Redskins Tight End Fred Davis Denies Assaulting A Woman Outside A D.C. Nightclub

Redskins tight end Fred Davis was accused of assaulting a woman outside a D.C. nightclub after an alleged altercation, but he has denied the report, and the police report backs his account.

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Fred Davis Tossed Plastic Container At Girl Outside Nightclub, Not Causing Injury, According To Police Report

When it was first reported that Fred Davis allegedly assaulted a woman outside of a D.C. night club early Thursday morning, it was natural to assume the worst. However, Davis has denied the story, and now the police report seems to confirm his account.

Via Dan Hellie at NBC 4, we learn that Davis did not smash a Champagne bottle on the woman's face, as initially reported. Instead, he threw a plastic container at her.

F. Davis police report: . He tossed plastic container at her body not causing injury. She was elbowed by accident after.     

The police report says that Davis "reached for the girl in a calm matter," and then the girl threw her drink at him. Davis then tossed the plastic container, which he told Hellie was filled with orange juice. No arrests have been made and no charges have been filed. 

It sounds like this may not be as serious as originally anticipated.


Fred Davis Denies Assaulting A Woman At A D.C. Nightclub After Alleged Altercation

It didn't take long for Fred Davis himself to respond to the report that he allegedly assaulted a woman outside a D.C. nightclub following an altercation. In an interview with Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan, Davis clarified exactly what happened during the incident.

Davis confirmed that he was at Josephine in Washington D.C. at 1 a.m. last night and said he was walking when he "accidentally" hit the girl. He confirmed part of the story -- that both people threw their drinks in each other's faces -- but denied ever striking the woman.

Davis said she threw her drink in his face, and that he retaliated by doing the same back to her. Davis says claim that he threw a bottle at her is completely false.      

Davis added that the video evidence from the club will prove this and that the police should have already seen it. The initial report from TMZ indicated that Davis "struck her in the lip with an object," and that sources said Davis hit the woman with a champaign bottle. 


Redskins Tight End Fred Davis Accused Of Assaulting A Woman After Alleged Altercation

Redskins tight end Fred Davis has been accused of allegedly assaulting a woman outside a D.C. nightclub following an altercation, according to a report by TMZ. Davis was identified as a suspect in a police report filed this morning, according to the TMZ report.

The altercation allegedly occurred outside Josephine, a nightclub in Northwest D.C. TMZ has the details.

The woman told police she was hanging out at Josephine nightclub -- when Davis approached her in an "aggressive" manner and grabbed her ... so she threw a drink on him. 

A short time later, she claims, Davis retaliated by throwing a drink back on her -- and then striking her in the lip with an object. Sources at the club tell us the woman claimed she was hit with a champagne bottle.    

No charges have been filed, and Davis will reportedly meet with police to tell his side of the story.

Davis is a third-year player for the Redskins. He had 21 receptions for 316 yards and three touchdowns this season after breaking out at the end of the 2009 campaign.

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