Towson Vs. Maryland: Strong Second Half Gives Terrapins A 28-3 Victory

The Terps started slow, but picked it up in the second half for an easy win over Towson.

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Maryland Vs. Towson: Terrapins Win, But Slow Starts Becoming An Issue

For the third week in a row the Maryland Terrapins started off slow in a game. This is something we should be concerned about.


Maryland Vs. Towson: Coach Randy Edsall And Players React Following 28-3 Victory

COLLEGE PARK, Md - The Maryland Terrapins just beat the Towson Tigers 28-3 on Sunday, but it wasn't nearly as easy as that final scoreline might indicate. The defense struggled to get off the field in the first half, and the offense couldn't maintain any possession themselves. But they turned it around in the second half with the help of four forced turnovers, and managed to run away from their instate rival. Here is some reaction from Coach Edsall and the players.

Randy Edsall:

On the game: That was a good win for us. Anytime you win it's good; it's hard to win. I'm very proud of our assistant coaches and our players. I want to give give Towson credit. Rob had his guys ready to play. Came out with a lot of new wrinkles in the first half that we didn't see on film, and I knew that's what he was going to do; I just didn't know what he was going to do. I really thought our defense hung in there and did a good job. We did force four turnovers which I thought was huge. I'm just very proud of our players for getting that win. Now we can stay humble, stay hungry and build on it.

On where the team is after four games: I think after four games that we have a pretty good feel of who we are and who we need to be moving forward. When you're coming in new and you're installing new systems, it takes some time to just figure out your own kids and what they can do. The bottom line is I want to do - we want to do the things they can do best. I think that looking at the game today and the other three games that we have a much better feel of what they can do now moving forward.

Kevin Dorsey:

On what he saw from Towson in the first half: They sent some blitzes on third down that we weren't used to. Some blitzes on the back side that we hadn't practiced because we had seen them coming front side. It was a little bit different, but that is something that just at half time you have to adjust for.

Demetrius Hartsfield:

On the defense in the first half: It wasn't frustrating at first. We just knew that we had to settle down because I think that we were running around a little bit in the first quarter because we didn't expect what they came out to do. But we got adjusted to it throughout the game. We definitely did better in the second half of forcing the turnovers. We just got the ball more.

Danny O'Brien:

On what the offense needs to improve on: I gotta hit the gimme throws. The throws that I need to be making and can make, and do make. Those stick out to me. Hitting the gimme throws, making the gimme catches, those are gonna come. And just being better on third down because teams have been throwing some stuff at us - I don't want to say we struggled with - but we didn't convert. Especially now, it's going to be a tough road ahead.

On Where they stand after four weeks: I think it started to show in the second half, as we kind of found out what was working and what wasn't. Like I said, we just do so many things. We go from the spread zone read, then we have a lot of pro style, pro set power downhill running game and play action. When you have all that stuff it's kind of hard to classify who you are. I think we're going to have to. You can be good at a lot of things and great at fewer things and we're trying to figure out what we're going to be great at.


Towson Vs. Maryland Final Score: 28-3, Terps Pull Away Late

An early Towson drive in the fourth quarter stalled out. The Maryland Terrapins from there marched down the field again to put more points on the board. After an 11-play 78 yard drive, Terps quarterback Danny O'Brien hit Kevin Dorsey on a 7-yard touchdown pass to put the Terps up 21-3.

On the ensuing kickoff, Towson fumbled the kick return and it was recovered by Maryland on the 26-yard line, putting them right in striking distance. In only 5 plays, quarterback Danny O'Brien got the Terps in the endzone again on a 5-yard touchdown pass to Tyler Cierski. Maryland began to pull away from Towson after four turnovers in the second half.

After struggling in the first half, the Maryland offense picked up after half time. Terps quarterback Danny O'Brien ended the day going 14 of 21 for 123 yards and 2 touchdowns. Running back Davin Meggett had a nice day with 102 yards on 16 carries. Running back Justus Pickett also had a nice day, finishing up with 82 yards and a touchdown.

Towson was able to run the ball for over 200 yards, but just couldn't put any points on the board when they had their chances. The four turnovers in the second half didn't help, either.

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Towson Vs. Maryland Score Update: Maryland Rights The Ship Leads 14-3

At halftime, the Maryland Terrapins held a 7-3 lead over the Towson Tigers but that's about all they led. The Tigers out gained the Terps 225 to 111 yards and dominated the time of possession 21:30 to 8:30. On Towson's opening drive of the third quarter, quarterback Peter Athens was picked off on the second play of the opening drive by Kenny Tate.

It only took Maryland 8 plays to go 45 yards and score a touchdown. Justus Pickett ran the ball from 5-yards out for the score to put Maryland up 14-3. Towson turned the ball over again on their next drive once again on the second play when quarterback Peter Athens was sacked and fumbled. Unfortunately for the Terps though, three plays later Davin Meggett fumbled the ball and Towson recovered. Towson once again began a long time filled drive only to have quarterback Peter Athens turn it over for the third time in the quarter.

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Towson Vs. Maryland Score Update: Maryland Holds Tenuous 7-3 Lead At Half

As the second quarter started, the Towson Tigers marched right down the field on a 16-play, 66 yard drive that ended in a 23-yard field goal to put the score to 7-3, Maryland. Towson sent running back Dominique Booker on five consecutive carries to try and punch the ball in the endzone, but he was stuffed five consecutive times by the Terps defense. The Tigers got the field goal and were able to milk 9:00 minutes off the clock in a single drive, however.

The Maryland Terrapins struggled to move the ball on their next possession, punting after just six plays to give the ball back to Towson. Once again, Towson began another long drive on the ground milking seconds off the clock rush after rush. Towson went on a 17-play drive that saw Maryland incapable of stopping the run, only to have Towson miss a 24-yard field goal as time expired to head into the half.

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Towson Vs. Maryland Score Update: Terrapins Lead 7-0 After First Quarter

The Maryland Terrapins opened quickly, scoring on the Towson Tigers on their opening drive. The Terrapins marched down the field on the arm of quarterback Danny O'Brien. After a 15-yard penalty by Towson, Maryland running back D.J. Adams scored on the next play, a 15-yard dash for a touchdown.

Maryland's next drive however didn't net results that you want to see when taking on the caliber of opponent as Towson. The Terrapins next drive stalled out and they sent out kick Nick Ferrara for a 43-yard field goal try only to have it blocked by Towson. After the block, Towson drove 33-yards on 7 plays and were setup with a 4th and 1 on the Maryland 37. Instead of trying for points with a field goal, the Tigers opted to go for it on 4th down only to lose yards and turn the ball over. Oddly enough, on the very next drive Maryland went for it on 4th and 2 and failed.

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College Football Odds, Towson Vs. Maryland: Terps 25 1/2 Point Favorites Against FCS Towson

Licking their wounds from a shocking 31 point loss to Temple, the Maryland football team has as good an opportunity as they'll have all season to end a losing streak. The Towson Tigers make the short drive down to College Park on Saturday for what is likely the biggest game in their program's history.  As of Thursday evening, the Terrapins were favored by 25 1/2 points over the Tigers.

That's certainly on the low end for a spread between a major BCS school and an FCS school that's still in the process of building a program in the NCAA's second-tier division. After losing by 31 last week in a game in which they were favored by 10, it's certainly understandable that the oddsmakers are hesitant to set a wide spread, even if it's a glaring mismatch of talent and resources.  The over/under is set at 55 1/2.  With Ronnie Tyler and Quintin McCree back this week, Terps fans are looking for Danny O'Brien to light it up against the cupcake opponent, and surpass that over/under with little contribution from the Tigers offense.

Kickoff is set for 3:30 as the Terps look to end their two game losing streak and get back to .500.


Maryland Vs. Towson: Darin Drakeford Injury Forces Terps Linebacker Out

Maryland Terrapins linebacker Darin Drakeford is "definitely out" for Saturday's game against the Towson Tigers, head coach Randy Edsall announced Thursday. The junior suffered an apparent leg injury--later revealed to be an ankle injury--in the first quarter of last Saturday's contest against the Temple Owls and had to leave the game.

With 17 tackles (12 solo), Drakeford ranks as the Terps' sixth-leading tackler this season. He's also one of the six Maryland players to force a fumble and one of five to record a sack.

Ben Broman of Testudo Times, SB Nation's Maryland blog, points out that Drakeford did not appear on the team's official depth chart (.PDF) released on Monday. He breaks down the result of Drakeford's injury:

The other big change has Lorne Goree starting at middle linebacker, with former starter Demetrius Hartsfield moving back to his more natural WILL spot. That's a result of a continuing injury to Darin Drakeford, formerly the WILL starter, and showcases really how little proven depth there is at linebacker. Goree's back-up is now Cole Farrand, a true freshman.

Drakeford is clearly a key part of the Terrapins' defense. Reeling from an embarrassing 38-7 loss to Temple--at home, no less--and standing with a 1-2 record, Maryland doesn't have much margin for error in his absence. Though Towson is far from a powerhouse, it nonetheless owns a 3-0 record and has outscored its opponents by a 115-30 margin.


Towson Vs. Maryland: Terps To Wear Red Uniforms, Black Pants

The ongoing Maryland football uniform fascination rolls on, which means it is our duty to report to you all which jerseys the Terps will be wearing when they take the field against Towson at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday. After going with the state flag look against Miami, the all-black ensemble against West Virginia and the gold jersey/black pants combo vs. Temple, the Terps will wear red jerseys with black pants and black helmets, according to coach Randy Edsall.


These are not among my personal favorites of the zillions of possible combinations, but if the players can be inspired enough to give a legitimate effort, then the uniforms are fine by me. The Terps will need to bounce back after last week's embarrassing loss to the Owls. Perhaps going away from the gold jerseys is one way to make sure a better performance happens.

For more on the Terps, visit Testudo Times.


Towson Vs. Maryland: Terps Look To Get Back On Track Against Towson

Coming off an embarrassing home loss to Temple, the Terps stay home to face FCS Towson and look to get back to .500.

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