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Morning Commute: Celebrating Veterans Day With Teams Around The District

Everything you need to know about D.C. sports in one place.

There's a lot of holidays that this Country celebrates that I feel we could live without. Columbus Day probably headlines that list, with Valentine's Day not that far behind. But there are some that we do celebrate that deserve every ounce of the attention they receive on the days set aside for them. That's the list Veterans Day appears on.

Veterans Day is such an important holiday for us because it allows the private citizens of this Country to take a full day just to give thanks to those serving in our best interests in all branches of the military. The great thing about today is that we don't just honor those serving on an individual level, many larger organizations take time out to honor them in some special way; and that includes the sports teams in the district.

The Maryland football team is part of the Under Armour "Wounded Warrior" campaign and will wear special camouflage jerseys against Florida St. In place of the the players' names on the back of the jerseys are words like "Courage," "Duty" and "Commitment." It reminds us that even though it is made up of individuals, the team is a collection of people trying to achieve a common goal; like the military.

The Wizards are one of many teams in the NBA to take part in the Seats for Soldiers campaign, leaving a bunch of free seats aside to current members of our Armed Forces.

With all that said, we hear at SB Nation D.C. would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Veterans and current members of the various branches of the Military for their service to the citizens of the United States. We don't take your bravery and commitment to defending our freedoms for granted. From all of us, thank you.

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