Could Clinton Portis Interest The Philadelphia Eagles?

The Redskins cut Clinton Portis earlier this week, and it appears that he may be a good fit with one of their biggest rivals.

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Could Clinton Portis Wind Up On The Philadelphia Eagles?

The Philadelphia Eagles are considered one of the Redskins' biggest rival. But for some reason, they share players like jeans in a house of teenage girls. There are tons of players whose resumes include stops in both Philadelphia and Washington.

We might be able to add another name to that list this offseason, and it's one that could scare Redskins fans when they face the Eagles this year. According to Bill Barnwell at ESPN, Clinton Portis, who was just cut by the Redskins this week, would make a lot of sense for the Eagles.

Turn Portis into a devastating part-time back. He's young enough to make a recovery -- he doesn't turn 30 until Sept. 1 -- and unlike backs that rely on breakaway speed in their youth and age poorly, Portis' mix of skills should sustain a second act for his career. He's an intelligent runner, makes sure cuts at the line of scrimmage and no back in the league is better in pass protection. A pass-happy team like the Philadelphia Eagles or New England Patriots could easily find a role where Portis could contribute.

This all relies, of course, on Portis' ability to stay healthy. Which is the main reason he isn't in Washington anymore. But if he can stay healthy over the course of a season, and the team that brings him in could reduce his workload significantly (two things that I believe are connected), I think we all know that Portis can still be an impact player in this league. I just hope it isn't for one of the Redskins' rivals.


Clinton Portis Believes His Release Was In His And the Redskins Best Interest

On Monday, the Washington Redskins parted ways with running back Clinton Portis after seven up-and-down years. Portis departs the nation’s capital just 648 yards shy of Hall of Famer John Riggins’ franchise record, and only 77 yards away from reaching the mythical 10,000 yard plateau for his career. Whether or not he’ll find an opportunity elsewhere to pad his stats before calling it a career remains to be seen. Considering Portis will turn 30 prior to the start of the 2011 season, the clock is definitely ticking on his career.

Following his release, Portis joined Mike Wise and Howard Kushner on 106.7 The Fan in D.C. to reflect on his career with the Redskins, to share the conversations he had with Dan Snyder and Mike Shanahan about the decision, and to express his appreciation to the ’Skins organization not only for the previous seven years, but also for providing him with the opportunity to try to find a situation around the league where he might be able to contribute.

(Transcription via: SportsRadioInterviews)

Are you ready to part ways with this franchise after Mike Shanahan made it evident the Redskins are looking for a running back at the NFL combine?

“You know I mean that’s for the organization. You know I think my time in Washington was great. I had an opportunity to play for Coach Shanahan, Coach Gibbs, play for Mr.Snyder, it was a wonderful opportunity. You know I think that song just made me realize what was going on. I think it was a decision that was best for the both of us, for myself and the organization and moving on. You know having the luxury to have that relationship and have that respect from Coach Shanahan or Mr.Snyder that they could have sat and held on and play around or wanted to re-negotiate. I think they gave me an opportunity to further my career and go somewhere I can help.”

Have you talked to Dan Snyder about the decision? How did the conversation go?

“I talk to Dan [Snyder] and Mike [Shanahan]. It was a tough conversation. The only other time I really heard or saw Mr.Snyder in an emotional situation you know was the time he knocked on the door and told me the late-and-great Sean T [Sean Taylor] you know had passed away. You know I think it was similar. The situation brought me back to that. You getting a phone call and having a conversation and than understanding what was really meant and what I really meant to their organization and to the Snyder family and being grateful for the opportunity that I had to be there.”


Clinton Portis Officially Released, Ending Seven-Year Redskins' Career

Earlier Monday, Clinton Portis hinted that the Washington Redskins would soon release him. Now, it has become official. The team has sent out a press release indicating that it has released Portis, ending his seven-year career with the team.

"I would like to thank the organization," Portis said in the release. "Dan [Snyder] and Mike [Shanahan] were honest, straight-up people with me. I always appreciated the opportunity from Dan to play here. Being a Redskin was a special part of my life. Coming and being in that organization, I turned from a kid having fun to a man carrying responsibilities. I tried to put the world on my shoulders for Coach Gibbs and the Redskins fans."    

Portis would have made $8.3 million this season had his contract not been restructured. He said on "The Mike Wise Show" on 106.7 The Fan that he did not want to restructure his contract and instead mutually agreed to part ways with the team.

Portis ends his seven-year career as the Redskins' second-leading rusher of all time. However, he also had his ups and downs, clashing with management, players and coaches while often struggling to remain in perfect football condition. 


Clinton Portis To Be Released By Washington Redskins

The Clinton Portis era in Washington D.C. will officially end on Monday. The running back has announced that the team will release him today, ending his seven-year career with the team.

Portis announced the news on "The Mike Wise Show" on 106.7 The Fan earlier Monday morning, saying that he and the team reached the decision mutually. There were reports that the Redskins were planning to release him this week, and now, it's pretty close to official.

Portis said the team offered him the chance to restructure his contract, but he declined. He was set to make $8 million next season, so it is not surprising that the Redskins were unwilling to bring him back. Portis said he talked to owner Dan Snyder about the situation, and said that all the drama that resulted from his tenure here is one reason he decided to step away. He said he plans on seeking a team that does not have all of that drama with it.

Portis walks away as the Redskins' second-leading rusher of all time, behind John Riggins.

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