MIAMI FL - FEBRUARY 25: Mike Bibby #00 of the Washington Wizards shoots a jump shot during a game against the Miami Heat at American Airlines Arena on February 25 2011 in Miami Florida. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that by downloading and/or using this Photograph User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Mike Bibby Will Reportedly Join Miami Heat After Receiving Buyout From Wizards

The Wizards bought out Mike Bibby's contract on Monday, and according to various reports, he will be taking his talents to South Beach.

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Mike Bibby Will Reportedly Join Heat After Receiving Buyout From The Wizards

Mike Bibby received a buyout from the Washington Wizards yesterday, and the scuttlebutt around the NBA universe is that he will be taking his talents to South Beach. According to Chris Broussard of ESPN, Mike Bibby will sign with the Miami Heat when he clears waivers.

Bibby will clear waivers on Wednesday. While (Bibby's agent, David) Falk said Bibby has not made a decision yet about which team he will join, one source close to the situation said he's headed to Miami.

Falk is being diplomatic about it, saying that he has been in contact with a number of the top teams in the league, but those who have been speculating think that Bibby to the Heat is all but a done deal. It makes too much sense not to happen.

He could step in and immediately start for the Heat, and his outside shooting would be a nice compliment next to LeBron and Wade. It also provides the opportunity to win that he was so eager to get out of Washington to find.

The only thing that may be a potential roadblock is that Miami already has the maximum number of players allowed on their roster, and they have interest in acquiring another free agent in Troy Murphy as well. If they want to sign either one of these players they would have to cut someone and eat the rest of their salary. But that shouldn't be a huge problem for the pro-rated amount of a low salary.


Mike Bibby Receives Buyout From Wizards, Sacrifices Entire 2011/12 Salary

Mike Bibby has indeed received a buyout from the Washington Wizards, freeing him to go play for a contender and still be eligible for the 2011 NBA playoffs. But to do so, Bibby really had to pay for it. He ended up sacrificing his entire $6.2 million salary for 2011/12, according to a report by Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears.

Guard Mike Bibby agreed to give up entire $6.2 million salary for the '11-'12 season to get buyout with Wiz to play for winner, source says.    

That means that the Wizards were able to wipe away Bibby's salary from their books for next season. Instead, Bibby will only get the equivalent of his $5.7 million salary for this season, pro-rated for the number of games left on the schedule. 

This situation is relatively unprecedented in the NBA. In recent years, Antonio McDyess sacrificed his entire $6.8 million salary for the next year to get bought out by the Denver Nuggets in 2008. Last summer, Rasheed Wallace decided to walk away from the two years and $13 million left on his deal for the Boston Celtics to retire.

Bibby is likely to join the Miami Heat once he clears waivers in 48 hours, according to Sam Amick


NBA Rumors: Wizards To Buy Out Mike Bibby's Contract, According To Report

Mike Bibby reportedly was not happy in the days following his trade to the Washington Wizards from the Atlanta Hawks because he would prefer to be on a contender at this late stage of his career. Now, the Wizards appear to be granting Bibby's wish. The team will buy out the remaining part of his contract, according to NBC's Dan Hellie. Assuming the deal is completed by the end of the day, this will free Bibby to be eligible to play in the NBA Playoffs with whichever team signs him.

Bibby is under contract for $5.7 million this season and $6.4 million next season, and it remains unclear how much of that he would give back under this arrangement. Wizards general manager Ernie Grunfeld tends to drive a hard bargain in these situations, forcing Zydrunas ilgauskas to give a significant portion of his salary back when he was bought out last season.

Bibby has played in two games for the Wizards since being traded as part of a move that sent Kirk Hinrich to the Hawks. The 32-year old is averaging 9.1 points and 3.6 assists in just over 29 minutes per game this season. Portland, Miami and Boston have expressed interest in signing Bibby once he is bought out, according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post.

Players must be bought out by March 1 if they want to participate in the 2011 NBA playoffs, but they can sign at any point between then and the beginning of the postseason. 


Wizards, Mike Bibby Might Reach Buyout Agreement

Veteran reserve point guard and former Atlanta Hawks player Mike Bibby never really seemed thrilled about becoming one of the newest members of the Washington Wizards. But its beginning to look like his stay in Washington won't last long. Bibby and his agent David Falk are reportedly seeking a buyout agreement with the Wizards, according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post.

With Tues. deadline approaching, Mike Bibby's agent, David Falk, plans to meet with Ernie Grunfeld to discuss buyout, source

But according to a conflicting report from Ryan Stewart of the 2 Live Stews on Sporting News Radio, the deal may already be done.

From a really good source, news hot off the press... Wizards bought Bibby's contract out. He'll be going to MIA tomorrow.

Whether or not Bibby and his agent have already agreed to a buyout may be slightly irrelevant. It seems likely to happen very soon. But the thought that Bibby would be meeting with the Miami Heat tomorrow seems like pure speculation. As SB Nation D.C.'s own Mike Prada has pointed out, Bibby would first have to clear waivers for 48 hours before moving on.


Mike Bibby To Request Buyout From Wizards, But Team Has No Plans To Give Him One, According To Report

The biggest name the Wizards acquired in the trade that sent Kirk Hinrich to the Atlanta Hawks is Mike Bibby, but it's still an open question whether Bibby will suit up for the team. The veteran point guard reportedly seeks a buyout, but the team, at this point, is not inclined to give him one, according to multiple reports.

Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld reports that Bibby will seek a buyout on his contract. Bibby is on the books for $5.7 million this year and $6.4 million next year.

Mike Bibby will seek a buyout from the Washington Wizards, according to a source close to the point guard.    

The Wizards, however, have historically been very strict about buyouts. They haggled with Zydrunas Ilgauskas for a couple weeks, eventually forcing him to give up a lot of money. Indeed, according to Craig Stouffer of the Washington Examiner, the team plans on having Bibby in the lineup Friday against the Heat.

No plans for a Mike Bibby buyout at this time, according to a #wizards team source. Expected to play tomorrow at Miami.    

Michael Lee of the Washington Post reports the Wizards will consider a buyout, but only if Bibby is willing to give a lot back.


NBA Trade Rumors: Wizards Reportedly Done Making Trades After Kirk Hinrich Deal

As the NBA trade deadline fast approaches, it looks like the Washington Wizards will not have a surprise move up their sleeve. The Wizards are not involved in any additional NBA trade rumors, and are done making moves, according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post:

Barring something miraculous, the #wizards are done dealing. The team you see is the team you get for the final 26 games.    

The Wizards did make one fairly significant trade, sending Kirk Hinrich and Hilton Armstrong to the Atlanta Hawks for Mike Bibby, Jordan Crawford, Maurice Evans and the Hawks' 2011 first-round pick. However, it appears that other tradable pieces, such as Andray Blatche, Josh Howard and others, will remain with the team after the trade deadline passes. 

Owner Ted Leonsis commented on the Hinrich trade on his blog earlier Thursday, saying it followed the team's rebuilding plan and was a strong accumulation of assets.


NBA Trade Deadline: Kirk Hinrich Traded To Hawks For Mike Bibby Among Others

Rumors started to break yesterday afternoon that the Wizards were receiving interest from a number of teams about Kirk Hinrich, and before the end of the night, a trade had been made official. The Wizards have traded Kirk Hinrich to the Atlanta Hawks for Mike Bibby, Mo Evans, rookie Jordan Crawford and the Hawks' first round pick in the upcoming draft.

Here is a breakdown of the assets the Wizards got in return from the Hawks:

  • Mike Bibby is a good three point shooter, but a step down from Kirk Hinrich in all other parts of the game. He has another year left on his contract after this one, much like Hinrich, but at a couple $million fewer a year. As a player, he is a step down.
  • Mo Williams is a hard nosed perimeter defender who can hit a three pointer if left open. He isn't a player that will speed up the Wizards re-build by any means, but he is a good teammate and a useful player to have around.
  • Jordan Crawford had a lot of hype coming into the draft this year out of Xavier, but he hasn't played very well this year while dealing with injuries. He had a great NCAA Tournament last year, and has potential to be pretty good, but isn't there yet.
  • A first round pick which figures to be in the early 20's.

For reaction, we go to Bullets Forever and our very own Mike Prada, who isn't totally broken up about the trade, but not particularly excited about it either.

So in the end, given the option between trading Hinrich to get an additional first-round pick and a marginal prospect or keeping Hinrich, forgetting the marginal prospect and simply buying another pick, I'd choose option B.  That's why I'm pretty lukewarm about this one.   

I disagree a little bit with Mike only because I don't think keeping Hinrich meant that much to the Wizards. With him, they weren't very competitive at all, and this and next season aren't about competing anyway. So if you can get a pick, and a player who could develop into a rotation player over time without a huge financial commitment, why not? It's not a deal the Wizards had to do, but more so that there isn't a very good reason why they shouldn't. It's not really exciting, but it could be helpful down the line.


NBA Trade Rumors: Kirk Hinrich To Hawks Appears Official

The deal that would send Kirk Hinrich and Hilton Armstrong to the Hawks for Mike Bibby, Maurice Evans, Jordan Crawford and a first-round pick appears to be done.

The news ripped across Twitter on Wednesday night, and quickly moved from reports to "close" to done.

The Wizards save a moderate amount of cash next season when Kirk Hinrich is due $8 million, while Bibby and Crawford make a combined 7,538,056, according to

Of course, the Wizards also get a cheap wing player with upside in Jordan Crawford, and what figures to a draft pick, which figures to be in the later third of the first round.

Crawford was the 27th pick in the NBA 2011 draft out of Xavier. He has been playing 10 minutes off the bench for the Hawks this season, averaging 4.2 points per game and shooting just 35 percent from the field.

Crawford is best known for his dunk on LeBron James at a summer basketball camp. Nike attempted to confiscate all video of the dunk, but it eventually leaked onto the Internet. You can see the video here.


NBA Trade Rumors: Kirk Hinrich To Hawks Is Heating Up

We passed along the Hawks interest in Kirk Hinrich yesterday as we continue to keep tabs on NBA Trade Rumors, and now that story is heating up again. Kirk Hinrich is out tonight as the Wizards face the Sixers, and there are multiple reports that he could soon be headed to Atlanta.

The latest, according to David Aldridge, is that Hinrich and Hilton Armstrong are headed to Atlanta for Jordan Crawford, Mike Bibby, Mo Evans and a first-round pick.

This coming after CBS Sports' Ken Berger reported that a Hinrich for Jamal Crawford swap was close, according to a source. Then The Washington Post's Michael Lee jumped in and said that it was not the Crawford the Wizards are after:

NBA Trade Rumors

If Aldridge is right, and that is indeed the package, then the Wizards get two assets they've been coveting -- young, cheap talent with potential (Crawford) and a first-round pick for their rebuilding effort.

Crawford was the 27th pick in the 2010 NBA draft out of Xavier. He is a guard, and is perhaps best known as the person who dunked on LeBron James in the video tape that was confiscated by Nike.


NBA Trade Rumors: Andray Blatche May Be On The Trade Block After All

Just a few minutes ago, we passed along a paragraph in a Michael Lee article that claimed that the Wizards were not shopping Andray Blatche. Well now, Michael Lee is tweeting that he isn't off the trading block at all.

He's not off. Don't want to lower value RT @MikePradaSBN #wizards telling teams they're keeping Andray Blatche. Why take him off the market?less than a minute ago via web

This makes more sense than the other report, even if it seems like he may be contradicting himself. As we've seen so far with the days leading up to this trade deadline, you can't write any player off from being traded. Anyone can go for the right package.

There might be teams out there that feel like they can mold Blatche into the player he has the talent to become. And if they overwhelm the Wizards with a trade offer, it wouldn't be smart to not listen at all. There are still a little bit more than 24 hours remaining before the trade deadline. Don't be surprised at anything you hear.


Andray Blatche No Longer Being Shopped By Wizards, According To Report

Andray Blatche has been the target of trade speculation for much of the season, but according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post, the Wizards are probably not going to trade the often embattled power forward.

While two Western Conference executives said in late December that the Wizards were open to moving Blatche, the Wizards have informed others in recent weeks that they intend to keep him.

Blatche hasn't had the smoothest season, and the team may be starting to regret the big contract they gave to him recently, but they are deciding to hang onto him and see if they can develop his potential. Blatche is averaging 15.9 points and over eight rebounds per game in this, his sixth season with the team.

The Wizards are said to not be very aggressive in the trade market, but willing to listen to other offers for most of the players on their team outside of their young core.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for all of the latest news on the Wizards as the trade deadline approaches.


NBA Trade Rumors: Wizards May Not Make A Move Before The Deadline

The trade deadline is about 48 hours away, and it appears that the Wizards will not be aggressively pursuing a deal, according to Michael Lee at the Washington Post's Wizards Insider.

The Wizards may not be silent at the trade deadline, but they aren't aggressively looking to make deals, based on some conversations that I've had with front office executives and agents. An Eastern Conference general manager who recently spoke with the Wizards said the team didn't appear open to making any trades, but that could obviously change between now and Thursday at 3 p.m.

The Wizards probably have their ears open, but they aren't dying to make a move either. At the same time, there is no guarantee that they won't become more aggressive depending on how the rest of the league shakes out. And who saw Deron Williams coming today?

The Wizards have reportedly been taking calls from the Hawks about Kirk Hinrich. We'll keep you updated in this StoryStream.


NBA Trade Rumors: Kirk Hinrich Draws Interest From Hawks

The NBA trade deadline is heating up in Washington as several Wizards have started to pop up in rumors and rumblings around the league. Kirk Hinrich is the most recent name -- the Hawks are interested in the Wizards guard, according to Yahoo! Sports.

The Atlanta Hawks are working hard to move point guard Mike Bibby, and Washington’s Kirk Hinrich has emerged as a real target for them. Denver’s Raymond Felton and Portland’s Andre Miller also are looming large on the Hawks’ radar, sources say. The Hawks have inquired about the Nets’ Harris, but there are no deal possibilities there, sources said.

I'm not sure exactly what the Wizards gain from swapping Hinrich for Bibby straight up. Sure, Hinrich is set to make $8 million next year compared to Bibby's $6,417,616 so there is a financial gain there, but it's not an enormous difference. (Salary information via ShamSports)

Hinrich has played well for the Wizards backing up John Wall. Those minutes are valuable, as you can see Tuesday night with Hinrich's absence necessitating Josh Howard's services at the point.

Here's a comparison of the two players via Basketball-Reference (click to enlarge).


I'll let you guys be the judge. (No really, tell us what you think in the comments.)


NBA Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics Reportedly Interested In Josh Howard

The NBA Trade Deadline can now really get underway now that Carmelo Anthony has been traded to the New York Knicks. Now, we're hearing a steady stream of smaller rumors, and one involves the Washington Wizards. The Boston Celtics have reportedly expressed interest in small forward Josh Howard, according to a report.

The Celtics have a need to find a backup small forward, and Howard is one of many names they are considering, according to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe

The Celtics are looking for a backup to Paul Pierce and the candidates are Cleveland's Anthony Parker, who is playing out an expiring contract, New York's Roger Mason, Washington's Josh Howard and perhaps Indiana's Dahntay Jones.

There are, however, several obstacles to a potential trade. For one thing, the Wizards value Howard as a leader. For another, the Celtics do not have much to trade back to the Wizards. But most importantly, Howard will have to approve a trade, since he is on a one-year contract. 

All these obstacles make it unlikely a trade is consummated. However, if the Wizards fully commit to a youth movement, they could probably get Howard to agree to the trade because he is heading to a contender. 

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