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Air Force Lieutenant Jacob Bradosky Wins Marine Corps Marathon

It's been a wild weekend in Washington D.C. The city was overtaken by those coming for Jon Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity," and there was also the Howard and Maryland homecomings. But the real big event of the weekend happened this morning, when runners prepared themselves for the 35th annual Marine Corps Marathon.

In the end, it was Air Force 2nd Lt. Jacob Bradosky that crossed the finish line first. Bradosky, a native of Centreville, Ohio, broke away around the 20-mile mark to win and finish in two hours, 23 minutes and 30 seconds. He ended up defeating a pack of four others, including defending champion John Mentzer, who finished fourth. Kenyan native Janet Cherobon was the first woman to cross the finish line, finishing in 2:42:38. 

This year's marathon was run under heightened security due to recent shootings around D.C. Overall, according to TBD, there were runners from 50 states, 54 countries and all the armed forces units, with ages ranging from 14 to 84.