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Ryan Zimmerman Wins Second Straight Silver Slugger Award

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Washington Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman was snubbed in his attempt to win his second straight Gold Glove award when he lost out to Cincinnati's Scott Rolen. But at least he won another Silver Slugger Award.

Zimmerman took home his second straight Silver Slugger Award yesterday, according to a team press release. The Silver Slugger is essentially the hitting answer to the Gold Glove, awarded to the best hitter in the league at that position. Zimmerman won his first Silver Slugger Award last year, and now, he's won again.

In a conference call with reporters afterward, Zimmerman said that he's glad that the voters paid attention to his averages rather than his home run totals. Via Federal Baseball:

 "If you look past those numbers [at other stats] I think are more important, on base and slugging, and my average were high, [but] because I missed a few more games than I did last year, obviously those first numbers are going to be down, but this year the numbers as far as on base and me learning how to become a better hitter and get on base more, they all went up significantly."