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Bowl Projections: Where Maryland Will Spend Their Postseason

We're a few weeks out from the collegiate bowl season, but there is no harm in looking ahead. Maryland has already won enough games to become bowl eligible, which is a pretty substantial accomplishment considering how poorly they played last year. What bowl it will play in remains to be seen, so allow me to speculate.

Glass Half Full: We're going all the way to the Orange Bowl Baby! All Maryland has to do to make it to a BCS bowl is win the rest of its games to advance to the ACC title game in Jacksonville, then beat whomever the ACC provides for them from the Coastal division (or in other words, Virginia Tech). It's not likely, but it sure is fun to think about.

Glass Half Empty: Maryland loses the rest of its games, but since they already have six wins they still qualify for the post season. As one of the last teams in the conference to qualify, Maryland gets sent to a bowl game that is played before New Years Day, which is the NCAA football equivalent of an under card at a boxing event. These bowls could include the Military Bowl played right here at RFK Stadium, the (get ready for this one) Advocare V100 Independence Bowl which is to be played in Shreveport, La., or the (not sure this one is any better really) the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl in Nashville, Tenn. All of these games are kind of six to one, half dozen to the other. They'll be playing some pretty bad teams from other conferences, but at least they'll be playing in the postseason, right? RIGHT?

Realist: Maryland has three games left this season, and they probably won't win all of them. Not trying to hate on them or anything, but again, I'm just being a realist. That means they will miss out on the ACC Title game, but will still have a good enough record to get into a respectable bowl. That means they could be playing in the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte, N.C., or even the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando, Fla. Both of those are pretty respectable bowl games, and a lot easier to say then the ones projected in the previous paragraph.

But the fact remains that we don't really know where the Terps are going to go because a lot of things can change over the course of three games in the roller coaster ACC Conference. My guess is that they will be playing in the Meineke Bowl against a team from the Big East. The only rational thing to do as a Maryland fan is to buy plane tickets to each location to be prepared for whichever bowl the Terps go to. You are a real fan, aren't you?