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NFL Investigating LaRon Landry's Role In Pregame Scuffle

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Spitting in the face of an opposing player is one of those things that doesn't really fly on an NFL field. Trash talking is accepted as part of the game, but spitting on someone else's face is taking a little bit too far, and it happens more then you might think.

According to Cindy Boren, some of the Eagles players were accusing LaRon Landry of exactly that after the game on Monday Night, and the NFL is actually looking into those allegations to see if there is any truth to it. Here is what Landry had to say this morning in a series of tweets.

To everyone who's truly redskin fan/fan of mine... Knows I never been a dirty player/never will!!! Supposedly I spit on the center if there's any truth to that I would have been flagged or the guy would have some sort of reaction!!! I just play hard and do anything to help the team win... As for as D. Jack that's my guy been home boys for awhile so to y'all who wanna read blogs/the Internet find out the truth to stories/not a writer trying to stir confusion!!! Tough lost as a hold... Still have a lot of fball left... Hail to the skins!!! Good morning!!!

We'll have more on the investigation and what it turns up as it becomes available.