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The Redskins Are Playing Horrific Football, But Are There Teams That Are Actually Worse?

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While the Redskins are in the midst of giving up the most points in Monday Night Football history, one couldn't blame fans for wanting to blow things up and start over. But let's be optimistic. Is there another team in the NFL whose roster you would exchange with what the Redskins are working with?

Considering the question above, what teams in particular would you choose? Here are some of the more obvious choices.

Buffalo Bills: The Bills have one win to their credit this season and average only 303 yards of offense per game, good (or bad) for 28th in the NFL. The Bills, however, give up about 20 yards less per game on defense than the Redskins do.

Carolina Panthers: Carolina, like Buffalo, has won only once this season, are dead last in total offense per game and give up an average of 131 rushing yards per game.

Denver Broncos: Denver is in last place in a weak AFC East Division and have first-hand experience losing in blowout fashion, suffering a 59-14 loss to the Oakland Raiders in Week 7. Plus, Tim Tebow would give 'Skins fans something to cheer about. Or at least get friar-style haircuts.

Detroit Lions: Detroit beat the Redskins last year to snap a 19-game losing streak. It couldn't get any worse than that.

Dallas Cowboys: On second thought, it could.