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Redskins Bringing In Former Raider Jamarcus Russell For A Workout

The World continues to surprise and amaze me. Just when I thought this whole Donovan Mcnabb/RexGrossman/quarterback controversy situation with the Redskins couldn't get any weirder, the team has decided to bring in JaMarcus Russell of all people for a workout:

NFL sources told FOX 26 Sports former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell will work out Tuesday for the Washington Redskins.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

I guess Shanahan doesn't really need his quarterback to have too much cardiovascular endurance if the team is considering bringing Russell on board.

But the big question is, where does he fit? The team has McNabb, Rex Grossman and John Beck who signed a two year deal with the club after they traded for him in training camp. If the team actually has some interest in brinign Russell into the fold, one of the three quarterbacks on the roster is in danger of losing his job.

This also raises some concerns about the state of Donovan McNabb's contract extension. Actually, this whole thing is just concerning in every way. Russell showed very little during his time with the Raiders that proved he could be a competent quarterback at this level. Why would the Redskins think that could change?

I think the Redskins just see an opportunity to bring in a guy who has enough talent to make him the first overall pick, and that might have learned a lesson from his experience in Oakland. Or that is the hope at least. This is going to be very newsworthy, especially considering the events of the past weekend, but I think it is just a classic low-risk, any reward situation. We'll have more information about how Russell's workout went today and if the team decides to bring him into the fold as it becomes available.