EAST RUTHERFORD NJ - DECEMBER 05: Donovan McNabb #5 of the Washington Redskins looks on against the New York Giants on December 5 2010 at the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford New Jersey. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Donovan McNabb Practices At Eagles' Players-Only Workout

Donovan McNabb is still under contract with the Washington Redskins, but he practiced with his old team, NFC East rival Philly.

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Donovan McNabb Practices At Eagles' Players-Only Workout

The NFL Lockout can't halt Donovan McNabb news and rumors, it can only hope to contain them. The latest: McNabb reportedly practiced with the (NFC East rival) Eagles during a players-only workout with his former teammates.

CSNWashington.com has details on the Wednesday workout:

Donovan McNabb was among the half-dozen or so Eagles practicing on the artificial turf field at the Memorial Sports Complex in Marlton, N.J.

According to WPVI Executive Sports Producer Mark Meany, McNabb was in town for a charity event and decided to attend the workout. He would not comment about his current situation with the Redskins.

McNabb is currently under contract with the Redskins, but is not expected to be in the future plans of Washington. It's a little strange to see him working out with a division foe, but McNabb is far from the only player working out with a team other than his own this offseason.

Here's what McNabb told CSNPhilly.com about the workout:

"I’m just focused on working out, it’s what I do in the off-season. So, working with a great group of guys. [The Power Train] guys did a wonderful job of preparing those guys. So, I was just looking forward to it.

"I’m just working out right now. As you can see, I’m in some great shape and I’m only gonna get better."

Doesn't sound too nefarious. But comment below on whether or not you're cool with this.


Washington Redskins Complete Third Round Of Players-Only Workouts

The Washington Redskins completed what they hope will be their final practice outside the confines of Redskins Park today when they conducted another players-only workout at an undisclosed location.

Today's workout was light in attendance: only 23 players participated, 24 if you include former Redskin and current Colt Justin Tryon. 

The limited number of participants really showed when John Beck was lining up at guard during drills where Rex Grossman was throwing passes, in addition to when defensive lineman Kedric Golston began lining up at corner on passing downs. Golston performance plenty of drew jokes and laughter from fellow teammates after each snap he took at corner.

After the workouts, numerous players expressed their optimism about there being a new labor agreement, giving them the chance to finally be able to work out and practice at Redskin Park once again.

"I'm hopeful that it is [the final players-only workout]." said defensive captain London Fletcher, one of the main figures organizing these workouts this offseason. "I hear that the two sides are talking and there's been some positive reports. I think it serves everybody well to have this lockout end. The sooner the better."

John Beck, perhaps the star of the entire lockout for the Redskins, expressed the same sentiments.

"I'm hearing the same things that you guys are probably reading", Beck said. "There's a chance that this could get taken care of in the next couple of weeks. "

Barring the unforeseen, it looks likes Beck will have a legitimate chance to compete for the starting quarterback position, even if they bring back Grossman.

“I’m very optimistic that something can get done." Beck said. "If it’s going to get done, I want to be [at Redskins Park] the day it gets done”

While these workouts have certainly shown that the team has no lack of camaraderie, these sessions were hardly similar to a team run practice. The players realize that, and know the best way to prepare for the season is to get back to the controlled environment they're used to, which can only be done once the labor strife is over.

So now, all these Redskins can do is wait along with the rest of the NFL players, hoping the two sides can finally come to an agreement which would signal a return to the jobs they sorely miss.


Observations From Washington Redskins Workouts

While these could be viewed as nothing more than glorified walk throughs, the Redskins continued their offseason 'program' by meeting at an undisclosed location to conduct their second workout of the week.

Sure, the players were in shorts and t-shirts, and there were no coaches around to tell them what they are doing wrong. But there are still several points to be gleaned from these latest round of workouts.

Leonard Hankerson's physical traits: Hankerson is a player who time and again has showed that he possesses several attributes that the rest of the Redskins receiving corps does not have: Size, deceptive speed, and strength. That was most evident today on a play in which he ran a 'Go (vertical)' route down the left sideline against the much smaller Justin Tryon. Hankerson got a step on Tryon, then used his long arms to reach over him, grab the ball with his hands (which are quite large) and reel in the pass for a 40+ yard completion. He may not start at the beginning of this season, but Hankerson has a good chance to see significant playing time once he gets a good grasp of the offense.

Brandon Banks playing time at wide receiver: Yes, it may not be a big deal once training camp rolls around, but Banks saw a lot of time at receiver once again during today's workout. He was even getting a lot of looks at that position during the last round of workouts when players like Terrence Austin and Niles Paul (who are absent for these workouts) were present. Banks' size will always be a concern, but as he and the Redskins know, his speed is too good to deny. Brandon was targeted quite a bit on short to intermediate passes, but was also running some deep routes along the sidelines. Time will tell if Banks will be able to compete for some playing time in the regular season at wide receiver, with rookies Hankerson, Paul, and Aldrick Robinson vying for a spot on the roster as well.

Ryan Kerrigan's adjustment to the 3-4 linebacker position: The Redskins top draft pick knows that the move from playing a 4-3 defensive end in college to playing a 3-4 outside linebacker in the NFL will certainly be a work in progress. The good news for Kerrigan is that his athleticism will really help him out. He's relatively smooth in coverage, showing that he's able to turn his hips fluidly (as he did at the combine), which will surely help him down the road. Naturally, he still will have to learn the nuances of the position once training camp begins and the coaching staff can teach him how to play with proper technique. That being said, he certainly appears to pass the eye ball test. Another boon for Kerrigan is that he also knows that he will still have some opportunities to play with his hand down in a three point stance, something he certainly knows how to do well. There were some plays on defense today where he was doing so, something that you'd think would make him feel quite comfortable.

"It actually kind of felt a little foreign just because I've been practicing standing up so much lately.", Kerrigan said. "I've got to be able to do both and I'm going to keep working at [doing] both."

Regardless if he is standing up or has his hand in the dirt, Kerrigan knows he will have plenty of opportunities to rush the passer in 2011.


Tomorrow the Redskins will have their final practice of the week, one in which they hope will be the last time they ever have to practice outside of Redskins Park.


Teammates Speak On Trent Williams' Absence From Washington Redskins' Workout

On the second day of players-only held practices this week, the topic of second year left tackle Trent Williams came up quite a bit. The fourth overall selection in the 2010 NFL Draft had an up and down rookie season, and as such, would be expected to show up for practices to work with his teammates.

However,  that hasn't been the case thus far this offseason. Williams has been absent for the second day in a row this week, and has yet to participate in any of the offseason workouts that have been organized by the players.

Members of the team were asked about Williams' absence, with the reactions being mixed. 

"Everyone has their own preparation, and everyone has their own thing going on," Chris Cooley said. "We're not going to be disappointed in anyone not showing up. All I would say is that I'm benefitting from this. I feel like this is making me a better football player." 

Quarterback John Beck was also asked about Williams' lack or participation, but chose not to attack his teammate, focusing on the players that did participate in these rounds of workouts.

“It’d be nice to have as many guys as we could out here." Beck said. "But I’m happy with the guys that have come out because I feel like we’ve got a lot accomplished.”

But fellow lineman Kory Lichtensteiger was singing a much different tune. This according to John Keim of the Washington Examiner:

Guard Kory Lichtensteiger, when asked if he’d like more of the starting line to be there, said, “Yeah, definitely. We’re here so we think it’s valuable. I don’t know why everyone else doesn’t. I know some people have to book a plane flight, but we have rookies here that are booking plane flights and first-year guys that don’t have a lot of money in the bank booking plane flights. So I don’t think there’s a whole lot of good excuses not to be here, honestly.”

With the scheduled start of training camp just over a month away, the team is going to expect Williams to come into camp in great shape and ready to show he's an improved player from a year ago. 



Trent Williams Explains Absence From Washington Redskins' Workouts

Trent Williams, the left tackle that was the Redskins' No. 4 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, remains absent from the team's players-only workouts, and people have begun to notice. In two separate interviews, Williams tried to explain his absence, giving a surprising explanation to Chris Russell of ESPN 980:

Just talked to Trent Williams for a while by phone. Quotes to come but he said he thought this #Redskins practice was only for QB's and WR'sless than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply


There's been ample coverage of these workouts, so I don't know how Williams could think it was only for quarterbacks and wide receivers. Also, that doesn't explain his absence from the workouts in April and May.

Williams also said that he has talked to some of his teammates, and they are "on the same page." In an interview with Mike Jones of the Washington Post, Williams said he doesn't expect to be in worse shape because of missing workouts. Time will tell if that is true.

More live from the workout in a bit.


John Beck Again Taking On Leadership Role At Redskins Player-Only Practices

For the second time this offseason, it appears quarterback John Beck is asserting himself as one of the leaders on the offensive side of the ball for the Redskins, as he was one of the players responsible for gathering other members of the team for the latest round of players-only workouts.

Today, Beck added a new wrinkle to practice: putting the team's work on film. Beck asked a member of his church to help film the practice so that he could review the tape with the rest of the team.


Thirty-One Players Attend Washington Redskins' Players-Only Workout Tuesday

The Washington Redskins have completed their first players-only workout of their June session, which comes after a three-day session in both April and May. Fewer Redskins attended than the one in June, but there still were 31 players at a different undisclosed location this time. Here is the full list of attendees, via Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan.

John Beck, Rex GrossmanMike Sellers, Ryan Torain, Darrell Young, Keiland Williams Evan Royster and Chad SimpsonMalcolm Kelly, Leonard Hankerson, Brandon Banks and Aldrick RobinsonChris Cooley and Logan PaulsenKory Lichtensteiger, Will Montgomery, Maurice Hurt, Selvish Capers and Clint OldenburgKedric Golston, Chris NeildLondon Fletcher, Brian Orakpo, Ryan Kerrigan, Rocky McIntosh, Rob Jackson, and Lorenzo AlexanderChris Horton, Kevin Barnes, Anderson Russell, DJ Gomes

Orakpo and Kelly were attending for the first time. The list of players who attended in May, but not June includes Anthony Armstrong, Fred Davis, Roy Helu, Casey Rabach and DeAngelo Hall.


Washington Redskins Hold More Players-Only Workouts, Brian Orakpo Among 31 In Attendance

The Washington Redskins are holding three more informal workouts to account for the NFL Lockout, doing so at a different undisclosed location than in April and May. Fewer players are in attendance this time around, but one new face is: Brian Orakpo. The Redskins' star outside linebacker, who did not attend the April and May workouts, is here this time.

Orakpo is one of 31 members in attendance, with London Fletcher making 31 after arriving late. One other new face is present: Malcolm Kelly. The wide receiver, who missed all of 2010 after suffering an injury in training camp, is there looking to get his place back on the roster.

Otherwise, several of the usual players are there, including both John Beck and Rex GrossmanOnly six of the rookieshave returned: Chris Neild, Aldrick Robinson, Leonard Hankerson, Evan Royster, DeJan Gomes and Maurice Hurt. LaRon Landry and Trent Williams remain absent, just as they were in April and May.

For more on the Redskins, visit Hogs Haven.


Washington Redskins To Hold More Players-Only Workouts In June, According To Report

The Washington Redskins have already held two rounds of players-only workouts in April and May, and now, it appears they will also hold some more in June. Several players told Mike Jones of the Washington Post that the plan is to hold three more workouts in mid-June, likely June 14-16.

Jones reports that the goal of the June session will be to continue learning the team's systems.

When they gather, the Redskins will do their best to continue learning and re-learning their offensive and defensive systems. Last week, the players, using copies of scripts and playbooks given to them by coaches on April 29th, the day the NFL's lockout was briefly lifted, were able to go over instructions that would have been covered on the first and second days of a normal organized team activity session. That included running positional, 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills.    

It's not yet clear how many players will attend. The workouts in April ranged from 20 to 30 players, while the workouts in May included around 40 players each day.


Washington Redskins' Workouts Provides Much-Needed Team Camaraderie

The Redskins left their three-day player-organized workout session with a lot of things, but none are more important than the team camaraderie that developed.


John Beck Impressed With Leonard Hankerson At Washington Redskins' Workout

During the John Beck media blitz of a week ago, it was mentioned that QB John Beck had worked out with Redskins third round pick Leonard Hankerson in San Diego. The two met together briefly to begin discussing some of the offense's ins and outs last week.

This week, the two got to continue building on the chemistry they had started last week when the team met for player-organized workouts. After today's practice, Beck and Hankerson took extra time to continue working on routes and their overall timing together.

"[Hankerson's] been the guy that every single day has stuck out with me afterward," Beck said.

After spending time together the last two weeks, the Redskins potential starting QB came away very impressed by the former Miami star.

 "Not only is he a good player, not only is he the guy that set the touchdown record at Miami, [perhaps] he could be a guy that doesn't always stay after [practice]. But [instead] he chooses to be the guy that stays after, and that's awesome."

Time will tell if this duo will be able to connect in actual NFL games, but if there is to be a Beck-to-Hankerson connection in 2011, this isn't a bad way to start their relationship.


Washington Redskins May Practice Again Next Month If Lockout Continues

With the June 3rd hearing between the NFL and NFLPA, players and owners may soon get a sense as to when the labor uncertainty could come to an end. Should a decision be reached soon after the June 3rd date that is in favor of the players, the lockout could be lifted shortly thereafter.

But if the owners win the next round of litigation, the lockout could continue well into the summer. At that point, the season starting on time could be in jeopardy.

If that's the case, the Redskins are expected to hold another players-only workout at another undisclosed location.

QB John Beck was asked after practice if the team would likely practice again sometime next month if the lockout would linger into June.

"Yeah, most definitely," Beck said, "It would be ideal if this lockout would end, but nobody knows. If nothing happens, then we're obviously going to be back out here"


John Beck Speaks After Last Washington Redskins' Players-Only Workout

On a hot, steamy day somwhere in the area, the Redskins completed their final player-held workout of the week. The team felt that, while not under ideal conditions, they still got a good deal accomplished in this round of workouts.

Much has been made of the team's so called 'QB controversy' between Rex Grossman and John Beck this offseason. Both took equal snaps today at QB, with things still being unclear at that position. Neither QB flashed in these workouts, as it's hard to judge performance in these practice conditions.

Afterward, Beck spoke to the media, sharing his thoughts on how the week went for him and the offense:

"[It went ] pretty good." Beck said.  "I feel like we were able to get back out together and start getting on the same page a little bit more.  [The team] Started talking through plays, that's a really big thing because when you're in meetings and in practice, you're speaking this language of football with each other."

Beck also noted that even though the team isn't around the coaching staff and can't critique themselves as usual, it's still very important that they were able to get together gain some form of chemistry.

"When we're all in different states, working out with different players, we're keeping our skills up but we're not being together talking that language with each other. [....] We all have to be a unit on offense. The quarterback, the line, the backs, the wideouts, we all have to be working as one. And if we're not, we're not going to be our best. "

And should the lockout continue, it seems Beck and the rest of the team are more inclined to do another one of these workouts in June.

"Yeah [we'd workout again in June] ." Beck said, "Most definitely."


Brandon Banks At '90 Percent Health' For Washington Redskins' Workout Following Stabbing

Brandon Banks is one of 41 Washington Redskins players participating in the players-only workouts over the past two days, despite the fact that he is three months removed from suffering a collapsed lung as a result of being stabbed outside a Washington D.C. nightclub. On Wednesday, Banks said he was "90 percent" recovered from the incident. Via Rich Campbell of the Washington Times.

Receiver Brandon Banks said he's at "90 percent" health. He suffered a collapsed lung when he was stabbed outside a D.C. nightclub in February, and he had surgery last November to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee.

"I'm definitely not getting slowed down," Banks said. "I'm back to the same Brandon. I'm hopefully getting better, and I'll be a better Brandon."

Banks may have to fight for his roster spot despite his electrifying season on special teams. The Redskins drafted three receivers in the 2011 NFL Draft, and one, Niles Paul, has kickoff and punt return experience. 

As for Banks' stabbing incident, London Fletcher apparently pulled Banks aside to give him some advice. Via Ryan O'Halloran of Comcast SportsNet.

Veteran linebacker London Fletcher pulled Banks aside during last month's mini-camp and had a message.

"He's had enough people tell him what to do and what not to do but it's more about supporting him and letting him know, ‘Hey, be wiser about some of the things you do and places you go because there are a lot of people who don't have your best interests at hand,'" Fletcher said.    


Kareem Moore, Jeremy Jarmon Among Newcomers On Second Day Of Washington Redskins Workout

The Washington Redskins are holding their second of three players-only workouts on Wednesday due to the NFL lockout, and there are several new faces present. Those new faces include safety Kareem Moore, defensive end Jeremy Jarmon, kicker Graham Gano and linebacker Rob Jackson. All four players were not present on the first day of workouts on Tuesday.

While there are newcomers present, there are also a number of players who worked out Tuesday, but not Wednesday. Those players, as of right now, are tight end Fred Davis, safety Macho Harris, running back Ryan Torain and linebacker Perry Riley.

The other 37 players who attended the workout on Tuesday have returned to the field. For a full list of those players, click here. With four players leaving and four players replacing them, the head count remains at 41 players. Trent Williams, LaRon Landry, Donovan McNabb, Albert Haynesworth, Brian Orakpo, Adam Carriker and Reed Doughty are among those who have not attended either session.


Forty-One Players Attend Washington Redskins' Player-Only Workout Tuesday

The final tally is in, and as it turns out, 41 members of the Washington Redskins gathered on Tuesday for the first of three players-only workouts at an undisclosed location. The players must work out with each other because the NFL lockout prohibits coaches from interacting with their players. The attendance on Tuesday was higher than the Redskins' previous batch of players-only workouts last April.

Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan provided the final list of participants here. Twenty-four offensive players and 17 defensive players were in attendance. They are as follows.

  1. Rex Grossman
  2. John Beck
  3. Ryan Torain
  4. Keiland Williams
  5. Roy Helu
  6. Mike Sellers
  7. Darrel Young
  8. Evan Royster
  9. Andre Brown
  10. Anthony Armstrong
  11. Leonard Hankerson
  12. Brandon Banks
  13. Terrence Austin
  14. Niles Paul
  15. Chris Cooley
  16. Logan Paulsen
  17. Fred Davis
  18. Casey Rabach
  19. Kory Lichtensteiger
  20. Will Montgomery
  21. Erik Cook
  22. Selvish Capers
  23. Maurice Hurt
  24. Clint Oldenberg
  25. Kedric Golston
  26. Chris Neild
  27. London Fletcher
  28. Rocky McIntosh
  29. Lorenzo Alexander
  30. Ryan Kerrigan
  31. Perry Riley
  32. Chris Wilson
  33. Markus White
  34. Edgar Jones
  35. DeAngelo Hall
  36. Kevin Barnes
  37. Brandyn Thompson
  38. Chris Horton
  39. Macho Harris
  40. Anderson Russell
  41. D.J. Gomes
Notable absences include Brian Orakpo, Trent Williams, LaRon Landry (who may still be recovering from injury), Adam Carriker and Reed Doughty. Free agents Carlos Rogers, Santana Moss and Jammal Brown also didn't attend, though Grossman and McIntosh did despite being free agents themselves. Oh yeah, and neither did Donovan McNabb or Albert Haynesworth.

Washington Redskins' Players-Only Workout Features About 40 Players

The Washington Redskins are holding their second batch of informal players-only workouts to account for the NFL lockout preventing them from practicing with their coaches. So far, it appears that more players are present for this set of workouts than the prior ones the players did back in April. According to Larry Weisman, 40-45 players are expected to attend.

40-45 #Redskins players gather today-Thur for workouts. No. 1 pick Ryan Kerrigan expected to attend.    

Grant Paulsen from 106.7 The Fan counts 39 players on the field at the beginning of the workout. The list includes both John Beck and Rex Grossman, as well as several notable rookies, including Kerrigan, Leonard Hankerson, Roy Helu, Niles Paul, Evan Royster and Maurice Hurt. The usual suspects are also on the field, including London Fletcher, Lorenzo Alexander and Mike Sellers. Trent Williams is not yet present, and obviously Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth are not attending.

The players are practicing at an undisclosed location that is only open to select media members.


Washington Redskins To Hold Another Three-Day Players-Only Workout, According To Report

With the NFL lockout back in effect, the Washington Redskins will once again have to find a creative way to make sure they are ready to go if and when it is lifted. A month ago, 30 or so players gathered for several days of informal workouts. It looks like they will do so again. 

According to Brett Haber of CBS, the Redskins will have a three-day players-only workout starting next Tuesday. It's still unclear who will participate, where the workout will take place and whether media and fans will be invited (the answer to the latter is, probably not). All we know at this point is that there will be a second batch of player workouts.

It also remains to be seen whether more or less people show up this time around. The Redskins got pretty good attendance last time, but they will be striving for even more.

For more on the Redskins, visit Hogs Haven.


Twenty-Six Washington Redskins Attend Unofficial Player-Organized Workout Due To NFL Lockout

The Washington Redskins held an unofficial players-organized workout at an undisclosed location in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, in response to the NFL lockout preventing the team from holding any official offseason training programs. According to NBC4's Capital Games blog, 26 Redskins attended the practice, organized by team captain London Fletcher.

Those 26 players are as follows:

  • London Fletcher
  • Chris Cooley
  • Anthony Armstrong
  • Brian Orakpo
  • Keiland Williams
  • Rex Grossman
  • John Beck
  • Terrence Austin
  • Darrel Young
  • Mike Sellers
  • Casey Rabach
  • Lorenzo Alexander
  • Roydell Williams
  • Kedric Golston
  • Will Montgomery
  • Selvish Capers
  • Jeremy Jarmon
  • Rocky McIntosh
  • Logan Paulsen
  • Kevin Barnes
  • Ma'ake Kemoeatu
  • Fred Davis
  • Phillip Daniels
  • Brandon Banks
  • Anderson Russell
  • According to NBC4's report, the practice involved a series of simple drills designed simply to get everyone back into a football mindset. Fletcher had to purchase all the equipment himself, including a bunch of footballs that he unloaded onto the field. 

    Among the notable absences of players currently under contract: Donovan McNabb, Ryan Torain, Trent Williams, DeAngelo Hall, LaRon Landry and newcomer O.J. Atogwe. Hall and many of the other defensive backs are expected to take part in practices later in the week.


    Washington Redskins Hold Informal Players' Minicamp Because Of NFL Lockout

    The Washington Redskins began their long-rumored player-organized optional workout session Tuesday, doing so this way because the team is not technically allowed to hold a coaches-organized practice during the NFL lockout. Approximately 30 Redskins players showed up, according to John Keim of the Washington Examiner, and that list did not include quarterback Donovan McNabb.

    The workout was organized (surprise, surprise) by linebacker London Fletcher and the other team captains, excluding McNabb of course. It included several of the team's best and most well-known players, including Brian Orakpo, Anthony Armstrong, Lorenzo Alexander, Phillip Daniels and Chris Cooley. Rex Grossman, despite being a free agent, was there manning the quarterback duties with John Beck. Among those not present were McNabb, Albert Haynesworth (shocker) and many members of the secondary. Players flew in from California, Florida and Texas, according to Fletcher.

    While the workout is informal, the team knows it is happening. On Saturday, president Bruce Allen admitted that "we notice everything that happens."

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