Albert Haynesworth Radio Interview: Haynesworth Bashes Redskins, Says There Are 'Some Kind Of Haters' In Organization

In an interview on 106.7 The Fan, Albert Haynesworth responded to media reports that he missed practice time on Friday due to being hungover. He called some of his teammates "cowards" and said the report was full of lies.

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Albert Haynesworth Radio Interview: Haynesworth Lashes Out At Teammates, Mike Shanahan And Redskins Organization

Albert Haynesworth told his side of the story involving his season-long feud with Mike Shanahan and the rest of the Redskins' organization. In a 27-minute interview with The Kevin And Rock Show on 106.7 The Fan, along with Grant Paulsen, Haynesworth lashes out at his teammates, his coaches and the organization, telling his side of the story on why he was deactivated against the New York Giants last Sunday. In the process, he may have talked his way off the Redskins, doing pretty much that without saying anything officially.

Part I of our summary is here. Here are some quick notes from Part II. We'll have more later. 

  • Haynesworth admitted to arriving late to Friday's practice, at which point he said he was asked to meet with Mike Shanahan. Shanahan told him he wasn't exhibiting enough effort in practice. Haynesworth then went to a defensive players' meeting that he was late to. 
  • Haynesworth said he was upset about being signaled out and being deactivated.  "There were plenty of players that has been late.  You get fined and you move on."   
  • Haynesworth responded to the assertion that he was a poor practice player:  "If I didn't have a good practice, sue me.  Not everyone's going to have a good practice.  IT doesn't mean you can't play well on Sunday."
  • He also responded to his teammates' requests to "get in line."  "Get in line? OK I was a minute late... I'm not a distraction ... I'm a man. Hopefully they're a man."
  • In general, Haynesworth said he's grown weary of all the drama as well. "I  think other teams know I can still play the game and play it at the high level I can.  It's just too much stuff going on that doesn't have to do with football.  It's ridiculous.  Let's concentrate on football and do what we're paid to do to win games. These kid games make me sick."
  • When asked to characterize his relationship with Shanahan, Haynesworth simply said  "All I'm saying is, I'm the player, and he's the head coach." He added that he's not coming into the office tomorrow to speak to him.  "I'm not going in the office tomorrow. I'm still heated over this. I'm just sick of it."    
  • Haynesworth reiterated that he's not a good fit in the 3-4 defense.  "I'm a guy that attacks, I penetrate, I get to the backfield, I cause havoc.  When you watch at nose guard, they follow the O-lineman whichever way the center goes.  They are kind of just going sideways down the line.  You want me to be disruptive, but you have me going sideways.  It's almost impossible." He added that  "you pay me to be the best defensive tackle and you change my position.  It's not going to be the same production."
  • Finally, he said that if he is let go, he will make the Redskins regret it. " There would be no other DT in the league who can out play me."

Albert Haynesworth: 'I Could Have Played. I Wanted To Play'

There are two sides to every story. Reporters have been telling theirs all weekend, headlined by these tweets from Kelli Johnson of Comcast SportsNet regarding

Several team sources tell me that Haynesworth went out Thurs and showed up late fri, missed a team meeting & appeared 2 be "hungover" ... Haynesworth calls story total bs. Told me he went out Thurs but didn't feel well so he went home early; also said there wasnt a team meeting ... FYI team meeting is more like a roll call where everyone meets before breaking into off/def.Albert told me he met w/Shanahan first thing fri

Albert Haynesworth got his first chance to respond publicly tonight on 106.7 The Fan, speaking with the Kevin and Rock Show.

On the reports that he showed up hungover on Friday:
"I went out on Thursday but left early because I wasn't feeling good, and then went home ... For these people to try to make up lies to try to make me look bad, I think they're cowards ... If they have something to say they should say it to me and not to the media ... Be a man. If you got something to say to me then you come say it to my face ... We're not little girls or anything."

On his inactive status for Sunday's game against the Giants:
"Bottom line, Sunday I was ready to play. I could have played, I wanted to play. Come to find out, all my stuff is packed up ... I'm still the player I was in Tennessee. Getting 14 snaps a game isn't helping anything ... The game before against the Vikings, Phil [Daniels] went out there with minimum snaps and Phil made plays"

On if he wants to be released by the Redskins:
"I'm just happy to have a job. I'm not gonna say anything like that about wanting to be cut. Nobody wants to be cut. But I do want to show people that I can play. Let me play like I did in Tennesse. I can show you ... I love the game of football. Let me be great at it. Let me reach my goals. I want to be the best defensive lineman to ever play this game."


Albert Haynesworth Reportedly Missed Practice Time Due To Hangover

We heard yesterday that Albert Haynesworth was deactivated for the Redskins' game against the Giants due to missing practice on Friday with an illness.

Now we're learning that his illness wasn't the flu, or a virus, or even "headaches." His illness was self-inflicted. His illness was a hangover, according to Ryan O'Halloran of CSN Washington.

Multiple sources tell @ that Haynesworth appeared “hung over” Friday morning and didn’t appear until defensive meeting started.

In his daily appearance on 106.7 The Fan's LaVar Arrington Show With Chad Dukes, beat reporter Grant Paulsen went on to suggest that many of the writers had speculated that Haynesworth looked hungover during the morning practice on Friday. Paulsen spoke with a defensive player in the locker room and was told that "players took notice in practice that he wasn't himself."

Wasn't himself? So he didn't need to be carted off the field due to being winded?

We'll have more on Haynesworth as the new twist in this story develops.


Mike Shanahan Will Talk To Albert Haynesworth Before Deciding His Future

We expected Mike Shanahan to issue a swift denial of all the rumors regarding Albert Haynesworth's future with the Washington Redskins following his deactivation on Sunday. Shanahan did issue a swift response, but it's tough to call it an outright denial.

Speaking at the beginning of his weekly Monday press conference, Shanahan said he would hold off on conveying his decision on Haynesworth's future until he had a chance to sit down and talk to him one on one. He did not unequivocally say the team is not releasing him, as Adam Schefter reported earlier, but he did not make a statement the other way either. 

Shanahan said he wasn't sure exactly when he would meet with Haynesworth ("it could be today, could be tomorrow or Wednesday. A few scenarios could play out," he said), but he promised assembled media that he would have more of an update on his status on Wednesday. 

Shanahan also said he did not regret waiting to tell Haynesworth he was deactivated until just moments before kickoff, saying that's the case with anyone. He added that he did it "in the best interest of his team."


Despite Reports, Washington Redskins Will Not Release Albert Haynesworth

After he was deactivated against the Giants, reports started emerging that the Redskins were considering releasing Albert Haynesworth, as early as today. According to Adam Schefter, the guru of NFL knowledge, that isn't going to happen. Not today, not this week, and not before the season ends.

There's speculation that Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth will be released today. He will not. Not today, not this season.

He continues to say that this will not happen because something like that is decidedly not a "Mike Shanahan" type of move.

Knowing Mike Shanahan, he would not do Haynesworth a favor, give him a ticket out of Wash. Haynesworth issue will be handled differently.

That actually makes sense. Based on all the stuff that is coming out of Washington, nobody would benefit from being released more than Albert Haynesworth. It would get him out of Shanahan's doghouse permanently, and it wouldn't really hurt his pocket like it would with most players. Does that seem like the type of thing that Shanahan, who seems to hate Haynesworth with a burning passion (my words), would do? He knows Haynesworth is miserable in the role he has carved out for him, and I think he intends to keep him there as long as he can. Yeah, that definitely sounds more like him.


Report: Washington Redskins Seriously Considering Releasing Albert Haynesworth

Just when we thought the Albert Haynesworth drama was over, the defensive tackle missed a couple practices and drew enough of Mike Shanahan's ire to be deactivated for the team's game against the New York Giants. Now, it looks like the Redskins may finally have had enough. A source tells ESPN 980's Chris Russell that the team is considering releasing Haynesworth this week.

#redskins source tells @espnradio980team is giving 'serious consideration' to releasing Haynesworth by Saturday. Source says '75% likely'    

Releasing Haynesworth is an admission that the events of last week are far more serious than it appeared on the surface. The Redskins have already given Haynesworth most of the money from his massive contract signed in 2009, so this is certainly not a financial move. Instead, it's a sign that Haynesworth may have truly lost the respect of the organization and the people in the locker room.

The trouble started when Haynesworth was late to practice on Friday. He claimed he was sick, but other players such as Phillip Daniels were able to practice despite also being sick. Haynesworth then reportedly missed a number of team meetings, leading to Shanahan's decision to deactivate him. After the game, Haynesworth said the move "shocked him," while Shanahan said Haynesworth simply had a poor week of practice.  A number of Redskins indicated to Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post that they were tired of Haynesworth's situation and had little sympathy for him.


Teammates Know Better Than To React To The Benching Of Albert Haynesworth

While Albert Haynesworth was allegedly rather demonstrative in voicing his displeasure over being benched, his teammates probably know that doing the same will land them a spot next to Big Al in Shanahan's doghouse. That's why, according to Rick Maese of the Washington Post's Redskins Insider, other members of the Redskins aren't saying too much in regards to Haynesworth being inactive for the game.

"Coach made the decision not to dress him," linebacker London Fletcher said, "so that's the decision they made."

Yes London, that is a perfectly sound statement of fact. They benched him, so he was benched. Way to go out on a limb. And that's pretty much how most of the Redskins sounded when they were talking about Haynesworth. But here is something from Phillip Daniels that seemed kind of interesting.

"All I know is that a lot of talk was about Albert before this game, and it could have been a distraction for a lot of guys."

I'm not ready to pin the loss on Albert Haynesworth being listed inactive, either for his absence on the field or the potential distraction it could have caused, but do I think that it helped in any way? No. Football is a hard sport to play, and it doesn't make a lot of sense for them to introduce a potential distraction like this right before a game. There is no way it could have helped, and that's the bottom line.


Albert Haynesworth Expresses Frustration About Being Deactivated

The Albert Haynesworth saga has been revived, and it doesn't look like a happy ending is on the horizon. He was deactivated before the game after dealing with an illness late in the week, though coach Mike Shanahan said it was because he didn't practice much on Thursday or Friday. After the game, Haynesworth didn't seem to buy that one.

According to a report by ESPN 980's Chris Russell, Haynesworth was visibly upset in the locker room after the game.

To cap it off, a source told me Albert in locker room before media let in said "I was late 2 F***ing minutes and they bench me"? #redskins

This came after Haynesworth appeared to be in a verbal confrontation with defensive coordinator Jim Haslett before the game. As Russell notes, it appears that there's more to this story than what meets the eye. According to Rick Maese of the Washington Post, Haynesworth missed one team meeting and was late to another. But that didn't stop Haynesworth from expressing his frustration about this situation after the game. He said he was "shocked" he didn't play, and had this to say.

"I was sick, so I did show up a minute late," Haynesworth said. "I don't think that's a reason to sit out."    

When asked whether he was upset by the decision, Haynesworth said "this is their organization. I'm just a piece." Rather cryptic words, on the surface.


Shanahan Says He Deactivated Albert Haynesworth Because He Didn't Have Good Week Of Practice

Illness or no illness, it appears Albert Haynesworth did not have a good week of practice, according to Mike Shanahan.

In his post game press conference after the Giants game, Shanahan cited a poor practice on Thursday and a missed practice Friday for the reasons why Haynesworth did not play in todays game, according to Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan:

Shanahan says that Albert Haynesworth didn't play because he didn't have a good practice on Thursday and didn't practice at all on Friday.

It was the fourth game Haynesworth has missed this season, and it was perhaps the game he could have impacted the most. The Redskins defense allowed 197 rushing yards against the Giants, with the defensive line having perhaps it's worst game of the season. They were unable to get any push up front, which allowed Giant's running backs huge holes to run through and allowed Eli Manning to sit comfortably in the pocket to survey the field. 

Unfortunately for the Redskins, this is another chapter in the Shanahan vs. Haynesworth saga that seems to never end.


Albert Haynesworth Inactive Against Giants Due To Illness, Poor Practice

Just when things look to improving in this ongoing saga, it takes a new turn. The drama that has pitted Albert Haynesworth against Mike Shanahan since April 2010 has suddenly gotten worse once again.

The big defensive tackle missed practice on Friday due to illness, and was a surprise inclusion on the inactive list for the Redskins' big NFC East clash against the Giants today. But according to Kelli Johnson of CSN-Washington, there may be more to this progressing story.

In addition to missing Fri practice because he was sick, I'm told Shanahan didn't feel like Haynesworth practiced well on Thurs;unbelievable

Today's game will be the fourth that Haynesworth misses this season. He missed the Redskins' Week 2 matchup against the Texans due to a minor injury, then missed back-to-back games against the Packers and Colts due to a death in the family.

Haynesworth's absense from the Colts game was highly criticized on both sides. The lineman said he could have played, but was held out because he had missed practices during the week.

Could we be seeing something similiar today? Looks like.


Albert Haynesworth Fined $7,500 By NFL For Blind Side Block

Just when it seemed like things were getting better for Albert Haynesworth, the NFL stepped in and said "wait a minute."

Via ESPN's Chris Mortensen, the NFL fined the Redskins defensive tackle $7,500 for a blindside block on Chicago Bears offensive lineman J'Marcus Webb. The block came in the third quarter, when Redskins defensive back DeAngelo Hall returned a Jay Cutler interception 92 yards for what proved to be the game-winning score.

Haynesworth's block came away from the play, though he was not penalized on the play.


Jim Haslett Admits Redskins Changed Defensive Scheme To Help Albert Haynesworth

Remember when Albert Haynesworth and Mike Shanahan were fighting tooth and nail about Haynesworth having to play the 3-4? It wasn't too long ago that this was the big story in D.C. Now, after a game against Chicago where Haynesworth dominated, the Redskins have admitted that they have made some changes to better suit Haynesworth's style.

After practice today, defensive coordinator Jim Haslett admitted that he "had to change some things" to find the right role for Haynesworth. In fact, Haslett went so far to say that having Haynesworth play in a 3-4 set was "like getting a square peg in a round hole." He later said that he still believes Haynesworth can find a way to fit in in the future, but it's still an interesting admission considering what we've been through this season.

Haslett also said that the team has only been in a base 3-4 about "35 percent" of the time, so perhaps that is why he uttered the quote he did above. But it's still makes you wonder why we had to go through all the stuff we went through in the preseason.


Mike Shanahan Plans On Albert Haynesworth Being Active Against The Bears

The trade deadline has passed and we know that Albert Haynesworth will be a member of the Redskins for the rest of the season. So they might as well play him, right? Well that appears to be the plan. After being inactive against the Colts last weekend, Mike Shanahan is expecting Albert Haynesworth to play against the Bears on Sunday. 

Shanny, talking to Chicago reporters re Haynesworth: "We plan on him being active." #Redskins visit Bears Sun.less than a minute ago via web

The Bears offensive line has had an incredible amount of trouble protecting Jay Cutler and running the ball, so the Redskins defensive line should be able to have some success on Sunday. This might be a good game for Haynesworth to make an impact. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


Titans Coach Jeff Fisher Says Redskins Didn't Want To Trade Albert Haynesworth

The 4 p.m. NFL Trade Deadline has come and gone, and Albert Haynesworth is still with the Washington Redskins. However, that doesn't appear to be because nobody wanted him. In an interview with Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, Titans coach Jeff Fisher admitted that his team expressed interest in trading for Haynesworth, but the Redskins were unwilling to give him up.

Coach Jeff Fisher on Tuesday did not deny the Titans had interest in re-acquiring Albert Haynesworth. But Fisher said the Redskins clearly weren't interested in dealing the defensive tackle they gave a $100 million contract in 2009.

Fisher said the Titans weren't desperate to get Haynesworth, but did admit that they made some exploratory calls in April and September to acquire Haynesworth. The Titans and the Redskins could never agree on proper compensation, with the Redskins reportedly holding out for a second-round pick. 


Washington Redskins Do Not Trade Albert Haynesworth At NFL Trade Deadline

After several months of trade rumors in the wake of his behavior before the 2010 NFL season, Albert Haynesworth will remain a member of the Washington Redskins past today's NFL Trade Deadline, according to Jason Reid of the Washington Post.

Reid reports that no team was willing to meet Mike Shanahan's asking price on Haynesworth, which appears to be a second-round pick. That may seem high for someone being paid so much and underperforming, but since Haynesworth received the bulk of his contract already, his deal was much more affordable going forward. Nevertheless, the Redskins were unable to find a taker for Haynesworth at the price they desired. 

The question now is whether the Redskins will work harder to incorporate Haynesworth into their defense now that they know he will not be traded.


Report: Albert Haynesworth Trade Appears Unlikely

With just minutes left until the 4 p.m. NFL Trade Deadline, Albert Haynesworth remains a member of the Washington Redskins. Barring something crazy, it appears he will stay that way, according to Jason Reid of the Washington Post.

Reid reports that Mike Shanahan rarely backs down from his initial asking price when putting a player on the trade block, which jives with an earlier report that the Redskins were willing to accept less than a second-round pick for Haynesworth. Since no team is willing to meet the second-round pick demand at this time, Reid concludes that a Haynesworth trade is "unlikely."

We'll find out for sure in a matter of minutes.


Report: Redskins Considering Lowering Asking Price In Albert Haynesworth Trade

With only a few hours left until the 4 p.m. NFL Trade Deadline, it appears the Washington Redskins may be considering lowering their asking price for disgruntled defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth. For a while, the Redskins were reportedly asking for a second-round pick in return for Haynesworth, but according to a report from's Jason La Canfora, they may be willing to now accept less in return.

The Redskins have been holding out for a second-round pick, according to sources, but the price could be dropping, sources say, with the deadline now just hours away.

Haynesworth was clearly upset about being inactive for last Sunday's game against the Indianapolis Colts, and said he wouldn't be surprised if he was traded. The Tennessee Titans, Haynesworth's former club, remain the team most interested in Haynesworth, and according to La Canfora, they have had the "most consistent contact" with the Redskins about Haynesworth.

Redskins general manager Bruce Allen told NBC's Andrea Kramer that Haynesworth would not be traded, and coach Mike Shanahan said yesterday that there's a "pretty good chance" he would be with the team past this week. However, La Canfora writes that, regardless of what happens today, Haynesworth is not a part of the team's long-term plans.


Mike Shanahan Says There's A 'Pretty Good Chance' Albert Haynesworth Will Not Be Traded

In light of the Washington Redskins' decision to make Albert Haynesworth inactive for their game against the Indianapolis Colts, it's only natural to wonder whether they're considering dealing Haynesworth before the October 19 NFL Trade Deadline. Haynesworth already said that he wouldn't be surprised if the team dealt him, but general manager Bruce Allen said Haynesworth will remain a Redskin for the rest of the season.

In his weekly press conference, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan was asked about the possibility of Haynesworth getting traded. After dancing around the issue for a while, saying he "likes to keep you guessing," Shanahan had this to say.

"There's a pretty good chance Albert will not be traded."

Shanahan did say that "you'll have to wait and see," adding that he'll be very happy when the deadline passes so he won't have to answer questions about a Haynesworth trade.

Regarding the decision to deactivate Haynesworth, Shanahan simply said that he did not think Haynesworth was in good enough shape to play. When asked to compare Haynesworth to Randy Moss, a player that played right after being traded, Shanahan said the situations weren't comparable because Moss at least practiced with the Vikings and was in "football shape." He added that the decision to deactivate Haynesworth was made in part because he was worried about Haynesworth's mental well-being, saying "it's not just based on what's best for our football team, it's based on what's best for him."


Redskins Players Think Albert Haynesworth Would Have Helped Against The Colts

Last week was a tough week for Albert Haynesworth and Mike Shanahan still felt like the time off meant Haynesworth might not be prepared to play on Sunday. We've heard Albert himself say he was ready to play in the game and now, according to Mike Jones at TBD, some of his fellow defensive players feel like he could have had a positive impact on the game had he been out there.

“Oh, yeah,” linebacker Lorenzo Alexander said when asked if Haynesworth could‘ve helped against the Colts. “He would’ve played a lot. He would’ve been in the Vonnie Holliday/Jeremy Jarmon [role], wreaking havoc. [Indianapolis' guards] are really pretty under-sized guys, so he probably would’ve blown them off the line." ...

Said linebacker Andre Carter, “It’s unfortunate. We know that he missed Wednesday’s practice and with good reason. But whoever’s in there, you just have to go up and play. That’s the business, it’s the NFL. We hope that he can contribute this week coming up against Chicago.”

London Fletcher reportedly agreed. Haynesworth probably would have been able to help the team but there is no way to know if he would have made the difference between a win and a loss. It's easy to play Monday morning quarterback and say "what if," particularly on a night when the Colts had a very potent rushing attack.

But Haynesworth hasn't been a huge difference maker for the Redskins so far this season so it might be jumping the gun a little to assume he could have won the game for the Redskins. Having said that, an extra body on the defensive line (especially one as big as Haynesworth's) is never a bad thing.


Mike Shanahan Comments On Albert Haynesworth's Availability

A healthy, suited Albert Haynesworth was inactive for last night's tilt against the Colts and he was able witness the Colts running game tear the Redskins defensive line to shreds. Many are questioning why a healthy Haynesworth was not on the field Sunday night as his presence as a run stopper would have been valuable on a night where the Redskins gave up over five yards per carry. Jason Reid of WaPo caught up with Coach Mike Shanahan following the game and received the following comment on his troubled defensive tackle:

"I just thought six or seven days without working out and coming in after the game plan has already been implemented, it was just a combination of both of those things."

Now I'm sure that the Redskins were implementing some fairly complex defensive schemes against the Colts, but it's not like Haynesworth drops back into coverage all that much. A day of cramming and Haynesworth could probably have been brought up to speed on the playbook. Haynesworth is like a missile, you just point him in the direction he needs to go, so I find it strange that a player supposedly worth a large pile of lucre is not thought capable of grasping an adjusted scheme.


Redskins GM Bruce Allen Pledges They Won't Trade Albert Haynesworth

We have just two days until the NFL Trade Deadline, and considering Albert Haynesworth is not playing tonight despite saying he was ready, trade speculation is certain to pick up. The defensive tackle even said that he thought he could be traded before the October 19 deadline.

However, Redskins GM Bruce Allen told NBC's Andrea Kramer that the team will not look to trade Haynesworth.

Allen said the Redskins have never talked about trading Haynesworth and still are not. I asked him if Haynesworth will still be a member of the Redskins after the trading deadline and he said, "yes, he will still be a member of the Redskins"    

We certainly won't know for sure until after October 19, but that's a pretty strong statement that he will be here for the rest of the season. The Tennessee Titans remain interested in Haynesworth, but are still unwilling to surrender more than a fourth-round pick.


Albert Haynesworth Says He Could Have Played

Albert Haynesworth arrived at FedEx Field tonight with the hope that he would be able to play.

In a conversation with Andrea Kramer of NBC Sports, Haynesworth said that his conditioning was not an issue, and that he would've "loved to play" tonight against the Colts. He also told Kramer that “football is my escape from life," indicating that he was mentally ready to go.

Kramer also gave us some additional details of what Haynesworth had to go through this week.

The team had him run extra sprints Saturday and even this morning. Haynesworth said he thought he could still be moved by Tuesday’s trade deadline and reiterated to me that he does not fit this defensive scheme but understands they have a lot of money invested in him.

This isn't over.


Report: Redskins Coaches Still Undecided On Status Of Albert Haynesworth

We heard yesterday that he would likely be inactive. But apparently, Mike Shanahan and the rest of the Redskins coaches have yet to make up their mind whether or not Albert Haynesworth is ready to play tonight.

According to Kelli Johnson of Comcast SportsNet, with just 30 minutes left before they must name their inactives, the Redskins have still not yet made a decision.

I'm told the coaches are still having discussions on whether to activate Haynesworth tonight. Nothings set until the list comes out at 6:50

Report: Redskins 'Leaning Towards' Deactivitating Albert Haynesworth

When Albert Haynesworth missed last Sunday's game against the Green Bay Packers, he was given a pass since he was spending time with his family following the tragic death of his half brother that Thursday.

Haynesworth did not return to practice in Ashburn until Thursday this week however, and now it appears likely that he will miss a second consecutive game due to the same incident. Coach Mike Shanahan is concerned that Haynesworth is not yet in playing shape, and according to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, the Redskins may leave him out of the lineup once again.

Hearing that Skins are strongly leaning toward deactivating Haynesworth this game. Unless they make a last-sec change, he'll sit out

If Glazer's report is accurate, Haynesworth will have missed three out of six games so far in 2010.


Mike Shanahan Says Albert Haynesworth Is A Game-Time Decision For Sunday

Albert Haynesworth is back with the team following the tragic death of his brother last week, so you'd think he'd be able to pick up right where he left off and get back onto the field. However, coach Mike Shanahan is a bit skeptical of that, telling reporters today that Haynesworth will be a game-time decision.

Via CSN Washington:

Shanahan said the coaching staff will meet and decide, "what's in the best interest of the football team."

CSN's Kelli Johnson talked to Shanahan and reports that Shanahan is concerned with Haynesworth mental and physical health, since he hasn't been able to keep up his conditioning. For what it's worth, Haynesworth is not listed on the Redskins' official injury report.


Albert Haynesworth Has Returnd To The Redskins

We have confirmation that Albert Haynesworth has indeed returned to Redskins Park in Virginia:

Albert Haynesworth is here at Redskins Park. Was in the hallway hanging out w teammates.less than a minute ago via txt

According to Ryan O'Halloran, he has not addressed the media. There is still no word on Haynesworth's status.


Report: Albert Haynesworth Will Return To The Team On Thursday

It's been just about a week since Albert Haynesworth's halfborhter was killed in a motorcycle accident in Memphis. Haynesworth left the team shortly after he received the news, and missed the teams game against the Packers last weekend. Now it appears as though he is ready to return to the team.

Jason Reid of Redskins Insider at the Washington Post is reporting that Haynesworth was scheduled to arrive in Ashburn on Wednesday night, and will re-join his teammates on Thursday. One of his sources is also saying that Haynesworth's status for the game against the Colts this weekend is unknown.

Reid also had reaction from some of his teammates, including DeAngelo Hall.

"You just send out your thoughts and prayers to him and try to support him," said cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who is among Haynesworth's closest friends on the team. "When you have a tragedy like this, you just want him to take the time he needs for his family. That's the most important thing right now."


Report: Albert Haynesworth Will Miss Sunday's Game Against Packers

On Sunday, the Redskins will be without their highest paid player for the second time this season.

It was easy to criticize Albert Haynesworth during the offseason and preseason for not giving his best effort. We can't criticize him this time though, as he'll be missing Sunday's NFC matchup against the Green Bay Packers under tragic circumstances.

Haynesworth's half-brother Lance McCoy passed away on Thursday night following a motorcycle accident in Nashville. The Washington Post is reporting that Haynesworth will be out of the game Sunday to attend the funeral services in Tennessee.

Redskins officials have been in contact with people close to Haynesworth and the two-time Pro Bowl defensive lineman plans to be with his family away from Washington for several days, the sources said.

According to and the AP, nose tackle Anthony Bryant is likely to take Haynesworth's place in the lineup after missing the past two games due to a concussion.


Albert Haynesworth's Status For Sunday's Game Uncertain

After dealing with the terrible tragedy of his half-brother getting killed in a motorcycle accident, Albert Haynesworth's mind is surely on anything but the Redskins game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. Naturally, coach Mike Shanahan said he's still not sure if Haynesworth will be able to play.

Via Redskins Insider:

Shanahan said he's not sure whether Haynesworth would return in time for Sunday's game against the Packers.

"It's something you don't talk about. ...Obviously, what he's going through right now is paramount," Shanahan said.

Shanahan offers his prayers and thoughts to Haynesworth and his family, adding that they spoke last night. If Haynesworth cannot play, Anthony Bryant will likely see increased time.


Albert Haynesworth's Brother Dies In Motorcycle Accident In Nashville

Andy Humbles and Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean are reporting that Lance McCoy, the brother of Albert Haynesworth died in a motorcycle late Thursday night in Nashville.

McCoy, 23, was traveling at a high rate of speed when he struck a car and was killed about 9 p.m., said police spokeswoman Kristin Mumford.

McCoy and Haynesworth have the same mother, Linda Haynesworth.

We'll have updates and reaction in this StoryStream from the Redskins when it becomes available.

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