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Georgetown Freshman Moses Ayegba Ruled Ineligible For Nine Games Due To Rules Violation

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With their lack of depth inside, the Georgetown Hoyas were potentially counting on freshman center Moses Ayegba, a native of Nigeria, to provide some big minutes for them this season. Alas, that will not happen until midway through the season. According to Tarik El-Bashir of the Washington Post, the NCAA has suspended Ayegba for nine games for a "pre-enrollment infraction."

According to El-Bashir, that infraction involved his ticket to the United States.

According to a statement from [coach John Thompson III], Ayegba received ticket to the US paid for by someone "who is not a member of his immediate family."    

Seems pretty silly to suspend someone over that, but that's the NCAA for you. El-Bashir reports that Georgetown tried to appeal the suspension, but that appeal was rejected

The Hoyas' 10th game of the season is at Memphis. Ayegba will miss the Hoyas' November 30 clash against Missouri in the Big East/Big 12 challenge, as well as a December 9 game at Temple. He will not miss any Big East conference games.