VIDEO: Wale Debates Washington Redskins With Skip Bayless, Makes Fun Of Reporters

D.C.-area rapper and huge Washington Redskins fan Wale was a guest on ESPN First Take with Skip Bayless this morning, and during the segment, the two "debated" whether the Washington Redskins are for real. I think you know how Wale feels about the Redskins, and you know Skip is not one to pass up a good debate, so you kind of know how this plays out. Nevertheless, here's a transcript. Video and funny Wale photos below the jump.

The best part is around the 3:30 mark, when Wale imitates reporters pretending that they believed in the Redskins all along once they succeed. Here's part of the rest.

"I believe you have to speak things into existence," Wale said to start things off. "You got people like Osi Umenyora and DeMarcus Ware in your conference. You got people like Trent Williams and other guys where they need to believe in you. We need our lineman to believe in us. We need our defense to believe we can possibly do this.

He was asked whether the 2-0 start was a mirage and responded as follows.

"Listen, it's a system. When Baltimore won the Super Bowl, they didn't have the greatest quarterback in the world. They had a quarterback who believed in the system. You still need to score points. Trent Dilfer won games. We can win games."

Bayless responded by saying John Beck was better than Rex Grossman, which led to Wale mocking Bayless' mancrush on Tim Tebow, which led to Bayless declaring that the Redskins would be better with Tebow than Grossman. All predictable stuff. Wale was then asked whether the Redskins would make the playoffs and responded as follows.

"We're deep in the playoff team. 9-7. Listen, Michael Vick has a concussion, Michael Vick's not doing well. Come on now. [Tony] Romo has a punctured lung. Felix Jones is all hurt. The NFC East is all open right now. We got as good a chance as anyone else."

He then called the team "workaholics" as everyone laughed at him, which led him to imitate reporters. Funny stuff. Even funnier: some of the faces Wale was making, especially when he was imitating reporters.





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