Brey turn down the opportunity to be head coach of the Terrapins, Athletic Director Kevin Anderson needs a Plan B (or, honestly, what is it, a Plan D by now?). His plan? To meet Monday with school President Wallace Loh, identifying a new, short list of key names Anderson feels would be good replacements for departed coach Gary Williams. And who would be on this new, improved, "ignore the fact that the top three names are crossed out" list of names?

"I don’t believe it’s going to be a long process," said Maryland Athletic Director Kevin Anderson on Sunday. "We’re doing our due diligence, making sure we’re going to hire the right person. "We’re just not going to panic and pick somebody who might not be the best fit for Maryland. We’re going to look at the whole person.

Here’s what I’m looking for: Someone with most, if not all, of the qualities Gary Williams possessed."

Kevin Anderson, that is not helpful at all. That is the quote of a very confused individual. Either figure out how to clone your now ex-coach, or come up with a viable list of alternatives tomorrow before you end up with college basketball's version of Randy Edsall. And enough egg on your face to make a Friedgen-sized omelette.


Mike Brey May Or May Not Be In Play As Next Maryland Basketball Coach

Did that headline confuse you? Yeah, well it confused me too. The only thing that I can confirm in this whole convoluted weekend search for a new University of Maryland head men's basketball coach is that candidates keep turning down Athletic Director Kevin Anderson. And quickly.

First, it was Arizona head coach Sean Miller, who late Saturday evening chose to sign a contact extension and eschew the ACC for the PAC 12. The next domino to fall was Brad Stevens, who to the surprise of no one, declined to leave the mid major power he has built at Butler for College Park.

The third target on Anderson's list appears to be Mike Brey of Notre Dame, a native of the area and graduate of both DeMatha and George Washington. Late Saturday evening, after news of Miller spurning the Terps was first reported, the Washington Post's Terrapins Insider suggested Brey and Maryland would be meeting today, Sunday, to discuss the job:

Brey will meet with Maryland officials on Sunday to discuss the vacant men’s basketball head coaching position, according to a source close to Brey and to the Maryland athletic department who was not authorized to speak on the record.

Sources said there is mutual interest between Maryland and Brey, who has deep roots in the area. One source close to the Maryland athletic department and to Brey said Brey wants the Maryland job.

OK, so what I'm hearing here is "Mike Brey would like to talk to Maryland about their job and might even take it". Hmmm, that's interesting, because next thing you know, I'm reading something like this from Jeff Goodman of FOXSports.com (via his twitter feed):

Mike Brey texted a few media outlets that there are no meetings scheduled between he and Maryland. Still expects to sign extension at ND.

Honestly, I don't know what to believe at this point. Frankly, I'm still trying to process the fact Mike Brey is texting media outlets to fill them in. I can only assume the text reads "Me + Maryland = Frowny Face"?


Brad Stevens Says No To Maryland Basketball Coaching Job, Sources Say

Jeff Goodman of FOXSports.com, continuing his fine coverage of the saga that is becoming the search for a new mens basketball coach at Maryland, is reporting via Twitter that current Butler head man Brad Stevens has turned down the Terps offer to take over in College Park.

Brad Stevens has spurned interest from Maryland, sources told FOXSports.com. Now it appears as though Mike Brey is next on the list.

Goodman has been spot on so far with this story, so I tend to believe him here. And it would only make sense for Maryland to keep going right down their supposed wish list to Notre Dame's Brey after losing out on Miller and Stevens.

That being said, this story took many twists and turns yesterday that I'm still not sure what to believe. Many thought by mid-afternoon Saturday that Arizona's Sean Miller was going to be the man to replace Gary Williams. By midnight on the east coast that dream had died for Terps fans, and the list of candidates shifted to names like Stevens, Brey, Mark Turgeon and Shaka Smart.

It really shouldn't surprise anyway Stevens turned down the Maryland job. His situation at Butler is currently just too good to leave. But that doesn't mean Maryland AD Kevin Anderson is off the hook. In the past 12 hours he's lost out on Stevens and Miller, who by all accounts WANTED the job. In the eyes of most Terps fans and local media members, he already botched the hiring of a football coach to replace Ralph Friedgen. Anderson needs to come up with a quality hire, and soon.


Brad Stevens, Mike Brey Reportedly Leading Candidates For Maryland Basketball Coaching Job

With the news that Sean Miller has signed a contract extension with Arizona and turned down an offer to become the next Maryland basketball head coach, athletic director Kevin Anderson must now focus his search elsewhere. In the immediate aftermath of Miller's decision, it appears the Terps are targeting Butler's Brad Stevens and Notre Dame's Mike Brey.

FOX Sports' Jeff Goodman and ESPN's Andy Katz are both reporting that the Terps may reach out to Stevens next. Via Katz.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Anderson is next likely target will be Butler's Brad Stevens, who is fresh off consecutive national championship game appearances. Stevens was wooed a year ago, notably by Oregon, but stayed in his native Indiana. If Stevens says no then Maryland native Mike Brey of Notre Dame and Mark Turgeon of Texas A&M are expected to be next on the list.    

Meanwhile, Steve Yanda of the Washington Post is reporting that Maryland is scheduling a meeting with current Notre Dame basketball coach Mike Brey on Sunday. 


Sean Miller Stays At Arizona, Turns Down Maryland Basketball Job

After a day of speculation where it seemed that Sean Miller was heading to fill the Maryland basketball coaching vacancy left by Gary Williams' retirement, the Arizona basketball coach is staying at Arizona. Miller has agreed to a contract extension with Arizona, spurning Maryland in the process. 

The school has announced the news in a press release on its web site.

"Sean and I have had many positive conversations and have been working on a revised contract for some time," said Byrne. "I'm pleased to confirm that we have agreed to an amendment to Sean's contract that we hope will keep him in Tucson for many years to come."

A report by ESPN 980 indicated Miller had accepted the Maryland job, but that was shot down. Miller met with athletic director Kevin Anderson out in Las Vegas, and apparently was not swayed enough by the Terps' offer to take the job. 


Arizona AD Vows To Keep Sean Miller, Prevent Him From Taking Maryland Basketball Job

Sean Miller is still considered the leading candidate to take the Maryland basketball job in the wake of Gary Williams' retirement, but it is by no means a done deal yet. Miller is supposed to meet with Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson in Las Vegas, and it appears the ball is in his court. Meanwhile, Arizona athletic director Greg Byrne is vowing to do everything possible to keep Miller in Tucson.

Byrne sent out a series of messages on his Twitter account in an attempt to reassure Arizona fans.

Wildcat Faithful, please know that we have been & continue to work to keep Sean Miller as our coach. During our ongoing conversations Sean is very aware & has been very aware, that we want him to be our coach. We will continue to do everything in our power to ensure that happens. I hope you have seen our department make a real effort to be transparent & honest. As we are able, we will continue to communicate.

Miller has been in Tucson for two years after six seasons in Xavier. 


Sean Miller Leaning Towards Maryland Basketball, But Hasn't Accepted Job Yet, According To Report

We have conflicting reports when it comes to Sean Miller and Maryland basketball. Earlier, ESPN 980 reported that it was a done deal that he would be the next Maryland basketball coach. However, FOX Sports' Jeff Goodman, who first reported Gary Williams' retirement, has said it is not done yet.

Sean Miller hasn't even met with Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson yet. Report by ESPN980 saying this is done are inaccurate. However, my sources said Miller is "leaning towards taking Maryland." However, nothing will be done until after meeting today in Vegas.     

Miller is out in Las Vegas for a coaching meeting, and he was scheduled to meet with Anderson. Given that it's still early in the morning out there, it isn't a huge surprise that nothing has been finished yet. I'd trust Goodman on this one.

Miller has spent the last two years at Arizona, and served as Xavier's head coach for the six years prior to that.


Sean Miller To Be Named New Maryland Basketball Coach, According To Report

UPDATE: It is not a done deal yet.

It looks like Maryland basketball has already found its next head coach after Gary Williams retired on Thursday. Sean Miller, the former coach at the University of Arizona, will be named Maryland's new head coach on Monday, according to a report by ESPN 980

According to sources; Sean Miller will be named new men's basketball coach at the University of Maryland on Monday    

The Terps had been "zeroing in" on Miller ever since Williams announced his retirement. Athletic Director Kevin Anderson reportedly met with Miller in Las Vegas, and now, it looks like Miller has indeed accepted the job. 

Miller has spent the last two years at Arizona. Last season, he led the Wildcats to the Pac-10 regular-season championship and to the Elite 8 in the 2011 NCAA Tournament. Along the way, they beat Duke and Texas, two powerhouse programs. Miller had previously been at Xavier for six seasons, where he led the Musketeers to five straight NCAA Tournament berths, including an Elite 8 in 2008.


Maryland AD Kevin Anderson And Sean Miller To Meet In Las Vegas Today

Jeff Goodman of FOXSports.com just reported, via Twitter of course, that current Arizona head coach Sean Miller will meet with Terps Athletic Director Kevin Anderson in Las Vegas today. Miller is in Vegas speaking at a Nike Coaches Clinic.


Miller has been rumored to be a top candidate to replace iconic College Park head man Gary Williams since Williams' surprise retirement 48 hours ago. Now, it appears he is THE candidate to replace Williams, despite word of a "mystery candidate" late last evening. From Goodman's update this morning:

Sean Miller has emerged as Maryland’s top target.

Sources told FOXSports.com that Miller, who led Arizona to the Elite Eight this past season, is expected to meet with Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson today in Las Vegas.

Because no update on a high-profile coaching search should be so cut and dry, Goodman notes that Jamie Dixon is also at the very same Nike Coaches Clinic Miller is attending. They speak back-to-back in fact. Looks like Anderson might want to block out a little more time today.


Is Maryland Waiting On A Mystery Candidate To Be Next Terps Coach?

What would a coaching search at the University of Maryland be without some mystery and intrigue?

According to the latest from the Baltimore Sun's Jeff Barker, Sean Miller is indeed a candidate to replace Gary Williams, but he is perhaps not the lead candidate to do so. There appears to be a mystery candidate high atop Athletic Director's Kevin Anderson's wish list, and the school is awaiting word from this mystery man before moving forward:

Maryland has compiled a short list of candidates to replace retiring basketball coach Gary Williams and is waiting to hear back from one contender to gauge his interest in the job, according to a source with knowledge of the seach.

The list includes Arizona coach Sean Miller, the source confirmed.

But Miller is not the candidate that Maryland is waiting on, and Maryland said it would be incorrect to label Miller as a frontrunner although he is clearly in play.

So, who is this masked avenger, er, coaching candidate? A certain DeMatha guy with strong ties to the area, perhaps? Well, whoever this guy is, I sure hope someone still remembers to pick up Miller at BWI when he lands tonight.


Terrell Stoglin Loved Gary Williams, Could Possibly Transfer From Maryland Basketball?

Bruce Pascoe, in performing his due diligence for the Arizona Daily Star on the possible "Sean Miller to Maryland" rumors, took the first step in asking what a lot of local media members have been asking since word first leaked yesterday afternoon of Gary Williams' retirement: will the iconic coach's departure from College Park mean the loss of players from the Terrapins roster?

Well, Pascoe has perhaps a first taste of what may occur:

I called Jim Ferguson, Terrell Stoglin's coach at Santa Rita HS, to see what the early reaction was. Ferguson said he had not talked with Stoglin yet but that the player "loved" Williams and told a Maryland assistant coach he might not stay if the assistant was not retained.

But Ferguson said he was told whoever takes the Maryland job will "work real hard to keep him."

If Maryland Athletic Director Kevin Anderson is indeed moving as quickly as we have been led to believe to replace Williams, perhaps with the Wildcats' Miller, than it is entirely possible the Maryland players won't even have a weekend to ponder the "transfer or not" conversation in their heads before a young, fiery Gary 2.0 shows up on campus.


Maryland Basketball 'Zeroing In' On Arizona's Sean Miller To Replace Gary Williams, According To Report

Now that Gary Williams has officially announced his retirement as Maryland's basketball coach, the search for his replacement can begin. Several big names have been rumored to be in the mix, and the latest is Arizona's Sean Miller. According to a report by Mark Giannotto of the Washington Post, the Terps are "zeroing in" on him.

Two different sources have told me MD zeroing in on Az's Sean Miller. He's interested and wouldn't care about image issues of 3 jobs 4 yrs. We'll see, though. Miller has a pretty sweet gig at Zona. MD gonna have to fork over some serious $$$m

Miller has spent the last two years at Arizona. Last season, he led his team to the Elite 8 and an upset of top-ranked Duke in the Sweet 16. Prior to that, Miller spent five years at Xavier, where he made four straight NCAA Tournament appearances, including an Elite 8 in 2008.


Gary Williams On His Retirement: 'This Is My Decision, But It's Not A Quick Decision'

Gary Williams gave a press conference to formally announce his retirement as the head coach at the University of Maryland after 22 years. He seemed close to tears on several occasions, as several fans came and cheered for him at the Comcast Center. Here is a transcript of key remarks. The press conference was televised on Comcast SportsNet and elsewhere.

Williams on his decision.

"This is my decision, but it's not a quick decision. It's been a decision I've thought about for a while."

Williams on Maryland fans.

"Sometimes, you don't get the credit, because of where we are. But believe me. I get a chance to see a lot of different places, and I certainly appreciated what the fans have given over the years."

Williams on why he's retiring now.

"I feel like I still could coach. But at the same time, you realize there are other things out there ... This gives me a chance, while I'm relatively healthy, to do some things."

Williams on his role in picking his successor

"Whatever he wants me to do, I'll help. The bottom line is this program is in capable hands. Our current players are going to do an outstanding job and I'm very confident we can be a program that you all will be confident in the future."

Williams on his biggest accomplishment

"The one thing that we can hang our hat on with all my coaches, players. In the last 12 years, in conference play, we have the second most wins behind Duke going into this past season."

Williams on why he took the job in 1989
"When the MD job did open up, it really wasn't a lot of thought involved to come here, because this is my school. That stays with you for the rest of your life. I figured I'd give it a shot ... I was a little surprised w/ situation here, but at same time, that was my deal. I chose to come here."


Williams on whether Jordan Williams' decision to leave meant anything

"Jordan Williams had no effect on my decision."

Williams on why he decided to stick around one more year.

"[The 2010] team probably played and executed as well as the title team. I really thought that team was good enough to get to the Final Four. That gave me confidence that I could still get it done."

Williams on why this is an elite coaching job

"We play in a great league. Check who has won the most national championships the last 10 years and check who's won the most NCAA Tourney games in last 20 years. That's where we live."

President Wallace Loh on Williams' departure

"The key factor in the rise of the University of Maryland is Gary."


Gary Williams Retires, Jordan Williams Departs And Maryland Basketball's Future Is Hazy

Gary Williams' retirement is not only a huge loss sentimentally, but it throws the Maryland basketball program into instability. What happens now?


Sterling Gibbs, Nick Faust May Actually Keep Commitments Despite Gary Williams Retiring

Earlier, we noted a report by Adam Zagoria of SNY that Sterling Gibbs and Nick Faust, two of Maryland basketball's top recruits next year, would ask out of their letters of intent with Maryland. However, in an interview with Matt Bracken of the Baltimore Sun, Gibbs said he wasn't so sure about that anymore and simply hadn't made up his mind. 

"Right now I'm not sure what I'm going to do," Gibbs said. "Honestly, it just came as a surprise. When someone mentioned it to me, I honestly just didn't think it was true. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do right now."    

As for Faust, his AAU coach told Evan Daniels of Scout that all the reports that he has asked out of his letter of intent are "rumors." So maybe both players will end up sticking around after all.

Both players will have to be released from their letters of intent by the school in order to reopen their recruitment. Most schools were disinclined to do this in the past, but they have become more lenient now, to the point where it's mostly a formality if the coach leaves and the player does ask. 

For more on the news, visit Testudo Times.


Gary Williams Retiring Could Lead To Culture Change With Maryland Basketball Recruiting

Gary Williams will retire as a legend after rescuing Maryland from the dumps of NCAA violations and building the program up to where it won a NCAA championship. However, if there was one criticism of Williams, especially in recent years, it was that he did not recruit high-level talent in his own backyard. As Tom Ziller of SBNation.com notes, several top NBA stars, including Kevin Durant, Rudy Gay and others, left the D.C. area and were not heavily pursued by Williams.

But now, that could change. As ESPN recruiting expert Dave Telep notes, many high-profile coaches are willing to leave their current jobs because of the fantastic recruiting base that Williams mostly ignored.

The job will be extremely attractive to an elite group of middle-aged coaches, many of whom have secretly mused about the Maryland job behind the scenes. The Maryland job is regarded as a gem. Combine the facilities with the recruiting grounds and the fan base and one has to believe that Maryland will land a worthy successor. 

The big reason why the position is so attractive is the fertile recruiting area. The right person will be able to recruit the Baltimore and D.C. Catholic leagues, bridge the gaps that existence between some of the key AAU figures and unlock areas that Williams previously didn't attempt to mine.     

Williams was an old-school coach that never enjoyed dealing with the high-maintenance, high-level recruits, but the next Maryland coach could certainly reopen those doors.


Jay Wright Reportedly Candidate For Maryland Basketball Coaching Job After Gary Williams' Retirement

Now that the news of Gary Williams' retirement has sunk in, more and more names have surfaced as possibilities to fill the Maryland basketball coaching vacancy. Mike Brey of Notre Dame looks like he will be off the market, but a fellow Big East coach is on it. Villanova's Jay Wright is expected to be "high" on the list of candidates to replace Williams, according to Eric Prisbell of the Washington Post.

Wright has been at Villanova for the past decade, compiling a 224-110 record since 2001. He has reached one Final Four, one Elite Eight and two Sweet 16s over that span, and has also made seven straight NCAA Tournament appearances. Prior to that, he spent seven years at Hofstra, going 122-85 and making two NCAA Tournament appearances.

Wright has a cushy arrangement at Villanova, but like many coaches, he certainly seems to be someone who would consider making the jump. A source tells Gary Parrish of CBS Sports that the job will be highly coveted.

"The right guy there will kill it," a source told CBSSports.com. "If they get the right guy, they'll win really big."    


Mike Brey Working On Contract Extension With Notre Dame, Unlikely To Be Candidate For Maryland Basketball Job

As soon as the news of Gary Williams' retirement occurred, a natural name to fill the Maryland basketball coaching vacancy was Mike Brey, the Notre Dame basketball coach that has ties to Washington D.C. However, it appears that Brey will be staying at Notre Dame. Brey is currently working on a contract extension with the Fighting Irish, according to Brian Hamilton of the Chicago Tribune.

Although Gary Williams' retirement after 22 years on the Terrapins sideline has been official for only a  few hours, Brey's deep ties to the Maryland area and his success in breathing life into the Irish program apparently caught the eye of athletic director Kevin Anderson.

But after a 27-win season that at one point featured a top-five national ranking, Brey and Notre Dame are working on a contract extension, the source said. That may preempt any advances from the ACC school in the Irish coach's home state.    

Brey grew up in Bethesda, Md, and was a graduate of DeMatha. He also coached there as an assistant for five years before moving up in the college basketball world. He has been at Notre Dame since 2000, compiling a 238-120 record in 11 years on the job. 


Mike Brey Reportedly A Candidate To Be New Maryland Basketball Coach After Gary Williams' Retirement

Now that the news of Gary Williams' retirement is official, the conversation will immediately turn to which man should replace him. We noted that assistant coach Robert Ehsan will be the acting head coach in the meantime, but it's hard to believe he's a serious candidate given that he only graduated college in 2005. One name that has already surfaced is Notre Dame head coach Mike Brey.

Via Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports and MSG:

Sources insist that Maryland is likely to target Notre Dame's Mike Brey to fill their head coaching vacancy - deep roots in DC area.    

Brey has compiled a 238-120 record in 11 years at Notre Dame. He originally graduated from DeMatha in the late 1970s and also spent five years as the head coach at Delaware. The Fighting Irish finished as the second-best team in the hyper-competitive Big East last season, but were bounced by Florida State in the Round of 32 of the NCAA Tournament.


Gary Williams Retirement Means Nick Faust, Sterling Gibbs Will Reopen Their Recruitment

Gary Williams' retirement is a big shocker to the Maryland basketball program, and it also could end up being a damaging blow to the on-court product in the coming years. Williams' incoming 2011 recruiting class was expected to be one of his strongest ever. However, two of those players -- Sterling Gibbs and Nick Faust -- will reopen their recruitment.

At least that's what Gibbs told Adam Zagoria of SNY:

"Yes, I will reopen with Nick Faust," Gibbs, a point guard out of Seton Hall Prep, said by text.    

Both Gibbs and Faust signed letters of intent, so it's unclear exactly how they would be able to go back on their commitment to Maryland. Still, it looks like Maryland's vaunted recruiting class is no more.

Gibbs is a three-star point guard from West Orange, NJ that picked Maryland over DePaul, Indiana, Pitt, Rutgers, St. John's and Seton Hall. Faust is a 6'6'' shooting guard that was a Top 75 recruit from Baltimore. He picked Maryland over Villanova.


Gary Williams Retirement As Maryland Basketball Coach Official, But He'll Stay As Assistant AD

Gary Williams' retirement as the Maryland basketball coach is now official. The University of Maryland announced the news in a press release Thursday afternoon, ending a 22-year tenure that included 461 wins and one national championship. Williams will stay aboard as an Assistant Athletic Director and Special Assistant to Kevin Anderson.

"It's the right time," Williams said.  "My entire career has been an unbelievable blessing.  I am fiercely proud of the program we have built here.  I couldn't have asked any more from my players, my assistant coaches, the great Maryland fans and this great university.  Together, we did something very special here."    

Williams will make the news official in a press conference Friday at 1 p.m., one that is open to the public. He amassed a 461-252 record in 22 years at Maryland, reaching the NCAA Tournament 14 times,winning three ACC titles, reaching seven Sweet 16s, two Final Fours and, of course, winning the 2002 NCAA Championship. 

Robert Ehsan will serve as acting head coach in Williams' absence. 


Gary Williams Retirement Means Robert Ehsan Will Serve As Acting Maryland Basketball Coach

Gary Williams' retirement has forced Maryland basketball to scramble to find a temporary replacement, given that it is already early-May and usually a surprising time for a coach to retire. In the meantime, assistant coach Robert Ehsan will be the acting coach, according to a report by Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times.

Ehsan has been with the Terps since graduating college from 2005, and has served as an assistant coach. Here is a description of his duties, from the Maryland athletics web site.

After two seasons as a graduate assistant, Ehsan moved in 2008 to the spot of assistant recruiting coordinator. Last season, his areas of responsibilities include working with the department's compliance office, assisting with scheduling and coordinating training and practice schedules.

Ehsan is responsible for maintaining the Terrapins' recruiting database and works closely with the Gary Williams summer camps and golf tournament. 

It is not immediately clear if Ehsan will be a candidate for the coaching job beyond an interim basis. 


Gary Williams Retiring After 22 Years At Maryland, According To Report

In a shocking piece of news, Gary Williams will retire as the coach of the University of Maryland after 22 years, according to a report by Jeff Goodman of FOX Sports. An announcement is expected as soon as Friday.

It remains unclear what exactly is pushing Williams into retirement. He is as much a part of the University of Maryland as any athletic figure in history, with only Lefty Driessel rivaling him. Williams won 461 games in 22 seasons on the job, winning the program's only NCAA Tournament championship in 2002 and reaching the Final Four the year before that. He had reached the NCAA Tournament in 14 of the last 18 years, making seven Sweet 16 appearances.

Maryland finished 19-14 in 2010/11, missing postseason play for the first time in 17 years. Star center Jordan Williams recently announced his intention to declare for the 2011 NBA Draft.

For more on Gary Williams' retirement, head over to Testudo Times.

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