John Wall Injury: Wall Could Return Tonight Against Spurs

Wall returned to practice yesterday and could play tonight in San Antonio.

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John Wall Injury: Wall Will Be A 'Game-Time Decision' Tonight Vs. Spurs

There's no doubt that the Wizards have missed John Wall lately. He's been out of action since Dec. 10 due to a bone bruise on his right knee. Durng that time, and prior, the Wizards have just one win in their last nine games.

Fortunately for the Wizards and their fans, Wall could be returning to the lineup tonight in San Antonio. Wall traveled with the team and could be available as Washington takes on the Spurs. According to Michael Lee of Wizards Insider, the point guard practiced on Saturday and participated in the morning shootaround earlier today. He is listed as a game-time decision.

If not tonight, the Wizards could choose to hold out Wall for one more game and include him in the lineup tomorrow night against the Houston Rockets.

The Wizards will already be without two starters tonight as JaVale McGee and Andray Blatche were both suspended for conduct detrimental to the team following an altercation at a D.C. nightclub last week.


John Wall Injury: Tendonitis Not The Cause Of Wall's Pain

While it was originally believed John Wall had missed 10 games this season due to tendonitis, the Wizards rookie point guard is actually experiencing pain in right knee due to a bone bruise below the knee.

According to Michael Lee:

John Wall revealed today that a bone bruise below his right knee – & not tendinitis – is the source of his pain. He could be out for a while

With Wall sidelined for the time being, the Wizards will continue to use Kirk Hinrich at the point. Hinrich will have Rashard Lewis and Josh Howard back at his disposal, but without Wall it has to be frustrating for a franchise looking to take the next step with their rookie star at the helm.


John Wall Injury: Wall Frustrated By Mounting Injuries

You can imagine what it must be like for a player like John Wall to be stuck on the bench. He's been the fastest and maybe most athletic court on every court he's ever taken, but now he is forced to stay absolutely still, in a monkey suit no less. It's something that would take a little getting used to.

According to Michael Lee of the Washington Post, all of those injuries are beginning to frustrate the young point guard.

"This might be the most frustrating part, so far, about me playing basketball - I've never had any injuries," said Wall ... "I've sprained my ankle before, but the main injury that really set me back was spraining my foot," Wall said. "That's the main thing that really aggravated me, because I can't sit on the sideline and watch. I want to be in plays. And then, at the same time, I'm doing a great job of rehabbing, but I come back and it still hurts in some areas. Sometimes, they say it's better to break it than sprain it. And sometimes I wish I probably did do that."

So we've got a sprained foot that continues to bother him, and now tendinitis in his knee which coach Saunders ominously said might not, "ever going be pain free." That's a lot of injuries for a very young career. I'm sure Wall wants to be out there as much as anybody, but especially with injuries to the knee and foot, rest is the most important thing for him right now. As much as we all want him to be out there, sitting for a little while longer might be the best thing for him.


John Wall Injury: Flip Saunders Says Wall Will Never Be 'Pain Free' With His Tendonitis

If you're a Washington Wizards fan, you're probably not too thrilled to read coach Flip Saunders' assessment of John Wall's right knee tendonitis. In an interview with reporters prior to the team's game against the Los Angeles Lakers, Saunders said he thinks Wall will have to play through pain for the rest of the season with the injury.

Via Craig Stouffer of the Washington Examiner:

"I don't think, with his situation, having tendonitis, that he's ever going to be pain free from that," said Saunders. "So I think what we're going to do is we're going to monitor it. That's the approach we're taking, but the reason we say day-to-day is because these things, when you go through them, all of a sudden you might wake up the next day and they might be good to go. That's why we're handling it that way."

This of course leads to the obvious follow-up question: why didn't the team just commit to sitting Wall for an extended period of time instead of sometimes letting him play? In addition, if Wall is struggling through pain, why is he playing over 38 minutes a game in the games he is playing? 

Saunders seemed to vent a little more about Wall's situation, saying that it puts the team in an unfair position for him to be constantly a game-time decision, and saying he told Wall that he's already missed more games than John Stockton. Bullets Forever was annoyed about Saunders' comments.

The whole thing just seems like a mess.  I don't really care about John Stockton, and I'm not sure whether Wall would either.  It all seems preventable, and yet, the head coach is venting about how Wall's body needs to find a better place.  Why is this necessary?    


John Wall Injury: Wall Will Not Play Vs. Los Angeles Lakers With Right Knee Tendonitis

Those that think John Wall may be injury-prone have more ammunition for their theory. Wall has been ruled out of Tuesday's game against the Los Angeles Lakers with a new injury: right knee tendonitis. 

Via Craig Stouffer of the Washington Examiner:

Rt knee tendonitis will keep John Wall out vs. #lakers . Flip said he didn't think Blatche will go. Arenas still probable.#wizards

Wall had a bout of tendonitis during the Summer League, but otherwise, this is a new one. Wall has missed games due to left foot soreness, ankle injuries and a jammed thumb, but the right knee tendonitis is somewhat new. It remains a growing concern that Wall's style of play is problematic, or, worse, that the Wizards' training staff has not properly diagnosed him. This will be Wall's eighth missed game out of 23 games this season, and he's been in pain in several of the 15 games he has played. 

Without Wall, Kirk Hinrich will likely move back into the Wizards' starting lineup.


John Wall Injury: Wall Has Right Knee Pain, May Miss Game Against Los Angeles Lakers

The nicks and bruises continue for Washington Wizards' rookie standout John Wall. This season, Wall has dealt with a left foot injury, ankle injuries, knee injuries and even a thumb sprain. Now, you can add another injury to the list: right knee pain.

Wall missed practice on Monday, and coach Flip Saunders said his status for Tuesday's showdown with the Los Angeles Lakers is up in the air. In fact, Saunders described it as "very questionable," which is something I really haven't heard a coach say about a player before. 

How did the injury happen? Per Sean Fagan of Bullets Forever, Saunders said it has to do with his other injuries:

Wall's injuries are opposite from where he suffered his original injuries. Saunders described them as "compensation" injuries    

That's an indictment on the Wizards' training staff, is it not? Isn't in their job to ensure the players don't overcompensate and suffer an injury elsewhere? 


John Wall Injury: Injuries Exposed Wizards Inexperience, John Wall May Be Out Again On Friday

The Wizards were missing two of their best players last night in John Wall and Andray Blatche. Flip Saunders started two rookies in their places, hoping that Trevor Booker and Kevin Seraphin would be able to provide some energy. According to Michael Lee of the Washington Post's Wizards Insider, they showed the bad parts of being rookies instead of the good.

With Wall sidelined for the seventh game, Gilbert Arenas and Kirk Hinrich ran the show, but they weren't in sync with rookie starters Kevin Seraphin and Trevor Booker, who were given the opportunity after providing some hustle and tenacity in the second half against the Lakers. Saunders wanted to reward them, but it often seemed like a punishment for Arenas and Hinrich, who combined for 10 turnovers and a bazillion eye rolls.

Arenas was visibly upset with the rookies and his frustration boiled over after the game.

"My frustrations was like, 'C'mon move, I see you open!' He's frustrated like, 'Why are you yelling at me?' It's just communication that we'll get later on down the line," Arenas said. "It just comes with experience. I'm used to playing with veteran players."

You might be able to chalk this all up to Arenas missing some time with injury, so he hasn't had the same amount of training camp and practice time with the rookies as he might have otherwise. But either way, proper rotations and general offensive wherewithal is something that the rookies need to work on if they want to stick on this level and get serious minutes.

Lee also mentions that Wall isn't sure about his availability for Friday's game against the Knicks, and it is entirely possible that he won't be playing.


John Wall Injury: Wall Ruled Out Of Game Against Sacramento Kings With Foot Injury

John Wall was pulled from the starting lineup at the last minute and later ruled out of the Washington Wizards' game against the Sacramento Kings due to a left foot sprain, according to the CSN broadcasters.

Wall was scheduled to start the game against the Kings, but was on the bench when the starting lineups were announced. He went to the bench to get re-taped, but the team couldn't figure out a way to tape his foot injury properly. He was then ruled as questionable and later ruled out. 

Wall reportedly sprained his ankle twice over the course of the game last night against the Los Angeles Lakers, according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post. It appears that this is a different injury, but clearly, the Wizards decided to be cautious on the second night of a back-to-back. He walked off the court gingerly in warmups tonight, according to Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears.

Kirk Hinrich started in Wall's place. This is Wall's seventh missed game in 21 contests.


John Wall 'Likely' To Miss Mondays Game Against The Heat With Knee Bruise

The Wizards would have enough trouble beating the Heat on Monday even if they had a fully healthy roster. But according to Chris Miller, they won't have that luxury, as John Wall will miss his sixth game of the season with a bruised right knee.

John Wall will likely miss his 6th game tonight vs. Heat (right knee bruise) Didn't practice Sunday or take part in morning shoot around.less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter


Along with the sprained foot, this knee bruise is the second injury that has forced Wall to the sideline early in the season. Wall has made it known in the past that he is friends with LeBron and actually seeks him out for advice, so it must be killing him that he is going to miss their first matchup as professionals. But as I've said in the past, there is no use in rushing Wall back before he is ready for a game in November. Let him sit out against the Heat to make sure the knee is completely healed before he hits the court again.


John Wall Expected To Return Against The Sixers

It's been a little while since we have seen John Wall on the basketball court. The sprained foot he suffered against Chicago about a week ago has kept him out of the lineup for the last few games, and the Wizards have certainly missed his presence. But now that is coming to an end. According to Michael Lee of the Washington Post, Wall is ready to return to the lineup on Tuesday against the 76ers.

Saunders said Wall told him he was a "little sore" after practice and wasn't sure who would comprise his starting back court if Wall is healthy enough to play. "Haven't thought about that, will worry about it when the time comes. We're going to wait and see, play it by ear and see how it feels and what our medical people think."

So it sounds like Wall is ready to play, but that he isn't totally and completely healthy. The foot is one of the most important parts of the body to a basketball player, and if Wall's foot is still giving him some trouble, it could mean that his play suffers a little bit. If the training staff thinks he's healthy enough to be out there I may be proved wrong, but I'm not accepting him to be at full speed when he gets back on the court.

It should be noted that the Wizards still list him as a game-time decision.


John Wall Remains A Game-Time Decision With Foot Sprain

John Wall has missed the last two Washington Wizards games after suffering a sprained left foot last Saturday. It's possible he will miss a third. The team is saying Wall will be a "game-time decision" for Friday night's game against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Saunders just spoke to the media. @jimmywa11 is a game time decision. Yi will not play tonight.less than a minute ago via txt


Wall was not in a walking boot, which is not how he has walked in any other time this week. That's a good sign for the Wizards, who could certainly use their dynamic rookie point guard against a Grizzlies team that surrenders a lot of fast-break points. Without Wall, the Wizards went 1-1, with a win over Toronto and a blowout loss to the Boston Celtics. 


John Wall Will Not Play Against Boston Celtics Wednesday

After Tuesday's loss to the Toronto Raptors, it looked like John Wall's foot injury was improving enough for him to possibly play against the Boston Celtics on Wednesday. Alas, that will not be the case. Wall posted a message on his Twitter account that he will once again sit out against the Celtics. 

Wall was responding to a tweet directed at him asking whether he would be ready to play. Here's the exchange:


Wall did travel with the team and is officially listed as a game-time decision. He has a left foot sprain and was walking on crutches as recently as Monday. 

Without him, Gilbert Arenas will likely start at point guard. This robs us of our first chance to watch Wall go up against fellow Kentucky alum Rajon Rondo. 


John Wall Will Miss Wizards Game Vs. Raptors With Foot Injury

It's taken only seven games for John Wall to suffer an injury that will keep him out of action. Jeez, what's with the history of this town?

Okay, so it's not too serious, but Wall will apparently be out of action when the Wizards take on the Toronto Raptors on Tuesday night with a left foot sprain. Craig Stouffer of the Washington Examiner has the scoop.

Flip says both Wall, who walked in on crutches, and Yi won't play for #wizards tonight vs. Toronto. Arenas looks to get the start.    

Le sigh. Wall suffered the foot injury when he fell into Yi during a play in the third quarter of the Wizards' loss to the Chicago Bulls on Saturday. He actually came back into the game in the fourth quarter, but the pain got progressively worse as the week went on. Wall was in a walking boot on Sunday, and he was on crutches during practice on Monday. It's probably a good idea to now sit him down until he is totally healthy.

Without Wall, Gilbert Arenas will get a chance to build on his 30-point performance against the Bulls. Toronto's porous defense is a good stage for that to happen.


John Wall Suffers Foot Sprain, Is Day-To-Day

Whenever John Wall suffers an injury, it's natural to freak out. That's exactly what happened in the second half of the Washington Wizards' loss to the Chicago Bulls on Saturday night. Wall fell back into Yi Jianlian, and while the Chinese forward emerged more battered from the exchange, it also hurt Wall's foot.

Wall ended up coming back in the game, but clearly wasn't himself. Today, he missed practice to see a foot doctor, and there's a chance he won't play against the Raptors tomorrow. Via Michael Lee of the Washington Post:

John Wall (left foot sprain) visited with a doctor on Mon. & did not practice. Flip says he's day2day - but aren't we all.    

If Wall does play, he will start, because the Wizards would like to avoid violating the unwritten rule that an NBA team may not bring its face of the franchise off the bench. He will also be going up against an awful defensive team, so even if he's hurting a bit, he should excel. 

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