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Central Michigan Vs. Navy: Midshipmen Rush For 407-Yards In Win

Some teams prefer a balanced attack on offense. Some teams don't. Some teams don't need to.

The Navy Midshipmen threw the ball just one time in the entire second half. It was incomplete. Why bother throwing the ball though when you're running so well?

Navy rushed for a total of 407-yards against Central Michigan today, while throwing for only 33. Quarterback (and that term is used loosely) Kross Proctor had 203-yards on the ground, averaging over 10 yards per carry. Proctor had one rushing touchdown and fullback Alexander Teich added two more.

The game remained close throughout though. The Chippewas scored their final touchdown with four second left in the game. Choosing to avoid an overtime period in which the Midshipmen would surely run the ball down their throats and emerge victorious, the Chippewas elected to go for two. Navy shut them down though, and the game ended 38-37.

The Midshipmen improved to 7-3 and will host Arkansas State next Saturday before ending their season with the one of the greatest rivalry games in all of sports as Army comes to Annapolis on December 11.