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Morning Commute: Clinton Portis And Sharing The Load

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As you may have heard, the Redskins, as well as the women of Washington, have lost Clinton Portis for 4-6 weeks as the running back rehabs from a separated groin. That will be the only time i mention the injury specifically in this article, because just thinking about it long enough to type it sends a chill down my spine. That's a scary sounding one.

Last year, a concussion forced him to miss almost half the season. Now this, issue, will make him miss a month or more, and however long it takes him to get back to full speed when he returns. I hate to pile on, but that's a good way for a running back to lose his job. Hello Ryan Torain.

It's hard for him to be a feature back, if more often than not, Clinton Portis is always featured on the injury report (zing). He made his way as a workhorse early in his career, and that is still the role he expects to occupy. But this his most recent, situation, makes it hard to see that as a future for him. Even if he still believes it.

A lot of times a running back's body can't keep up with what his mind wants it to. It's the most physically demanding position in sports. This new, obstacle in fitness, reminds us of that. He's already had a long career by standards at his position. I'm not saying Clinton Portis is done, not at all. I'm just saying that he will need to be more accepting of help.

Whether it's Torain, or a higher profile back the team wants him to split carries with (Larry Johnson), that seems to be the direction the team needs to go in. Two-back systems are still very popular in the NFL. Torain is the third running back to play back up to Clinton Portis at different times this season. I'm excited about his potential, but he needs to display he can be a permanent difference maker. When he comes back, Clinton Portis is going to need some more help.

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