New Wizards Jerseys Include References To Their History, Washington D.C.

The Wizards unveiled a new jersey, logo and color scheme in a ceremony on Tuesday morning. The new color scheme will be red, white and blue.

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This week's Chain Reactions takes a look at two opposite opinions on Maryland's hire of Mark Turgeon, discusses the Wizards' need for lottery luck and notes Bryce Harper finally being able to see clearly.


Washington Wizards Change Jerseys As Ted Leonsis Avoids Questions About Changing Name

The Washington Wizards changed their uniforms, colors and logo in a ceremony on Tuesday, which inevitably leads to the next question: what about the nickname? The nickname "Wizards" has always been an unpopular one among the fanbase, and there's been a sentiment that the team should change the name back to "Bullets." In fact, the new jerseys de-emphasize the Wizards' nickname, with the road ones saying "Washington" rather than "Wizards."

Wizards owner Ted Leonsis skirted around the name change issue when asked about it at Tuesday's event, but he also didn't exactly rule it out. Via Bullets Forever.

"If you change the name, it's intellectual property. It's literally a 25-month period. It ripples through everything. Every team and every building now has to change its name. The people in Milwaukee, when they play our team now, their network has to change their name. Whereas, if it's a color change, it's a change, but it's not the name. I wanted this to be important, but not the major thing that we focused on. I think we accomplished what we set out to do, show that there's a new generation and a new franchise, but show an appropriate amount of respect to the past, especially the teams that won those championships."    

Leonsis was asked if this move was essentially like changing the name back to "Bullets" without actually doing so, and he said yes. 


A Better Look At The New Wizards Jerseys

The Washington Wizards unveiled a totally new look this morning at the Verizon Center. We already showed you a picture of John Wall and Jordan Crawford sporting the duds on stage, but that was a little grainy and hard to see. We now have a better and clearer idea of what the jerseys are going to look like. Here is the home white.


The bars across the front of the jersey are an obvious reference to the Bullets, but in a way that is more updated and a little bit more streamlined. They gave the font across the chest a new look, and even threw the Washington Monument in the top part of the "D." Even the all lower case look is a throwback to the Bullets days. Here are the away red jerseys.


With the shorts on also, it is a lot of red to take in at a time. The team might look a little outrageous out there on the floor. But the scheme is still good, and the use of color is excellent. We can see the Washington Monument again in the top part of the lower case "H" in Washington.


More Pictures Of The Wizards New Jerseys And Logos

We already showed you what the new Washington Wizards' home jerseys will look like from their team store, but now that they have been officially unveiled at the Verizon Center, we can bring you their away red jersey and some of their new logos.


The stripes across the jerseys are an obvious throwback to the bullets jerseys, as is the hand reaching up for the ball in the new "DC" logo. On the jersey themselves, the "I" in both Washington and Wizards is dotted with a basketball, while the "H" in Washington and the "D" in Wizards are formed with the Washington Monument on the road and home jerseys respectively.

There is also a star on the bottom of the shorts that helps form a "W," another reference to the City the team calls their home. These jerseys are going to take some getting used to, but I think they are much more streamlined than the old jerseys, a lot less gimmicky, and certainly make a lot of sense considering the color scheme and some of the references they include.

They were quick to mention that the team store at the Verizon Center will be open all day today, so you can head on down there and pick up you're new threads. You can also head over to the newly redesigned and visit their online team store.


Pictures Of The Wizards New Logo And Jerseys

The Washington Wizards held a press conference this morning to unveil a new logo and two new jerseys at the Verizon Center. They have not yet unveiled the jerseys at the Verizon Center, but the jerseys are alredy up on the newly designed team store. You can find them here. We'll bring you a few more pictures, including the red away jerseys, as soon as they become available form the press conference. Here is a quick preview.


The jerseys are an obvious throwback to the old Bullets jerseys that had the stripes. But it has been updated a little bit and appears a little bit more streamlined and modern. We'll post the red away jersey as soon as it becomes available.

As promised, there are two new jerseys. A white home edition, and red jerseys that they will be wearing on the road. The whole color scheme is red white and blue, which makes them fit in with the Capitals and Mystics with which they share the building; and it certainly makes a lot more sense than the teal they used to wear.


Ted Leonsis On The Wizards Jersey Changes

We don't know a lot about the new jerseys and logo that the Wizards will unveil this morning at the Verizon Center. But we do know that their new color scheme will be red white and blue, and that they will hearken back to the more glorious days of the franchise. Ted Leonsis just made a post on his blog about the new jerseys, and while he didn't reveal too much, he did let us in a little bit.

I am also hopeful that we can create a new iconic mark that will make its way to less expensive merchandise such as hats and t-shirts so that many people can represent our franchise and that they will be proud to wear the mark and think it looks sharp, simple and is a badge that represents us locally!

But those of you expecting the team to change their name as well might be disappointed.

As noted, we could not and did not change the name of the team. We were able - by NBA rules - to change the color motif; add some new word marks and logos; change up how we present that pallet; and bring to you - in one season - a new look and feel.

If they can't change the name of the team, this is a pretty good compromise.


Washington Wizards Current Logo Won't Be 'Prominent' On New Jerseys, According To Report

The Washington Wizards will be unveiling their new jerseys and color scheme on Tuesday, and it looks like there will be a major logo change as well. The team is planning on phasing out the current logo, showing a Wizard shooting out of a blue logo, according to a report by Michael Lee of the Washington Post.

While the team has been pretty tight-lipped about the entire re-design, multiple sources have informed me that the current logo - with a wizard shooting out of a crescent basketball - will no longer be prominent image to represent the franchise.    

This isn't a huge surprise, given that the team's press release about Tuesday's event mentioned a logo change. But it should make Wizards fans frustrated with the current colors feel better. Lee reports that the new logo will pay homage to "reconnecting with the past." 

For more on the Wizards' new logo, head over to Bullets Forever.


New Wizards Jerseys, Colors, Logo To Be Unveiled Tuesday Morning

The Washington Wizards will finally unveil their new jerseys, logo and red, white and blue team colors in a ceremony at 11 a.m. Tuesday morning. The move has long been in the works, having been revealed accidentally by general manager Ernie Grunfeld last September, and will be perhaps the most visual way owner Ted Leonsis has put his stamp on the franchise since officially taking over for Abe Pollin about one year ago.

There have been many spin-off models suggested on the Internet in the wake of the announcement, but we do know that the jerseys will have some red in it, the logo will change and the name "Wizards" will likely be de-emphasized a bit. However, there will be no name change, at least not yet.

The Wizards will unveil the jerseys at 11 a.m. on their practice court, and the ceremony will be available on Comcast SportsNet, as well as on the team's website. John Wall and Jordan Crawford will be the two current players modeling the new jerseys, while Elvin Hayes and Bobby Dandridge will also be present. Leonsis, Grunfeld and coach Flip Saunders will all be at the ceremony as well.

We will have ongoing coverage in this StoryStream. For more, check back here and go to Bullets Forever.

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