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Week 11 ACC College Football Picks: How The Weekends Games Affect The Terps Quest For The ACC Title Game

Believe it or not, the Maryland Terrapins still control their destiny in their quest to make the ACC Title Game. But having some of the other teams that coupld potentially stand in their way lose some games will only make that path easier to travel. Here are the standings in the ACC Atlantic Division:

Florida St. currently sits in first with a 4-2 record in conference, while Maryland and North Carolina St. are just a shade behind them at 3-2. Clemson is behind both of those schools at 3-3, but is not out of the title picture just yet. Maryland still has games remaining against Florida St. and North Carolina St., which gives them a good opportunity to distance themselves from those schools.

There are three games that matter to the Terps this weekend: Obviously theirs against Virginia is important, because the whole controlling their own destiny thing goes out the window if they lose. Clemson plays Florida St. and North Carolina St. plays Wake Forest. Each of those games has some importance to Maryland, and we'll explain why in this thread.