NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: Washington Redskins Keep Falling, NFC Reigns Supreme

The Washington Redskins continue to fall in NFL power rankings across the Internet. Meanwhile, the NFC reigns supreme at the top.

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Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: Redskins Remain At No. 22 In CBS's Latest

Another week, another frustrating loss for the Washington Redskins. After a promising 2-0 start to the 2011 season, the Redskins have failed to 3-5 thanks to four consecutive losses. The most recent setback, a 19-11 home defeat against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 9, was again the result of poor offensive play.  

In every media outlet's Week 10 NFL Power Rankings, the 'Skins have either held steady or dropped even further. At one point, Mike Shanahan's squad was flirting with an appearance in the top ten of most lists, but now the Redskins are not only out of the top half, but approaching the bottom third of the lot in the eyes of most scribes and fans.

In his Week 10 Power Rankings for CBS Sports, Pete Prisco didn't move the 'Skins down his board, but the company Washington is now keeping in the low and mid-20s is not pretty.

Washington Redskins:

Rank: 22

Previous: 22

Analysis: It's hard to win without much offense. Is there any doubt they will draft a quarterback?

Sounds about right. Rex Grossman and John Beck have both proven to be unreliable options under center, and you know Mike Shanahan won't continue going to the well knowing he's going to come up dry over and over.

Washington next plays this Sunday in Miami against the 1-7 Dolphins. For more 'Skins news and fan conversation, make Hogs Haven a part of your regular reading.


NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: Washington Redskins Steady At No. 22, Says ESPN

Following a 3-1 start, the Washington Redskins have lost each of their last four games by an average of 12.8 points and now share the NFC East cellar with the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite their most recent loss--to the San Francisco 49ers by a 19-11 final--ESPN's panel of experts declined to move Washington down in its latest NFL power rankings. The Redskins stay steady at No. 22.

Writing for the panel, Ashley Fox terms the Redskins' recent string of defeats a "free fall" and notes "John Beck still does not have a W as a starting quarterback." In his three starts, Beck has completed 58.8 percent of his passes with one touchdown and three interceptions for a passer rating of 69.9.

Further, the panel proved consistent in its votes: three voters had Washington at No. 22, while the two others had it at No. 23. As Jordan Ruby noted earlier in this StoryStream, SB Nation's NFL Power Rankings also held the Redskins at No. 22. It seems everyone can agree the Redskins aren't a very good football team.


NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: Washington Redskins Reach New Low In FOX List

The Washington Redskins dropped their fourth straight game on Sunday, falling to the San Francisco 49ers by a 19-11 final to dip their record to 3-5. Understandably, nobody thinks too highly of the Redskins at the moment, which is why FOX Sports analyst and former NFL coach Brian Billick moved them down one spot in his NFL Power Rankings. He now has the Redskins at No. 25 overall, which is their lowest point of the 2011 season. Coach Billick's comments:

With Miami and Seattle coming up in the next few weeks, the Redskins might think they have a chance to get back on track. The trouble is, Miami and Seattle are looking at the Redskins and thinking the same thing.

Washington travels to Miami to take on the Dolphins this Sunday. Miami picked up its first win of the year last week, so it's at a high point in its season, whereas Washington is at its lowest. The currently 2-6 Seahawks, losers of three straight, await the Redskins on Nov. 27.


Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: Redskins Stand Pat At No. 22

SB Nation has just come out with the Week 10 edition of their 2011 NFL Power Rankings, and despite a loss to the San Fransisco 49ers on Sunday, the Washington Redskins didn't fall at all. They were ranked 22nd last week, and that's right where they find themselves this week.

I guess this means that the Redskins have hit their basement. Unless they get blown out in the rest of the games and the teams behind them start winning, this is about how bad the Redskins are. They aren't the dregs of the league like the Colts and the Dolphins, but they aren't very good either. They had a very strong start to the season, but they've regressed to the mean, and this is probably more in line with where we all thought they might be before the season began.

The big story overall in these Power Rankings is the emergence of the NFC. The Packers are in first, obviously, but they are followed by the surprising 49ers (remember them?) at No. 2 and the New Orleans Saints at No. 4


NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: Washington Redskins Continue Fall, NFC Reigns

The Washington Redskins continue to fall in SB Nation D.C.'s weekly NFL power rankings. Meanwhile, the NFC reigns supreme at the top.

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