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'SB Nation Hour' Premiers Tonight At 11 p.m.

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As we mentioned here, tonight marks the beginning of "SB Nation Hour," a new one-hour radio program on 106.7 The Fan. Hosted by Scott Jackson and Mike Prada, the show will take you inside what's happening in D.C. sports every week. Tonight's episode will air at 11 p.m. tonight, 8 p.m. tomorrow night and 7 a.m. on Sunday on 106.7 The Fan. Click here to listen live. 

Today's lineup is as follows:

  • Mike and Scott talk about the week that was in D.C. sports, recapping Clinton Portis' injury, Gilbert Arenas' recent comments and quickly previewing the start of the Washington Capitals season.
  • We talk to Jack Anderson of SB Nation D.C. about his recent Ryan Torain piece and whether he believes Torain can properly fill in for Portis.
  • We talk to Nationals beat writer Mark Zuckerman of Nats Insider and CSN Washington about the Nationals season. Do the Nationals think they underachieved? What's the future of Adam Dunn and Nyjer Morgan? Those questions and more are discussed.
  • Finally, in our weekly "Behind Enemy Lines" segment, we talk to Brandon Benson from SB Nation's Green Bay Packers blog Acme Packing Company. Are the Packers vulnerable, or are people making too big a deal out of their margins of victory?
We will be posting the podcasts of the show in here as well once they are completed, but feel free to listen it at 11 if you would live.