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Marine Corps Marathon To Have Increased Security

Following the recent shootings at government buildings in and around Washington D.C., additional security measures are expected to be taken at the 35th Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday.

The National Museum of the Marine Corps has been attacked by gunfire twice this month, and a vacant Marine Corps recruiting facility in Chantilly has also taken fire. Ballistics reports have connected the shootings to the same firearm. Although no individuals have been harmed in the recent shootings, officials are now understandably nervous that the Marathon Sunday morning could become a target of subsequent attacks.

According to the Washington Post's breaking news Post Now blog, U.S. Marine Col. Dan Choike is addressing the security concerns.

"Safe races have been conducted [in the past] and this year is going to be no different," Choike said. "We are going to run this race taking into account the incidents that have taken place... and additional measures are being put in place already at a low cost."