NFL Free Agents: Albert Haynesworth Reportedly Interested In Joining The Eagles

Albert Haynesworth isn't a free agent, yet. When he does hit the open market, Jason La Canfora of NFL Network is reporting that he will be interested in joining the Eagles.

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NFL Free Agents: Albert Haynesworth Reportedly Wants To Play In Philadelphia

We've gone over this before, but Albert Haynesworth isn't technically a free agent yet. But there isn't anyone who knows football, inside the Redskins organization or out, that believe that he will be with the team in the coming season. They will probably try to trade him, but the upcoming labor agreements and his low trade value will make that a near impossibilities. So the only other option is a straight up release. So then we have to ask, who will be the next team to take a chance on him?

According to NFL Network's Jason La Canfora, via NBC Sports, Haynesworth would be interested in joining the Eagles and reuniting with his defensive line coach during his time with the Eagles, Jim Washburn.

Haynesworth had his best seasons under Washburn in Tennessee, and the Eagles are expected to make finding a playmaking defensive lineman an offseason priority. A healthy, motivated Haynesworth would make RE Trent Cole that much more dangerous. This all assumes that Haynesworth is released rather than traded. The Skins will try to get something for him first.

Let's keep in mind that a "healthy, motivated" Albert Haynesworth is something we haven't seen in a little while. That type of player would make a big impact on any team, including the Redskins. But there is no guarantee that is the player you're getting when you sign him to a contract. There is no word as to whether or not his interest in joining the franchise is mutual.


NFL Free Agents: Hogs Haven Takes An Early Look At Free Agent Offensive Lineman

The offensive line was one of the weak spots for the Redskins this year, so it makes sense that they may try to address that need in free agency. Our Redskins blog Hogs Haven takes a look at upcoming offensive line free agents that have played in a zone blocking scheme and have ties to member of the Redskins front office. The whole thing is worth a read, but I'll highlight a few of the more attractive possibilities below.

- Davin Joseph.......

There is a lot of reasons to believe why the Redskins will pursue Davin. He is a Pro-Bowl Guard that was drafted while Bruce Allen was still in Tampa. He fractured his foot this past November, which put him on IR, but there is a lot to like about Davin. The former first round pick is a fantastic run and pass blocker, which landed him a 2008 Pro-Bowl nod. Injuries do not deter Bruce Allen as we saw with Josh Bidwell. Expect Tampa to put up a big fight.

- Ryan Harris (Right Tackle) - 6'5 300 lbs.

Ryan was a 3rd round draft pick for Mike Shanahan in 2007 out of Notre Dame. He's only played a full 16 games once in his four years, but that's never stopped Shanahan from acquiring (see Jammal Brown).

Harris' biggest claim to fame, at least for me and a handful of other people who were very lonely during their teenage years, is that he starred in an episode of MTV's True Life while he was still in High School. The exact type of credential I look for in a prospective offensive lineman.

But in all honesty, I chose these two players because I feel like they have the best chances of joining their former bosses in Washington. If the redskins feel like Jammal Brown is good enough to keep starting at right tackle, then Joseph would be an excellent fit at either of the guard positions.


NFL Free Agents: Detroit A Potential Landing Spot For Albert Haynesworth

The more observant readers will notice that Albert Haynesworth technically isn't a free agent. Well, not yet anyway. Haynesworth is still under contract with the Redskins, for the next few years actually. But nobody expects him to be with the team next season, and it is basically just a matter of time until the Redskins sever ties with the most expensive distraction in the league.

So where might the big man land in 2011, providing of course that football will be played that season? Tom Kowalski of recently went through the Lions' roster position by position looking for areas where the team could improve, and claims that Haynesworth might be an attractive option for the Lions at DT.

It won't be a shock if they make a run at Albert Haynesworth because his days with the Redskins are numbered. Schwartz and coordinator Gunther Cunningham love Haynesworth and believe he could be an ideal fit.

The contract situation is more plausible and the Lions aren't looking for him to come in and rescue the defense -- he'll just be another piece to the puzzle. If the Lions can get 17 to 20 high-octane snaps out of him a game, that line truly would be impressive.

All of this, I believe, is assuming that Haynesworth gets released. I don't think that the Lions would want to trade for him and bring him on for 17-20 snaps a game at his current salary. Whether that type of reserve role would even be attractive to Haynesworth is another question.

But the Lions run the type of 4-3 that Haynesworth thrived in while playing for the Titans and wished that the Redskins had stuck with. So he probably could be successful win Detroit. But do they really want to bring in Haynesworth with an impressionable and potentially great young player at his position in Ndamukong Suh? Only time will tell.


NFL Free Agents: Nnamdi Asomugha Contract Voided - Could Redskins Be Interested?

2011 is expected to be an impressively large and deep NFL free agent class. All of the players who were restricted free agents last season will be unrestricted in 2011. Now they will also be joined by one of the league's premier cornerbacks, thanks to a surprising clause in his contract.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Nnamdi Asomugha will be a free agent because he did not meet certain performance incentives in his contract. Asomugha's contract stipulates that he must improve in either interceptions, fumbles recovered, sacks, or total defensive plays from 2009 to 2010. Well the cornerback had no sacks, interceptions, or fumble recoveries in the 2010 season, and he was on the field for fewer plays, since he participated in only 14 games in 2010 as opposed to all 16 in 2009.

Asomugha is sure to be one of the most highly sought players in the free agent class of 2011. He went to the Pro Bowl in each of the last four years for the Oakland Raiders. But will the Washington Redskins be one of the teams bidding for his services? Could Asomugha be reunited with DeAngelo Hall in the Redskins' secondary?

Probably not. Mike Shanahan seems poised to try to overhaul a great deal of the team's roster this offseason, and tying up so much money in one player might not be a great idea. Besides, Asomugha is known as a shut-down corner, best suited for man-to-man coverage. Jim Haslett's defense plays in mostly zone coverage.

Much will depend on how highly the Redskins rate current starting cornerback Carlos Rogers, who is also a free agent this year. Rogers would certainly come at a lower price tag than Asomugha, allowing the Redskins to use their funds on other positions of need.

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