John Wall Dominates, But Goodman League Falls To Drew League In Rematch

John Wall was the best player on the floor, scoring 55 points, but the Drew League got revenge with a 151-144 win over the Goodman League in Los Angeles.

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Drew League Defeats Goodman League In Rematch Despite John Wall's 55 Points

John Wall did everything he could to will the Goodman League team to a win in the long-anticipated rematch with the Drew League in Los Angeles, but it was not meant to be. Wall scored 55 points, including 31 in the second half, but the Drew League squad held on for a 151-144 win.

James Harden led the way for the Drew League with 48 points, while Matt Barnes of the Los Angeles Lakers came up with three key plays late to put the game away. Kevin Durant scored 50 for the Goodman League, but had only 17 in the second half.

Wall was easily the star of the game, though. He wowed the crowd with a 360 spin for a layup, then brought the house down when he converted on an alley-oop from Gary Forbes and began doing his trademark "Teach Me How To Dougie" Dance. Alas, it was not enough to give the Goodman League the win.


Goodman League Vs. Drew League Rematch Time, Participants And More Information

Since there are no real NBA games happening any time soon, Kevin Durant and fellow Goodman League teammates will head to the West Coast today to take on stars from the Drew League. The game will take place at Long Beach State University at 6:30 pm Pacific time, so 9:30 p.m. Eastern

The Drew League will look to avenge a one-point loss from August. Kevin Durant scored 44 points and was the game MVP in the Goodman League's 135-134 win. Drew League promoters are calling the game "The Big Payback" and the Long Beach gym should be packed.

The star power in the game is bright, especially considering Rudy Gay of the Memphis Grizzlies will make his first on-court action in seven months since shoulder surgery. Wizards star point guard John Wall is scheduled to will suit up for the Goodman League, and Wizard teammate Nick Young will play for the rival West Coast squad.

Other players scheduled for the game are Michael Beasley, DeMarcus Cousins, James Harden, Brandon Jennings, Donte Green, Sam Young, Marcus Banks, Dorell Wright, Ryan Hollins and Craig Smith.

LA radio station KJLH is broadcasting a celebrity game beginning at 5 p.m. Pacific. 


Rudy Gay Among Several New Players On Rosters For Goodman League Vs. Drew League Rematch

After seven months of shoulder rehabilitation, Memphis Grizzlies forward and Baltimore native Rudy Gay is set to return to the court this Sunday, Oct. 9, when the D.C.-based Goodman League takes on the Los Angeles-based Drew League, reports Michael Lee of the Washington Post. Gay has signed on to join a Goodman squad which includes Washington Wizards cornerstone John Wall, two-time scoring champion Kevin Durant, Michael Beasley, DeMarcus Cousins, Donte Greene, and Grizzlies teammate Sam Young.

Goodman defeated Drew, 135-134, in an August contest--which Gay attended--at D.C.'s Trinity University. The rematch, this time located at Long Beach State University, promises to be exciting.

Marcus Banks, DeMar DeRozan, James Harden, Ryan Hollins, Brandon Jennings, Craig Smith, Derrick Williams, Dorell Wright, and Wizards guard Nick Young represent Drew League. That pits two pairs of teammates against one another: in addition to Wall and Young, the Oklahoma City Thunder's Durant and Harden will do battle.

According to Lee, the Goodman trio of Durant, Gay, and Wall will play a different exhibition in South Beach, FL the day before their rematch with Drew.


Goodman League Vs. Drew League Rematch Tickets Now On Sale

Tickets for the rematch between Goodman League and Drew League, which is scheduled for October 9 at Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, California, went on sale midnight Wednesday at the Long Beach State ticket office, reports Pedro Moura of ESPN Los Angeles.

Goodman won Capital Punishment, the first matchup between the two clubs and held at Trinity University, by a 135-134 final.

The rematch will once again pit Washington Wizards guards John Wall (Goodman) and Nick Young (Drew) against each other. The pair started 34 games together for the Wizards in 2010/11, Wall's rookie season.

Former no. 2 overall pick Michael Beasley, two-time NBA scoring champion Kevin Durant, and World Basketball Championship gold-medalist Rudy Gay, among others, are expected to join Wall on the Goodman team. The Drew team may include DeMar DeRozan, James Harden, Ryan Hollins, and Dorell Wright, along with Young. Additionally, Drew League has invited Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant to participate in the rematch, Moura says.


Goodman League Vs. Drew League Rematch In Los Angeles Scheduled For October 9

As it turns out, the Goodman League and the Drew League will stage a rematch of the August 20 "Capital Punishment" summer showdown after all. The Goodman League announced that the rematch will take place in Los Angeles on October 9.

The Most anticipated rematch in rematch history!.......October 9, 2011 Goodman vs. Drew League in L.A. California time and venue TBA!

The Drew League confirmed the news and said the game will take place at Cal-State Dominquez in Carson, California.

The news comes a few weeks after a rematch between the two sides seemed like it had been killed. The initial game in Washington D.C. on August 20 was won by the Goodman League, 135-134. Kevin Durant and John Wall led the Goodman League team to victory over Brandon Jennings, James Harden and the other Drew League all-stars. A similar cast is expected for the rematch, though there remains a chance that Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers suits up for the Drew League.


Goodman League Vs. Drew League Rematch Not Happening, Drew League Says

The much anticipates Drew League versus Goodman League rematch that was scheduled to occur in Los Angeles appears to be off, according to the official Drew League twitter feed:

Drew kept our promise but Goodman League did not so as of right now there will NOT be a rematch game in LA. We have moved on so stay tune.less than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply


On August 20 the aptly titled summer exhibition "Capital Punishment" saw the Goodman League, led by Kevin Durant, squeak by the Drew League 135-134 at Trinity University in Washington D.C. There were some rumblings by Drew League players regarding the game's ended, but all around it was an entertaining game and certainly looked ripe for a rematch. I am not sure what promise the Goodman League didn't keep, but for the sake of NBA fans everywhere let's hope a resolution can be reached and these two teams can go at it again on the West Coast in the very near future.


Goodman League Vs. Drew League Rematch Will Happen, Date Still Undetermined

Right after the Goodman League beat the Drew league under what we'll call "interesting circumstances" there have been rumblings that the two teams will get together for a rematch at some point in the near future in Los Angeles. Well, now we have word from what one has to assume is the highest source that a Goodman League Vs. Drew League rematch will be happening in Los Angeles at some point, but that a date had not been set yet.

Just got the Word, There will be a Drew vs. Goodman Game here in LA...Date has not been set yet. More info to come laterless than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

This has to be pretty exciting for everyone who wasn't able to catch the first round. Maybe they'll fly all the people who bought tickets to the first one but couldn't get in out to LA for this one? Can you tell that I was one of those people? I digress. . .

The last game these two teams played was extremely entertaining, and the second version should be just as much of a spectacle. If you live out in Los Angeles, this is definitely something you need to be going to.


Goodman League Vs. Drew League Rematch Likely Won't Happen Until Late September

It still looks like there will be a rematch of last Saturday's "Capital Punishment" event between D.C.'s Goodman League and Los Angeles' Drew League, but it probably won't happen as soon as both sides had originally anticipated. The Drew League had been targeting a September 10 date in Los Angeles, but announced yesterday that they will have to push the date back.

FYI.. Sept 10th is OUT, trying to host a game in LA that day will be too soon, we R still working on some things hopefully the end of Septless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


September 10 was a pretty ambitious timeline, especially because the Drew League had vowed to find a bigger arena and more sponsors than the Goodman League received for the August 20 game. Several ticketed customers were not allowed into the gym, something Drew League organizers are hoping to avoid.


Goodman League Vs. Drew League Rematch Could Feature Kobe Bryant

The Drew League is already planning a rematch against the Goodman League for September 10 in Los Angeles following Saturday's "Capital Punishment" exhibition. That's a short amount of time to get sponsors and an arena, so it's going to be tough to have the game on that day. That all may change, though, if Kobe Bryant is involved.

The Los Angeles Lakers star still has not committed to playing, but Drew League officials have scheduled a meeting with Bryant on Tuesday to discuss the potential of playing in the game. Via Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Times:

"I think he wants to play because he's hungry like that," Drew League Commissioner Oris "Dino" Smiley said of Bryant late Monday evening in a phone interview. "We have some real solid basketball and it's well organized. I think he wants to be a part of it."

Smiley said Bryant's presence won't make or break the rematch, but it certainly will be a huge boost either way.


Goodman League Vs. Drew League Game Was Showcase In D.C. Pride

The stars were the showcase at Capital Punishment, but so was D.C. pride. Here's our take on Saturday's game.


Goodman League Vs. Drew League Rematch Could Occur September 10 In Los Angeles

As soon as the Goodman League held on for a 135-134 win over Los Angeles' Drew League in Saturday night's "Capital Punishment" exhibition, talk turned to a potential rematch in Los Angeles. Already, a tentative date has been set for this game. Drew League commissioner Dino Smiley said that he has circled September 10 as a possible date for the rematch.

Via Kyle Weidie, writing for ESPN Los Angeles:

Smiley, who sounded content with getting a shot to win on the road, said a tentative date for a rematch has been set for Sept. 10 in Los Angeles. There's a 70 percent chance it happens, he admits. The key, he says, is exposure and sponsors.

The Drew League also sent out the following tweets on Sunday.

Rematch in LA is in the works..we would do it Right, bigger venue and wont ever leave ppl waiting outside that paid and couldnt get in. Smhless than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

Rematch may take place sooner than we think.. cross your fingersless than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply


There's a chance Kobe Bryant might play if the rematch does indeed take place. Stay tuned?


Goodman League Vs. Drew League: Fans Turned Away Will Get Refund

While the "Capital Punishment" exhibition between the Goodman League and the Drew League was mostly a success, one of the major problems was that several ticketed customers were turned away at the door because the capacity of Trinity University's gym had been filled. At the time, those fans were not promised a refund.

One day later, it looks like that had changed. In a statement, Goodman League commissioner Miles Rawls announced that those fans will receive a refund, either in the form of money back or store credit.

On behalf of Miles commissioner of the Goodman League : I apologize for the inconvience [sic] that those with legit tickets who could not get in experienced last night. It was a situation that was beyond our control. Here is how the refunds will be handled: DTLR STORES- If you purchansed [sic] tickets with cash you will get a store credit not cash in hand. If you purchased with credit card you will get it back on the card.

Reports indicated that anywhere between 500 and 1,000 ticketed customers were shut out after waiting in line.


Goodman League Vs. Drew League Exhibition Final Score: Goodman Wins, 135-134

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A last-second heave from James Harden fell short, giving D.C.'s Goodman League all-stars a thrilling 135-134 victory over Los Angeles' Drew League all-stars in front a sell-out crowd (and then some) at Trinity University in Washington. 

Fans crawled into every seat, aisle and any other available space to see the game that featured top-notch NBA talent and an intensity that belied its exhibition status. In fact, many fans who bought tickets to the game were denied entry to the building after it reached its capacity; the number is rumored to be about 500 people. 

Their misfortune was compounded by the thrilling hardwood spectacle that at times dazzled a capacity crowd, as Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant willed the Goodman team to victory with 44 points, including the game-winning free throws. He was named the game's MVP. 

Durant consistently went head-to-head with Oklahoma City Thunder teammate James Harden, who often grabbed and shoved the prolific scorer while guarding him on the perimeter. Harden, along with Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings, led a second-half run that gave the Drew League all-stars a six-point lead after trailing by 11 at the half. 

However, in the end, LA's all-stars lacked the fire power to keep up with Durant, Washington Wizards point guard John Wall, and Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins. All three had several highlight-reel sequences, including Cousins, who appeared to dominate Wizards center JaVale McGee for much of the second quarter. 


Goodman League Vs. Drew League Exhibition: D.C. All-Stars Lead 76-65

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Yes, you read that correctly. The halftime score is 76-65. That's not the final. We've got 24 more minutes of basketball left. 

In front of a packed-to-the-brim Trinity University gymnasium, Washington, D.C.'s Goodman League all-stars have an eleven-point lead over LA's Drew League all-stars. With the game's fast pace and lackluster d - er, I mean, fantastic offensive fire power, what might seem like a decent-sized halftime lead for D.C. could be erased in the blink of an eye. 

So far, Oklahoma City Thunder teammates Kevin Durant (Goodman) and James Harden (Drew) have each been the focal points of their respective teams, and it appears the game is shaping up to become a shoot-out between the two. 

Harden will have a hard time matching DC's offensive onslaught, as the three-headed monster of John Wall, Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins has produced a number of alley-oops from Wall, rainbow threes from Durant and thunderous low-post slams by Cousins.

The Sacramento Kings' big man, nicknamed "Bad Attitude" by the game announcer, dominated Wizards center JaVale McGee (Drew) during a stretch in the second quarter in which the two went head-to-head, over-powering the lengthy "Pierre" with his strength and showing much better footwork in the low post. 


Goodman League Vs. Drew League Preview, Live From Trinity College

WASHINGTON, D.C. - As the line outside of Trinity University's high school sized gymnasium builds to epic proportions, the crowd inside is getting louder, more animated and more buzzed with each minute as the Goodman vs. Drew League Capital Punishment game inches closer to tip-off. 

Right now, the D.C. Takeover AAU club is nursing a late lead in their pre-main event matchup with a Baltimore club team that features class of 2013 five-star recruit Aquille Carr. Takeover's sponsor, local product and Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson, is looking on from the team's bench. 

The various NBA ballers and streetball veterans slated to play in Saturday's main event have just filed into the locker room to dress for the game, which has taken on a life of its own as an odd mix of national media, NBA celebrity and local D.C. flavor. 

The crowd here is far more similar to that of a typical game in Barry Farms than an NBA arena, which makes the large media presence seem all the more peculiar. Everybody's excited to see how this plays out.


Goodman League Vs. Drew League Exhibition: How To Watch Online And More

"Capital Punishment," the long-anticipated summer exhibition game between Washington D.C.'s Goodman League and Los Angeles' Drew League, will finally take place at 6:15 p.m. at Trinity University in D.C. Here's all the essential information you need, including where to watch the game online.

What: "Capital Punishment."

Where: Trinity University.

When: 6:15 p.m.

How to watch: The Basketball Channel is offering a live stream for the game online for $9.99. Go to to purchase the stream and watch the game online.

NBA Players, Goodman League: Kevin Durant (Thunder), John Wall (Wizards), DeMarcus Cousins (Kings), Donte Greene (Kings), Dante Cunningham (Bobcats), Ty Lawson (Nuggets), Sam Young (Grizzlies), Gary Neal (Spurs), Josh Selby (Grizzlies)

NBA Players, Drew League: Brandon Jennings (Bucks), James Harden (Thunder), DeMar DeRozan (Raptors), JaVale McGee (Wizards), Derrick Williams (Timberwolves), Dorell Wright (Warriors), Pooh Jeter (Kings), Craig Smith (Clippers).

Players who have dropped out: Nick Young (Wizards), Michael Beasley (Timberwolves)

Players who could maybe show up, but probably won't: Kobe Bryant (Lakers)


Nick Young Not Playing In Goodman League Vs. Drew League Game, According To Report

The week-long confusion involving Nick Young's status in Saturday's Goodman League vs. Drew League summer exhibition has finally been cleared up. The Washington Wizards' guard will not play in the game due to "family stuff," according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post.

A source close to Young said on Friday that he would not be able to compete for the Drew League, along with Wizards teammate JaVale McGee, because of "family stuff."

"He's not going to make it," the source said.

Young's status had been up in the air ever since he skipped a Drew League scrimmage in Los Angeles earlier in the week. Following the scrimmage, Drew League commissioner Dino Smiley told several reporters that Young had been replaced by Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Derrick Williams. Smiley also said that Young was still upset that he didn't win Drew League MVP and was not returning his calls. Later, though, Young said he was not upset about that and was still on the roster as far as he knew.

However, now it appears he won't be. That leaves John Wall (Goodman League) and JaVale McGee (Drew League) as the only Wizards playing in the game.


Goodman League Vs. Drew League Game Preview: What To Watch On Saturday

The Goodman League vs. Drew League game -- the most anticipated event in summer rec hoops this summer -- is finally upon us. Catch up on all you need to know for Saturday's bi-coastal battle featuring the best NBA players from L.A. and the district.


Nick Young Still On Rosters For Goodman League Vs. Drew League Showdown, According To Report

Contrary to what Drew League commissioner Drew Smiley has said publicly, it appears Nick Young may still be a part of the Goodman League vs. Drew League game in Washington D.C. on August 20. Young's representatives tell Sarah Schorno Kogod of NBC Washington that the Wizards' shooting guard is still a part of the game.

Just got off the phone with #wizards @nickswagypyoung 's people. He is still in the lineup for Goodman/Drew this weekend. #endthepanic

Previously, Smiley had said that he had dropped Young from the Drew League roster because Young had not returned any of his phone calls after expressing displeasure with not winning the Drew League MVP. It's possible this is a simple communication breakdown between Smiley and Young that must be resolved.

In any event, Smiley claims he has already replaced Young's slot on the roster with Derrick Williams of the Minnesota Timberwolves, so Young would probably have to replace someone else to stay in the game.


Kobe Bryant Unlikely To Play In Goodman League Vs. Drew League Game

Although he has not ruled out the possibility altogether, Los Angeles Lakers star guard Kobe Bryant is unlikely to participate in Saturday's Goodman League vs. Drew League all-star game, according to Dino Smiley, the commissioner of LA's Drew League. He said the following to Michael Lee of the Washington Post about the possibility of the five-time NBA champion coming to DC: 

"Tell the people in D.C. Kobe ain't going to come with us - he's saying that right now. But we're bringing the No. 2 pick with us, too," Smiley said. "He's locked in."    

Smiley is referring to Minnesota Timberwolves draft pick Derrick Williams, a forward out of the University of Arizona, who has taken Washington Wizards guard Nick Young's spot on the roster.

Speculation of the 2008 NBA MVP's possible participation in the exhibition game came after Bryant scored 43 points, including the game-winning 17-foot jump shot at the buzzer, in a Drew League exhibition. The prolific scorer then put his hands in the air in triumph as the crowd chanted his name. 


Kobe Bryant Considering Playing In Goodman Vs. Drew League Showdown, According To Report

According to Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports, Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant is considering joining Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings, Washington Wizards center JaVale McGee and the Drew League all-stars in their "Capital Punishment" exhibition game in Washington against D.C.'s Goodman League team. Your ears should be perked.

This comes after Kobe made a guest appearance in a Drew League exhibition game on Tuesday and dropped 43 points, including a game-winning buzzer beater from 17 feet over Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden, in a 129-127 victory. 

After the shot, Bryant was serenaded with "Kobe! Kobe!" chants from the LA crowd. 

Drew League commissioner Dino Smiley asked Bryant to participate in Saturday's showcase in DC once it became clear that the five-time NBA champion was interested in playing in LA's pro-am league: 

"We asked Kobe and he smiled at it, but he didn't commit," Smiley told Yahoo! Sports. "But if he comes, we will have a uniform waiting for him to represent Los Angeles - not D.C. Who knows? He likes drama and maybe he'll show up to play for the Drew League.

"He saw the atmosphere today. He enjoyed it. All he has to do is get there."

Having Kobe there would balance the rosters and add even more starpower to the game.

Michael Beasley To Miss Goodman League Vs. Drew League Game With Scheduling Conflict

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley will not play in the upcoming Capital Punishment match-up between D.C.'s Goodman league and LA's Drew league. The talented and often-embattled local product will instead fly to China, where, according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post, he will play for an all-star team featuring Boston Celtics star forward Paul Pierce

The news comes as a surprise after Beasley, who averaged 19.2 points per game with Minnesota last season, recorded a video in which he promised that D.C.'s Goodman League all-stars would "dog" the Drew League representatives and "win easy."

Not to worry, though. The game still features several NBA stars. Among them are Oklahoma City Thunder all-star forward Kevin Durant, Washington Wizards point guard John Wall and Milwaukee Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings

The game will be live-streamed on for $4.99 per view. It will take place at Trinity University on Saturday, August 20.


Goodman League Vs. Drew League Summer Basketball Game To Be Played August 20 In D.C.

The highly anticipated Goodman League vs. Drew League summer basketball game, dubbed "Capital Punishment", officially has a date and venue, after some early scheduling and logistical problems. The two teams will match up at Trinity University in Washington, D.C. on August 20 at 6:00 P.M.

The Goodman League team is coached by league commissioner Miles Rawls, and includes such NBA players as Kevin Durant, Michael Beasley, Gary Neal and Washington Wizard John Wall. Beasley even took time out to record this video in anticipation of the match-up. The Drew League, coached by NBA player Baron Davis, answers with the likes of James Harden, DeMar DeRozan, Dorell Wright and Wizard Nick Young. 

The event has drawn enough attention that it will now be broadcast live on pay-per-view, hosted by ex-NBA player Marques Johnson. The pay-per-view cost is $4.99 until August 19, and then $9.99 on the day of the event. The game can be purchased at


Logistical Concerns Could Threaten Goodman League Vs. Drew League Game, According To Report

Many people in the D.C. and Los Angeles areas are buzzing over a possible showdown between Goodman League and Drew League in D.C., a game featuring several NBA stars. However, a new report indicates there are still some hoops to jump through before the August 20 game is a go.

Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick notes two major hoops: TV sponsorship and insurance. Drew League commissioner Dino Smiley tells Amick that he could not get ESPN to show the game and is now pitching a pay-per-view deal with UStream. He also tells Amick that he's still looking for sponsors to jump in and help pay travel costs.

More importantly, though, the NBA players will not be insured if they get injured. As Amick explains:

While Drew and Goodman are both free for fans on a normal weekend, this will be a paid exhibition (tickets range from $25 to $60). As such, one involved agent said the players' respective contracts aren't covered by their "For Love of the Game" clause with their NBA teams and a separate insurance policy will be needed in order for them to play

Smiley tells Amick that he still feels there is a "99 percent chance" the game takes place. However, the official Drew League twitter sent out a message on Saturday saying the following:

At this Point &Time The Goodman vs Drew Game will NOT take place unless a Sponsor steps in to cover expenses.

The account later replied to a tweet saying "maybe this thing should have waited until next year." Stay tuned.


Goodman League Vs. Drew League Game Moved To Trinity College

The August 20 summer-league basketball showdown between D.C.'s Goodman League and Los Angeles' Drew League has switched locations again. The game, which was moved to Coolidge High School after originally being at McDonough Gymnasium at Georgetown, has now moved to Trinity College, according to the Goodman League's Twitter account.

The game originally moved because Coolidge's gym held 5,000 people, compared to just 2,500 at McDonough. It's not immediately clear how big Trinity's gym is, but given the interest surrounding the event, it is probably bigger than Coolidge's.

The game will feature NBA stars such as Kevin Durant, John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, James Harden and Brandon Jennings. Tickets will go on sale on July 29, and will cost $25 for general admission and $60 for VIP seats. Other NBA players scheduled to participate include Ty Lawson, Nick Young, JaVale McGee, Sam Young, Gary Neal, DeMar DeRozan, Dorrel Wright, Craig Smith and Pooh Jeter.


Tyreke Evans Out Of Goodman League Vs. Drew League Showdown

The rosters for the Goodman League vs. Drew League showdown in Washington D.C. on August 20 have gotten a little bit weaker. Sacramento Kings star Tyreke Evans, who was listed as part of the Goodman League roster, will not be playing in the game, the Goodman League announced.

This just in.....Tyreke Evans was on press release by mistake on our roster...The commisioner said he is not with us......

The Goodman League roster still features Kevin Durant, John Wall, Evans' teammate DeMarcus Cousins, Ty Lawson and Michael Beasley, so they will still have plenty of talent on hand to defeat the Drew League squad, which is led by James Harden, Brandon Jennings, DeMar DeRozan, Nick Young and JaVale McGee.

The game will take place at 6:30 p.m. on August 20 at Calvin Coolidge High School in NW Washington D.C. The game was originally going to be held in McDonough Gymnasium at Georgetown, but was moved.


Ticket Prices Set For Goodman League Vs. Drew League Showdown

General admission tickets to the August 20 matchup between Washington D.C.'s Goodman League and Los Angeles's Drew league will cost $25. Sixty-dollar VIP floor seats will also be sold. The game will be held at the Coolidge High School gym, which holds about 5000 fans. According to Dan Steinberg, tickets will go on sale next Friday at Downtown Locker Room. 

Twenty-five bucks is about what a savvy Wizards fan pays for mediocre game tickets, and $60 is about what the not-so-savvy fans pay for pretty much the same seats. The high prices, combined the move from Georgetown's McDonough Arena to a venue twice its size at Coolidge High School speak to the interest this game is attracting.

With two Wizards, free agent guard Nick Young and center JaVale McGee, playing for LA's Drew League, it remains to be seen how the home crowd will treat the two, who will ball in visiting players for the first time in their professional careers.


Goodman League Vs. Drew League Showdown Moved To Coolidge High

In order to accommodate the large crowd expected to attend D.C.'s Goodman League's summer basketball matchup with Los Angeles's Drew League, organizers have changed the game's venue. The event will now be held at Coolidge High, which is at 6315 5th St. NW, instead of Georgetown University's McDonough Arena. McDonough holds only 2500 seats, a number that organizers expect attendance will handily exceed. Coolidge's gym seats 5000. 

The move is a surefire indication that this game is generating considerable buzz, at least on the local level. Considering that D.C.-native Kevin Durant alone is a name that fills up NBA arenas 82 nights a year, the thought of the local hero getting sweet dishes from Washington Wizards point guard John Wall must have area hoops fans salivating. The full rosters for the game can be found here.

The game will also be streaming live on, for those who are not lucky enough to receive tickets.


Goodman League Vs. Drew League Showdown Rosters Out, Kevin Durant, John Wall To Play For D.C.

The rosters for "Capital Punishment," the long-rumored summer league showdown between the Goodman League in D.C. and the Drew League in Los Angeles, is now official. The rosters have been set and announced, and a total of 20 NBA players are signed up to play in the game. The headliners include Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, Washington Wizards guard John Wall and Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings.

The game will be played on August 20 at McDonough Arena on the campus of Georgetown University and will be streaming on

The D.C. team is probably the more stacked one, as it features Wall, Durant, Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins. The top players on the Drew League team include James Harden, DeMar DeRozan and Jennings. Here are the full rosters.

Goodman League

Drew League


Goodman League Vs. Drew League Showdown To Occur At Georgetown

Goodman League commissioner Miles Rawls gave an interview to in which he discussed the upcoming Goodman League vs. Drew League summer basketball showdown in Washington D.C., scheduled for August 20. Rawls confirmed that the game is scheduled to take place at McDonough Arena on the campus of Georgetown University. He also said tickets will cost $20 and the plan is to have a basketball camp the day before.

It will be at Georgetown University. It's going to be $20 and you can pay at the door and we are also going to be selling tickets at certain places out in the streets. It will be good because on Friday we are going to have a camp for the kids. I really like that part about it. And then Saturday will be the main event. It's going to be packed.

Rawls said he plans on mixing up the Goodman League team to include both NBA players and other well-known participants in both leagues. Rawls also told SB Nation D.C. that he is working on securing a deal that would allow the game to be shown on television.


Kevin Durant, Brandon Jennings Headline List Of NBA Stars Playing In Goodman League/Drew League Showdown

Several NBA players have committed to the August 20 Summer League showdown between the Goodman League, based in Washington D.C., and the Drew League, based in Los Angeles. The names that will play for the Goodman League squad will include Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant, Minnesota Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley, Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings and Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins, according to's David Aldridge.

UPDATE: Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post reports that Jennings will actually play for the Drew League squad.

San Antonio Spurs guard Gary Neal and Memphis Grizzlies draft pick Josh Selby will also be on the squad, and Denver Nuggets guard Ty Lawson and Portland Trail Blazers draft pick Nolan Smith are possibilities. There is also a chance Washington Wizards star John Wall makes an appearance. Goodman League commissioner Miles Rawls told Steinberg that he will play if he is in town.

It's still not clear who will play for the Drew League team, other than Jennings. The game is scheduled for August 20, with the location still to be determined.


Kevin Durant Among Those Planning Goodman League Vs. Drew League Summer Showdown

News has long since broke that Washington D.C.'s Goodman League will host Los Angeles's Drew League in an exhibition between the nation's best two summer basketball leagues on August 20. It now appears that each side will be armed with their fair share of NBA stars. In the absence of official leagues and practice facilities during the ongoing NBA lockout, many in the Association have taken to these outdoor leagues to fulfill their basketball cravings.

Oklahoma City Thunder superstar and D.C. native Kevin Durant is reportedly working with LA natives Baron Davis and Dorell Wright to bring a Drew League team filled with NBA talent like Ron Artest, James Harden and J.R. Smith to Washington to square off against the likes of Durant, Michael Beasley, John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins

The showdown might be a homecoming for several Drew League players with local connections, including current Wizards JaVale McGee and Nick Young, as well as current Laker, former Wizard and one-time University of Maryland standout Steve Blake

All this is just one part of an even greater trend of NBA players finding alternative playing sites in the absence of NBA facilities during the lockout. For example, 2011 NBA MVP Derrick Rose will join Durant, Andre Iguodala and Blake Griffin at the Smart Gilas Pilipinas on July 25 and 26 in the Phillipines. 

Nearly every star who has been asked has said that he would consider playing professionally overseas if the lockout persists. This trend might force the NBA and its owners to the negotiating table to prevent more stars from signing on with European teams, like New Jersey Nets point guard Deron Williams did earlier this month.

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