Goodman League Vs. Drew League Game Preview: What To Watch On Saturday

The Goodman League vs. Drew League game -- the most anticipated event in summer rec hoops this summer -- is finally upon us. Catch up on all you need to know for Saturday's bi-coastal battle featuring the best NBA players from L.A. and the district.

Like never before, it's been an endless summer of recreational hoops. For lockout-plagued hoops fans, it's been great -- NBA cameos, oodles of YouTube highlights, etc. But it's all been foreplay. This weekend, it's time for the main event: Goodman League vs. Drew League. And it's in our backyard.

The details have been tougher to lock down than Nick Young at Los Angeles' famed pro-am this summer. But after several venue changes and all too much hype, we have a game Saturday, Aug. 20, at Trinity University in northeast D.C.

Here are the pertinent details to prepare you for the game:

What Is this All About
This is about the best of summer basketball.The best players from the Drew League -- the Los Angeles summer pro-am -- are taking on the best from the Gooman League -- the summer rec league in the southeast D.C. neighborhood of Barry Farms.

This is about bragging rights and civic pride and having fun and everything good. It's so summer. It's so awesome. It's been talked about all summer. It's actually happening. It's going to be tremendously fun.

The Stars Are Here
Goodman League Roster:
*Kevin Durant (Thunder)
*John Wall (Wizards),
*Tywon Lawson (Nuggets),
*Gary Neal (Spurs),
*Tyreke Evans (Kings),
*Michael Beasley (Timberwolves), UPDATE: replaced by Dante Cunningham (Bobcats)
*DeMarcus Cousins (Kings),
*Josh Selby (Grizzlies),
*Sam Young (Grizzlies),
*Donte Green (Kings)

Drew League Roster:
*James Harden (Thunder)
*DeMar DeRozan (Raptors)
*Nick Young (Wizards) UPDATE: replaced by Derrick Williams (Timberwolves)
*Dorrell Wright (Warriors)
*Brandon Jennings (Bucks)
*Javelle McGee (Wizards)
*Craig Smith (Clippers)
*Pooh Jeter (Kings)
Bobby Brown (Aris BC)
*Marcus Williams (Grizzlies)

This is Serious
I loved this quote from Drew League commissioner Dino Smiley in Michael Lee's story in the Washington Post. "If Goodman comes out thinking this is just going to be a showcase game, it will get ugly. This is all about pride." This is not a game, people. This is real life. Protect your neck.

Storyline: Nick Young and MVP-Gate
Nick Young was reportedly salty about being snubbed for the Drew League MVP after dominating the competition this summer. So is he off the team or in the game? Which team will he play for? Who knows!? You'll have to tune in (and follow our Swaggy P StoryStream) to find out. But this is clearly the type of story that could only come from this event.

The Bottom Line
You need to be watching. If you didn't already scoop a ticket for the event, it's being streamed online for $4.99 on Ustream. Or get complete coverage here on SB Nation DC.

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