Man Who Stabbed Brandon Banks, Friend Outside Nightclub Sentenced To Jail

Jason Shortner will spend at least three months in jail.

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Man Who Stabbed Washington Redskins' Brandon Banks Sentenced To Jail

The man who stabbed Washington Redskins kick returner/wide receiver Brandon Banks and a friend outside a D.C. nightclub in February 2011 is going to jail - for at least three months.

Jason Shortner, 25, was sentenced Monday in Superior Court in Washington for three months after pleading guilty to the stabbing, according to the Associated Press. He will serve three additional months after being pulled over for speeding in May of that same year. He was charged for carrying a pistol without a license, among other charges.

The 25-year-old Shorter acknowledged fighting with Banks and a friend outside The Park, a nightclub on 14th Street in downtown Washington. During the scuffle, he stabbed both men with a pocket knife.

Shorter's attorney, Barry Coburn, called him a "decent person" who intends to be a productive member of society when released.

Banks appeared in 16 games for Washington last season. He had one catch for 10 yards on Dec. 24 against the Minnesota Vikings.

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New Details Indicate Brandon Banks May Have Instigated Fight Before Stabbing

Brandon Banks' account of the incident that led to him being stabbed outside a D.C. nightclub early in the morning on February 12 indicated that he was an innocent victim that did not start a fight. However, new details have emerged that may paint a different picture.

The Washington City Paper revealed many of the details issued in a special report by Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration investigator Vincent Parker, and according to most, Banks was the man that instigated the dispute. Three separate accounts indicate that Banks was directly involved in some capacity after parking his Cadillac SUV outside The Park nightclub just before 3 a.m. However, a fourth account -- the security camera -- clearly shows that Banks started the fight.

At 3:05, Banks and another man "appear to speak to a male wearing a white shirt and white pants. Mr. Banks appears to laugh at the male." Media reports previously indicated that the man might have been ridiculed for wearing white after Labor Day.

The  man in white "and another unidentified male begin to walk away from Mr. Banks and Mr. Banks continually approaches him." At 3:06, the man in white pulls what might be a knife. But Banks doesn't back down, according to the report. "Mr. Banks points in the male's face and continues to try to approach the male, but other people intervene." Seconds later, one of the guy's with Banks throws a punch at the male suspect in white. The man in white then begins to "swing his right arm wildly."

This backs up a previous account that the incident began when Banks made fun of the man's white suit, but this is the first time we have heard that Banks also continued to antagonize the man. 


Brandon Banks Released From Hospital Seven Days After Double Stabbing

We have finally received a touch of good news regarding Brandon Banks' condition following a double-stabbing outside a D.C. nightclub last Saturday morning. Banks has officially been released from the hospital, agent James Gould told Lindsay Czarniak of NBC.

Agent: Brandon Banks wil be released today. Chest tube removed, lung fully re-inflated. 3-4 wks recovery    

Banks had been in the hospital since the incident occurred. Initially, his injuries did not appear to be serious, but it later came out that he had a collapsed lung and needed to have a chest tube inserted. He was initially supposed to leave the hospital earlier in the week, but was instead transferred to another hospital.

Banks and a friend were stabbed outside The Park, a nightclub on 14th Street in Northwest. It remains unclear how the altercation started, with Banks' agent denying Banks' culpability and other reports indicating Banks started the fight. 


Brandon Banks Still Needs Chest Tube Until Friday, May Need Procedure On Lung After Stabbing

Once again, Brandon Banks' injuries stemming from a double stabbing on Saturday morning outside a D.C. nightclub appear to be more serious than originally anticipated. Banks' agent James Gould just released a statement saying that the knife "nicked" his lung, and a chest tube will have to remain until Friday at the earliest. 

Brandon is doing fine; he has been moved to Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, under the care of Redskins team physician, Dr. Anthony Casolaro. The knife nicked his lung creating a pneunomothorax condition. He still has a chest tube inserted and it will remain until the wound heals and the lung remains inflated.    

More commonly, this is known as having a collapsed lung.

Gould said that if the lung does not improve by Friday, Banks will have to have "a commonly performed procedure using a scope." The plan is for Banks to resume his offseason training in "two to four" weeks. He added that they were "hopeful" that he would be healed by last Monday, but the lung still remained deflated.

Banks and a friend were stabbed early Saturday morning outside The Park, a club on 14th Street in Northwest. Reports conflict on whether Banks and his friend started the altercation, with the latest one suggesting he did. 


Brandon Banks Had Chest Tube Inserted To Prevent A Collapsed Lung, According To Report

We mentioned earlier that Brandon Banks' injuries stemming from a double stabbing early Saturday morning were more serious than they appeared. How serious? A chest tube needed to be inserted to prevent Banks' lung from collapsing, Redskins athletic trainer Larry Hess told Mike Jones of the Washington Post.

Hess spoke through team spokesperson Tony Wyllie, who was unaware of the reports from Banks' agent James Gould that Banks needed the chest tube. In fact, Wyllie needed to hang up and call Jones back to get more information himself. Jones reports that Banks' family has been reluctant to give out the details of Banks' injury, which explains the discrepancy.

Gould said that Banks will not be released until Wednesday at the earliest and that the doctors will be especially cautious.

"He has a knife wound and a tube in his chest," Gould said. "And with that tube, he's had repeated X-rays. I do know that today's X-rays were good, so I'd expect him to be released very soon. There's no sense in rushing. Taking all of the necessary precautions is very important because knife wounds are dangerous. He was knifed in the chest."    

The incident occurred outside The Park, a nightclub on 14th Street Northwest. Gould denied reports that Banks and his friend, who also remains in the hospital, instigated the fight.


Brandon Banks Has Chest Tube Inserted, Will Remain In Hospital After Stabbing

It seems clear now that Brandon Banks suffered much more than "superficial knife wounds" after being involved in a double stabbing outside a D.C. nightclub early Saturday morning. Banks agent told NBC's Lindsay Czarniak that Banks had a chest tube inserted and will remain in the hospital.

Brandon Banks agent: Banks has chest tube inserted. Likely not to leave hospital tonight. 

Agent James Gould later told the same thing to Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan, adding that he is remaining in the hospital until he is "100 percent" healthy. When asked to juxtapose the latest news with previous reports about Banks' injuries, Gould said that Banks' friend suffered worse injuries and that a chest tube "isn't uncommon."

Gould: Insertion of a tube isn't uncommon after a stabbing. Don't "read too much" into it. He says Banks "will be fine." Will be home soon.    

Banks and his friend were attacked outside of the D.C. nightclub The Park on Saturday morning. Initial reports suggested the incident stemmed from a joke Banks made, but later reports indicated it was because Banks and his friend were upset they were denied entry into the club


Brandon Banks May Have Instigated Fight That Led To Double Stabbing

The stabbing incident involving Redskins return man Brandon Banks has taken a turn for the worse.

NBC Washington's Craig Melvin broke the news that a source informed him that it may have been Banks who started the fight which led to a double stabbing, leaving Banks, along with his friend Christopher Nixon, hospitalized.

Per Melvin:

Source:Brandon Banks and/or his friend started the fight Saturday morning after being told they couldn't come in b/c Park was about to closeless than a minute ago via web


Banks was spending his early Saturday morning in Northwest D.C. and initially appeared to be without fault in what appeared to be an attempt to break up a 3 a.m. fight occurring at "the Park."  However, this latest report indicates he might have been the aggressor despite his agent's claim that Banks "was not involved in any wrongdoing."

Tonight's report isn't the first to raise a red flag in regards to what actually sparked the crime. Sam Chamberlain from reported Banks made a seemingly harmless joke to which the suspect took offense. Somehow it led to a heated exchange, resulting in the stabbing according to Chamberlain.

Banks is spending another night in the hospital with superficial stab wounds for "precautionary reasons" according to the Washington Post's Mike Jones.

This isn't good news for the Redskins who have been overwrought with bad news during the offseason. We'll have more for you on the situation as it develops.


Brandon Banks To Be Released From Hospital In 24 Hours Following Stabbing

Brandon Banks' agent James Gould just released a statement regarding the status of his client, who received superficial knife wounds following a stabbing outside a D.C. nightclub early Saturday morning. Banks remains in the hospital for precautionary reasons, but will be released in the next 24 hours, according to Gould.

"In response to the well wishes, many calls and concerns for Brandon Banks, he still remains in a local hospital for precautionary reasons and is expected to be released within 24 hours. He would like to thank everyone again for their concerns."    

A previous report indicated Banks had already been released from the hospital, but that has proven to be incorrect.

Banks suffered the wounds when he and a friend were stabbed outside The Park, a nightclub on 14th Street in Northwest. Banks' friend, Christopher Nixon, was more severely injured and required surgery. The whole incident reportedly stemmed from a joke Banks made about the perpetrator's white clothing.


Brandon Banks Recovering From Stabbing, Expected To Make 'Full Recovery'

Brandon Banks continues to progress while recovering from injuries sustained in a D.C. nightclub early Saturday morning, as his agent James Gould confirmed to Mike Jones of the Washington Post.

"He's recovering well, there's no damage and no residual effects, so it looks like he's going to make a full recovery and be just fine," the agent, James Gould, said in a phone interview. "Brandon's friend also is recovering. He was talking today, and also is expected to make a full recovery."

Banks is expecting to be released from the hospital later tonight. This contradicts earlier reports that Banks had already been released from the hospital yesterday.

Jones has also reported that the suspect in the incident, Jason D. Shorter of Lanham, MD, had his charges reduced by the U.S. Attorney from "assault with the intent to kill" to "assault with a dangerous weapon."

Banks' long-time friend Christopher Nixon, who was stabbed multiple times in the face and body, underwent surgery and was listed in critical condition as of yesterday.


Brandon Banks Incident Reportedly Sparked By A Joke

As the day as gone on, more details have emerged about just exactly how the Brandon Banks stabbing incident went down. 

Sam Chamberlain of reported that a witness described how the incident started on her personal blog:

Jasmine Henderson, who was at the Park yesterday, heard from more than one witness that the dispute started with a joke from Banks about the suspect’s decision to wear white after Labor Day.

"It was during the let out—the club was over, obviously—and the guy from the Redskins was outside with his friend and, from what folks are telling me, [Banks] made a comment about the guy wearing all white," says Henderson, a blogger who reported on the incident on her site, "It was like a little harmless joke--I don’t even think he said it loudly, but it was loud enough for [the suspect] to hear it. They went back and forth, security was involved initially, and stopped it, and then they started fighting again, and the guy started stabbing [Banks and his friend]."

So it seems that the entire incident may have been sparked by a simple joke about what someone was wearing on that particular night. 

Chamberlain also reports that Banks and his friend may have never even stepped foot inside the club, as the entire incident took place on the sidewalk as the club was closing. 

Banks is still recovering from his wounds in a D.C. hospital while his friend is still in critical condition from the stab wounds.


Brandon Banks' Agent Says He Was "Involved In No Wrong Doing" During Knife Incident

Brandon Banks' agent James Gould has released a statement on his clients current situation:



“Early this morning, Brandon Banks was injured outside of a nightclub in Washington D.C. while coming to the aid of a life-long friend, who was attacked by an assailant who was wielding a knife. His friend was critically wounded and was taken to a local hospital where surgery was performed. Brandon was injured by the assailant with a surface knife wound on his side which will require stitches. He is recovering in a local hospital and is expected to be released within 24 hours.


“Brandon was not involved in any wrongdoing and was not implicated in any way.


“Brandon’s immediate concern is for his life-long friend who is like a brother to him.  He would like to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes for him and his life-long friend.”


It's certainly good news that Banks is going to be alright. That being said, it's important to be mindful that Banks is still going through a tough time, as one of his close friends is apparently in much worse condition.

The Redskins have also confirmed that Banks was indeed involved in the altercation, but have not provided any further statements to this point.


Brandon Banks Released From Hospital After Being Involved In Double Stabbing

It appears that Brandon Banks will be OK after being involved in a double stabbing outside a D.C. nightclub early Saturday morning. The Redskins kickoff and punt returner has been treated and released from the hospital, according to Mike Jones of the Washington Post. A source told Jones that Banks' companion remains in the hospital.

Banks was released after being treated, but his associate remains hospitalized and in serious condition, said the source with knowledge of the situation.    

Banks and his companion were attacked by another person at 3 a.m. outside The Park, a nightclub on 14th Street in Northwest D.C. His companion was in "critical condition" as of last night, while Banks was in "stable condition," according to an NBC Washington report. The suspect is now in custody.

The team is still gathering details about what actually happened, according to team spokesman Tony Wyllie. 


Brandon Banks In 'Stable Condition' After Being Involved In Double Stabbing

Redskins kickoff and punt returner Brandon Banks, who emerged as one of the most dynamic special teams player in the NFL, is in stable condition after being involved in a double stabbing outside a D.C. nightclub early Saturday morning, according to Tim Pernisko of NBC Washington

The altercation occurred a 3 p.m. outside "the Park," a D.C. nightclub in Northwest Washington D.C. Banks and a companion were attacked by a man with a knife. Banks' companion is in critical condition, while Banks is in stable condition with "superficial knife wounds." The three men were involved in a fight before one man stabbed both Banks and his companion. He is currently in custody. 

The diminutive Banks returned one kickoff and one punt for a touchdown this season, and also broke several other long runs over the course of the season. He started the year on the practice squad and ended it as arguably their second-most valuable offensive player. 

We will have more information on this story when it becomes available.

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