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Mike Shanahan Addresses Devin Thomas' Release

In his first comments since the Redskins decided to release wide receiver / kick returner Devin Thomas yesterday, Mike Shanahan briefly addressed the team's decision following their 16-13 win over the Packers.

When asked by Rick Maese of the Washington Post about the release, Shanahan identified Thomas' commitment as a factor in the decision.

"I sat down and talked to Devin many times and told him what he needed to do ... He'll have a chance to play in the National Football League. But until he does that -- he's got the talent. He sure does ... But he's going to have to commit to being a pro."

The move may work out well for both teams. Thomas has a chance to move on with a clean slate, and the Redskins will be utilizing electric return man Brandon Banks more frequently in what was previously Thomas' role.