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NFL Power Rankings, Week 6: Redskins Rise To 14th As Jets Take Over Top Spot

At 3-2 and with two division wins under their belt, the Washington Redskins are the obvious first-place team in the NFC East. However, according to the SB Nation NFL Power Rankings, that's not the case. Despite holding the tiebreaker advantage over the Eagles and Giants, the Redskins sit at 14th this week, just behind both of those teams.

Here's what SB Nation's Joel Thorman has to say about the Redskins.

This is a tough team to figure out. They lose to the Texans and Rams but beat the Cowboys, Eagles and Packers. Next week the test doesn't get any smaller against Indianapolis.

The Eagles come in at 13th -- despite having already lost to the Redskins in Philadelphia -- while the Giants come in at 12th. The Cowboys? Twenty-third, which is awesome. As Thorman writes.

It's officially time to start worrying in Dallas. After the 1-2 start, I kept them ranked in the top half of the league because i knew they were better than that. Well, maybe I was wrong. Apparently they're not better than that.

No, no they aren't. The Cowboys continue their streak of being the most overrated team in football.

Meanwhile, thanks to an impressive Monday Night Football performance, the New York Jets have risen to the top spot. The New England Patriots, who had been No. 1, fell down to third, behind the Baltimore Ravens.