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Maryland Vs. Illinois: Terps Try To Take Third In Coaches Vs. Cancer Tournament

The Terps nearly beat the Pittsburgh Panthers last night at Madison Square Garden in the semi-finals of the Coaches Vs. Cancer Tournament. But since they lost, they will take on Illinois (who lost to Texas in the other semi-final game) for third place in a game that starts at 5 p.m.

Despite the loss, the Terps actually looked pretty good last night. They came within a few free throws and rebounds of a win against one of the best teams in the Nation. Jordan Williams is emerging as a true star player inside, and Cliff Tucker is proving that with an expanded role, he can fill in for what the Terps lost with their seniors last year. A win in this tournament, even if it is just of the third place variety, would go a long way in proving that the Terps are in fact better than we thought they would be before the season.

We'll have all the updates and news about this game as they become available in this StoryStream.