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Report: Redskins Actively Shopping Devin Thomas

It appears as though the Redskins have seen just about enough of Devin Thomas over his two and quarter seasons to know that he won't become the wide receiver they expected when they took him in the second round of 2008.

According to Brad Biggs of National Football Post, the Redskins have been shopping Devin Thomas, and are actually the teams making the calls to other clubs to gauge interest around the league.

A league source said that the Redskins have been shopping seldom-used wide receiver Devin Thomas ... It’s not known what kind of price tag the Redskins have placed on Thomas, but Washington is the team placing calls when it comes to him, the source said.

Thomas' lack of success and inability to get on the field as a wide receiver have been well documented. He's been reduced to kick offs and other special teams; not exactly what you envision for a second round pick.

But this of course raises the question, what could the Redskins possibly get for Devin Thomas if they wanted to trade him right now, at a time when he is worth so little? They should at least play him to let him make a few catches, if he can, to raise his value however they can.