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Central Michigan Vs. Navy: Kriss Proctor And The Midshipmen Run To 35-24 Lead

No Ricky Dobbs? No problem.

The Navy Midshipmen are missing their starting quarterback today. The team has done a good job of adjusting though. Early in the second half, Navy has emerged with a 35-24 lead, and most of those scores have been a result of their strong ground game.

The Midshipmen have rushed for 375 yards, and passed for only 33.

The team's replacement at quarterback, Kriss Proctor, has run for 178 yards and a touchdown on 15 carries. Fullback Alexander Teich has also run for two scores.

Defense has not been a strong point for either team. Both the Midshipmen and the Central Michigan Chippewas have combined to score touchdowns on their past six drives.