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Class Of 2011 Swingman Nick Faust Makes His College Decision Today, Reportedly Leaning Towards Maryland

Under head coach Gary Williams, the Maryland Terrapins have often struck out when going for big-time recruits. It's Williams' major weakness in an otherwise impeccable resume. But today, the Terps can change a lot of that. They just need to hear the right answer form Nick Faust.

Who is Faust, you ask? He's a star swingman for Baltimore City College High School, and he's one of the top 50 members of the Class of 2011. Baltimore has been a big spot for Maryland over the years, having given them Keith Booth and Juan Dixon, among others. Now, the Terps are closing in on Faust. Today, at 5 p.m., on ESPNU's Recruiting Insider show, Faust will officially make up his mind about where he will attend college.

Faust is rumored to be leaning towards Maryland, something driven home by the recent hire of assistant coach Bino Ranson. Villanova and Florida State are the other top schools in the mix, but they've cycled on and off his list, according to reports. If he does commit to Maryland, he would be their highest-ranked recruit since Mike Jones back in 2003.

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