WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 23: Manager Jim Riggleman #5 of the Washington Nationals during the first inning against the Seattle Mariners at Nationals Park on June 23, 2011 in Washington, DC. According to reports, Riggleman has resigned as manager of the Nationals. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Former Nationals Manager Jim Riggleman Reportedly Hired As Special Assignment Scout By Giants

Former Washington Nationals manager Jim Riggleman is in discussions with the San Francisco Giants about becoming a scout.

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Jim Riggleman Reportedly Hired As Special Assignment Scout For San Fransisco Giants

The San Fransisco Giants have reportedly hired Jim Riggleman as a scout, a move which has been speculated for about a week now. Riggleman will reportedly serve as a special assignment scout, focusing on teams in the NL East.

The Jim Riggleman hire is official. He's a special assignment scout. Sabean lauded his knowledge of NL East, baseball experience.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Is it possible that the Giants are so threatened by the Nationals that they needed to use Jim Riggleman's expertise and knowledge of the club to gain a competitive balance? Is the team just that good? Probably not. But I have to admit, I was a little surprised that Riggleman was able to find a second job at all, let alone this quickly.


Former Nationals Manager Jim Riggleman May Become Scout For San Francisco Giants

When Jim Riggleman left the Washington Nationals very abruptly on beautiful day in June, his future in Baseball was very seriously in doubt. He had kind of quit on a team, and that's not the kind of thing that teams look to fondly on. But it looks like Riggleman is already getting another shot, and it's with a team that's fresh off a World Series Championship. According to Comcast Bay Area, Colman will interview for a scouting position with the San Fransisco Giants.

"It would be something along the lines of scouting," (Manager Bruce) Bochy said. "It's not on the field right now. It'd be looking at our system, consulting, things like that. All those things, we'd be talking about."

So, he's not getting into the dugout, but remember when Davey Johnson was an off the field part of the Nationals organization? Riggleman might not have a managerial position, but he will probably be somewhere down the chain of command. We'll keep you updated to let you know how Riggs does at the big job interview.

Davey Johnson Named Field Manager Of The Washington Nationals

All the rumors, information and stories pertaining to Davey Johnson being named manager of the Washington Nationals have accumulated into one final announcement early Sunday afternoon that confirmed what many have known not long after former Nationals manager Jim Riggleman resigned from the team on Thursday: Davey Johnson is the next manager of the Washington Nationals. Via Nationals Press Release:

The Washington Nationals today announced that Davey Johnson has been named to serve as field manager and will be in uniform Monday for the Nationals game against the Los Angeles Angels. Nationals Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations and General Manager Mike Rizzo made the announcement.

Johnson, a senior advisor to Rizzo since 2009, will direct the Nationals on the field for the remainder of the 2011 season.  He also agreed to a three-year consulting contract that will have him remain with the Nationals after this season and allow him to participate in the hiring of his successor.

"We could have absolutely no better choice to lead the Nationals at this time than Davey Johnson," Rizzo said.  "He knows the game, he knows our players, he knows our fans, he knows the Washington, DC area, and he knows exactly what we need to be doing to build the Nationals into a contender."

Current interim manager John McLaren announced that after Johnson was named manager he would resign from the Nationals coaching staff to work with the front office and become a scout for the organization.


Washington Waits For Davey Johnson To Be Officially Named Manager Of Nationals

It is set and done: Davey Johnson, once special assistant to the Washington Nationals will be the next manager of the Nationals. Washington and its fans are now in a holding pattern as they wait for the official word to come down from the team and some final details are ironed out. Johnson's agent has been in Japan and it is rumored this is part of the reason why an announcement has yet to be made.

Several pieces of information have come to light that give a clearer picture of what is going to be expected of Johnson. Today, general Mike Rizzo told FOX during a live broadcast of Saturday's game that the originally reported contract going through 2013 is false and Johnson is only signed for 2011 and will be a strong candidate for the position full time as the team does a broader manager search at the end of the season.

Johnson will travel to Chicago to be with the team on Sunday as interim manager John McLaren's time at the helm runs out and will fully take control Monday as the Nationals face the Los Angeles Angels. McLaren, in the meantime, will resign as interim manager and possibly remain in the organization, but not at his old position as bench coach. Rizzo on the FOX broadcast also mentioning having plans for McLaren, but would not go into more detail as he and McLaren have not solidified any plans as of yet.


John McLaren Will Resign From Interim Manager Position But Possibly Stay In Organization

Conflicting reports are coming out that Interim Manager John McLaren will indeed resign when Davey Johnson is named manager of the Washington Nationals sometime before Monday, but he will be only resigning his interim manager position. He will be looking to stay in the Washington organization.

Sources have confirmed that John McLaren is indeed planning to resign as #Nats interim manager but may stay in the organization.less than a minute ago via HootSuite Favorite Retweet Reply


Previous reports had McLaren resigning completely from the Nationals due to loyalties to former manager Jim Riggleman and a rival of Johnson's.

During the live FOX Sports broadcast of the game between the Nationals and Chicago White Sox, Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo stated that he had plans for McLaren, but he and the weekend interim manager have not made any plans solid as of yet.

Until Johnson is given the official role and the fates of the coaching staff is known, there will probably be plenty more rumor and conflicting information as the team shores up after a strange, but rough end of the week.


Nationals Interim Manager John McLaren Will Resign After Team Names Davey Johnson Manager

It seemed the Washington Nationals and General Manager Mike Rizzo cleaned up the Jim Riggleman resigning mess with focus and speed this weekend. After Riggleman quit on the team on Thursday, Rizzo was quick to name John McLaren interim manager in only hours time and Friday night it was all, but signed and done that special assistant to the team Davey Johnson would be named manager through 2013, starting on Monday. Information from new reports say the Nationals mess is not cleaned up just yet.

In another strange twist to this baseball drama McLaren the interim manager is planning to resign after the Nationals make the announcement that Johnson will be taking over. It seems McLaren is close to manager Lou Piniella who is a "rival" of Johnson. This strange loyalty coupled to McLaren's loyalty to Riggleman is enough to make him too walk out on the team.

While this will be just something more for the Nationals Front Office to deal with, losing a bench coach is not as extreme as losing a manager and Rizzo will no doubt be quick to either hire a bench coach from the outside or promote from within the organization.

Rumor has it the Nationals will name Davey Johnson Washington Nationals manager sometime Saturday night, but they are still ironing out the details.


Nationals Hire Davey Johnson To Manage The Nationals Through 2013

According to reports the Washington Nationals have hired 68-year old special assistant to the team Davey Johnson to manage the Nationals for the rest of 2011 and beyond. The deal, that was being negotiated on Friday night, is said to last through 2013.

Johnson has not managed in the Majors since 2000, but has playoff and World Series experience managing teams like the New York Mets, Cincinnati Reds, Baltimore Orioles, Los Angeles Dodgers and a U.S. Olympic Team. He also has a career .564 winning percentage and is greatly respected throughout the league. It is unknown when Johnson will join the team and take over duties from interim manager John McLaren, but rumor has it could be as soon as Monday when the Nationals begin a three-game series against the Los Angeles Angels.

Johnson will be taking over a rising Washington team from exiled manager Jim Riggleman who resigned on Thursday due to contract disputes. McLaren was named interim manager that same night with full knowledge it would possibly just be a weekend job as GM Mike Rizzo was firm and focused on finding a replacement as soon as possible. McLaren was ejected from Friday night's game against the White Sox for disputing a reversed call in the eighth-inning.

Johnson taking over the reigns can only be viewed as a step in the right direction and is a lightning quick, but solid hire for the Nationals.


Davey Johnson Possibly In Final Negotiations To Become Washington Nationals Manager

Adam Kilgore of the Nationals Journal from the Washington Post reports that Davey Johnson is in possibly in final negotiations Friday night to become the manager of the Washington Nationals for the rest of 2011 season and possibly beyond.

The deal isn't finalized, but Davey Johnson is in final discussions to becoming the #Nats manager. http://wapo.st/jvycR5less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


This comes after former manager Jim Riggleman suddenly resigned due to contract disputes on Thursday afternoon.

Kilgore writes in an article that Johnson "was in final negotiations Friday night and could take over Monday, when the Nationals begin a three-game series against the Los Angeles Angels."

If true, many believe the Nationals would have successfully replaced one manager for a better manager as Johnson is well respected throughout the league and has experience coaching teams to the playoffs and even the World Series.


Davey Johnson A Candidate To Replace Jim Riggleman As Washington Nationals Manager, According To Report

Now that Jim RIggleman has resigned as the Washington Nationals' manager, the question shifts to his ultimate replacement. For now, bench coach John McLaren will assume the duties. But with Riggleman gone, there is talk that general manager Mike Rizzo will look to make a bigger splash.

That is probably why Rizzo is potentially considering former Orioles manager and World Series champion Davey Johnson to take over the position, according to a report by Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman. Johnson, 68, has not managed since 2000.

Word is, Rizzo does want a veteran and will consider Davey Johnson, who took the Mets to a 1986 World Series championship and has been serving as an advisor to Rizzo. Johnson isn't quite Jack McKeon in terms of being an old-timer - he's 68 -- but he hasn't managed since 2000 with the Dodgers. Associates of Johnson's said he was preparing to take a scouting trip at Rizzo's request on Sunday, and while Johnson has been through a very rough period personally with the recent death of his stepson, he would probably accept the interim managing assignment if called. Johnson is said to love Riggleman, and he doesn't want to say anything insensitive to the situation.

Heyman also reports that Riggleman nearly quit several times prior to Thursday. He nearly did it when Rizzo received a contract extension before him, and also nearly did it at the Winter Meetings and Spring Training.


Jim Riggleman Resignation Is Something Mike Rizzo Says He 'Doesn't Understand'

Mike Rizzo made a brief appearance on "The Mike Wise Show" on 106.7 The Fan, and reiterated that he still is shocked by manager Jim Riggleman's decision to resign as the Washington Nationals' manager. Rizzo said he still doesn't understand what Riggleman was thinking

Rizzo on @1067thefandc 'I tired to talk him out of resigning. I don't understand why it's come to this point.'less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


Rizzo dismissed concerns that he didn't communicate well with Riggleman, saying he felt his communication with his manager was one of the most vibrant in the entire league. He also dismissed the idea that Riggleman could not manage without knowing his future, saying he's been on one-year contracts his entire life. Ultimately, Rizzo said he concluded that giving him an extension was not something he was willing to do right now.

"I didn't feel that June 23rd was the appropriate time to determine if he was going to lead us into the future," he said.


Jim Riggleman Resigns, And Now Washington Nationals Must Adjust Without Their Manager

Just when the Nats seemed to find their groove, their manager walked away from the game. How will the team react, and where does the organization go from here?


John McLaren Named Nationals Interim Manager

Earlier it was reported that Washington Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo would announce an interim manager for the team on Friday after former manager Jim Riggleman resigned on Thursday due to contract disputes. It seems the Nationals did not want to wait for Friday and have named bench coach John McLaren as Interim Manager.

John McLaren will take over as Nationals interim manager. More on MASNSports.com soon.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply


McLaren will take over the team for the first time as interim manager Friday when the Nationals visit Chicago for a series with the White Sox. McLaren had a short stint in the manager job before with the Seattle Mariners from 2007 to 2008. He also held coaching positions with the Toronto Blue Jays, Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds, and Tampa Bay Rays. He replaced Pat Corrales as Nationals bench coach in 2009.


Mike Rizzo Shoots Down Chance Of Reconciliation And Will Name Interim Manager Friday

A recent tweet from Washington Nationals beat writer Bill Ladson pretty much ends all speculation there might be a chance that the Nationals and former manager Jim Riggleman can work things out after Riggleman abruptly resigned from the Nationals on Thursday:

I just spoke to agent Burton Rocks. Jim Riggleman and the #Nats are #not resolving anything. Rizzo will name an interim manager Friday. #MLBless than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply


There is plenty of speculation who might be next to take the Nationals manager role, everyone from third base coach Bo Porter to Davey Johnson have popped up in conversations. Whoever it might be they will be coming on the job in the gravest of situations.


Mike Rizzo Issues Statement On Jim Riggleman's Resignation

Mike Rizzo has issued a formal statement commenting on Jim Riggleman's sudden resignation as the manager of the Washington Nationals. In it, he reiterated many of the things he said earlier, saying he felt Riggleman put his own interests in front of the teams'.

"I talked to Jim before the season and have emphasized since that no decision would be made on his extension until after the end of the season.  I am surprised and disappointed, personally, and am even more disappointed for our players and fans.  I was always taught that one of the cardinal rules of baseball was that no individual can put his interests before those of the team.

"Obviously, his resignation comes when all our attentions should be directed toward the field and the impressive performances of our players over the past two weeks, winning 11 of the last 12 games.  I met with players immediately after the game and asked that they not allow Jim's decision to distract them from goals we established before the season.  

Rizzo reiterated his disappointment in Riggleman's decision and said he was unwilling to meet his demands.


Jim Riggleman Resigns, Says He's 'Too Old To Be Disrespected' By Washington Nationals

In a post game press conference following the Washington Nationals 2-1 victory over the Seattle Mariners, former Nationals manager Jim Riggleman resigned, telling reporters that the reason he set an ultimatum and ultimately resigned was because he felt disrespected by General Manager Mike Rizzo and the organization.

Riggleman said he approached Rizzo to discuss his contract, but Rizzo shot him down and did not want to speak about it at the time. After that, Riggleman knew his time in Washington was over.




It is never cool for an employer to disrespect its employees and in that respect we sort of understand where Riggleman is coming from. But still, you have to wonder what Riggleman is thinking. Is he himself not disrespecting the players that have counted on him to do the right thing and make the decisions to move them forward? Is he not turning his back on a fan base that did everything it could to embrace him?

Many questions will be answered in the coming days.


Mike Rizzo Says He Was 'Very Taken Aback' By Jim Riggleman's Resignation

Mike Rizzo spoke to the media to announce Jim Riggleman's shocking resignation as the manager of the Washington Nationals, and admitted he was shocked as well by Riggleman's decision.

"I was very taken aback by it and very surprised by it," he said.

Rizzo said Riggleman came to him earlier in the morning and said that if his contract option for 2012 wasn't picked up by the end of the day, he would "not get on the team bus. Rizzo said he was unwilling to make that commitment yet, and Riggleman stuck to his guns.

"We have discussed his option being picked up. Several times during the season, I felt the time wasn't right for me to pick up the option as of this time," Rizzo said. "Certainly, today's conversation to me and the way it was put to me, you can't make that decision in a knee-jerk reaction. It's too big of a decision to be made in that way."

Rizzo informed the team immediately after the game, and said they were shocked. When asked about his feelings with Riggleman's decision, Rizzo was honest.

"We're playing so well, coming off a homestand where we should be celebrating coming into Chicago, coming off a great month of playing baseball. I thought we were really starting to hit our stride," he said. "I'm disappointed that this is a distraction. It's not thinking of team first; it's thinking of personal goals first. That's probably what disappoints me most."

Rizzo did say the Nationals would pull through, comparing this situation to the Stephen Strasburg and Ryan Zimmerman injuries.

"We will move on from this, we will move forward, and we will not miss a beat." Mentions Strasburg and Zimmerman injury.

Audio via 106.7 The Fan.


Jim Riggleman Resigns As Washington Nationals' Manager

In a shocking development, Jim Riggleman has resigned as the manager of the Washington Nationals, reportedly because his option was not picked up for next season. The news circulated after the Nationals' 1-0 win over the Seattle Mariners on Thursday to put the Nationals at one game over .500.

Riggleman, whose contract was up after the season, was upset that he his option was not picked up for next season, according to FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal.

Riggleman apparently upset that option had not been picked up, upset over way he was treated by Nationals.

In a news conference after the game, general manager Mike Rizzo said Riggleman informed him he would resign if his status wasn't resolved by the end of the game.

"Jim told me pregame today that if we wouldn't pick up his [contract] option that he wouldn't get on the team bus today," Rizzo said at a news conference after the Nationals defeated the Seattle Mariners 1-0, lifting the team to a winning record."

Riggleman will not address the media on Thursday. For more on this, visit Federal Baseball.

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